Questions Asked on
August 1, 2017

  1. Math

    A boy walk 1260m on a bearing far south is he from his starting point

    asked by Anonymous
  2. probabilities in statistics

    let two cards be dealt sucessively, without replacement, from a standard 52-card deck. find the probability of each event. a) club dealt second, given a diamond dealt first. b) the first card is the ace of hearts and the second is black

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math

    Parallelogram PARL is similar to parallelogram WXYZ. If AP = 16, PL = 24, and WZ = 96, find the value of c.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Math

    A ship leaves port at 1:00 P.M. and travels S35°E at the rate of 28 mi/hr. Another ship leaves the same port at 1:30 P.M. and travels S20°W at 18 mi/hr. Approximately how far apart are the ships at 3:00 P.M.? (Round your answer to the nearest mile.) I

    asked by Jade
  5. Physics

    A car weighing 1000kg is going up an incline with a slope of 2 in 25 at a steady speed of 18kmph.If g=10m/s2, the power of its engine is

    asked by Thousif
  6. college- math

    a fair die is rolled 3 times. A 4 is considered "success", while all other outcomes are "failures." find the probability of the number of success a) 2 b)3

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Math

    A rectangular garden plot 16 by 24 meters is to be bordered by a strip of uniform width x meter so as to double the area. Find x.

    asked by Angel

    Henry is taking a medicine for a common cold. The table below shows the amount of medicine f(t), in mg, that was present in Henry's body after time t: t (hours) 1 2 3 4 5 f(t) (mg) 282 265.08 249.18 234.22 220.17 Greg was administered 300 mg of the same

    asked by Tony

    The description below represents Function A and the table represents Function B: Function A The function is 2 more than 5 times x. Function B x y -1 2 0 5 1 8 Which statement is correct about the slope and intercept of the two functions? Their slopes are

    asked by Tony
  10. Chemistry

    What type of solution are the ff: Honey Hydrogen peroxide Chlorine bleach Lemon water Hair spray Air freshener spray Toothpaste Moth balls

    asked by Banana
  11. Calculus

    An upright cylindrical tank with radius 3 m is being filled with water at a rate of 4 m3/min. How fast is the height of the water increasing?

    asked by Hector
  12. math (sinusoidal functions

    The height of the rider on a Ferris Wheel can be modeled by a cosine function. At time t = 0, a rider boards the Ferris Wheel at its minimum height of 3 m. The maximum height of the Ferris Wheel is 39 m. During the 8 minute ride, the rider reaches the

    asked by Steven Smith
  13. Math

    How do I solve 4|8x-2|=8? And also 6w-1 over 5 -3w= 12w-16 over 15?

    asked by Helen
  14. Math

    If f (x)= x^2-1 and f(2a)=35, then what could be the value of a ?

    asked by Pam
  15. math

    25% of water is evaporated from 10 litres of water containing 150 gm of common salt, the % of salt in remaining solution is increased by how much?

    asked by anoop
  16. Math

    Find the greatest value of a,so that integrate [x*root{(a^2-x^2)/(a^2+x^2)} ] from 0-a

    asked by Shenaya
  17. math

    R=pl\A.make p the subject of the formular and A the subject of the formular.

    asked by jossy
  18. math

    How many positive integers less than 100 have a reminder of 3 when divided by 7?

    asked by how many positive integers
  19. Algebra

    A painter needs to purchase enough paint to paint a bedroom that consists of four walls. Two of the walls are 11 feet by 10 feet and the other two walls are 12 feet by 10 feet. The paint is sold in 1 gallon cans, and each gallon of paint will cover an area

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Math

    If 2x=5, 3y=4, and 4z=3, what is the value of 24xyz ?

    asked by Aria
  21. Math

    If x+1=7, what is the value of x^2+2x+1 ?

    asked by Pam
  22. physics

    if the displacement of a particle varies with time as root of x=t+7 what is the relation between the velocity and time

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Phsyics

    A source of light is used to illuminate a screen. 1m from the source, the intensity of the light falling on the screen is 12 000 lux. Calculate the intensity on the screen at distances of: a) 2m b) 3m

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Math

    What is the pattern to answer this question? A 3 by 3 array of blocks is painted so that every other row, starting with row 1, begins with a red block, and the alternate rows begin with a black block. Does the 13th row begin with red or black?

    asked by Cons
  25. Math

    Pete has 12 stamps from the United States, twice that many from Mexico, and 3 from Canada. In simplest form, what fraction of stamps does Pete have from each country?

    asked by Cons
  26. math

    show that the product of three consecutive even integer is a multiple of 48

    asked by walker
  27. Math

    Sara= 3/4 hours Malik= 1 1/4 hours Brian= 1/4 hours a. How much more time does Sara study than Brian studies? b. How much more time does Malik study than Sara and Brian together?

    asked by Cons
  28. Universities

    What are the best universities in the USA which offers Transport and Logistics Management degree and what are the main requirements for an international student obtain a scholarship from that university for the mentioned degree? What are the chances for an

    asked by Mary
  29. chemistry

    how would you prepare 100cm cube of 01M SODIUM CARBONATE AND EXPLAIN THE PROCEDURE

    asked by akho
  30. science

    A body is dropped the roof of a building 10 mtr high calculate the time and speed g =10 m/s

    asked by Paul
  31. Statistics

    What is the probability that simple random sample of 50 staff members provides a sample mean leave of 6.5 to 9.5 weeks?

    asked by Melanie
  32. math

    It took Esteban 1 minute and 20 seconds to travel one mile. If he then drives this one mile distance in 55 seconds, how much faster is he driving in miles per hour?

    asked by Lily
  33. Math

    Show that for real x that {[cos x + 2 sin x + 1]/[cos x + sin x] } cannot have a value between 1 and 2. Let y = [(cos x+2 sin x + 1)/(cos x + sin x) ] y(cos x + sin x) = (cos x + 2 sin x + 1) sin x(y-2) + cos x(y-1)=1 , I just feel that this isn't the way

    asked by Shenaya
  34. Science, physics, work/power/enegry

    I have to do a crossword puzzle for my exercise due tomorrow but the words aren't fitting... two blanks 1. Going downward 19 blocks on the 6th is "v" 15th is "a" 17th is "I" 19th is "n" and the question is "an example of radiant energy" 2. Going

    asked by Riku
  35. Penn foster high school.

    4. When sewing a new dress for yourself, the best method of marking the hem length is to A. pin it an even distance from the waistline. B. do it yourself with an adjustable hem marker. C. ask someone to mark it for you. D. chalk an even line from the lower

    asked by Nehaa
  36. Geometry

    Find the area to the nearest tenth. Use 3.14 for pi

    asked by Randee
  37. MATH

    how we change it h= 0.5dm in centemeter

    asked by BISMILLAH
  38. science

    Can you explain how matter and energy are continuously transferred between organisms and their physical environment? All help welcomed, I'm willing to be directed to links etc thank you! Im truly stumped here i know it probably has to do with the carbon

    asked by daphne
  39. Finance

    Hello. This is kind of long, but I would truly appreciate it if someone could help me validate my solutions for the three questions listed below. Thank you in advance. A firm is considering acquiring a new segment to add to its product line. The estimated

    asked by Lyra
  40. algebra

    Compound interest word problem. Suppose JJ has $1000 that he invests in an account that pays 3.5% interest compounded quarterly. How much money does JJ have at the end of 5 years? Formula: A= The amount of money earned after a certain length of time. P=

    asked by Mike
  41. Physics

    Ok, my Physics professor gave us this to do uncertainty propagation with these equations. Can some please show me some examples on each of these so I know I'm doing them right? Uncertainty Propagation Since raw data includes uncertainty, all calculations

    asked by Michele
  42. Math

    Family intends to have four children, prepare a tree diagram for this family and list the possible outcomes

    asked by Assata Kaba
  43. math

    You conduct an experiment of dice rolling and roll a six 14 times out of 56 rolls. Write both the experimental probability and the theoretical probability in fraction and percent form.

    asked by bob
  44. algebra

    I want to fence a rectangular garden which measures 33 by 24 feet. If the fencing I want costs $4.50 per yard, how much will it cost me for the fencing if I want to leave a two foot opening for a gate? (I cannot buy fencing of less than one full yard.)

    asked by Tony
  45. math

    How many acres will a 1.3 cu feet per second irrigate

    asked by Joyce
  46. math (sinusoidal functions)

    Sketch two cycles for the motion above the ground of a point on a hamster wheel. The wheel rotates every 6 seconds. The highest it reaches is 27 cm above the ground. The diameter of the wheel is 25 cm.

    asked by John Wick
  47. Reading Rate

    If you look over a text before you start to read, you’ll read faster. True False

    asked by Blackboard
  48. math

    Terese manages a grocery store warehouse that encourages volume shopping on the part of customers. Therese has discovered that on any given weekday, 70% of the customers' sales amount to more than $100. that is, any given sale on such a day has a

    asked by Anonymous
  49. physics

    Suppose that a spring is attached to a wall. On the other end of the spring, it is attached to an object of 0.263kg. When the spring is compressed at a distance of 15cm, it holds an elastic potential energy of 20.0J. The horizontal surface has no friction;

    asked by Adam
  50. college- math

    a children's theater found in a random survey that 58 customers bought one snack bar item, 49 bought two items, 31 bought three items, 4 bought four items, and 8 avoided the snack bar altogether. use this information to find the expected number of snack

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Maths

    a and b are perpendicular vectors.a=(2i+3j) and b=ti+dj(d>0 and i and j are unit vectors) and |b|=1 Find t and d? I know we have to use the cross product here. a.b=|a||b|*cos(π/2) (2i+3j)(ti+dj)= √13*1*0 2t+3j=√13*0 How do we find t and d?

    asked by Josh
  52. Calculus

    The radius of a sphere is increasing at a rate of 2 mm/s. How fast is the volume increasing when the diameter is 100 mm? Evaluate your answer numerically.

    asked by Hector
  53. Algebra

    y varies jointly as X and Z. y=64 when x=4 and z=8. Find y when x=8 and z=6

    asked by Joe
  54. math

    if 2x+y =14 and 4x+y = 20 , what is the value of 3x+y =?

    asked by sai
  55. Math

    |3-7x|=-6 6w-1/5 -3w=12w-16/15 (X-3)^2-3=-5 (X+3)^2+4(x+3)-5=0

    asked by Hannah