Questions Asked on
July 27, 2017

  1. trigonometry

    Filiz is walking at a bearing of 300°. When she has traveled 20 meters, how far west from her starting point is she? Round to the nearest tenth

    asked by sabrina
  2. english

    In what mood (or case) are the following sentences? 82. Zach wishes that he didn’t live in a small apartment. A: indicative mood B: imperative mood C: subjunctive mood D: none of the above 83. He uses headphones when he practices at home. A: indicative

    asked by Susan
  3. Chemistry

    An acetic acid buffer solution is required to have a pH of 5.27. You have a solution that contains 0.01 mol of acetic acid. How many moles of sodium acetate will you need to add to the solution? The pKa of acetic acid is 4.74. Show all calculations in your

    asked by Allie
  4. english

    85. The overriding goal when teaching grammar to EFL students should be to A: improve their communications skills. B: help them successfully name parts of speech. C: improve their abilities to diagram sentences. D: help them prepare their own grammar

    asked by Althea
  5. math

    prove that tan(pi/4 + 1/2cos-1a/b) + tan(π/4-1/2cos-1a/b)=2b/a

    asked by Satyam Singh
  6. Physics

    What is the pressure on a swimmer 10meters below the surface of a lake?

    asked by Annegrace
  7. Physics

    A man walks 50 m,East, 30 m, South, 20 m,West and 10 m, North. Determine the displacement from the starting point. Find the distance traveled in FPS

    asked by not
  8. Physics Please

    A boy on a swing is pulled to a position 2.34 m off the ground and released. At the fastest and lowest point of the swing the boy is 0.50 m off the ground and travelling 3 m/s. The percent efficiency of this swing system is?

    asked by Rin
  9. pre-algebra 1

    Write 6.92 x 10 -8 in standard notation. A. 0.000000692 B. 0.0000000692 C. 0.0000000069 D. 0.00000692 Please help, i have no clue!!!

    asked by heather
  10. micro economics

    define the foollowing term using graph and mathimatical expression/utility,util,iso cost ,indiffrnce cure budet line monopolist

    asked by atsede shifera
  11. math

    The result of an exam score for a given class is normally distributed. If the mean score is 85 points and the standard deviation is equal to 20 points, find the cutoff passing grade such that 83.4% of those taking the test will pass.

    asked by sue
  12. Trigonometry

    I'm having trouble figuring this out. An airplane has an airspeed of 160 mph. It is to make a flight in a direction of 80° while there's a 20 mph wind from 310°. What will the airplane's actual heading be? I'd appreciate any help especially on how you

    asked by Shannon
  13. Physics

    An ocean liner going from San Francisco to Tokyo stops for a few days in Honolulu you are on board and wish to stamate the time it will take you to get to Tokyo.It is 3700km from San Francisco to Honolulu and 6200km from Honolulu to Tokyo.It took 5.1days

    asked by Ching maglasang
  14. science

    enumerate ways by wich you can practice 5 Rs the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Respect and Responsibility.

    asked by Charvie
  15. Trigonometry

    I'm having trouble figuring this out. An airplane has an airspeed of 160 mph. It is to make a flight in a direction of 80° while there's a 20 mph wind from 310°. What will the airplane's actual heading be? I'd appreciate any help especially on how you

    asked by Shannon
  16. Math

    A flooring company charges a homeowner a fixed labor charge of $V1 plus V2 per square foot of flooring.  If the total bill was T, what is the equation to show how many square feet of flooring the homeowner required?

    asked by Tina
  17. Theory of machine

    A winding drum raises a cage through a height of 120 m. the cage has, at first, an accelerationof 1.5 m/s^2 until the velocity of 9 m/s is reached, after which the velocity is constant until the cage nears the top, when the final retardation is 6 m/s^2.

    asked by Sean Christian
  18. math

    The H.C.F and L.CM of two numbers are 8 and 504 retrospectively. One of the number is 72, find the other number.

    asked by m luqman
  19. Math_ Geometry

    The sum of the interior angles of a regular polygon equals 1260 degrees. How many sides does a polygon have?

    asked by Sarah
  20. chemistry

    Which is most reactive among the following(a) HCHO (b) CH3CHO (C) CH3COCH3 (D) All are equal

    asked by Anonymous
  21. probality

    Blue Nile University recently conducted a survey of undergraduate students in order to gather information about the usage of the library. The population for this study included all 4000 undergraduate students enrolled in the university. The library

    asked by fekadu
  22. American History

    How were American politics and society shaped by the Cold War?

    asked by Chris
  23. Science (Chemistry)

    An organic compound contains 49.2% Carbon, and 9.68% Hydrogen and 19.19% Nitrogen. If Molecular Mass of compound is 146. Calculate the Molecular Formula of compound.

    asked by Sushant
  24. physics

    the electric force between Q1 and Q2 is 1.2 going to left. determine the distance between the two charges, and the electric field, E1 and E2, of the electric charges if Q1 is 6 x 10^-6 C, Q2 is 4 x 10^-6 and test charge of +1 x 10^-6 C

    asked by rex
  25. Math- Slope

    two lines past through point (2,4) Line 1 passes through (-2,1) while line 2 passes through (4,0). What is the slope of one of these lines?

    asked by Leslie
  26. Math

    Dweezle has 3,500 to invest. he places part of the amount in a stock option that yields 5% interest annually and the rest in a savings account that yields 8% interest annually. If Dweezle earns a total of 238 in interest for the year, what was the amount

    asked by Person
  27. math

    the difference between three fourths and three fifths of a number is 9 determine the number

    asked by zain
  28. Entrepreneurship

    What are the main components of Operations Plan in a business plan? Please state the content of the following A. A description of the company's operation B. Flow of Orders for Goods and Services

    asked by Savannah
  29. Science

    A boy is going from one place to another.He goes 100 m north and then 70 m east . Find the displacement of the boy from his starting point.

    asked by jyotismita
  30. maths

    The values A,B,C, and [(A/B)+C], are all integers which are divisible by 3. Then, which of the following statements must be true: A is divisible by 9 B is divisible by 9 C is divisible by 9 A and B are both divisible by 9 A,B,and C are all divisible by 9

    asked by unowen
  31. math

    determine the largest number of four digits which is divisible by 18; 25 and 35. find solution.

    asked by miss shumaila
  32. physics

    A bullet is fired in to s wall losses half of its velocity after penetrsting much further will it penetrate.

    asked by saroj
  33. English

    In the following sentence, which of the following is used as a gerund or gerund phrase? A:overjoyed B:about discovering*** C:discovering D:was overjoyed What function is the gerund serving in the sentence below? Swimming was my sister's best sport in high

    asked by marylyn
  34. algebra

    : How much does it cost to make one single pizza if the average demand is 70 percent of the capacity considering that both Abbie & Melissa makes $27 an hour

    asked by kelly
  35. math

    what must be added tox2+10x+23

    asked by mubeen asghar
  36. Chemistry

    If we were asked to order SO2,H2O,CuO and CaO considering their acidity, how do we find what is more acidic from CaO and CuO?

    asked by Shenaya
  37. Biology

    Are lysosomes present in a plant cell?

    asked by Savannah
  38. Math

    Ethel collects animal stickers.She has 30 cat stickers,15 horse stickers,19 dog stickers and 11 rabbit stickers. One third of the horse stickers are round and the rest are square. One fifth of the cat stickers are square and the rest are round. All the dog

    asked by Shane
  39. Math

    Carlos baked a dozen cupcakes for the village fete.Half the cakes had pink icing and half had blue icing. Two of the cakes with blue icing and 3 cakes that had pink icing had a cherry on top. The rest of the pink cakes and 1 of the blue cakes had chocolate

    asked by Demian
  40. Physics

    A rope kept on a horizontal plane moves with a constant acceleration. If a constant force "f" acts on the rope,the tension of the middle of the rope is T. Which of the following are true? a)If the rope has a weight,T/f=1/2 b)If the rope is light,T/f=1 c)If

    asked by Shenaya
  41. History

    How have the lives of African Americans changed over the last 150 years and how has that transition mirrored broader shifts in American society?

    asked by Alice
  42. grammer

    Use plural verbs for?

    asked by max
  43. Math

    Simplify 9^90-9^89 / (3^2)^89 Its 9^90 right?

    asked by Justwantocheck
  44. Maths

    The cells of a certain culture of bacteria double every 6 minutes. If there are 3 cells in a petri dish, how many cells of bacteria will htere be after on and a half hours?

    asked by Insideoutandbackagain
  45. maths

    You have a calculator with 4 buttons.They can multiply the current value shown on the calculator by 2, divide the current value by 3, add 5 to the current value, or subtract 7 from the current value. If the screen starts at 6, what is the fewest button

    asked by unowen