Questions Asked on
June 27, 2017

  1. Chemistry

    0.222g Of A Divalent Metal Is Deposited When A Current Of 0.45 Amperes Is Passed Through A Solution Of It's Salt For 25 Minutes Using Appropriate Electrodes. Calculate The Relative Atomic Mass Of The Metal. (1 Faraday =96500c/mol)

    asked by Franklin
  2. Physics

    A boat, which can travel 2.30m/s in still water is in a stream with a current moving at 1.20m/s. if the boat is pointed directly across the stream, determine the velocity of the boat relative to the shore?

    asked by Denis
  3. mathematics

    the third terms of a geometric progression is 360 and the sixth term is 1215. find the sum of the first four terms....

    asked by dike Abigail
  4. Math

    Find the sum of an A.P of seventeen terms whose middle term is five .

    asked by ABC
  5. math

    If Ryan has $⁢1127 left after spending 1/5 of his monthly salary for rent and 1/7 of his monthly salary for his utility bill, what was his monthly salary?

    asked by steve
  6. Math (Calculus Optimization)

    An oil field contains 8 wells, which produce a total of 1600 barrels of oil per day. For each additional well that is drilled, the average production per well decreases by 10 barrels per day. How many additional wells should be drilled to obtain the

    asked by Sophia
  7. Econ.

    Prove The Profit Maximization Of The Consumer mu=p,according to cardinalist using mathematical derivation

    asked by ching
  8. English

    Write an article for publication in a national newspaper discussing at least two reasons why students should cultivate the habit of reading.

    asked by Priscilla
  9. creative play

    A preschool class is asked to come up with ways to reorganize their toys because a few of the bins are overflowing. The class sits together and offers suggestions and ideas and then puts their plan into action. All the children help to organize the toys

    asked by bev
  10. Geometry pleAse help!

    The sum of two angles formed by the intersection of two lines is 114 degrees. Find the measures of all angles.

    asked by Ashlyn
  11. algebra

    What is the cost, C for manufacturing x units of a certain product is given by C=x/2+30 find the number of units manufactured at a cost f 9230 solve.

    asked by Slomon
  12. Chemistry

    For How Long Must A Current Of 1.5 Ampere Be Passed Through An Aqueous Solution Of A Copper Salt During Electrolysis In Order To Deposit 2.50g Of Copper (cu=63.5)

    asked by Franklin
  13. Accounting

    What is the correct formula for finding the return on assets (ROA)? ROA = Net Income / Total Assets or ROA = Net Profit / Average Total Assets I'm getting conflicting information on whether I should take the sum of the assets or find the average of all the

    asked by Lyra
  14. Math

    What is a five-digit number,which when rounded off to the nearest ten thousands,nearest thousands, nearest hundreds,and nearest tens still has the same answer.

    asked by Raine
  15. math

    the roots of x^3-3x^2-16c+48=0 , given that the sum of two roots is zero is

    asked by 9 th grade
  16. Math

    A set of wrenches with metric unit sizes consists of those listed in the next chart. Convert each size to a corresponding U.S. customary unit wrench. In each case, find a U.S. customary size rounded to the nearest 1/32 of an inch.

    asked by Anonymous

    STATE gay-lussac's law And Avogadro's law.

    asked by ELIJAH
  18. Chemistry

    Describe What Happens When Aqueous Nh4 Is Slowly Poured Into A Solution Of Znno3 Until There Is Excess Nh3 Solution

    asked by Comfort
  19. physics

    A negative point charge, q, is placed near a positive charge, Q. The distance between the charges increases as q is moved farther from Q. Which quantity will decrease as q is moved away? electric potential energy electric potential electric potential

    asked by dawson
  20. Quadratic Equation (math)

    -10x^2 + 7x - 1 = 0 Use factoring to solve

    asked by jack
  21. Science

    One scientist discovered a new theory on the evolution of stars. Why is it necessary for scientists all over the world to agree with the theory before it can be accepted? A) it make certain that the results are reliable B) to transform the results of the

    asked by Emm
  22. creative play

    Use the following guidelines to foster inquiry- and problem-based learning. A. Plan activities with a common goal, set firm guidelines, and provide children with specific roles and responsibilities. B. Set firm guidelines, probe children’s thinking, and

    asked by bev
  23. Law

    Write a paragraph on the sources of law in which you have to address the following aspects: The kinds of sources of law; examples of sources that belong to each kind; the differences between the kinds of sources of law; the source of law which you have to

    asked by Sharon
  24. creative play

    Puppets can be used as a medium for: A. storytelling, long-term memory development, self-expression, and risk taking. B. self-expression, storytelling, releasing emotions, and risk-taking. C. releasing emotions, long-term memory development, risk-taking,

    asked by bev
  25. creative play

    Tableau includes all the following EXCEPT: A. representation of a significant event. B. cooperation. C. imagination. D. words and movements. A?

    asked by bev
  26. creative play

    If a teacher has difficulty playing a musical instrument, he or she should: A. avoid teaching music. B. only teach music when a specialist is present. C. learn on the job by practicing in class. D. use one of many alternative ways to provide musical

    asked by bev
  27. creative play

    A child’s ability to mentally process the tonal aspects of rhythm and melody is part of: A. intrapersonal skills. B. musical intelligence. C. concentration. D. musical games. B?

    asked by bev
  28. polynomials and zeros

    5x^2 + 4x - 2 = 0 How would you solve this by graphing? Do you just draw a graph by finding x and y? The answer is -(2-sqrt14)/5, -(2+sqrt14)/5 There's no way you can just graph it and come up with these numbers by finding the integers of x. How would you

    asked by jack
  29. creative play

    When dealing with conflict, children must __________ that lead to a positive outcome. A. rely on teacher interventions B. negotiate ideas and actions C. use helpful rules and guidelines D. learn to use aggressive tactics C?

    asked by bev
  30. Physics

    An 8 kg block is shot up an incline of 300with an initial speed of 2.8 m/s. How far up the incline will the block travel if the coefficient of friction between it and the incline is 0.18? Hint: Express the height above the ground that the block is above

    asked by Courtney
  31. creative play

    While helping fourth-grade students with reading comprehension difficulties, a teacher tries to think of an approach that would support them in this important learning. What is one effective instructional strategy to use? A. Let the students complete

    asked by bev
  32. English

    1. You need have come earlier. 2. You need not have come earlier. (Can we use both sentences?)

    asked by rfvv
  33. Physics

    A 3 kg block travels along a horizontal surface with a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.26 at a speed of 7 m/s. After sliding a distance of 1.0 m the block makes a smooth transition to a ramp with a coefficient of kinetic friction of 0.26. How far up

    asked by Courtney

    El futuro con ir + a + infinitvo- How do I do this sentence in spanish? Yo no__________ hacer gimnasia. Thanks!

    asked by Kate
  35. physics

    if i take a fluid in a container open to the atmosphere and raise its height what happens to the hydrostatic pressure? I thought it would decrease because pressure decreases with altitude but the answer says that it would increase. I just assumed it would

    asked by joecool
  36. Physics

    A football is kicked from the ground at an initial angle of 35.0° and an unknown initial speed. A 3.05 m tall goal post is 45.0 m away. With what minimum speed should it be kicked to hit the horizontal crossbar of the goal post?

    asked by Melissa
  37. Science

    1-A body is in motion with uniform acceleration of 4.5 kilometer per hour square find his value in CGS

    asked by Ashish
  38. Science

    At a height of 9 meter from ground if a body of mass 2 kg has gravitational potential energy 36 Joule, what will be its final velocity with which it strikes the ground if it is dropped from there?

    asked by Kailash
  39. Writing

    HELP ME !! I peeked inside the room holding my stuffed bunny "daddy?" he looked up wiping his tears then smiled bending down to my level "yes princess?" I smiled showing my missing two front teeth. "Is mama okay?" "of course she is, why do you ask?" I

    asked by charlize
  40. Math

    i am a 6 digit number 8 ones, 5 hundreds 2 thousands, 19 ten thousands. What is the answer?

    asked by CHRIS
  41. Science

    What is suspension?what is the 5 example of suspension?

    asked by Ranakim tabios
  42. Accounting

    How can I find the supernormal growth rate and constant growth rate of a stock? V = D1/k-g V = the value of the stock D1 = the dividend next period k = the required rate of return g = constant growth rate I'm confused on how to combine the constant growth

    asked by Lyra