Questions Asked on
June 25, 2017

  1. Math

    The probability of winning a large stuffed animal in the ring-toss game at a fair is 10%. Find the probability of winning at least 5 of 50 games using normal approximation. I got 0.4052 but answers says it's 0.5932. Please help!

    asked by Selena
  2. math/statistics

    From a shipment of 65 transistors, 4 of which are defective, a sample of 6 transistors is selected at random. (a) In how many different ways can the sample be selected? ways (b) How many samples contain exactly 3 defective transistors? 166320 samples (c)

    asked by Rahat
  3. College physics

    Gun sights are adjusted to aim high to compensate for the effect of gravity, effectively making the gun accurate only for a specific range. (a) If a gun is sighted to hit targets that are at the same height as the gun and 100.0 m away, how low will the

    asked by keith
  4. Maths

    The scale on a map is 1 :500000, Two towns ate 7cm apart, whats the actual distance between towns. Give your answers in Km.

    asked by Lilly
  5. science

    2 velocities each 5m/so are inclined at 60 degree .find their resultant

    asked by ananya
  6. Chemistry

    What is the molecular structure of methylated spirit

    asked by Busi
  7. Chemistry

    Which statement is NOT correct regarding the statment below? 2Al+6HCl->2AlCl3+3H2 A. 2 atoms of Al produces 3 Molecules of H2 B. 3 Moles of Hcl produces 1 mole of AlCl3 C. 6 grams of Hcl reacts with 2 grams of Al D. None of these. I'm leaning towards C,

    asked by General Batman
  8. college algebra

    A toy rocket is launched with an initial velocity of 44.1 meters per second from a 1 meter tall platform. The height h of the object at any time t seconds after launch is given by the function h (t)-4.9t squared +44.1t +1. How long after launch did it take

    asked by Jorge
  9. physics

    A hammer weighing of 1 kg moving with the speed of 10 m/s strikes the head of the nail driving it 10 cm into wall. Neglecting the mass of the nail, calculate: 1) The acceleration during the impact 2) The time interval during the impact 3) The impulse

    asked by Anonymous
  10. calculus

    Find the constant a such that the function is continuous on the entire real line g(x)=x^2-a^2/x-a if x doesn't equal a 6 if x=a

    asked by david
  11. Science

    If a boy applies a force of 16N on an area of 16cm2,what will be the pressure produced by him?

    asked by Aastha
  12. math

    If lines AB=6cm, AC=10cm, BC=2•4cm, CD=4cm and AD=X cm. Also angle ABC = angle ACD. (a).Prove that triangle ABC is similar to triangle ACD. (b).Determine the area of the quadrilateral ABCD if the area of triangle ACD is 60cm^2

    asked by Justice
  13. Chemistry

    What compounds(or anions or cations) will make FeCl3 colourless, when it is added to the initial compound(anion or cation)?

    asked by Aanya
  14. math/statistics

    In a manufacturing plant, three machines, A, B, and C, produce 37%, 36%, and 27%, respectively, of the total production. The company's quality-control department has determined that 1.5% of the items produced by Machine A, 2% of the items produced by

    asked by Rahat
  15. government

    newspapers are still the media source that provides the most americans with political information True or false ? I think it is false???

    asked by hannah
  16. Physics

    A uniform rod of weight 300N and 2m long is hinged to the floor at one end so that it can rotate in the vertical plane. The other end of the rod is tied to a point on the ceiling vertically above the floor hinge by means of a rope 2.5m long. The vertical

    asked by Lucky
  17. Physics

    A block of mass 2 kg  attached to a spring lies on a flat surface.    When the block is pulled 5 cm to the right a force with a magnitude of 300 N is need to hold it in place.  What is the work done by the spring when the block moves from x = 10 cm to

    asked by Rey
  18. College PHYsics

    Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian skydiver, jumped from a balloon at an altitude of 38,963.3 meters, and fell into history. He was in free fall for 4 minutes 19 seconds, and on the way down reached the speed of 1,357.64 km/h What if there had been no air? How

    asked by cynthia
  19. maths

    if area of rectangle is120/49cmsq and one of its sides is10/7cm,find the length of other side.

    asked by please help me!!
  20. math/statistics

    In a past presidential election, it was estimated that the probability that the Republican candidate would be elected was 1/3, and therefore the probability that the Democratic candidate would be elected was 2/3 (the two Independent candidates were given

    asked by Rahat
  21. Chemistry

    An unknown monoprotic acid has a pH of 2.87. Is this acid weak or strong if 22.32 mL of 0.112 M NaOH is required to titrate 25.00 mL of the acid? If the acid is weak, calculate its Ka. Answer is Ka = 1.8 x 10^-5, but I don't know how to get there. Any help

    asked by Josh
  22. Physics, Calculus

    if an aircraft flying at 250km/h at bearing N 45East for 1 hour meets a wind from the NW at 50km/h, then how long will it take to fly the full 550km maintaining its N45E bearing to the ground with this wind blowing?

    asked by Alan
  23. maths

    what should be added to 19/27to make it -13/15

    asked by value
  24. Chemistry 12

    The following data was obtained after 25.00ml of benzoic acid was titrated with potassium hydroxide. Volume of KOH used: Trial 1: 27.80ml Trial 2: 27.88ml Trial 3: 27.66ml Initial pH: 3.125 pH at 13.92ml: 5.013 Find the Ka for this sample of citric acid

    asked by Brian
  25. math

    Solve the following set of equations. Can I use y = mx + b to calculate the equation 4x−y = 6 2x + 3y = 5

    asked by Lisa
  26. Chemistry

    45.0g Pb at 115C is added to 125 g of water at 25.0C in a well insulated calorimeter. What is trhe final temperature in C for the water? The Specific heat of lead is 0.129J/gC and the specific heat of water is 4.184 J/gC. Could someone please explain the

    asked by General Batman
  27. Chemistry

    A 25.00 mL sample of a soft drink was titrated using 12.10 mL of 1.50 M NaOH. Given that the soft drink's monoprotic acid has a Ka value of 2.8 x 10^-5, predict the pH of the soft drink. I know that the answer is pH 2.85 (our practice questions have an

    asked by Josh
  28. maths

    which rational number has no reciprocal?

    asked by who could help me!!
  29. maths

    if7/9*a=1,then find the value of a

    asked by plese do my ques ....
  30. physics

    if the velocity of wave is 0.15m/s and the frequency is 20Hz, what is the wavelength?

    asked by Peterson
  31. Chemistry

    What would be the correct way to arrange this? Consider the reaction below. 3K2C2O4(aq)+2Fe(NO3)3(aq)->Fe2(C2O4)3(s)+6KNO3(aq) What mass in grams of K2C2O4 (MM=166.22g/mole)will react completely with 35.0mL of 0.800M Fe(NO3)3?

    asked by General Batman
  32. math/statistics

    Evaluate the quantity. 3 · P(6, 4) · C(8, 5)

    asked by Rahat
  33. Math

    If alpha, beta are the zeroes of x2-2x+3, find a quadratic equation whose roots are (alpha-1)(beta+1), (beta-1)(beta+1)

    asked by nishtha
  34. Math

    Amy's school is made up of 524 students. The principal gave each student 3 pencils. Amy says 1,048 pencils were handed out. Is Amy's answer reasonable? Why or why not?

    asked by Cons
  35. Math

    Together Elise and Chris spelled 27 words correctly. Chris spelled 5 more words correctly than Elise. How many words did each student spell correctly?

    asked by Cons
  36. math

    how many rational numbers are b/w -1and0

    asked by please do my ques.!!!
  37. Science

    A stone was thrown upward with the innital velocity. (A)how for does it reach? (B)how long does it takes to reach this height? (C)calculate the final velocity.

    asked by Bulbul kazya
  38. maths

    [2/(-3)*1/5]*1/4=1/5[2/(-3)*1/4] verify that

    asked by who could help me?
  39. maths

    evaluate:8ki power-1*5ki power3 upon2ki power-4

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  40. maths


    asked by RS ISHER who could help me!!!
  41. maths

    find six rational number b/w 3/8and-1/2

    asked by RS ISHER please help
  42. Science

    What is force

    asked by Arun
  43. math

    In the sequence 2,6,10....what term has a value of 106?

    asked by sahil