Questions Asked on
July 25, 2017

  1. chemistry


    asked by Saddik
  2. statistics

    You are ordering a new home theater system that consists of a TV, surround sound system, and DVD player. You can choose from 1616 different TVs, 2222 types of surround sound systems, and 1919 types of DVD players. How many different home theater systems

    asked by Hallie
  3. Physics

    A runner hopes to complete the 10000-m run in less than 30min. After running at constant speed for exactly 27min, there are still 1200m to go. The runner must then accelerate at 0.20m/s^2 for how many seconds in order to achieve the desired time?

    asked by Axel
  4. Math

    The HCF and LCM of two numbers are 8 and 504 respectively one of the numbers is 72 find the other number

    asked by Areej fatima
  5. Math-college

    Find an​ nth-degree polynomial function with real coefficients satisfying the given conditions. n=4; i and 3 i are zero; f(-2)=65 f(x)= An expression using x as the variable. Simplify your​ answer.

    asked by Mike
  6. math

    a die is thrown twice, find the probability of getting two 5’s. Be sure to represent your answer as a fraction in simplest form!

    asked by ella
  7. science

    A substance has a half-life of 10,000 years and an initial mass of 1,000 grams. How many years will pass before only 250 grams of the substance's parent material is left?

    asked by h
  8. English

    1: Everyone homework should be handed in by noon A:Everyone's B:Everyones*** C:Everyones' 2: If you want the shirt, it is your. A:yours*** B:your's C:yours' 3: I bought this shirt in the women department. A:women's*** B:womens' C:Woman's 4: The girls

    asked by marylyn
  9. Math

    I need help to convert this expression in word problem not solution. Please help. Thanks! (5x2)x(3x15)

    asked by Lauren
  10. statistics

    In a study, 35% of adults questioned reported that their health was excellent. A researcher wishes to study health of people living close to a nuclear power plant. Among 14 adults randomly selected from this area, only 3 reported that their health was

    asked by kelli
  11. micro economics II

    prove the profit maximization of the consumer i.e mu=p according to cardinalist

    asked by negash
  12. Math

    The ratio of dogs to cats at an animal shelter is 3 to 2. How many dogs are at the shelter if there is a total of 30 animals?

    asked by Gaby
  13. Chemistry

    What is the positive valence of Sodium Sulfate? (Na2SO4)?

    asked by Gello12
  14. Science

    An electric pump has 2KW power.How much water will the pump lift every minute to a height of 10meter?

    asked by Pratik
  15. Physics

    Consider the figure above consisting of three particles of mass m attached to a massless rod. Given an axis of rotation through point P, the rod rotates as shown in the figure. If the rod is released from rest in the horizontal position at t = 0. What is

    asked by Courtney
  16. English

    From what point of view is a Midsummer Nights Dream narrated? Third person point of view

    asked by Sue
  17. Math

    I have done this problem converting numerical expression to word problem . Like (12x2)+(4x3) At arcade Jeff got 12 plushy for 2 coins each and 4 hand clapper for 3 coins each. Question asked how many coins he paid to buy all these toys? Answer is - 36 Now

    asked by Lauren
  18. Math

    The average age of man and his son is 28 years the ratio of their ages 3 : 1 respectively what is the man's age

    asked by Gowtham

    300 hundred people apply for three jobs. 120 of the applicants are women. (a) If three persons are selected at random, what is the probability that two are women? (B)If three persons are selected at random, what is the probability that one is a woman? (c)

    asked by STACY
  20. Math

    How many blocks are needed to build a stair step pattern that has a base of 10, a height of 10, and where each step is one block high and one block deep?

    asked by Cons
  21. Chemistry

    Is thw positive valence of AlCl3 1 or 3 why?

    asked by Ash
  22. mat221

    using the crowlings rule to determine appropriate dose of a certain medicine adult dosage is 500mg the age of the child is 7 years old what would be the correct dosage and than 300mg adult and 60 mg child to calculate childs age

    asked by robin
  23. Math

    The number 48 consists of how many distinct prime factors?

    asked by Leon
  24. Chemistry

    What is basic like NaOH,from the following? 1)CH3NH2 2)(CH3)2NH 3)(CH3)3N 4)[N(CH3)4]^-(OH^-) 5) 2,4,6-aniline What is the reason?

    asked by Thomas
  25. math

    determine the largest number of four digits which is divisible by 18,25, and 35.

    asked by faiq
  26. Math

    In a laboratory, a certain culture of bacteria doubles every hour. If there are originally 20 bacteria in the culture, how many are present after 10 hours? 11 hours?

    asked by Lan Pas
  27. Math

    Two software companies are developing new android apps. The average profit per x hundred downloads earned by each company can be modelled by the rational functions below, where x > or equal to 0. Trance Media: G(x)=80x+150/x Ellen's incorporated:

    asked by Caroline
  28. math

    A journey between two towns,pitermaritzburg and Durban is exactly 90km use a graph to model how variation in time taken to complete the trip

    asked by nompumelelo
  29. math

    a rectangular courtyard is 57m 50cm long and 22 m board . determine the least possible number of square stones of the same size required to pave it ?

    asked by faiq
  30. chemistry

    what is diluted solution and concentrated solution?

    asked by berry
  31. Math

    It's suppose to be a rug is shaped like a rectangle who's perimeter is192 ft. The length is five times as long as the width. Find the length and width

    asked by Priscilla
  32. Calculus

    Given the graph of f'(x) with f(x) continuous on all reals, find the intervals f(x) is concave up and down and find the X values of the points of inflection. I did points -2 concave down to 2 then concave up 4.

    asked by Joshua reynolds
  33. vocabulary

    A poem that is told in an actual manner. A. Lyrics B. Ballad C. Sonnet D. Genre Thinking its B, am i correct

    asked by heather
  34. Chemistry

    Does SO2 also make Ca(OH)2 milk white in colour, like CO2?

    asked by Beth
  35. Chemistry

    Can we use O2 to identify NO and SO2 from each other? Is it because NO+O2-->NO2; NO2 - brownish gas and 2SO2+O2--2SO3;SO3-blue in colour? Or what is the reason?

    asked by Anna
  36. Math

    If b is a positive integer, which of the following equals 3b^4? A) Radical *81b^56 B) Radical 9b^8 C) Radical 9b^16 D) 9 Radical b^16 E) None of the above

    asked by Liesel
  37. Calculus

    Given the graph of f'(x) with f(x) continuous on all reals, find the intervals f(x) is concave up and down and find the x values of the points of inflection.

    asked by Joshua reynolds
  38. math

    find the smallest number of five digits divisible by each of 16,24 and 30.

    asked by faiq
  39. psychology of Education

    How do a person become back? Or what is the main element disturbed in a person for him/her to be mad? And what causes madness.

    asked by Felix
  40. I am in class7

    Find the average of 89,90,95,72,83,100,94 with full formula

    asked by Student
  41. Math

    The first day on a March calendar is Saturday. the month of March has 31 days. On which day of the week is the last day of March?

    asked by Cons
  42. Math

    The amount of active ingredient of medicine ingested by the body, A in milligrams, is a function of time, t, in hours, given by A(t)=5/8(12t-t^2). a)Determine the average rate of change of the amount of medicine ingested during each of the intervals below

    asked by Caroline
  43. Math

    If 2(5-8)^2 + 3(6+2)= 7x, what is the value of x A-- 2^2+1 B-- 3^2 -3 C--2^2 +3 D-- 2^3 E-- 3^2 Help please!!

    asked by Jaymen