Questions Asked on
June 28, 2017

  1. Chemistry

    How much Na2CO3 would you weigh to prepare M/20 Na2CO3 solution in 100cm3 volumetric flask?

    asked by Sylvia
  2. Math

    As seismological station is located at (0,-4) 4 kilometers away from a straight shoreline where the x-axis runs through. The epicenter of the earthquake was determine to be 10 kilometers away from the station. a. Find the equation of the curve that

    asked by Garry
  3. Chemistry

    Calculate the weight of anhydrous Na2CO3 necessary to prepare M/20 solution in 100cm3 volumetric flask

    asked by Sylvia
  4. Chemistry

    Given the following: 4Al+ 3O2---> 2Al2O3 Which reactant is limiting if 0.32 mol Al and 0.26 mol O2 are available? I got 0.24 mol Al and 0.35 mol O2 when I did my work. Therefore Al is limiting. Can you tell me if I am right.

    asked by Kylee
  5. History

    1: Assume the Chilean peso is decreasing in exchange value compared to the U.S. dollar. Who will benefit most in this situation? A Chilean company that imports oil from Venezuela A Chilean family visiting relatives in the United States A Chilean exporter

    asked by Rose
  6. History

    In the examples of North and South Korea and North and South Vietnam, the United States chose a course of action that could best be described as __________. intervention imperialism diplomacy isolation I am having a very hard time figuring this out. I just

    asked by Rose
  7. physics

    A car is travelling at 20 m/s along a road A child runs out into the road 50 m ahead and the driver steps on the break pedal What must be the cars deceleration be if the car stops just before it reaches the chid

    asked by Kavya
  8. Chem

    Select sequence that corresponds to the following: CTCGA TTAAGG CTCGG AATTCC GAGCT GAGGAG

    asked by Ann
  9. Maths

    To parallel lines l and m are cut by transversal t if the interior angles of the same side of t be (2x-8) and (3x-7) find the measure of each of these angles

    asked by Shehzad
  10. English Writing

    Can someone help me write thesis statement for my paper on how the song’s use of figurative language contributes to its appeal to its listeners? The song is "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". I know there is a lot of metaphor used in the song. but cannot come

    asked by Jess
  11. English

    1. He was late for school. 2. He was late for the school. (What is the difference between them? Does #1 mean that he was late for his school? Does #2 mean that he was later for another school, not his school?) 3. He was lare for class. 4. He was late for

    asked by rfvv
  12. Physics

    an object of mass m is being weighed in an elevator that is moving upward with an acceleration a. What is the eesult if the weighing is done using a spring balance and a pan balance?

    asked by Sara
  13. English

    1. He must have missed the class yesterday. 2. He must have cut the class yesterday. ---------------------------------------- What is the difference between two sentences? Is 'cut' a worse word than 'missed'?

    asked by rfvv
  14. Math

    in a group of people 60% like chocolate and 70% like strawberry then percantage of peole which like both strawberry and chocolate

    asked by Zain
  15. Math

    Keria had a box of 58 stickers. She shared them equally between herself and five friends. How many stickers were left over?

    asked by Jeff
  16. math

    Find the value of 8.3x 24.2x0.03. Round your answer to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by ann
  17. math

    Three boxes, first box has 12 pens for $25, second box has 50 pens for X cost and the third one has 100 pens for $175 . the cost for pens decreases as increase the number of pens . what the cost for the second box?

    asked by ammar
  18. mechanics

    an object weighing 303N and suspended by rope A is pulled aside by the horizontal rope B makes an angle of 35degree with the vertical. find the tension in rope A and rope B

    asked by kia3
  19. Math

    The probability that Owen will score a goal in the next month is 0.4. The probability that Wasim will score a goal in the next month is 0.25. What's the probability that both boys will score and why?

    asked by Rosie
  20. English grammer

    I am an annimal I live in water. I look like a snake. I m very slippery.

    asked by Daksh
  21. Statistics

    I have completed 6 questions but after 2 hours still cannot do these 4 questions. Please help 1) Jane is playing a game of Monopoly, if she throws six on her next turn she will land on community chest. If she throws eight she will land on Mayfair with a

    asked by Barry
  22. mechanics

    an object weighing 578N and suspended by two wires. each wire makes an angle of 35degree with the horizontal. find the tension on each wire.

    asked by kia4
  23. English

    1. He will be happy. 2. He will have been happy yesterday. 3. He would have been happy yesterday. --------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Is #2 correct? What is the difference between #2 and #3? Does #2 have stronger possibility than

    asked by rfvv
  24. math

    greatest number of 30000

    asked by julia suagan
  25. Number theory

    Prove the divisibility criteria for 9, 11, and 17.

    asked by Len
  26. College Math

    Draw a venn Diagram to illustrate the education level of Smokers Non Smokers and people who never smoked. Use the table below Education Smokers Former Never Total College Degree 12 9 41 62 H.S. Grad 9 10 22 41 Did not grad 9 3 4 16 Total 20 22 67 119

    asked by Angie
  27. mechanics

    A block of wood is pulled along a Horizontal table by a force of 33 N inclined at 30 degrees above the Horizontal.Find the vertical and horizontal components of the force.

    asked by kia
  28. math

    This is about ellipses: If a problem gives you two foci points and the length of a spring, how do you find the equation and the vertices of the ellipse?

    asked by help plzz
  29. English

    1. You needn't have called a doctor. 2. You needn't have made a phone call to a doctor. 3. You needen't have gone to the hospital to bring the doctor. ------------------------------ Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Did the person go to the doctor to ask him to come?

    asked by rfvv
  30. English

    Can someone help me come up with a thesis on how has the word family evolved to follow historical, social, and cultural changes over time? I am having a very difficult time. thanks!

    asked by Tori
  31. Number theory

    Express 550 and 1645 in the scale of 2, 5, 6, and 9.

    asked by Len
  32. English

    1. It must have been Chris. 2. It would have been Chris. 3. It could have been Chris. 4. It can have been Chrit. ----------------------------- Thank you for your help. Q1. #4 is incorrect. It's ungrammatical. Is that right? Q2. Does # 2 mean a gueesing

    asked by rfvv
  33. Religious Studies

    Was Jesus trans?

    asked by Chris
  34. Number theory

    Express 550 in the scale of 2

    asked by Len
  35. English

    Prof. Smith ------------------------------- How do you read 'Prof'? Do we read 'Professor Smith'?

    asked by rfvv
  36. American History

    Despite being one of the longest periods of prolonged peace, the late-19th century was one of the bloodiest in American history. What role did violence play in shaping conflicts in this period?

    asked by Alex
  37. mechanics

    two lifting ropes are connected at bthier lower ends to a common shackle from which a load of 53kN hangs. if the rops make angles of 35degree and 45 degree respectively to the vertical. find the tension in each rope.

    asked by kia2
  38. math

    Asha deposited sh. 280,000 into the bank.After 4 years her savings reached sh. 386,400.Find the amount of interest per year paid by the bank. #Please i need your help guys #

    asked by kelvin
  39. math

    my mother divided 5 metres of ribbon into 8 equal piece . what is the length of each piece

    asked by hanit
  40. Math

    Make the number which comes between 4999 and 5050

    asked by Aahna
  41. Math

    Make the number which comes between 4999 and 5050

    asked by Aahna
  42. English

    1. You will have met Prof. Smith. 2. You must have met Prof. Smith. ------------------------------------- In a grammar book, it is said that #1 means a guessing in the past, which is weaker than #2. Is that right? Can we use #2?

    asked by rfvv
  43. Number theory

    express 1645 in the scale of 2

    asked by Len
  44. Number theory

    Express 550 in the scale of 6.

    asked by Len