Questions Asked on
August 5, 2017

  1. Physics

    A car X moving of mass 500kg accelerates at 1m/s2 when the force due to the engine is 600N. Starting from rest, a car of mass 1000kg accelerates steadily to 20m/s in 10 secs. What is the average power developed

  2. english

    Which of the following would be the best approach to answering an essay question? Select one: a. Type the question into Google and use websites on the first page of results as the basis of your answer. b. Search the library catalogue, find a range of books

  3. Physics

    a body is moving in a vertical circle such that the velocities of body at different points are critical the ratio of velocities of body at angular displacements 60° 120° from lowest point is √2:1

  4. statistics

    Car seat belts are tested for strength, and it is found the results are normally distributed with a mean of 2400 lb and a standard deviation of 400 lb. Using the 68-95-99.7 rule, find the percentage of scores between 1600 lb and 3200 lb.

  5. Physics

    A pilot of mass m can bear a maximum apparent weight 7 times of mg.The aeroplane is moving in vertical circle.if the velocity of aeroplane is 210m/s while diving up from the lowest point of vertical circle, the minimum radius of vertical circle should be

  6. Physics

    A gun of mass 0.1kg has a bullet of mass 0.1kg,the bullet laves the piston when fired at a velocity of 200m/s. Find the final velocity. (a) 20m/s (b) 23m/s (c) 30m/s (d) 45m/s (e) 15 m/s Please kindly help me with the questions I posted. Thank you

  7. Science

    A concave mirror having a radius of curvature 40 cm is placed in front of an illuminated point source at a distance of 30 cm from it.Find the location of the image. I got 6cm as my answer and its wrong

  8. Physics

    A 100-kg object rests on a level surface with a coefficient of friction (both kinetic and static) of 0.40. If the initial velocity is 15m/s and the object comes to rest, (a) how much friction is acting on the object? (b) What is the objects 's acceleration

  9. math

    jon and jony can do a piece of work alone 12days and 24days respectively.they were working together but after a few days jon went away.then jony can do the rest work in many days are needed to complete the whole work?

  10. PHYSICS 05

    A skier leaves a ski jump with a horizontal velocity of 20.0m/s (and no vertical velocity component ). If the height is 10.0 m, (a) How long will it take for the skier to land? (b) What is the magnitude of the horizontal component of the skier's

  11. Chemistry

    Can't we except a white percipitate(ethanoic acid),when ethanoyl chloride is dissolved in water???

  12. math

    Suppose that ​$4,000 is invested in a 6​-month CD with an APY of 1.6 What is the corresponding​ APR?

  13. Algebra

    The coach of a soccer team is holding tryouts and can take only 3 more players for the team. There are 5 players trying out. How many different groups of 3 players could possibly be chosen?

  14. physics

    A faulty Celsius thermometer read 0.7degrees Celsius at melting point of pure ice and 99.5degrees Celsius at boiling point of water at normal pressure. What is the correct temperature when it reads 30 degrees Celsius

  15. Physics

    if the body describes a vertical circle then the minimum velocity at angle theta from lowest position is

  16. logic

    40 matchsticks are arranged to form a 4 by 4 grid of 16 smaller squares, 4 matchsticks to a small square. What is the fewest number of matchsticks that need to be removed so that there are no squares (of any size) remaining?

  17. Science

    If 3N,4Nand12N act at a point in matually perpendicular direction.The magnitude of the resultant force is

  18. English

    Identify the part of the speech of each word in the following sentence: Both typewriters and word processors are needed in many offices.

  19. Physics

    When a cubic meter of steam at 100°C condenses, how much energy is released?

  20. Physics0

    If you increase the temperature of a 5 m long steel bar from −15◦C to 35◦C, how much longer would it become?

  21. Physics

    From the ideal gas law, calculate the volume per helium atom in a litre of helium gas kept at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. Additionally, calculate the length of the side of a cube with this volume.

  22. Physics

    From the ideal gas law, calculate the volume per helium atom in a litre of helium gas kept at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. Additionally, calculate the length of the side of a cube with this volume.

  23. Physics

    A circular metal wire, with a radius of 0.5 mm, has a force of 2 kN applied along it. If the wire has an unstressed length of 3 m and stretches by 8 mm, what is Young’s Modulus for the metal? Give your answer in GPa. Any help would be very appreciated

  24. Math

    In this estimation, question gives your answers to one significant figure. A) If a cash point dispenses a £10 note every second, how long would it take to dispense a trillion pounds? B) An aircraft carries 47 tonnes of cargo. If each banknote has a mass

  25. Anal chem

    how much 0.1F HC2H3O2 is required to make 500 ml of solution with a Ph of 4.0?