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July 14, 2017

  1. Optional mathematics

    Prove that (3-4sin^2A) (1-3Tan^2A)= (3-tan^2A) (4cos^2A-3)

  2. English

    Why is polo called the king of games

  3. Math

    An aeroplane flies from town A(20°N,60°E) to townB (20°N,20°E) if the journey takes 6 hours Calculate correct to 3 significant figures, the average speed of the aeroplane If it then flies due north from town B to town C 420km away.calculate to the

  4. creative play

    Which of the following is a true statement about brain research? A. Early social and emotional experiences are the seeds of human intelligence. B. Different regions of the brain are actively developing and maturing according to certain timetables. C.

  5. Math Division polynomials

    Mr.Aquino wants to paint the ceiling of a room that has length of (c^2+2cd+d^2) meters and width of (c+d) meters. If one can of paint will cover (c+d)^2 square meter, what is the minimum number of cans of paint needed? Express your answer as a polynomials.

  6. creative play

    Which of the following is a true statement about brain research? A Most people are “left-brained.” A. Most people are “right-brained.” B. Most peoples’ brains function only half at a time. C. Most peoples’ brain function as a whole. c?

  7. Nat sci

    Two tugboats are towing a ship.Each exerts horizontal force of 5.0 tons and the angle between the two ropes is30°.What is the resultant force exerted on the ship

  8. creative play

    According to brain research, all of the following emotions are commonly seen in the classroom EXCEPT: A. joy/pleasure. B. fear/threat. C. humor/silliness. D. sadness/disappointment. C?

  9. creative play

    Professional organizations for teachers have a set of standards for establishing high-quality classroom environments. These standards indicate that the classroom environment should support: A. children's honest expression and thinking, displays of

  10. creative play

    Parents and families need to be involved in assessing children’s growth. Teachers should foster this involvement by all of the following EXCEPT: A. giving parents/families opportunities to provide written feedback on their children’s work. B.

  11. Computer programming

    A university has 3000 students.These students are divided in four categories 1.B Tech 2.M Tech 3.Ms 4.Phd Draw a flowchart & algorithm to find percentage of the students in each category

  12. maths

    Ram divided a sum of Rs.3873 among his three sons. His youngest son got 35% less than his oldest son who got 35% more than his second son. Find the share of his second son

  13. Chemistry

    The forensic technician at a crime scene has just prepared a luminol stock solution by adding 11.0 g of luminol into a total volume of 75.0 mL of H2O. What is the molarity of the stock solution of luminol? Luminol has a molecular weight of 177 g/mol.

  14. finite math

    A restaurant offers 6 appetizers, 8 salads, 7 entrees and 9 desserts. In how many ways can a customer select a meal, if a meal consists of an appetizer, a salad, an entree and a dessert? a) 30

  15. Physics

    Show that the average velocity of a particle over an interval over an interval of time is is either is either smaller than and the average speed of the particle over same interval

  16. Human Relation

    ”I would like to call this first meeting of union representatives and manage- ment to discuss quality issues to order,” said Senior VP Raul Chavez.”As you all should now, we must either significantly increase quality or we will lose virtually all of

  17. Math

    a square carpet covers 60% of the floor area the room is 5m by 5m what are the dimensions of the carpet

  18. Math-------please help

    a square carpet covers 60% of the floor area the room is 5m by 5m what are the dimensions of the carpet

  19. Chem

    How many liters of H2 gas can be produced at 0 ∘C and 1.00 atm (STP) from 10.0 g of Zn? Zn(s)+2HCl(aq)→ZnCl2(aq)+H2(g)

  20. Science-Chemistry(mole concept)

    How many kg of wet NaOH containing 15% water are required to prepare 70 litre of 0.5N solution?

  21. Maths

    Devide the sum of 5/21 and 4/7 by their difference

  22. Maths

    How convert 30% to 0.3

  23. Math

    An object is dropped from top of a 430 foot building,it's height in feet at time t seconds is given by polynomial -16t^2+430.find the height of the object when t=5 second.

  24. Little star

    The potential energy of a projectile at it's maximum height is equal to it's kinetic energy there if the velocity of projection is 20m/s it's time of flight

  25. Math

    A hall feature 16 MTR by 12 MTR. How many sq.tiles 25 cm will be required to pave its floor

  26. geometry

    △DEF has vertices D (2,2), E (-2,-1), and F (-3,5). Complete the following charts indicating the location of △D′E′F′ and △D′′E′′F′′ △DEF is reflected in the y-axis. Then it is translated along the vector ⟨3,−5⟩. D (2,2)

  27. Math

    Find the area of a sq. Whose side is 2.5 cm in length ?

  28. College Physics

    The maximum speed of a 4.0-kg mass attached to a spring is 0.70 m/s , and the maximum force exerted on the mass is 12 N . a) What is the amplitude of motion for this mass? b) What is the force constant of the spring?

  29. geometry

    PQ has endpoints at P (-2,3) and Q (4,1). The center of dilation is (-1,4) and the scale factor is 2. What are the coordinates of the endpoints of P'Q'?

  30. creative play

    Anecdotal records highlight student attitudes, preferences, judgments, and: A. expression. B. participation. C. development. D. skill. C?

  31. Physics

    Jordan is trying to loosen a stuck bolt in his motor home. To loosen it ,he is using a wrench that is 60cm long. If he hangs from the wrench, what is max torque he can exert ? Jordan is 75kg

  32. math

    A force of125 N pulls due west on a body, and a second force pulls N 28.7 degrees W. The resultantforce is 212 N. Find the second force and the direction of the resultant.

  33. math

    A force of125 N pulls due west on a body, and a second force pulls N 28.7 degrees W. The resultantforce is 212 N. Find the second force and the direction of the resultant.

  34. biochem

    1)“Gluconeogenesis uses available energy and is therefore an energetically expensive process” why is gluconeogenesis necessary and under what conditions does it occur? What regulatory mechanisms ensure that glycolysis does not occur simultaneously with

  35. biochem

    2) Compound called Moniliformin has been shown to affect pyruvate dehydrogenase complex activity and inhibit the conversion of pyruvate to acetyl coA. Without knowing specific details on how this drug exert its inhibitory effect, could you outline

  36. creative play

    Conditions that support creativity include all of the following EXCEPT: A. a stimulating environment. B. overwhelming tasks. C. respect for children’s contributions. D. supporting individual differences. B?

  37. biochem

    3)Based on your understanding of metabolic processes what would be the short and long term effects of inhibiting the TCA cycle? Explain why there is a need for replenishment of TCA cycle metabolites.

  38. biochem

    5)A recent study showed that a newly discovered drug that acts as an uncoupling agent of the electron transport chain was causing significant weight loss in humans. A) Describe how uncoupling agents work? b) Based on your knowledge of metabolic processes

  39. biochem

    4)You are informed that a compound secreted from a frog found in the Amazon basin has been showed to inhibit ATP synthesis. Without knowledge of specific details could you speculate on potential mechanisms through which this discovered compound be

  40. biochem

    7)In the event that one of the enzymes of the urea cycle is defective what biochemical indicators can one use to identify the defective enzyme? What are the consequences of a defective urea cycle? What approaches can be used to minimize of a defective urea

  41. biochem

    8)Giving appropriate example describe the role of Calcium (Ca2+) in regulation of metabolic processes during muscular activity?

  42. creative play

    Which of the following encourages critical thinking? A. Let’s look at these two pictures. B. What did you think of the story? C. What do you predict will happen when…? D. How do you know that is true? C?

  43. creative play

    Conditions that support creative thought are environmental, mental, __________, and developmental. A. experiential B. social C. intellectual D. emotional B?

  44. creative play

    affects creativity. A. Intelligence B. Motivation C. Learning style D. Emotion C?

  45. creative play

    A creative teacher should encourage and accept non-conformist behavior as long as it is: A. constructive. B. joyful. C. age-appropriate. D. inoffensive. D?

  46. creative play

    Teachers are powerful in their abilities to: A. change the way parents relate to children. B. function as a role model of habits of mind and work. C. establish and control the friendships of the classroom. D. change the way children relate to parents. D?

  47. creative play

    Assigning a buddy for fire drills and special events like an assembly would be an appropriate modification for a child with a: A. physical disability. B. visual impairment. C. hearing impairment. D. cognitive disability. B?

  48. creative play

    Teachers who adjust the physical environment for children with disabilities need to: A. be knowledgeable about the disability. B. emphasize a child's disability. C. adapt only indoor equipment and materials. D. purchase expensive pre-made materials and

  49. creative play

    Stocking a math or science center with different sized manipulatives would be an appropriate modification for children with __________ issues. A. fine motor B. gross motor C. speech D. behavioral A?

  50. creative play

    When deciding where to store materials in your classroom an important principal to remember is that materials: A. should be stored in one area of the room. B. must be accessible and easy to use. C. should all have a designated use. D. must be kept in

  51. physics

    A patient is getting his elbow rehabilitated. He is told to lay his elbow flat on a table and lift a a 3.5kg weight by bending his elbow( he's raising his forearm itself and the weight). The weight is 30cm from his elbow. After telling his therapist that