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July 17, 2017

  1. decreased by twice a number

    50 decreased by twice a number

  2. Algebra

    The table below represents a linear function f(x) and the equation represents a function g(x): x f(x) −1 −5 0 −1 1 3 g(x) g(x) = 2x − 7 Part A: Write a sentence to compare the slope of the two functions and show the steps you used to determine the

  3. math

    If you eat 2/3 of a pizza, and are left with 12 slices, how many slices are in 1/2 of the pizza?

  4. Calculus

    If the instantaneous rate of change of f(x) at (2,-4) is 5, write the equation of the line tangent to the graph of f(x) at x=2.

  5. math

    in a town there are 1600 phones out of which 3/4 are dial phones 1/3 of those dial phones are replaced by touch-tone phones and 300 additional touch tone phones are installed. the fraction representing the touch tone phones in town is: (a) 7/19 (b) 11/19

  6. Quadratic Equation

    A ball is thrown upwards from a roof top, 80m above the ground. It will reach a maximum vertical height and then fall back to the ground. The height of the ball from the ground at time T is H, which is given by H= -16t2 + 64t +80

  7. algebra

    Luke is tiling a square patio in his backyard. He has 121 square-shaped tiles that will cover the entire patio. The maximum number of tiles that Luke can fit along one side of the patio is

  8. math

    Insert parentheses to make the equality a true statement:12+3*8−8÷4=7

  9. Teaching

    21) T/F. Reflection is an important element for children in an early childhood portfolio. 22) T/F. Rotating and changing areas and materials in the room creates insecurity in the children. 23) T/F. Rubrics are not an appropriate use of self-assessment in

  10. Calculus

    How do you find the original function given the equation of a tangent line and two points?

  11. maths

    An arithmetic progression has 10 terms. Sum of the 10 terms is 220. Sum of the odd terms is 100. Find the first term and common difference. pl give me the answer.

  12. math

    4/100 of which is 0.8

  13. Teaching

    5) T/F. Assessment tests should be used to determine grade or level placement for children. 6) T/F. At least daily children should have a block of time for spontaneous, free play. 7) Authentic assessment I. is often referred to as performance assessment

  14. Algebra

    Solve for x in the following matrix equation. [5x-8 1] = [2 1] [3 4m-1] [3 7m+6] How do you do this? I hardly know anything about this... The packet I got that was supposed to help me understand matrices and stuff just made me more confused.

  15. SCHM012

    diagram all possible pathways for deexciting from n=4 to n=1

  16. Algebra

    The table below represents the distance of an airplane from its destination as a function of time: Time (hours) x Distance (miles) y 0 2,700 1 2,160 2 1,620 3 1,080 4 540 Part A: What is the y-intercept of the function, and what does this tell you about

  17. algebra

    a rocket is launched at the top of a building. the height of the rocket (in meters) written in terms of time (seconds) can be modeled by h(t)=-4.9t^2+9.8t+73.5. what is the maximum height?

  18. math

    A square 4 inches on a side is cut up into smaller squares 1 inche on a side. What is the maximum number of such squares that can be formed?

  19. Business/Accounting

    How would you explain how to compute the WACC to a new employee at your firm? What are the common pitfalls that you would tell the new employee to avoid?

  20. math

    0.7 of which is 3.43

  21. math

    Mrs. Herby bought some carrots. She put 2/5 of them on a platter and the rest in a plastic bag. If there were 8 carrots on the platter, how many carrots were there in the plastic bag?

  22. Teaching

    1) T/F. Although there are many benefits in parents and teachers working together, research shows no change in children's learning when parents are involved. 2) T/F. An appropriate approach to the initial conference at the beginning of the school year

  23. Teaching

    11) T/F. Friedrich Froebel originated the first kindergarten in Germany. 12) T/F. Group-administered standardized tests are recommended once children are in 1st grade. 13) T/F. How a child feels about himself/herself is reflected in his/her behavior. 14)

  24. Algebra 2

    What is the solution for the determinant? |1 7 | |0 -3| How do you find the solution? I'm probably going to feel really stupid because it's probably simple but I'm just having some problems. Okay, a lot.


    what is the time necessary for 99.9%of the atoms of a radioactive compound to be disintegrated? t½=5times.


    how many electrons are found in the electron cloud of an atom whose K,L and M shells are full?

  27. Chemistry

    How are the three types of intermomecular forces similar? How are they different?

  28. Math

    A certain grometry class has 36 students. if two-thirds are boys and three-fourths of the boys are under six feet tall, how many boys in the class are under 6 feet tall?

  29. Physics

    How long does a car with an acceleration of 2.0m/s2 take to go from 10m/s?

  30. Math

    Write as a fraction: 4.5%

  31. math

    Write 2/5% as a decimal.

  32. Math

    What is 62 1/2% of 80?

  33. Math

    Find 6% of b

  34. Math

    80 is 40% of what number?

  35. Math

    c is 83 1/3% of what number?

  36. math

    What is 112% of 80?

  37. math

    what percent of 60 is 72?

  38. math

    If a trapezium was drawn such that it has got two right angled triangles,why the area of that trapezium will differ if someone is considering the areas of two right angled triangles lastly he/she add to obtain the total areas from the one who will use the

  39. Calculus

    How do you find the original function given a point (a,b) and the equation of the line tangent to the graph of f(x) at (a,b). For example: The point is (4,-11) and 7x-3y=61 is the equation of the line tangent to the graph of f(x)

  40. One-to-one function

    Explanation of why functions must be one-to-one functions to have an inverse?

  41. math

    If a trapezium was drawn such that it has got two right angled triangles,why the area of that trapezium will differ if someone is considering the areas of two right angled triangles lastly he/she add to obtain the total areas from the one who will use the

  42. algebra

    Miranda worked two part-time jobs last week. The first job paid $8 an hour, and the second job paid $11 an hour. She worked a total of 23 hours last week and earned $208. How many hours did Miranda work at the first job?

  43. Math

    Determine which is greater 99^100 or 100^99 ? Explain

  44. KSU

    Suppose you are to prepare 1 liter of 70% ethyl alcohol.What is the ratio needed to prepare the solution?

  45. Chemistry

    When diluting the commercial vinegar, what would have been the effect on acetic acid molairty of failing to rinse the pooped with commercial vinegar, assuming there was some distilled water left in the piper from a previous student? ( think about how the

  46. math

    A plane is flying due east at 600 km/h at a constant altitude. From an observation point P on the ground, the plane is sighted on a bearing of 320◦. One minute later, the bearing of the plane is 75◦ and its angle of elevation is 25◦. Show that the

  47. English

    Are the below given sentences written correctly? 1. He's slow as a tortoise. 2. It's ugly as monkey. 3. She's as weak as a kitty. 4. She's fast as a horse. Kindly send me the correctly written sentences .

  48. Maths

    In the country Fivethree, they have only $3 and $5 notes. How many amounts, from $1 to $100 inclusive, cannot be made up exactly with these notes? A. 2 B. 3 C. 4 D. 7 E. 21