Questions Asked on
June 19, 2017

  1. Math

    A jeepney ride costs 8 pesos for the first 4 km and each additional integer km add 1.50 pesos to the fare. Use a piecewise function to represent the jeepney fare in terms of the distance (d) in km. Please give the solution. Thank you

  2. Math

    A videoke machine can be rented for 1000 pesos for 3 days but for the fourth day onwards an addition cost of 400 pesos per day I added. Represent the cost of renting a videoke machine as a piecewise function of the number of days it is rented and plot it's

  3. Math

    The fee for hiking a guide to explore a cave is 700 pesos. A guide only take care of maximum of 4 persons,and additional guides can be hired as needed. Represent the cost of hiring guides as a function of the number of tourist who wish to explore the cave.

  4. pre-calculus

    x^2+6x+8y=7 Find the: Direction: Vertex: Focus: Axis of Symmetry: Directrix:

  5. Physics

    A plane intends to north with a speed of 250 m/s relative to the ground through a high altitude cross wind of 50 m/s coming from the east. Determine the bearing that the plane should take( relative to due north), A) the planes speed with respect to the air

  6. Physics 2

    What is the approximate mass of air in a living room 5.6 m x 3.6 m x 2.4 m?

  7. Inorganic Chemistry

    What will happen if we add Mg powder to a (NH4)2SO4(aq) solution? What would be the products?

  8. Math

    How to plan delivery routes for for a postman /milkman .

  9. Physics

    The radius of the planet venus is nearly the same of that of the eart but it's mass is only 80% that of the earth. If an object weighs We on the earth (a) what does it weigh on venus (b) calculate the value of g in venus

  10. Math

    Suppose that the weather forecast calls for a 30% chance of rain on each of the three days of a long weekend. What are the odds in favour of no rain throughout the entire long weekend? Claudia and Ally are the two favourites to win an upcoming golf

  11. circles

    Convert form standard to general form for circle. Circle with center (a,b) and radius c.

  12. math

    The third,fourth and eight term of A.P form first three consecutive term of G.P.if the sum of the first ten term of A.P is 85.calculate the first term of both A.P and G.P,common ratio and sum of 5 term of G.P

  13. Algebra Equation

    One more than the product of 22 and Mabel's height. Use variable m for Mabel's height write algebraic expression

  14. Chemistry

    In the troposphere the atmospheric pressure decreases about 10 kPa and the temperature decreases about 279 K for every kilometer above the earth's surface you go. As a weather balloon released from the ground rises up will its volume increase, decrease or

  15. trigonometry

    A ship started sailing 42.58 degrees west of south at the rate of 5 kph. after 2 hours, ship B started at the same port going 46.33 degrees west of north at the rate of 7 kph. after how many hours will the second ship be exactly north of ship A?

  16. Physics 1

    A sprinkler mounted on the ground sends out a jet of water at a 35 ∘ angle to the horizontal. The water leaves the nozzle at a speed of 10 m/s. How far does the water travel before it hits the ground? This is my work: d=(10)sin2(35)/9.81 but I do not

  17. geometry

    Find the measure of Angle 6. measure of angle 7 = 2x+15 measure of angle 8 = 3x

  18. chemistry

    The approximate concentration of hydrochloric acid. HCL in stomach is 0.17M. Calculate the mass of the following anatcids bicarbonate of soda NaHCO3

  19. math/statistics

    In the Numbers Game, a state lottery, four numbers are drawn with replacement from an urn containing balls numbered 0-9, inclusive. Find the probability that a ticket holder has the indicated winning ticket. The first three digits in exact order.

  20. Time rates

    A ladder 20 ft long is leaning against an embankment inclined 60 degrees to the horizontal. If the bottom of the ladder is being moved horizontally toward the embankment at 1 ft/sec, how fast is the top of the ladder moving when the bottom is 4 ft from the

  21. math

    The third,fourth and eight term of A.P form first three consecutive term of G.P.if the sum of the first ten term of A.P is 85.calculate the first term of both A.P and G.P,common ratio and sum of 5 term of G.P

  22. algebra

    Johnny starts his hike at his car site. He will take a break halfway between the car site and the campsite and then head on to the campsite. Use the diagram below to answer the questions. (a graph of a coordinate plane. the max number for x is 13 and max

  23. Econ Online

    Popcorn and coke are complements because the are often enjoyed together. When the price of coke rises, what happens to the supply, demand, quantity supplied, quantity demanded, and the price in the market for popcorn?

  24. math/statistics

    In a survey of 200 employees of a company regarding their 401(k) investments, the following data were obtained. 150 had investments in stock funds. 78 had investments in bond funds. 60 had investments in money market funds. 46 had investments in stock

  25. science

    ruthie walks 45 m east, and then moves 40 m west. if east is chosen as the positive direction, what is ruthie's resultant displacement?

  26. Math

    Find the measure of triangle ADC if A is (3x+2) degree, B is (4x-24) degree, C is (2x+2) degree and D is x+10 degree

  27. Science

    Find the wavelength of radiation required to exite an electron in the ground level of Li2+ to the third energy level

  28. physics

    two runners are competing in a 400-meter dash. The first runs at 6m/s and maintains this speed. The second runner starts at 10m/s and decelerates at 1.8m/s^2. Who will finish first? What will be their time difference?


    The deli server put 0.25 pound (lb) of meat on each sandwich. She used the equation 0.25s = 50 to determine the number of sandwiches (s) she could make with 50 pounds of meat. What is the value of s in her equation?

  30. Math

    A bacteria culture doubles every 15 minutes. If there are now 500 bacteria in the culture... How many will there be in an hour. N= 500 (2) ^60/15 The answer is 8000 but I am getting 1 x 10^12 what am I doing wrong?

  31. Human Relations

    Give an example of a situation for which you think "Hey" is an inappropriate salutation and why ?

  32. Economics

    A monopolist is deciding how to allocate output between two markets thata separated geographically. Demands for two market are P1=15-Q1 and P2=25-2Q2. The monopolist's TC is C=5+3(Q1+Q2).What are*price *output *profit *MR Ifa)the monopolis can price

  33. Math/Pre-calculus

    Assume that the number of bacteria follows an exponential growth model: P(t)=P0e^k/t. The count in the bacteria culture was 400 after 10 minutes and 1500 after 35 minutes. (a) What was the initial size of the culture? (b) Find the population after 85

  34. English writting

    I dont understand what my professor wants me to write

  35. Chem

    What is the difference between adsorption and partition chromatography? A. absorption is faster? B. partitioning is faster C. absorption can only be used with gaseous analytes D. partition can only be used with gaseous analytes E. one typically uses two

  36. Math

    The GCF of the number of red and blue button is 5. There are 75 red and blue buttons altogether. There are 35 more red buttons than blue buttons. How many of each color button is there?

  37. math

    For Jaala's school uniform, she can wear a light blue shirt with either tan or navy pants or a tan or navy skirt. How many different outfits can Jaala wear to school?

  38. Math

    The sum of Tonya's parents' ages is 78 years. Each parent's age is a prime number. Both parents are more than 20 years old. Her father is older than her mother. How could each parent be?

  39. Math

    Leeza plays piano every Monday and Friday and violin every fifth day. On Friday, March 1, she played piano and violin. On what other day or days in March does she play both instruments?

  40. Econ

    explain the economic effects of a price floor at $8. Be sure to reference quantity, shortage or surplus, etc.

  41. Chemistry

    When a concentrated NaCl aqueous solution is electrolyzed, what is the reason for the stabality of the products to be lesser stable as of thermodynamically, with respect to the reactants? Is it because the products are gasses? H20(l) +4e--->H2(g) +

  42. Physics

    A glow stick is placed 18.0 cm from a converging lens that has a focal length of 8.0 cm. Determine the location of the image using both a ray diagram & the lens equation. So I'm not sure if my diagram is perfectly accurate, they just said "at least 4

  43. English

    Tom has a paper, but his brother has two papers. -------------------------- Is the use of 'paper' correct? Is the sentence above correct in terms of grammar?

  44. maths

    Smallest 4 digit number even number using digits 8,0,5.

  45. Chemistry

    "Hi there! So I have a chemistry project due in a few hours. I need to find the molar mass of a specific antacid tablet, but all I know is that the tablet is made up of 550mg CaCO3 and 110mg Mg(OH)2 I also know that the tablet has a mass 1.35g. How do I

  46. Math

    Greg buys cases that hold 9 mini cars each. He fills every case. The total number of mini cars he has is either 135, 145, 155. If each car case costs $4.95, how much does Greg spend altogether?

  47. Math

    Ms.Dumal is making bookmarks for a school fundraiser. She has one piece of ribbon that is 72 inches long and another that is 64 inches long. She wants to cut both ribbons into smaller pieces that are all the same length for the bookmarks. What are the

  48. maths

    Solve 2x^2_3x-5=0

  49. plane geometry

    a triangle has sides equal to 68 cm, 77 cm and 75 cm, respectively. find the area of the escribed circle tangent to the shortest side of the triangle.

  50. English

    1. The boy ran around the house. 2. He broke the plants. -------------------------------- Q1: In #1, did he run around the house outside? Did he run outside, running around the house? Or did he run inside the house, making the living room or the kitchen

  51. Math

    Laura makes modeling dough with 18 tablespoons salt and 27 tablespoons flour. She has scoops that hold from 1 through 10 tablespoons. If she wants to use the same scoop for the salt and the flour, what is the largest scoop she can use?

  52. Math

    Aaron makes model airplanes using balsa wood. He has 14-and-35 inch strips of wood to cut into smaller pieces for wings. He wants to cut the strips into pieces of the same length. What is the longest whole number length he can cut?

  53. Math

    Anjolie has 40 stickers. She arranges them in an array on a page in her album. What are the possible arrays she can make? Is 40 prime or composite number?

  54. math

    how can i compare my classmates in a real life situations about factoring?

  55. English

    1. There you go, you put the bad-mouth on others. 2. There you go again, you put the bad-mouth on others. (Are both the same in meaning? Which one is common?) 3. There you go. You're always forgetting things. 4. There you go again. You're always forgetting

  56. English

    1. There you go, you put the bad-mouth on others. 2. There you go again, you put the bad-mouth on others. 3. There you go. You're always forgetting things. 4. There you go again. You're always forgetting things. ------------------------------------ Do we

  57. English

    Thank you for your help. 1. I buy organic foods because they taste a lot better. 2. I buy spicy foods because they taste a lot better. 3. I buy _______ foods because they taste a lot better. ---------------------------- Is 'organic' the best word for the

  58. Economics

    Description of the market form in which milk producers operate

  59. math

    joann can walk a mile in 1/4 of an hour . at this rate how far can she walk in 4 hours

  60. Chemistry

    What is more acidic from [CuCl4]^(-2) and ethanoic acid? And what is the reason?

  61. Chemistry-Ideal gases

    Can we convert an ideal gas into a liquid?

  62. math urgent help

    If F (x)= 2x^2-5x-3 Determine f (-4) F (-4)=2 (-4)^2-5 (-4)-3 (I'm confused like do I use bedmas to solve this? ) F (-4)= 16-(-20)-3 F (-4)=36-3 F (-4)=33 Is that right?

  63. Science

    The volume of co2 gas produced at NTP when 25 gram of caco3 is heated


    4x > 1.2

  65. Physics

    Suppose the sprinter continues to run at 6m/s until the end pf the race. After crossing the finish line the sprinter decelerates at 2m/s^2.a) how long it takes her to stop b) how far does the sprinter travel while stopping?

  66. forensic science

    What type of substance is the mobile phase in gas chromatography? a polar liquid a nonpolar liquid a mixture of two liquids to create the correct polarity a polar gas an inert gas like nitrogen my answer is an insert gas like nitrogen

  67. Math

    Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24 000 years. What percent of plutonium-239 remains after 10 000 years? (Answer=74.9%) AND After 30 hours, a sample of Plutonium 243 (PU^ 243) has decayed to 4 ^ -1/3 of its original mass. What is the half life of PU^ 243.

  68. chemistry

    Given a PH of buffer solution is 4.23 made from 0.35 formic acid. Calculate the concentration of formate.The constant dissociation for formic acid is 3.75