Questions Asked on
July 20, 2017

  1. algebra

    A baby weighed 7.25 lb at birth. At the end of 8 months, the baby weighed 2 1/2 times its birth weight. How many pounds did the baby weigh at the end of 8 months?

    asked by Cameron
  2. US History

    How did progressivism change American beliefs about the federal government?

    asked by Evelyn
  3. maths

    There were 1100 apples at a fruit stall there were 220 more apples than mangoes how many apples and mangoes were there altogether?

    asked by celeste
  4. math

    When a situation can be modeled by a linear equation, what information do you need in order to find an equation?

    asked by vick
  5. math

    What is the total capacity in gallons of a rectangular tank 5 meters in height knowing that it will hold 200 liters per foot?

    asked by ojong
  6. science

    Which of the following organs remove nitrogenous waste from the body?

    asked by Destiny
  7. math

    How many terms of the arithmetic sequence 88, 85, 82, . . . appear before the number -17 appears?

    asked by Charles
  8. math

    Ricky had come limes. he gave 25% of the limes to roberta and sold Tonia 2/9 of the remainder. He remained with 280 limes. Calculate a) how many limes Ricky had at first b) Tonia gave .375 of her limes to her mother. How many limes did Tonia keep for

    asked by indira
  9. Maths

    In a race, each of the four greyhounds run at its own constant speed. They all start at the same point on a circular track and at 30 seconds into the race, while all are still on their first lap, they have spread out so they are at four corners of a

    asked by Jay
  10. Physics

    You grabbed a power drill that claims it can reach 2234 rpm in 0.8 s. How many revolutions does the drill make in 0.8 s?

    asked by Courtney
  11. Math

    Determine the zeros of each function by factoring: a. f(x)=-2x^2-5x+12 b. f(x)=2x^2-3x-2 c. f(x)=x^2-10x+24 I have been trying to figure these out for awhile and am stuck. Please and Thank you for help.

    asked by Rhys
  12. algebra

    The values from a stem-and-leaf plot are:27,27,29,33,38,44,44,44,46,50,58,in numerical order.Please explain how to find the lower quartile for this set. I would take the median of the first five values 27,27,29,33,38;this would make 29 the lower

    asked by Jack
  13. math

    if one inch= 20 feet how many feet is 1/16"?

    asked by jim
  14. physics

    A wheel has an initial velocity of 3.40rad/s and it rotates 1.25 revolutions before stopping what is the angular acceleration of the wheel how long does it take for the wheel to come to rest

    asked by Riley
  15. math

    A cake and three ice creams together cost $210. Mary bought a cake and two ice creams for $200. a) Calculate the cost of 1 ice cream b) the cost of the cake c) the cost of 3 cakes and 5 ice creams

    asked by indira
  16. forensic science

    Why is the cross section of a fiber important? it is a distinctive trait of only natural fibers It is a distinctive trait of only synthetic polymer fibers it can vary significantly with the fiber it provides athe basis for the Beck line it determines the

    asked by Ann
  17. Calculus 2 - Indeterminant forms

    lim (2^x-3^x)/(cos(x)-1) x->0 The answer the book has for this is "diverges." I know I'm supposed to use L'Hospitals' rule, but I'm not sure how. Can you walk me through the steps?

    asked by Jamie
  18. Statistics

    The average U.S. yearly capita consumption of citrus fruit is 26.8 pounds. Suppose that the distribution of fruit amounts consumed is bell shaped with a standard deviation equal to 4.2 pounds. a. What percentage of Americans would you expect to consume

    asked by Marnee
  19. Arithmatic Progression

    The sum of the first 5 terms of an AP is 40 and the 7th term is equal to 4 times the second term, find the first term (a), common difference (d) and the sum of the second five terms.

    asked by Achire
  20. Math

    Lisa has 3/5 as many cookies as Betty.If Lisa gives 1/3 of her cookies to Betty,what will the ratio of Lisa's cookies to Betty's cookies be.

    asked by Hashir
  21. chemistry

    what is electromagnetic radiation

    asked by michelle
  22. Math

    Ernie walks 1/6 mile in 1/12 hour when he walks along the river trail. How many miles does Ernie walk when he hikes on the trail

    asked by Brandi
  23. Calculus 2

    Determine the first three terms of the power series representations for the following functions: a) 2/(1+x)^3 b) 1/1+x^2 c) ln(1+x)

    asked by Jamie
  24. Maths

    How to find all roots of"x³-7x²+11x-5=0"

    asked by Durgashankat bairagi
  25. math/econ

    If the demand is x(p)=40(p-15^2) with p being the price and x being hte demand, what would the elasticity of demand equation be?

    asked by Maddie
  26. Accounting

    I find a lot of definitions on the internet, but still confused. What is difference between -carrying value -book value -fair value -fair market value -market value -value in use -net realizable value Are some of these actually the same? Thanks.

    asked by Sana
  27. science chemistry

    One word for the chemical used to dissolve gold in the leach tanks with the aid of oxygen

    asked by Anonymous
  28. science chemistry

    One word of the chemical used to dissolve gold in the leach tanks with the aid of oxygen

    asked by Anonymous
  29. u.s history

    What are three examples of religion influencing the history and/or culture of the British colonies.

    asked by izzy
  30. Math

    The largest 4 digit number which is exactly divisible by 18, 25 and 35. Find the smallest number by which 1008 must be. multiplied to get a perfect square. Also find the square root of square so obtained. 1225 plants are to be planted in a garden is such a

    asked by Zubair ahmad
  31. maths

    A group of students decide to attend a concert. The cost of renting a bus to take them to the concert is $450, which is to be shared equally among the students. The concert promoters offer discounts to groups arriving by bus. Tickets normally costs $59

    asked by unowen
  32. math

    For a normal distribution with mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 8, find the number of standard deviations the raw score 67 is from the mean (Give answer as a positive value rounded to nearest hundredth). (67 - 80) / 8 = 13/8 is this the right answer

    asked by Sam
  33. algebra

    The following stem-and-leaf plot values show the average monthly sales commissions (in hundreds of dollars)for a major co rporation's nationwide sales group: 27,27,29,33,38,44,44,44,46,50,58. What is the mean of the distribution? Please show as much work

    asked by Jack
  34. i need sir damon steve reiny and bob physics

    A 100tones acts on a 300tones block placed on an inclined plan with a 3:4 slope, the coefficients of frictions btw the blocks and the inclined plane are 0.25 and 0.20 respectively (A) determine weather the block is in equilibrium ( if the block is not in

    asked by uwana
  35. algebra

    The following stem-and-leaf plot values shows the average monthly sales commissions (in hundreds of dollars)for a major corporation's nationwide sales group : 27,27,29,33,38,44,44,44,46,50,58. What is the mode of this distribution? Thank You.

    asked by Jack
  36. algebra

    Please help with this problem: An ellipse and a hyperbola have the same foci, $A$ and $B$, and intersect at four points. The ellipse has major axis 50, and minor axis 40. The hyperbola has conjugate axis of length 20. Let $P$ be a point on both the

    asked by nini