Questions Asked on
June 22, 2017

  1. English

    Noah Webster supported himself through sales of his spelling book over 100 million copies of the book were sold. This has to be a dangler right? Please tell me I'm right.

    asked by Jerry Owens
  2. math

    Urn A contains four white balls and seven black balls. Urn B contains six white balls and three black balls. A ball is drawn from Urn A and then transferred to Urn B. A ball is then drawn from Urn B. What is the probability that the transferred ball was

    asked by Rahat
  3. Math

    A rectangular prism is being designed to have a volume of 36 cubic units. Find the minimum surface area in square units for the prism if the edge lengths are positive integers.

    asked by Charlie
  4. math

    Two cards are drawn in succession without replacement from a standard deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that the first card is a spade given that the second card is a diamond? (Round your answer to three decimal places.)

    asked by Rahat
  5. Precal 12

    What is the value of k in the function f(x) = (2-k)/(5x+k) if its graph passes through the point (3, -2/19) A. -19/2 B. 4 C. -10 D. No such k exists I think its D, but I am not sure. Please help quickly.

    asked by Ryan
  6. Calculus

    What is the best substitution to make to evaluate the integral of the quotient of cosine of 2 times x and the square root of the quantity 5 minus 2 times the sine of 2 times x, dx? u = sin(2x) u = cos(2x) u = 2x u = 5 − 2sin(2x)

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Phy

    A non conducting sphere of radius r charged uniformly with surface charge density sigma rotates with angular velocity omega about the axis passing through its centre. Find the magnetic induction at the centre of sphere.

    asked by Atharva Mandlik
  8. math

    Cand D are two observation posts on the same horizontal ground at the foot A of a vertical tower AB.the tower is 18m due north of D and 24m east of C.the angle of elevation of B from D is 35¡ã.calculate to three s.f the height AB,distance CD,angle of

    asked by dayo
  9. Math

    If a1, a2 ,a3 are in Ap such that a5 +a7=16,then find a6.

    asked by ABC
  10. Psychology

    What are some of the newly published Psychological tests, mostly used for assessment?

    asked by Aster Calico
  11. Physics

    A hot-air balloon ascends at the rate of 12m/s when it is 80m above the ground at which time a package is dropped over the side . (a) how long would the package take to reach the ground ? (b) with what speed would it hit the ground?

    asked by No name
  12. Science (physics)

    A powerful motorcycle can accelerate from rest to 28 metre per second in only 4 seconds what is the average acceleration? How far does it travel in that time

    asked by Arti
  13. English

    Is this a fragment or a run-on? Since I no longer maintain an office downtown for working on this kind of project.

    asked by Jerry Owens
  14. math

    In a survey to determine the opinions of Americans on health insurers, 400 baby boomers and 600 pre-boomers were asked this question: Do you believe that insurers are very responsible for high health costs? Of the baby boomers, 232 answered in the

    asked by Rahat
  15. Physics

    Find the refractive index of a transparent medium in which light travels with a speed of 1.8×10^8m/s.Given that speed of light in vaccum is 3×10^8m/s?

    asked by Anjali
  16. Math

    Arrange rational numbers in ascending order - 2/4,2/3,8/21

    asked by Naojinglen
  17. physic

    c. A 2 kg block of ice has been stored in a chiller at a constant 0°C. In order to carry out an investigation, the block of ice needs to be turned into water at a temperature of 75°C. Calculate how much heat energy is required to change the block of ice

    asked by Albert Einstein
  18. forensic science

    Select the correct order of the GC components Column, Recorder, Carrier Gas, Flow Controller, Detector Recorder, Carrier Gas, Column, Detector, Injector port Injector port, Carrier Gas, Detector, Recorder Carrier Gas, Column Oven, Flow Controller, Detector

    asked by Ann
  19. math

    the seat of real number is the union of the set of irrational number true or false?

    asked by jen
  20. math

    zeros are real number? true or false

    asked by jen
  21. civics

    what is constitution? in hindi

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Trigonometry

    sinα/1+ cosα is equals to.....

    asked by Yubaraj
  23. Math

    Write the equation of a parabola, in standard form, that goes through these points: (0, 3) (1, 4) (-1, -6) ax^2 + bx + c = y a * 0^2+b*0+c = 3 a*1^2+b+1+c = 4 a*(-1)^2+b(-1)+c = -6 c = 3 a + b + c = 4 a – b + c = -6 a + b + 3 = 4 a – b + 3 = -6 Graph

    asked by Anonymous
  24. physics

    A beam of 8.3 Mev alpha particles is directed at an aluminum foil. it is found that the Rutherford scattering formula cease to be obeyed at scattering angles exceedin about 60 .if alpha particle is assumed to have a radius 2*10^-15m. find the radius of the

    asked by Asad Ali
  25. Pre-Calculus 12

    how to solve 3^(x-2) = 5^x

    asked by Ryan
  26. economics

    Method's of government involvement in an economy

    asked by phindile23
  27. Physics 2

    How many grams of steam at 100C must be mixed with 200g of water at 20C in order for the equilibrium temperature to be 50C?

    asked by Jack
  28. Physics 2

    What quantity of heat is needed to convert 1kg of ice at -10C to liquid at 20C?

    asked by Jack
  29. Thermodynamic

    You evaluate a number of different temperature measuring devices in your laboratory classes. a. Explain how at least three operated and justify why you would choose those devices for the scenario below. ‘A local company requires measuring devices to

    asked by spiderman
  30. math

    Anton use a square cardbaord to make an open box.He cut small squares of the same dimension from the corners of the card board then bent the side upward.The length of the sides of the cardboard is 28 cm. A. What expression represents the length of sides of

    asked by claire
  31. physics

    an object of mass 2 kg attached to wire length 5 cm is revolved in a horizontal circle if it makes 60rpm find angular speed

    asked by vivek
  32. english II

    How is the -ing form used in the following sentence? To get in shape for that marathon, Shelby started running around the block a few times each morning. participial phrase as an adjective participial phrase as a noun participle as an adjective participle

    asked by johntavious
  33. science

    Which of the following is created when the ice of a comet starts to melt into gases?

    asked by cheyenne
  34. Math

    If y=1+X+X^2+X^3........|x|

    asked by ABC
  35. math

    dependent or independent taking a quarter out of a bag and then taking another quarter out of the bag without replacing the first quarter

    asked by jack
  36. maths

    An aircraft travels at 250km/h in still air. If a wind of 50km/h blows steadily from the southwest and the pilot wishes to fly due north, find the course he must set and the ground speed of the aircraft. On the return journey the wind speed and direction

    asked by Alhassan A. fuseini
  37. Chemistry

    Element x has the highest first electron affinity in its period, the ground state electron configuration of its common is: [Kr] 5s2 4d10 5p6 Element Y is the second largest element in its period; its valence electron are in orbital(s) that have n= 6. What

    asked by Kara
  38. creative expression and play

    Active play experiences increase children’s awareness of what materials can do and what children can do with materials, while at the same time increasing their skills of: A. sequencing and ordering. B. creating and designing. C. observation and

    asked by bev
  39. creative play

    Which theorist believed children individually create their own knowledge about the world through different types of play? A. Piaget B. Erikson C. Freud D. Vygotsky I think its piaget... A?

    asked by bev
  40. math

    leo has x plums ,melissa has 8 more plums that leo how many plums do melissa

    asked by deanna
  41. Chemistry

    The photoelectric effect is a concern in space, where parts of a spacecraft exposed to the sunlight will develop a net positive charge, which can interfere with or damage sensitive cir The panels that cover the exterior of the Space Shuttle are composed of

    asked by Kara
  42. Math

    Find geometric mea between radical 2 and radical 8.

    asked by ABC
  43. Inverse Functions

    A surveyor is standing 550 feet from the base of a redwood tree in the California Redwood Forest. The tree is 362 feet tall. Sketch a drawing that models the situation and then find the angle of elevation of the top of the tree from the spot where the

    asked by Heather