Questions Asked on
July 8, 2017

  1. math

    7. Write an inequality to model the situation: The number n of people who attended the class was at least 8. n ≤ 8 n ≥ 8 n < 8 n > 8

    asked by soxxbabby
  2. physics

    Robin Hood has to shoot an arrow at an apple that sits on a wall 400 meters away, at a height of 40 meters. He must shoot at an angle of 60 degrees. What must the initial velocity of the arrow be to hit the target? Assume he's shooting laying down on the

    asked by unowen
  3. math

    Encircle the greatest number in each set? (a) 41309,14903,19403,20403

    asked by Ravi Yadav
  4. Math

    On a Science exam Rita answered 36 questions correctly and receive a score of 100% her friend answered 27 questions correctly what score did read her friend receive

    asked by Tiffany
  5. Science

    The no. of nitrogen atoms in Zn(NO3)2

    asked by Falcon
  6. Maths

    The temperature dropped by 2 degrees an hour during the night. At midnight the temperature was 31 degrees. What was the temperature at 6a.m.

    asked by Tanishka
  7. Maths

    a rectangular tank measured internally is 2.5m long,1.5m wide and 0.8m high. how many litres of water are needed to fill the tank? the water in tank is transferred into small cylindrical tanks each of diamter 70cm and height 40 cm. find the number of

    asked by Shehryar
  8. Maths

    Prove that:Tanø+sinø/tanø-sinø=secø+1/secø-1

    asked by Anusha
  9. English

    What do Poe's letters to John Allan reveal about himself? The self-expression and logic in Poe's letters is also evident in his literature. A: Poe was a wealthy man upon publication of his poetry and short stories B: Poe had a healthy close relationship

    asked by marylyn
  10. Math

    One seat in an auditorium is broken. It is in the 3rd row from the front of the auditorium and in the 18th row from the back of the auditorium. There are 12 seats to its left and 17 seats to its right. If every row has the same number of seats, what is the

    asked by Calvin
  11. Grammar

    The most important thing in my life are making money, traveling abroad and to live well. which used incorectly

    asked by Ade
  12. calc

    1.A norman window is constructed by adjoining a semicircle to the top of an ordinary rectangular window find the dimensions of a Norman window of maximum area when the total permeter is 16ft. 2. A rectangle is bounded by the x axis and the semicircle

    asked by Amber
  13. Physics

    If vector a and b are two non collinear unit vectors and |vector a+ vector b|=√3 then find the value of ( vector a- vector b).(2 vector a+ vector b)

    asked by DEEPTI
  14. science

    A car of mass 1000 kg moving with the velocity of 40 kg per hour collide with a tree and comes to stop in five seconds.calculate the force exerted by the car on the tree.

    asked by samradnyee
  15. math

    Find the least and greatest possible original numbers: ROUNDED PLACE is Tens, ROUNDED NUMBER is 460. What is the Least number and the Greatest number?

    asked by Christine
  16. maths

    (x+3i)²=2yi Complex equation Answer plz

    asked by asad
  17. Chemistry

    In a qualitative analysis, the test for the presence of Cu^2+ ion is the formation of the bright blue complex ion Cu(NH3)42+. What is the equilibrium concentration of Cu2+ when 1.0 mL of 0.200 M Cu^2+ is combined with 1.0 mL of 15.0 M NH3? (Kf Cu(NH3)4^2+

    asked by tan
  18. English

    How to use "beneath the basement as an adjective and adverb?"

    asked by Jeff
  19. Bps science

    When electricity is passed through water hydrogen and Oxygen gas are found change. A change in the state of matter occurs. Is this a chemical or physical change.

    asked by Siddhartha
  20. Maths

    Q.Give answer without adding :- (i) (1+3+5+7+9+11+13+15+17+19+21+23)

    asked by Dhruv
  21. Maths

    A labourer is engaged for20 days on the condition that he will receive Rs.120 for eachday he works and will be finedRs.10 for eachfay he is absent.If he receibesRs.1880 in all,for how many days did he remain absent.

    asked by Anonymous
  22. english

    What is the appropriate citation method for your major or course of study? What have you learned about that citation methodology from Lesson Three of this course? Do you think you'll be able to use this citation method effectively to avoid plagiarism?

    asked by jd
  23. Math PLEASE HELP!

    Marco collects baseball and football cards in his collection.He has 8 more baseball cards in his collection than football cards.If he has 88 cards in his collection, how many are football cards?

    asked by Ashlyn
  24. Math


    asked by Pradumn
  25. math

    Is zero the smallest integer????

    asked by lincy
  26. chemistry

    AsH3 is more acidic than NH3 explane

    asked by achu
  27. I am in class7

    Find the average of these scores with formula 89,90,95,72,83,100,94

    asked by Student
  28. Scince

    What is matter?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. Science

    What is a cell wall?

    asked by Friday
  30. Math

    The absolute value of an integer is always greater than the integer

    asked by lincy
  31. maths

    simplify the following: A)2xplus4plus3plusx B)4yplus2c-3y

    asked by klhoe
  32. Math


    asked by Olayink
  33. Math

    5a+6b=1 , 3a-2b=5

    asked by Olayink
  34. general knowledge

    what is the colour of water?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Maths

    A labourer is engaged for20 days on the condition that he will receive Rs.120 for eachday he works and will be finedRs.10 for eachfay he is absent.If he receibesRs.1880 in all,for how many days did he remain absent.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Physics

    Shun started driving south-west for 450 meters then turned south south for 500 meter and stopped. Find Shun's displacement

    asked by Shin
  37. search engines

    why don't all seach engines return the same results?

    asked by jd