Questions Asked on
August 2, 2017

  1. singapore math

    Kim, Mei and yante collect stamps. Kim and Mei have 220 stamps more than Yanti. Yanti and Mei have 140 stamps more than Kim. Kim and Yanti have 500 stamps. How many stamps does Mei have?

    asked by Jerry
  2. Physics

    When a body slides along an inclined plane of height 'h' and describes a vertical circle of radius r on reaching the bottom Ans:h =5R/2

    asked by Thousif
  3. Math

    he wholesale cost of a delivery van is $31,300. The original markup was 26% based on selling price. Find the final sale price after the following series of price changes: a markup of 46%, a markup of 15%, a markdown of 40%, and a markup of 14%. (Round each

    asked by Helen
  4. Physics

    A body is thrown up with a velocity of 78.4m/s.find how height will with rise and how much time if it take to return its point of rejection?

    asked by Thara
  5. Science physics

    A boy stands on the roof of a 50m tall building and thrown a ball horizontslly at 20m/s away from the building. How far away from the foot of the building will the ball land?

    asked by Valor
  6. Math

    A Texas oil drilling company has determined that it costs $25,000 to sink a test well. If oil is hit, the revenue for the company will be $500,000. If natural gas is found, the revenue will be $150,000. If the probability of hitting oil is 3% and of

    asked by Karen
  7. Math

    The angles are adjacent and form an angle of 140.the smaller is 28 less than the larger

    asked by Pankaj
  8. Economics - Finance

    Your first baby was born yesterday and is healthy and strong. To guard against your premature death, you want to purchase a life insurance policy that will replace $58,000 of your annual income until your child is 20 years old. How much life insurance

    asked by Jamie
  9. Finance - Family Planning

    You want to save for your child’s education, you can either choose an account that is federally tax free that earns 6% or a regular taxed invested that earns 7%. If your marginal tax rate is 25%, which should you choose? (Show your work)

    asked by Kenna
  10. Math222

    What is the domain of 4w2 – 9/ –5w

    asked by Shyla
  11. Math

    There are 60 pupil in a class.out of them 25 play football, 20 play hockey and30 cricket,12 play football and hockey 9 play hockey and cricket play cricket and football. 5 play all the games.Find how many of them play. 1) none of the games 2)only cricket

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math

    Place parentheses in the following equation to make it true. 6 + 6 ÷ 6 X 6 – 6 = 13 where do i put the parenteses

    asked by Vasilis
  13. Math Trigonometry

    Point P(k, 24) is 25 units from the origin. If P lies on the terminal arm of an angle in standard position, determine the measures of the angle(s)

    asked by layla
  14. Biology research paper

    'We are currently in an energy crisis. After food, fossil fuels are humanity's most important source of energy. These resources take millions of years to make. We are currently using the fuels that were made more than 300 million years ago, before the time

    asked by IhaveaQ
  15. calculus

    Find the length of the curve given by the equation y= intergral from -pi to x of sqrt(cos(t)) dt for x between -pi and pi. I think I know to do this- at least part of it. I am using the fundamental theorem of calculus and the arc length formula, but I

    asked by Dean
  16. Math

    I want to enlarge a 8 and 1/2 inch by 11 inch drawing to about 12 by 16 inches on the copy machine. What per centage of enlargement should I set the copy machine? Thanks

    asked by Moira
  17. math

    river flows at rate of 1km/hr.a boat takes 2 times as long to row a distance in upstream as to row the same distance in downstream.the speed of boat instill water?

    asked by maya
  18. logic

    40 matchsticks are arranged to form a 4 by 4 grid of 16 smaller squares. What is the fewest number of matchsticks that need to be removed so that there are no squares (of any size) remaining?

    asked by unowen
  19. English

    What is the specific technique of creative non-fiction at work in Keneally’s text, Schniders list

    asked by Sophia
  20. Chemistry

    Find the number of molecules of sodium bicarbonate present in 5.08 gram

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Calculus

    Hi, I am trying to find a closed form for the power series from n=2 to infinity of x^n/(n-1)n. I'm not really sure how to do this- I found the first and second derivatives which were x^(n-1)/(n-1) and x^n-2. However, this didnt really seem to help much.

    asked by Kira
  22. Physics

    I really dont know how to do this one...Can someone please explain? Many thanks!!! a travelling microscope is focused on a mark on the base of an empty beaker.Now the microscope is raised up by 1 cm.and now for it be focused on the previous mark,how much

    asked by Aanya
  23. calculus

    Use x=-1/2 in the MacLaurin series for e^x to approximate 1/sqrt (e) to four decimal places. So far I have |f^n(0)/n! (1/sqrt(e)-1/2)^n)|

    asked by Camryn
  24. Algebra or Math

    If a hot dog stand sells 200 hot dogs for 3.50 in a week ,in addition to some number of sodas for $1, how many sodas do they need to sell in order to have weekly sales of $800

    asked by Jason
  25. Physics

    Two particles A and B has the same mass and are being kept on a rough horizontal table "d" distance apart.B is kept still and A is given a velocity of u towards B.After the collision,if A comes to its previous point show that, u^2 = 2agd[1+(1/e^2)] a-

    asked by Aanya
  26. algebra-math

    exponential equation Solve for x 10^1^-x=10^4

    asked by Mike
  27. math

    160 days after borrowing money, Ms. garcia pays an interest of P 370.00. How much did she borrow if the simple interest rate is 8 1/2?

    asked by jenny
  28. math

    Find P if I=122; R=5 1/4% and T=9 months.

    asked by kate
  29. Physics PLS HELP

    What is the difference between universal gravitational constant and acceleration due to gravity

    asked by E,H.A
  30. Precalculus 11

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can explain this to me: I'm ID-ing polynomials; -x^7-5x^4+(3/x)= not a polynomial .25x^3+3.9x^2-(x/3)= polynomial Why is 3/x not but x/3 is? Thanks a bunch! :)

    asked by Kayla
  31. Math222

    What is the domain of y2 – 4 / 2y2 + y – 1

    asked by Shyla
  32. math trig

    Point P(k

    asked by layla