Questions Asked on
August 6, 2017

  1. algebra

    translate into algebraic expression 24 more than twice Greg's age

    asked by brian
  2. Algebra

    A company's board of directors wants to form a committee of 3 of its members. There are 4 members to choose from. How many different committees of 3 members could possibly be formed?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Biology

    During translation, the amino acid detaches from the transfer RNA molecule and attaches to the end of a growing protein chain when a. the ribosomal RNA anticodon binds to the messenger RNA codon. b. the transfer RNA anticodon binds to the messenger RNA

    asked by iTrY
  4. maths

    I am a four digit and two times me together make the largest four digit number.who am i?

    asked by shahajas
  5. Physics

    A man using a 70 kg garden roller on a level surface, exert a force of 200 newton at 45 angle to the ground. Find the vertical force of the roller on the ground (a) if he pulls (b) if he pushes the roller

    asked by Faraja john at nyasubi secondary
  6. math

    A ball is thrown horizontally from a cliff such that it strikes ground after 5 secs the line of sight from the point of projection to the point of hitting makes an angle 37° with horizontal what is initial velocity of projection

    asked by hiral
  7. Bio

    17. When errors in nucleotide sequencing occur, a. DNA polymerases replaces the incorrect nucleotide with the correct nucleotide b. enzymes dissolve the incorrect nucleotide so DNA polymerase can add the correct one c. purines replace pyrimidines in the

    asked by ~
  8. Math

    Two supplementary angles are in ratio 7:11.Find the angle.

    asked by Kent
  9. algebra

    Miguel has 6 CDs that he is going to give away. He lets his best friend choose 3 of the 6 CDs. How many different groups of 3 CDs are possible?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Biology

    16. During DNA replication, all of the following steps occur EXCEPT a. enzymes proofread new strands for errors and correct them b. the double helix is unwound by DNA polymerases c. base-pairing rules determine which nucleotide is added to new strands d.

    asked by iWonder
  11. school

    1) A great way to teach math is through children's everyday experiences. Answer:True 2) Children can use words they have never had experience with or heard before. Answer:False 3) Children with limited experiences have limited language ability with regard

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Algebra

    A small acting club has 6 members. Two of the members are to be chosen for a trip to see a Broadway play. How many different 2 -member groups are possible?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Algebra

    You have to answer 2 essay questions for an exam. There are 8 essays to choose from. How many different groups of 2 essays could you possibly choose?

    asked by Cameron
  14. school

    Teachers should avoid showing children written images until they are able to read. Answer: False

    asked by Anonymous
  15. School

    There is very little relationship between language and thought. Answer: False

    asked by Anonymous
  16. grammar

    " This had never happened before. Usually he would be the one who wakes up the earliest. " Is there anything wrong in this sentence?

    asked by jack
  17. algebra-math

    When it comes to linear inequalities, these are explained to be similar to a linear equation, but the difference between the two is that the equal signs are replaced with an inequality symbol. It is also explained that when it comes to doing a linear

    asked by Mike
  18. Quotations

    When starting a new sentence, do you add a capitalization at the beginning of the next dialogue format? Like this. He seemed to like it. "Mmm! This tastes good!" said Bardo. or "Mmm! This tastes good!" Said Bardo.

    asked by jack
  19. Math

    it takes 8 men 11h40min to complete a task. If 2 out of 8 men leave after working for 1 hour, how long will it take for the remaining 6 men to complete the tast at the same rate?

    asked by Njay
  20. Biology

    40. DNA fingerprinting is used in many situations to help identify individuals. Analyze the situation below before answering the questions that follow. A man was attacked and robbed, but remembers nothing of the incident because he fell and hit his head.

    asked by iWonder
  21. Biology

    Both sickle -cell anemia and hemophilia A.are cause by genes coded for defective protein. B.are seen in homozygous dominant individuals C.are diseases of the gastrointestinal system D.none of the above

    asked by Helppls
  22. Biology

    The structure of DNA is held together by A.purines pairing with pyrimidines B.hydrogen bonds between adenine and thymine C.attraction between cytosine and guanine D.all of the above

    asked by bioo
  23. Biology

    When errors in nucleotide sequencing occur,? a. DNA polymerase replaces the incorrect nucleotide with the correct nucleotide. b. enzymes dissolve the incorrect nucleotide so DNA polymerase can add the correct one. c. purines replace pyrimidines in the DNA

    asked by BioMon
  24. Biology

    Genetic mutations A.Remove the intron from the gene-coding exon. B.change a DNA molecule C.are relatively common D.both A and C

    asked by needhelp
  25. Biology

    A preventive treatment to help avoid contracting a viral disease that cannot be treated with antibiotics is a A.DNA fingerprint. B.vaccine. C.transfer RNA. D.transgenic human genome.

    asked by TonsOfQs
  26. Grammar

    I apologize for asking too many of these questions, but I need to know for sure if I'm doing this right. "Thus the creation of infinite universes from this world of nothing was prevented." I'm confused if it is was or were again. When I say it to myself, I

    asked by jack
  27. Algebra

    Translate into a variable expression. The sum of two numbers is thirty-one. Using s to represent the smaller number, translate “five more than the larger number” into a variable expression.

    asked by Larry
  28. Algebra

    4x^2 - 13x + 3 How do you break this into groups? So far I'm having trouble with this type of concept. Please explain it, thanks!

    asked by jack
  29. Algebra

    need help checking Create a 2-column proof for the following equation. X + X + 10 + 2(2X + 10) = 180 X + X + 10 + 2(2X + 10) = 180 (Given) 2X + 10 + 2(2X + 10) = 180 (Simplify) 2X + 10 + 4X + 20 = 180 (Expand) 6X + 30 = 180 (Simplify) 6X = 180 - 30

    asked by Anonymous
  30. English

    HI tutors, I was watching a video on youtube about BONO (singer) and I don't understand the question in the minute 7´ I would like someone can write me the answer in english thanks Bono Talks About Activism And Family

    asked by edith
  31. Physics

    A small wooden block floats on water. Will a wooden block with a hole in it also float?

    asked by Jay Caruso
  32. Capleton

    The 6th term of an AP is twice the third term.what is the common difference?

    asked by Kranium
  33. Maths algebra

    Solve: 66x^3+5280x^2-56847=0

    asked by Rabin
  34. mechanics

    a block of mass m1......

    asked by kadir
  35. mechanics

    a ball of mass m1 and ablock of mass m2 are attached by a light weight cord that passes over a frictional pully negligeable mass. the block lies on an inclined plane of an angle teta. draw the free body diagram. find the magnitude acceleration of the two

    asked by kadir
  36. Algebra

    The coach of a soccer team is holding tryouts and can take only 3 more players for the team. There are 5 players trying out. How many different groups of 3 players could possibly be chosen?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Geometry

    Using the Law of Syllogism 1. Using the Law of Syllogism create (write) as many new conditionals as possible using the following conditional (true) statements. • (If a dog is a gazehound, then it hunts by sight.) If it hunts by sight, then it is a

    asked by Anonymous
  38. physics

    a body is lights down if exit Garba track that is 1 quadrant of circle of radius R if there is no friction on the body starts from rest its speed at the bottom of the track is

    asked by sainithin
  39. algebra-math

    Create a system of linear equations. Explain the steps for solving a system of linear inequalities. Make a system of linear inequalities problem. Please help me with this?

    asked by Mike
  40. algebra-math

    Make a preferred method of solving a system of linear equations and why. Which method do you prefer? Do you think that matrices make the process easier? Or do you prefer not to use matrices? Once again thank you for any help given on this.

    asked by Mike
  41. st.mary school(science)

    at the average speed of 40km/h a car takes 5 1/2 to reach jiribam from far is jiribam from imphal.

    asked by zenet