Questions Asked on
June 16, 2017

  1. algebra

    nestor has nickels, dimes, and quarters amounting to $1.85. if he has twice as many dimes as quarters, and the number of nickels is two less than twice the number of dimes, how many quarters does he have?

    asked by jack
  2. Physics 11

    Glycerine has an index of refraction of 1.47. What is the critical angle for a light ray traveling from: a)Glycerin into air b)Glycerin into water a) I know- n1=1.47 n2=1 angle of refraction=90 1.47(sin.anglei)= sin90 1.47(sin.anglei)=1 sin.anglei=0.6803

    asked by Kayla
  3. algebra

    if log xy=6 and log x/y=2. solve for x and y

    asked by jack
  4. Math

    A town y is 200km from town x in a direction 040 degree. How far is y east of x?

    asked by Olamide
  5. Algebra 2

    Graph a sine function whose amplitude is 5, period is 6π , midline is y=−2 , and y-intercept is (0, −2) . The graph is not a reflection of the parent function over the x-axis. im not so sure how i would graph this :/

    asked by sammiexo
  6. physics

    One second after being thrown straight down an object is falling with a speed of 20m/s. How fast will it be falling 2 seconds later

    asked by hania
  7. PreCal

    Find a quadratic function with real coefficients whose zeros include 1+the square root of 3i.

    asked by Erykah
  8. Physics

    Robin Hood is known for stealing from the rich to give to the poor. He finds himself surrounded by some angry noblemen who demand he return their gold chest. Outnumbered, he takes an arrow from his quiver and fires it straight into the air, scattering the

    asked by unowen
  9. forensic science

    Quantization is Interaction of electromagnetic radiation and matter at discrete energy levels The ion separator in a mass spectrometer Chemical ionization The bombardment of an analyte by a stream of energetic electrons Inelastic scattering My answer is

    asked by Ann
  10. physics

    with what minimum acc can a fireman slide down a rope whose breaking strenght is two third of his weight ?

    asked by sourabh
  11. Science

    A body of mass 10kg is moving with velocity 10m/sec.The work done to stop the body is : A) 500J B)-500J C)1000J D)-1000J How to calculate the answer?

    asked by Ujwal
  12. algebra

    the sum of ages of maria and anna is 35. when maria was two-thirds her present age and anna was three fourths of her present ages, the sum of their ages was 25. how old is maria now?

    asked by jack
  13. Social Studies

    1) Why did the Dredd Scott case cause such a national conversation about a slave’s rights? Do you agree with the final verdict that the Supreme Court handed out. Explain. Pretty please help me :)

    asked by Crybaby
  14. Social Studies

    Why was Abraham Lincoln’s #1 goal to preserve the Union?

    asked by Crybaby
  15. Time rates

    sand is being dragged at the rate of 10m^3/min into a conical pile. if the height of the pile is always twice the base radius, at what rate is the height increasing when the pile is 2m high?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. math

    a + bc = -1 b + ac = -1 c + ab = -1 Which of these values of 'a' is one solution for this system of equations? A) -2 B) -1 C) 0 D) 2 Please also explain how you got the answer, thanks.

    asked by anonymous
  17. Math-Algebra

    Tony asked his friend to guess his mathematics test score. He gave these hints to help his friend guess: -It has two digits -The digit in the tens place is two more than twice the digit in the ones place. -The number formed by reversing the order of the

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math

    A student is asked to find positive integer solutions to this equation: 2 * 3 √x = 5 √y What is the smallest possible value of xy? (Please show working out, thank you.)

    asked by Anonymous
  19. College - Unweighted GPA

    On my college application, am I supposed to give my GPA for my senior year only or my total GPA? On my college application: What was your unweighted high school GPA (grade point average)? Please enter a value between 0.00 and 4.00. If you are still in high

    asked by Victoria
  20. Algebra 1

    Simplify -(2xy^3)^-5 A: -32x^5y^15 B: -32/x^5y^15 C: -1/32x^5y^15 D: -1/32x^4y^2 I have a good understanding of Exponents, its just that I don't get this one. I feel like it is C but at the same time I feel like it is B. I got C though but I don't

    asked by Sasha
  21. Math

    An ostrich at the zoo weighs 3 times as much as Marks's pet dog. Together, the ostrich and the dogweigh 448 much does the ostrich weigh? Please help.

    asked by Lauren
  22. sir steve reiny bob damon need help maths

    if the result of a function that produces the product of 16/25 and the reciprocal of the product of 4 and the sqare of the input and the sum of 1 and difference of 12/5 of the input is 1, find the square root of the function.

    asked by uwana
  23. physics-density

    A solid right circular cone of uniform mass density is initially at rest above a body of water, so that its vertex is just touching the water's surface with its axis of symmetry along the vertical. Now, the cone falls into the water, and has zero speed at

    asked by unowen
  24. chem

    A greenish blue salt known to be composed of copper and chloride ions is dissolved in DI water. Aluminum metal is used to reduce the copper ions to metallic copper, which is collected, dried and weighed. If the origanal sample has a mass 1.362g and the

    asked by Diane
  25. math

    An elevator starts out at the 1st floor. It goes up 4 floors, down 2 floors, up 5 floors, down 3 floors, up 2 floors and stops. What floor is it now on?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Math

    How do you complete the square for this: y= -1/3x^2 + 2x + 4

    asked by Allison May
  27. La

    Can someone help me with la connexsus unit 3 lesson 12?

    asked by njnnjd
  28. Art History

    Describe the basis (theories and ideals) of the following movements: a) surrealism, b) dada, c) cubism, d) minimalism. Is this okay? Surrealism is an art movement that pushes artists away from working with logic when creating art, and instead work with

    asked by Nikki
  29. Physics 11-Ray Diagrams

    I'm doing a ray diagram with an arrow leaning away from a plane mirror. The rays leading from the tip of the arrow to the image on the other side of the mirror lined up perfectly, however for the rays leading from the end of the arrow I can't seem to line

    asked by Kayla
  30. math

    Find the missing value to the nearest hundredth. tan (?) = 15

    asked by anon
  31. Math

    The ratio of the blue markers to red markers is 3:7. If there are 40 total markers in the bucket,how many of the markers will be blue

    asked by Hannah
  32. Math

    Solve. (-10x^3+30x-20) / (-5x+5) A) 2x^2-2x+4 B) -2x^2-2x-4 C) -2x^2+2x+4 D) 2x^2+2x-4*** Simplfy x/6x-x^2 A) 1/6-x; where x=0,6 ***** B) 1/6-x ; where x= 6 C) 1/6x ; where x = 0 D) 1/6 Simplfy x-2/x^2+4x-12 A) 1/x+6; where x=-6 B) 1/x+6; where x= -6,2***

    asked by Max
  33. superb

    a partical moves on circular of radius 30cm its liner speed is given by v 2t find the radial and tangantial acclartion at t 3sec

    asked by usama
  34. math/statistics

    In a survey of 400 individual investors regarding subscriptions to the New York Times (NYT), Wall Street Journal (WSJ), and USA Today (UST), the following data were obtained. 120 subscribe to the NYT. 146 subscribe to the WSJ. 68 subscribe to the UST. 36

    asked by Brian
  35. Econ Online

    Analyze what happens to the market for cheeseburgers if the price of the cheese rises (cheese being the part of the cost of a cheesburger). Be specific and explain (or is not affected) for each of the following: 1. supply curve 2. the demand curve 3. the

    asked by Sarah
  36. Chemistry

    Is the NO3- single bond length shorter than NO2H single bond length? Based on Lewis structure of it.

    asked by Kara
  37. lmatha

    Bhupendra borrowed rs 6300 for a period of 2year 8month at 7%rate of interest per annum.find out how much amount he has to repay.

    asked by mohammad vasif ansari
  38. maths

    Find out the compound interest of a sum of rs 10000 for 2year at a rate 8%per annum. If the interest is added yearly

    asked by mohammad vasif ansari
  39. maths lit

    Calculate the simple interest and the sum accumulated for R5000 borrowed for 90 days at 15% per annum

    asked by matiwane
  40. math

    What percent is 250 of 1200

    asked by akash
  41. Math

    Robin has 7 red beads, 27 purple beads, and 24 yellow beads. She wants to make a necklace with the pattern; red bead; 3 purple beads; 2 yellow beads. How many times can she repeat the pattern? Which color of beads will she run out of first?

    asked by Cons
  42. Math

    Jonas wants to give away 564 trading cards to his friends. He wants to give the cards equally to either 2,3,5,6,9 or 10 friends. To how many friends can Jonas equally give trading cards to?

    asked by Cons
  43. Physics

    2 charges of 16 microculomb and 25 microculomb are separated by a distance of 2 metre apart.If another charge of 5 microculomb is placed in the middle of the line joining the 2 charges.Then what is the net force on the 5 coloumb charge

    asked by Abhilash
  44. satistics

    Suppose that the antenna lengths of woodlice are approximately normally distributed with a mean of 0.2 inches and a standard deviation of 0.05 inches. What proportion of woodlice have antenna lengths that are more than 0.27 inches? Round your answer to at

    asked by Anonymous
  45. history

    Why was it smart for European colonial powers to wield power in their newly-acquired colonies through indirect rule? Can you draw parallelisms with previous dominant civilizations?

    asked by Alexandra
  46. Chemistry

    Hello I have a question relaté to nucleophiles. Is The alcohol CH3OH a nucleophile or only its ion CH3O- ?

    asked by Anne
  47. Science

    A small toy car moves around a circular track onces in every 8s. The radius of track is 3m. Find the speed of car.

    asked by Rohan
  48. Science

    A man runs 100.0 metre in 10.3 seconds find his average speed up to appropriate significant figures.

    asked by Ishu
  49. Social studies paper

    What are some positive aspects of being a !@#$%^&?

    asked by Kenzie