Questions Asked on
July 31, 2017

  1. Social Studies (Grade 8)

    What should be your first task when you begin a new lesson? A. Read the section in the online textbook B Start to fill out the Vocabulary knowledge rating chart C Take the lesson assessment D Copy the comprehension questions into the Lesson Nate taking

    asked by Bobby The Buildey
  2. math

    Natasha had 2356 beads, Lydia had 1176 beads and Munah hadn 1708 beads at first.After they each used an equal number of beads, Natasha had 3 times as many beads left as Lydia. How many beads did each of them use?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. math

    1. Mr.Lim gave 3600 to his wife and two children altogether. His wife received $500 more than his son. His son received twice as much his daughter. How much did Mr. Lim's wife receive? 2. There were 4342 buttons altogether in three bags A B and C There

    asked by odette
  4. math

    A sum of money is divided among 3 persons X, Y and Z, in the ratio 10:7:5 , if Y gets raise 140 more than Z , how much will X get?

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Physics

    A ray of light travelling from glass to air is incident at 50 degree from the glass air boundary. What is angle of deviation if the critical angle is 42 degree

    asked by Somya
  6. Chemistry

    1)In the reaction O2+2F2--> 2 OF2, F2 is the oxidizer. 2)F can't have positive oxidation states. Does 2 explains the reason for the 1st one or is it because because of F's higher electronegativity?

    asked by Shenaya
  7. Algebra

    Translate the sentence into an equation. The sum of a number times 6 and 8 is 7 . Use the variable b for the unknown number.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Math

    Two numbers differ by 6. The sum of their squares is 116. Find the biggest number.

    asked by Raquel
  9. Differentiation

    for the curve x^2+z^2+2gx+2hy=0 value of dy/dx at(0,0) is A. -g/h B. g/h C. h/g D. None Please help me. In the answer page it shows option A as answer. I don't know deeply of differentiation . Please could you help me by explain how the answer is A

    asked by Venki
  10. math

    ​State Bank made a loan at 12% interest for 360 days. If the amount of interest was $934.20, use the ordinary interest method to find the amount of principal borrowed. (Round to the nearest whole dollar)

    asked by Evelyn
  11. physics

    if a particle starting with certain initial velocity and uniform accelration covers a distance 12m in first 3 seconds and a distance of 30m in next 3 seconds.then find its inital velocity

    asked by kamal
  12. Math

    The difference between a number and its reciprocal is 7/12. Find the number.

    asked by Raquel
  13. physics

    A spring is manufactured with a pre-load. A force of 34.5 N compresses the spring by 1.5 cm. A force of 57.0 N stretches the same spring 0.03 m. Find the spring constant k (in N/m) and pre-load Fi (in N) that satisfies the linear equation describing this

    asked by sai
  14. Computer Programming

    Must be in pseudocode. Compute the income tax due on taxable income entered by the user, given the data as shown in the following table. Be sure to include error checking to make sure the user does not enter a negative number. Assume all entries are

    asked by G
  15. physics

    An engineer uses a bolt to connect a joint. The force provided by the bolt F is a function of the external load P that it must bear. The bolt applies a force of 200 lb against an external load of 100 lb. The same bolt must apply a force of 400 lb against

    asked by sai
  16. Math

    Aubrey can run at a pace of 6 miles per hour. Running at the same rate, how many miles can she run in 90 minutes?

    asked by Aria
  17. Math

    Two six sided dice numbered 1-6 on each thrown simultaneously, what is the orobabolity that the sum of the two sides are greater than nine?

    asked by Ginny
  18. math

    A bag contains green marbles and blue marbles, 24 in total. The number of green marbles is 9 less than 2 times the number of blue marbles. How many green marbles are there?

    asked by person
  19. Math

    Eric pays r% on an article marked at s dollars. How many dollars tax did he pay?

    asked by Leis
  20. Math

    Ben decides to get an ice cream cone. He is going to choose two toppings out of an available six. Ben also has to choose between a plane cone or a waffle cone. If he chooses vanilla ice cream how many different combinations of toppings and cones does he

    asked by Aidan
  21. math

    If x3+3px+q has a factor of the form x2-2ax+a2, then q2+4p3=0.

    asked by anu
  22. math

    if man has to pay income tax at rate of 20% of the excess annual income over rs60000,syamal babu received rs 132000 as his annual income deducting income tax.His actual income is?

    asked by neetha
  23. Physics

    Given vector A= 3 i cap + j cap + 4k cap and vector B = i cap + 3 j cap - 5 k cap. Find the unit vector in the direction of (vector A+ vector B) and (vector A - vector B)

    asked by Anjela Shirin
  24. Algebra

    Four less than the quotient of a number and 5 is 9 . Use the variable w for the unknown number

    asked by Michael
  25. physics

    A ball is thrown upward and has a velocity of 67.8 ft/s after 1.0s. After 3.0s, the ball's velocity is 3.4 ft/s. Find the acceleration (in ft/s2) and initial velocity (in ft/s) of the ball. Complete the equation of motion for the velocity of the ball: v(t)

    asked by sai
  26. Brains; Invisible Gorilla (book)

    QUESTION 1 Human memory accurately records events like a video camera. True False

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    A special snack mix uses raisens, peanuts, and chocolate candies in the ratio 1:2:5 respectively. In a snack mix of 112 ounces, how man ounces of peanuts are used??

    asked by Ave
  28. Math- Just want to check

    A number is divisible by 2,3, and 8. what is the smallest three digit number that is divisible by this number? is it 144?

    asked by Benjamin Franklin
  29. Chemistry

    Does a neutral solution always act as a buffer solution?

    asked by Shenaya
  30. Chemistry

    How do we order the folllwing considering how easily they grab H^+ ions, when dissolved in liquid ethanoic acid? 1)OH^- 2)F^- 3)Cl^- 4)Br^- 5)I^- I think the correct order is 5

    asked by Shenaya

    If f(x) = x − 4, what does f(3) represent? The value of (x − 4) when x = 3 The value of x when (x − 4) = 3 The value of 3f(x) when x = 3 The value of f(x) when (x − 4) = 3

    asked by Tony
  32. Math

    In Manorville, the current rate for school taxes is 7.5% of property value Find the tax on a house assessed at 20,000?

    asked by Leo
  33. Math

    Lia is sitting down to a meal of macaroni and cheese. He has four different condiments to choose from: ketchup, picante sauce, chili sauce, and ranch dressing.if he is going to use at least one and no more than four, than how many different combos of

    asked by Baji
  34. Math

    Two six sided dice numbered 1-6 on each thrown simultaneously, what is the orobabolity that the sum of the two sides are greater than nine?

    asked by Ginny
  35. Calculus

    What how do you compute the sum of 1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 +++ 1/2N ? ..

    asked by Paul
  36. Chemistry

    Why do Chloroethanoic acid(s) do not hydrolyze? Is it because it they has(have) Cl atom(s)? But the NH4^+ ions in NH4Cl do hydrolyze. What is the reason for this difference?

    asked by Shenaya
  37. math

    which aluminium salt is to be taken to react with ammonium chloride and ammonium hydroxide, and that gives aluminium hydroxide

    asked by Mukul
  38. Math

    The equation 2x^2+2y^2+x+4y+2c=0 represents a circle.(let's name it S1) 1)Find the values of a,b and and show that c

    asked by Shenaya
  39. Math

    I am a five digit number greater than 60,000 but less than 70, ones digit is 1 less than my ten thousands digit.all my other digits are the same.the sum of my digits is 23.what am i

    asked by Jhared
  40. Science

    What are ligaments and tendons?

    asked by Buli
  41. science

    what is force

    asked by bah
  42. math

    a certain sum of money amounts to rs8820 in 2yrs and to rs9261 in 3yrs at compd interest.find rate%

    asked by anoop
  43. math

    25% of water is evaporated from containing 150 gm of common salt, the % of salt in remaining solution is increased by how much?

    asked by anoop
  44. math

    A rectangular courtyard is 57m 50 cm long and 22m broad. Determine the least possible number of square stones of the same size required to pave it

    asked by faiq


    asked by Savannah
  46. Science

    A body slides down a curved track which is one quadrant of a circle of radius R. If it starts from rest at the top of the track and there is no friction And the body starts from rest it's speed at the bottom of the track is

    asked by Thousif
  47. physics

    A rocket is fired vertically and reaches a speed of 34.3 m/s in half a second. One and a half seconds later the rocket’s speed is 19.6 m/s. Find the acceleration (in m/s2) and initial velocity (in m/s) of the rocket. Complete the equation of motion for

    asked by sai
  48. physics

    The velocity of a vehicle is measured at two distinct points in time and found to be 30 m/s at 1.0 s and 10 m/s at 2.0 s. Find the acceleration (in m/s2) and initial velocity (in m/s) to complete the equation of motion for the velocity of the vehicle. v(t)

    asked by sai
  49. math

    John was visiting three cities that lie on a coordinate grid at (-4, 5), (4, 5), and (-3, -4). If he visited all the cities and ended up where he started, what is the distance he traveled? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. (like 3.2 or 5.7)

    asked by Gabe
  50. The Psychology of Love

    Commitment is usually at its peak at the beginning of a relationship a) True b) False

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Brains!

    Our brains can’t waste energy recording everything in detail. a) True b) False

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Brains!

    We construct memory after the fact. a) True

    asked by Anonymous
  53. spanish

    There would be true country music playing like station Kat Country 100.7 radio station in the background and in adds, also there would the main game show. With a few side guesses that sound and funny videos. how is this said in Spanish?

    asked by anonymous question
  54. grammar

    I like the new layout of the website. It looks very clean. I need help with this. "My family were of the middle class" Is this correct in terms of grammar? And is there a better way to write it?

    asked by jack
  55. Chemistry

    a 7.50 by mass aqueous ammonia, NH3,solution has a density of 0.973 g/mol. Calculate molality and molarity? Need your ASAP please :(

    asked by Yesh
  56. math

    saeed bought 22 1/2 lb. of ground beef. he used 1/4 of the beef to make tacos and 2/3 of the remainder to make quarter pound burgers. How many burgers did he make?

    asked by Audie
  57. Grammar, sentence structure

    "Yesterday was Aldo’s 15th birthday, friends and relatives travelled half a hundred miles by horse from the grand streets of Rome to have a dinner party." I'm having a very bad time structuring this sentence correctly so it can flow easily when speaking.

    asked by jack
  58. Math

    Hi! I was wondering if you guys could offer me help on the following problem. I am supposed to find the x-intercepts of this problem, but all of my attempts have failed. I have tried factoring it ,and I tried the Rational Zero Theorem. Thanks for your

    asked by Elizabeth
  59. Math

    At a party, the ratio of males to females is 3:4. Which of the following could not be the total number of people at the party? 14 35 44 63 70

    asked by Emma
  60. Statistics

    What's an example of two variables from your intended career that you would like to draw a Scatterplot for and subsequently to compute a Correlation Coefficient for and to derive the equation of the Scatterplot's corresponding Regression Line.

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Math

    a certain brand of paint consists of water and paint concentrate. Each gallon of paint contains 1/4 part water. How much concentrate would be needed to produce 3 gallons of this paint. 9/4= 2 1/4?? is this correct^^. If not how do you do it?

    asked by Benjamin Franklin
  62. algebra

    Solving exponential and logarithmic equation. An example of an exponential equation is: Solve for x: 5^x=125

    asked by Mike
  63. algebra

    Logarithmic equation Solve for x: 3x=15

    asked by Mike
  64. algebra

    Compound word problem Sarah decides to open up her own bank account for her schooling and wants to save money. She decides to put $500.00 in the savings account she is opening. The amount she earns has 8% interest and it’s compounded quarterly. How much

    asked by Mike
  65. Math

    The average daily tempature in a city during the month of April was 8.0 C degrees. THe average in May of that year was 9.5 C degrees. What is the average tempature in this city for the months of April and May. (there are 30 days in April and 31 days in

    asked by Benjamin Franklin
  66. Chemistry

    When comparing the boiling points of two compounds,one is a gas and the other is a liquid,is there anything like the liquid will have a lower boiling point than the solid? The molecular mass of the liquid is lower than the solid and they have the same type

    asked by Shenaya
  67. Math- Just want to check

    If x and y are positive integers, and are not both even which of the following must be even? Is it 4(x + y) -2

    asked by Benjamin Franklin
  68. Chemistry

    Do the reaction rate depends on the concentration of catalyst? I googled this and found that the decomposition of H2O2 stops of we add excess MnO2. Are there any other examples like this? Or does this happens with every catalyst when they are in excess or

    asked by Shenaya
  69. Math

    The prime factorization of 360 can be written in the form (a^m)(b^n)(c^r). What is the valye of a+b+c-mnr

    asked by Daisymerolling