Questions Asked on
June 30, 2017

  1. math

    Macy's Department Stores markup men's cologne 63% on cost for an 8-ounce bottle. A bottle of cologne costs Macy's $23.00. What is the selling price for the 8-ounce bottle? $31.51

    asked by joe
  2. algebra

    Peter has 800 yards of fencing to enclose a rectangular area. Find the dimensions of the rectangle that maximize the enclosed area. What is the maximum​ area?

    asked by Miranda
  3. csn

    In a box there are four prizes that are worth $30, three prizes worth $300, and one prize worth $1000. A player will reach into the box and draw one of the prizes at random. What is the fair price for this game?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Chemistry

    What would be more acidic? SO2 or SO3? Does this have to do something with the higher oxidation state? And why is that? Or can we say SO3 is more acidic by, SO2+H2O--->H2SO3 SO3+H2O--->H2SO4 as H2SO4 is more acidic?

    asked by Aanya
  5. engineering physics

    A hot air ballon is ascending at 12m/s and at 80 m above the ground, a package is dropped over teh sdie. How long does it take the package to hit the ground?

    asked by rao
  6. math

    The rate of increase of bacteria in a culture is proportional to the number of bacteria present .if the original number of bacteria double in the two hours, in how many hours will it be five times?

    asked by manisha
  7. physical science

    A sample of tin (Cp = 0.227 J/g•°C) is placed in a freezer. Its temperature decreases from 15.0°C to −10.0°C as it releases 543 J of energy. What is the mass of the sample? Round your answer to three significant figures.

    asked by jhon
  8. Business

    In order for a case to reach the Supreme Court, the court must decide whether it wants to hear the case. If the Supreme Court agrees that case is worth deciding, it issues what is known as a: a.lex loci b.jus cogens. c.certiorari. d.writ of certiorari

    asked by Xuan
  9. math

    2x is a perfect square, 3x a perfect cube, and 5x a perfect 5th power. Find the sum of the exponents in the prime factorization of the smallest such positive integer x. Thank you.

    asked by unowen
  10. statistics

    2. In a survey of a large company, 30 percent of all employees are said that they are dissatisfied with their working conditions. Find the probabilities that among 12 randomly selected employee who were surveyed; a) None were dissatisfied with working

    asked by anna
  11. math

    Find HCF of the smallest prime number and smallest composite number

    asked by gur
  12. math

    Brett made a quilt for his cousin's doll. The quilt had a 6 × 6 array of different color square patches. If each patch is 2 1 4 in long, what is the area of the whole quilt?

    asked by dog
  13. math

    let line A be the graph of the equation x+7y = 3 and let line B be given by the equation 2x + 15y = 6. Use an augmented matrix to determine if the two lines meet and if so at which point. Graph the two lines and indicate their meeting point if it exists.

    asked by Lisa
  14. Chemistry

    What is the reason for the higher ability of Fe3+ , than Fe2+, for being hydrolyzed? Does this has something to do with Fe3+ having higher electron density than Fe2+ ? And how are they related?

    asked by Aanya
  15. math

    analysis of another rock shows that it contains 60% of its original element; the other 40% decayed into lead. How old is the rock ?

    asked by james
  16. Biology

    What would happen during DNA replication if DNA polymerase was not functional

    asked by Anonymous