Questions Asked on
July 23, 2017

  1. science

    an 8 kg and a 16 kg block are suspended at opposite ends of a cord passing over a pulley. compute (a) acceleration of the system (b) the tension in the cord connecting the blocks and (c) the tension in the cord supporting the pulley. The weight of the

    asked by doflamingo
  2. Physics

    An elevator weighing 400kg is to be lifted up at a constant velocity of 0.6m/s for this purpose a motor of required horse power is used. (g=9.8m/s).(a)What is the acceleration of motor in case of upward motion? (b)What is power of motor?

    asked by Faizankhan
  3. science

    A ball is thrown upward from the top of a 35-m tower, with initial velocity of 80m/s at an angle of 25 (a) find the time to reach the ground and the distance from the base of the tower to the point of impact (b) find the magnitude and direction of the

    asked by doflamingo
  4. Biochemistry

    Calculate the ph of a 1L solution to wgich has been added 25ml of 10mM acetic acid and 25ml of 30mM sodium acetate

    asked by Grace
  5. Chemistry - Stoichiometry/gases

    When 2.38 g of methane burns in oxygen, 119 kJ of heat is produced. What is the enthalpy of combustion (in kJ) per mole of methane under these conditions? Your answer will be in kJ/mol. the Molar Mass of methane is 16.04, so I did 2.38g/16.04=0.14838 mol

    asked by Jamie
  6. math

    a sum of money is shared among three brother ,eidest recive 7/13 of it the next recive 2/3 of the remainder. if the youngest brother recive s6 find the sum of money shared

    asked by hiba
  7. science

    two small conducting spheres have charge 2nc and -0.5nc respectively. When they are placed 4 cm apart ,what is the force between them. If they are brought into contact and then seperated by 4cms. What is the force between them?

    asked by yaswanth
  8. Algebra

    Suppose that b is proportional to c, and inversely proportional to the square of d. If b = 45 when c = 40 and d = 2, find b when c =20 and d = 3.

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Child Development

    what are steps that can be taken at each level to reduce gender stereotyping in children using Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory

    asked by mw
  10. Chemistry

    A 99.99% pure, 0.4903 g sample containing only carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen is subjected to combustion analysis, resulting in the formation of 1.373 g CO2, 0.2791 g H2O, and 0.1860 g NO. What is the empirical formula of the sample?

    asked by Ally
  11. Vectors

    the point (3,-4,5), (1,0,5), and (3,1,-2) are three out of four vertices of a parallelogram ABCD. Explain why there are three possibilities for the location of the fourth vortex, and find the point?

    asked by Dave
  12. feasibility study on banana plantation in nigeria

    feasibility study on banana plantation in nigeria

    asked by james
  13. science

    define photosynthesis

    asked by nono
  14. Physics - Forces in Equilibrium

    A beam BC and a cable AB support a weight of 1200lbs. The beam weighs 300lbs. Calculate the tensions in the cable and the reactions of the support C; where A = 30° and C = 45°

    asked by Goku
  15. statistics

    The owner of a large office building is considering expanding the buildings' daycare center, which all employees of the the building can use and wants to know what the employees think of this idea. A survey is taken by giving a questionnaire to every

    asked by Tony
  16. Math

    Bret is presently 9 years older than Juan. In 8 years, 6 times Bret's age will equal 7 times Juan's age. What are Bret's and Juan's present ages?

    asked by Victoria
  17. Physics

    A single sphere of water is created by joining 1000 of water spheres of radius r and charge (+Q).If the potential of the small and big spheres are w and v respectively, find v/w. My thoughts : The masses of the spheres are proportional to the third power

    asked by Thomas
  18. accountancy

    Partner A deposit $1000 to the bank for the duty to be paid by his other partner. This was a loan given by the partner A.The journal entries would be Bank A/C Dr $1000 Partner A $1000 (loan given by Partner A) Duty A/C Dr $1000 Bank A/C $1000 (duty paid

    asked by ### niya ####
  19. To DrBob222

    This is regarding the Biochemistry question postef by Grace.. I'm wasn't able to mention this in the subject section due to the large no.of characters! I apologize for any inconveniences made! In this case,to calculate pH of the solution, we should find

    asked by Shenaya
  20. chemistry

    If a substance has a concentration of 85 mmol/L and gives 3 particles on ionization, what would be its concentration in milliosmoles per liter?

    asked by rose
  21. maths

    O is any point on the side AB of an equilateral triangle ABC. arrange in AC,AO,CO in decending order

    asked by shweta
  22. Physics

    Why doesn't a magnetic force ALWAYS act on a particle which moves in a magnetic field?

    asked by Anna
  23. Science

    Measure the pressure of water being 1000kg/m×m×m and density and 40 kg weight on its base?

    asked by Suresh
  24. English

    Could you check this exercise, I had to complete the text. I wrote my answer with capital letters. Thanks so much When I first met Steve, our senior manager, he seemed to me rather PATIENLY and somewhat DECISIVE especially when it was necessary to take

    asked by edith
  25. Math

    Explanation of how to find the asymptotes of the graph of a rational function.

    asked by Mike