Questions Asked on
July 6, 2017

  1. Maths

    Three numbers are in the ratio 2:3:5. The first number, second number reduced by 5 and the third number form an arithmetic sequence. Then the three numbers are

    asked by Suriya
  2. math

    The following data represent the​ high-temperature distribution for a summer month in a city for some of the last 130 years. Treat the data as a population. TemperatureTemperature ​50-59 ​60-69 ​70-79 ​80-89 ​90-99 ​100-109 DaysDays 1 309

    asked by Nakita
  3. Stats

    Suppose the number of cell phones in a household has a binomial distribution with parameters n = 17, and p = 40 %. Find the probability of a household having (Keep at least 4 digits) (a) 11 or 13 cell phones? (b) 11 or fewer cell phones ? (c) 14 or more

    asked by terry
  4. Math

    The area of circle is 78.5 cm square. Calculate the circumference of the circle

    asked by Umer
  5. Math

    Wilma saves 12,000 at the end of every six months for 10 years. Assume 10% compounded semiannually and find the present value

    asked by abbi
  6. math

    In most geometry courses, we learn that there's no such thing as "SSA Congruence" . That is, if we have triangles ABC and DEF such that AB = DE, BC = EF, and angle A = angle D, then we cannot deduce that ABC and DEF are congruent. However, there are a few

    asked by Maria
  7. Physics

    a beaker contains 500g of water at a temperature of 80 C. How much ice at a temperature -20 C must be dropped in the water so that the final temperature of the system will be 50 C

    asked by Forhad
  8. Geometry

    If ABCD = QRST, m∠A = x-10 and m∠Q = 2x-30, what is the m∠A

    asked by Ali
  9. maths

    The rectangular backboard of a basketball court needs to be assembled. Its area is given as 18,900 cm2 and the width as 1.8 m. What is the backboard’s length in metres

    asked by mary
  10. Physics

    a ray of light strikes a flat, 2-cm thick block of glass(n=1.5) at an angle of 30 degrees with respect to the normal. find the angle of refraction at the top surface. find the angle of incidence at the bottom surface and the refracted angle. find the

    asked by Gia
  11. Stats need help

    Use the empirical rule to solve the problem. The systolic blood pressure of 18 yr. old women is normally distributed with a mean of 120 mmHg (millimeters of Mercury) and a standard deviation of 14 mmHg. What is the percentage of 18 yr. old women that have

    asked by John
  12. Help me with math

    Find the variance for the given data. Round your answer to two decimal places. 5.0, 8.0, 4.9, 6.8, and 2.8

    asked by Josh
  13. commerce

    Prepare a project file on the following business industries of India (approximately one/two pages of information on each industry) a) Iron & Steel Industry b) Textile Industry c) Information Technology Industry d) Petroleum Industry e) Automobile Industry

    asked by Anonymous
  14. physics

    The first Lunar Olympics is to be held on the Moon inside a huge dome. Of the usual Olympic events - track and field, gymnastics, and so on - which would be drastically affected by the Moon's gravity? In which events would Earth=based records be broken? In

    asked by jasmine
  15. geometry

    A news helicopter 60 meters above the road spotted two accidents. The angles of depression are 10.2° and 8.7°. How are apart are the accidents? (The accidents are in the same general direction from the helicopter.) please help. i'm not sure what i am

    asked by morgan
  16. maths(percentage)

    A village lost 15% of it's cows in a flood and 10% of the remainder died of diseases. If no. Of cows were left now is 7650 what was the original no of cows before the flood ?

    asked by Importent please help for exam
  17. Biology

    Codominance is a form of inheritance in which two different alleles for a gene are both expressed, and neither allele is dominant over the other. The alleles for type A blood and type B blood are codominant. If a man who is homozygous for type A blood and

    asked by Henry
  18. Physics

    Aeroplane takes off from Mumbai to Delhi with velocity 50 kilometre per hour in north east direction a wind is blowing at 25 kilometre per hour what is the resultant displacement of aeroplane in 2 hours

    asked by Hemang
  19. geometry

    Two boats are spotted by a Coast Guard helicopter. The helicopter is 150 yards above the water. The angles of depression are 12.5° and 15.3°. How far apart are the boats? (The boats are in the same general direction from the helicopter.) Pls help i have

    asked by morgan
  20. Math

    Given that a and b are nonnegative real numbers such that a+2b=60, what is the largest possible value of ab? And If f(x) = x^2 - 3x + 4, find the value of f(sqrt3 - sqrt2). And The median of {20, x, 15, 30, 25} is 0.4 less than the mean. If x is a whole

    asked by Jack
  21. Maths

    The ages of a woman and her daughter add to 45, five years ago, the woman is six times her daughters age. How old was the woman when her daughter was born?

    asked by David
  22. physics

    if the gravitational constant, increased to a billion times its actual value, what sorts of things would happen?

    asked by jasmine
  23. geometry

    A kayaker sees a bear in the distance. If the kayaker is 48 yards lower than the bear and the angle of elevation from the kayaker to the bear is 15°, find the horizontal distance from the kayaker to the bear. please help

    asked by morgan
  24. Math

    A circle passes through origin and the point (5/2, 1/2) and has 2y_3x=0 as a diameter. Find its equation.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Maths

    How many silver coins ,2cm in diameter and of thickness 2mm,must be melted to form a showpiece in the form of frustum of a cone having height 9cm and radii of outer circular ends as5cm 3cm

    asked by Tanu
  26. stats

    The probability is 0.7 that a person shopping at a certain store will spend less than $20. For groups of size 13, find the mean number who spend less than $20.

    asked by Johnny
  27. Math

    There are balloons for sale at the fair, 7/10 of the balloons are blue, 1/5 are red, and the rest are yellow balloons. How many balloons are there in all?

    asked by Taeyong
  28. help stats

    Use the Poisson Distribution to find the indicated probability. A computer salesman averages 0.9 sales per week. Use the Poisson distribution to find the probability that in a randomly selected week the number of computers sold is 1. (Round answer to 4

    asked by Johnny
  29. math

    Study the ways of raising a loan to buy a car or a house. You are required to visit personally two banks at least and ask for the documents required by the bank and the whole process of raising a loan. Describe the whole process in written on project

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Urdu

    Kafron say kya murad hai Does he beat the Dog? In passive voice

    asked by Urdu
  31. math

    The positive number X is divisible by 42, and is composed of only 1s and 0s when written in base 10. What's the smallest number that X might be?

    asked by unowen
  32. math

    A right triangle has vertices on a grid at (0,0), (8,0), and (8,6). There is a point on the hypotenuse, (4,3), made up of integers. The question is: If the corners of the triangle were instead at (0,0), (1200,0), and (1200,1000),how many dots from the grid

    asked by unowen
  33. math

    What is the maximum number of pieces you can divide a circular pizza into with 4 cuts? [All cuts must be distinct straight lines from one point on the edge of the pizza to another point on the edge of the pizza, and you may not move the pizza slices.]

    asked by unowen
  34. Stats Help Help

    Find the variance for the given data. Round your answer to two decimal places. 5.0, 8.0, 4.9, 6.8, and 2.8

    asked by John
  35. Math need help

    Identify the type of observational study. Researchers plan to collect data by interviewing patients who have cardiac by-pass surgery at several local hospitals beginning in January 2014. Cross-sectional Retrospective Prospective None of these

    asked by Josh
  36. science

    Which of the following statement is correct a. There are 7 principal electron energy levels. b.The second principal energy level has 4 sub-energy levels and contain a max. Of 8 electrons. c.The principal energy level N can have a max. Of 32 electrons. D.

    asked by Bhuwneshwari Bawa
  37. Physics

    Name five distinct disciplines of physical sciences

    asked by Physics
  38. Physic

    A stone is thrown from the top of a building upward at an angle of 30.0 to the horizontal and with an initial speed of 25.0m/s ,if the heights of the building is 75.0m..How long is the flight?

    asked by Kpadeh
  39. math

    Consider a roll of two six sides dice. Let A be the event that the sum of the faces showing is 4. Let B be the event that one of the faces showing is 3. What is the union of A and B ? What is the intersection of A and B ?

    asked by Matt
  40. geometry

    Two small fires are spotted by a ranger from a fire tower 60 feet above ground. The angles of depressions re 11.6° and 9.4°. How far apart are the fires? (The fires are in the same general direction from the tower.) please help!!

    asked by morgan
  41. geometry

    A snow tubing lane is 200 yards with a vertical drop of 45 yards. What is the angle of depression? please help

    asked by morgan
  42. stats need help

    If all the values in a data set are converted to z-scores, the shape of the distribution of the z-scores will not be the same as the distribution of the original data. True or False?

    asked by Josh
  43. stat

    Use table A - 2 to find the probability of a randomly selected value is between 0.7 and 1.98.

    asked by Josh
  44. Stats in need of help

    Assume that you entered a drawing to win one of 35 movie tickets. If only 650 people enter the drawing, determine the probability of winning (round your answer to three decimal places)

    asked by Joe
  45. Help me again in stats

    Find the corresponding z-score to the given value and determine whether the value is unusual. A weight of 225 pounds among a population having a mean weight of 161 pounds and a standard deviation of 23.0 pounds.

    asked by Joe
  46. maths(percentage)

    the annual salary of a clerk in 1998 was rs.10800. It was increased by15% in 1989 and again by 15% in 1990. What was his salary in 1990

    asked by Raghav
  47. maths(percentage)

    45000 candidates appeared in examination. Out of these,40% were girls. If 70% boys and 75% girls passed, what was the result percentage ?

    asked by Importent please help for exam
  48. math

    the hundred thousand digit of a six digit even number is 3 more than the thousand digit which is twice the ones digit .give atleast four numbers that satisfy the given condition

    asked by xian
  49. general math

    find the slant asymptote of t(x)=2x^2-4x+5/3-x

    asked by rose
  50. Calculus and Vectors

    Determine the net result of a 35 N force and a 20 N force acting on an object at an angle of 125° to each other, using components. I know that when I draw the vectors, I use parallelogram law to determine the complimentary angle, and I got 55degrees.

    asked by Andy
  51. Geography

    Can anyone help me with this question: What is the time given to each longitude? I don't understand what it means. Please help!

    asked by Grace
  52. algebra


    asked by des
  53. Math, algebra

    1. If $x (sqrt xy)/(|x-y|), find 4 (9 1) to the nearest tenth. =diamond This is a function, where the "diamond" represents a function. 2. If f(x) = 3x^2 - 5, what is the value of f(f(-1))?

    asked by JOHN
  54. Math

    f(sqrt 3-sqrt 2)=x^2-3x+4

    asked by Mat
  55. number theory

    If you wrote down at all whole numbers from 1 to 1000... 1,2,3,4,5....999,1000 ...which digit would appear the least?

    asked by unowen
  56. CJ

    The concept of deterrence is founded on ____.

    asked by Erick G