Questions Asked on
June 11, 2017

  1. Statistics

    a manufacturing machine has a 8% defect rate. if 5 items are chosen at random, what is the probability that at least one will have a defect

    asked by Mae
  2. Statistics

    if a seed is planted, it has a 70% chance of growing into a healthy plant.if 6 seeds are planted, what is the probability that exactly 1 doesn't grow?

    asked by Mae
  3. math

    Anita's, a fast-food chain specializing in hot dogs and garlic fries, keeps track of the proportion of its customers who decide to eat in the restaurant (as opposed to ordering the food "to go"), so it can make decisions regarding the possible construction

    asked by dee
  4. Chemistry - Ionic Compounds

    List all possible unit formulas (chemical formulas) that can be constructed by the formation of binary ionic compounds from the following elements. (Separate substances in a list with a comma.) Br (Z = 35), Sr (Z = 38), Ca (Z = 20), Ga (Z = 31), O (Z = 8)

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Math

    An apple cost x cents and an orange costs y cents more than an apple .Express the cost of 8 apples and 12 oranges in term of X and Y.

    asked by Ainul
  6. Physics

    The speed of sound in a classroom is 343m/s. A) A tuning fork of frequency 512Hz is struck. What length of open air tube is required to create a resonant sound at the 1st harmonic? wavelength=v/f=343/512=0.67m L=.5wavelength=.5(.67)= 0.335m B) Fore the

    asked by Kayla
  7. math

    The ratio of a quarterback’s completed passes to attempted passes is 7 to 9. If he attempted 45 passes, find how many passes he completed. Round to the nearest whole number if necessary. A. 9 passes B. 58 passes C. 5 passes D. 35 passes D?

    asked by bev
  8. Chemistry - Naming

    What would be the name of this compound? Si4Br8

    asked by Anonymous
  9. math

    Perform the indicated operation and simplify the result if possible. 2 ft. 11 in. + 7 ft. 3 in. A. 9, 2 B. 10, 4 C. 9, 3 D. 10, 2 ? not sure

    asked by bev
  10. Physics 11

    As water waves from the ocean approach a shallow beach, their wavelengths become shorter. Explain why. v=fwavelength, frequency remains constant & velocity & wavelength decrease or increase w/ water depth. Is that a reasonable answer or are they looking

    asked by Kayla
  11. Physics 11

    The speed of water waves is 30cm/s in deep water & 15cm/s in shallow water. If the wavelength in deep water is 1.0cm, what is the wavelength in shallow water? (v2/v1)=(wavelength2/wavelength1) Therefore (15/30)=(wavelength2/1) - 15=30wavlength2

    asked by Kayla
  12. Chemistry

    When 0.20 mol of hydrogen gas and 0.15 mol of iodine gas are heated at 723 K until equilibrium is established, the equilibrium mixture is found to contain 0.26 mol of hydrogen iodide. The equation for the reaction is as follows. H2(g) + I2(g) ↔ 2HI(g)

    asked by Bea
  13. maths

    It costs a publishing company $50000 to make books. The $50000 is a fixed cost or a cost that cannot change. To help the publishing company sell the books, a marketing company charges $4 for each book sold. If the company sells the book for $9 each, how

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Physics

    A piece of copper ball of mass 20g at 200°c is placed in a copper calomiter of mass 60g containing 50g of water at 30°c ignoring heat losses.calculate the final steady temperature of the mixture

    asked by Joy
  15. Grade 12 Trigonometry

    Angle a lies in the second quadrant and angle b lies in the third quadrant such that cos(a)=-3/5 and tan(b)=24/7. Determine an exact value for a) cos(a+b) b) sin(a-b) c) sin2a

    asked by Zara
  16. chemistry

    A solution of CaCl2 is prepared by dissolving 1.004 g of the solid in approximately 30 mL of water. How many moles of CaCl2 does this solution contain?

    asked by malika
  17. Chemistry

    How many kilograms of NH3 are needed to produce 1.00×10*kg of (NH4)2SO4?

  18. physcis

    name any 5 models present in national science center related to force and laws of motion

    asked by ishika
  19. Math

    Lamp posts long one side of a street are 6 m apart. If they extend for 1 and a half kilo metres .Find the number of lamppost along the Street.

    asked by Ainul
  20. Physics

    A child leaves her book bag on a slide. The bag, which is at the top of the slide, starts from rest and reaches the bottom in 1.63 s. The mass of the book bag is 2.55 kg, the length of the slide is 2.90 m and the angle of incline is 35.0°. (Assume the

    asked by Shreya
  21. Grade 12 Trigonometry

    A wheel of a child's car revolves at 15 rpm. a) What is the angular velocity of the wheel in radians per seconds? b) A painted dot on the circumference of the wheel is 12 cm from the center of rotation of the wheel. How far does the dot travel in 5s?

    asked by Zara
  22. Statistics

    in a population where 45%of voters prefer candidate A. an organization conducts a poll of 5 voters.Find the probability that 2 of the 5 voters will prefer Candidate.

    asked by Mae
  23. math

    i have 20kg of wood.i brun 65% of it and keep the rest,how much do i use for bruning.

    asked by abraham
  24. math 5

    Iam a seven digit number.My millions place is 5.My ten thousands place is the difference between my millions place and hundreds place.And my remaining place value is 0.What number am I.

    asked by ashly
  25. maths

    find the following square roots,using 'prime factors': i) 784 ii) 7056. 1 iii) 20---- 4 please give answers and tell me how to do. please

    asked by baju
  26. Math

    Solve using eliminating method2) 3x-5y=15 x-2y=8

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math

    Solve using 2) 3x-5y=15andx-2y=8

    asked by Garvee
  28. Language arts

    Which of the two speeches-Kennedy's Inaugural Address or his "We choose to go to the Moon" speech, is more inspirational? Explain.

    asked by NIL
  29. Maths

    Factorize: ab2(Square)-ac2 (square),hence show that 10x(5.5)-10 (4.5)2 (square)=100

    asked by Raghav
  30. Maths

    If x:y=9/2:16/3 AND y:z=25/4:17/2, find x:y:z Question of proportional parts please Answer

    asked by Need help
  31. Maths

    If the ratio between the two circles is 9:16,find i)the ratio between the radii ii)the ratio between their circumference Thank you

    asked by Please help!!!
  32. English - Analysis of quotation

    I need help analysing a quote for an English assignment but I can't find the deeper meaning: "Day of wrath, that day of burning, Seer and Sibyl speak concerning, All the world to ashes turning." ~ Abraham Coles I would be very grateful if someone could

    asked by Melody
  33. Math

    Simplify 5h-3[4k-6m+2{3h-(2h+3k)}]

    asked by Ainul
  34. Math


    asked by Ainul
  35. Physics

    A satellite is orbiting a distant planet of mass 9.6e25 kg and radius 86700 km. The satellite orbits at a height of 8610 km above the surface of the planet. a) Determine the acceleration due to gravity at the location of the satellite orbit. b) Determine

    asked by Zoey
  36. Physics

    A toddler applies a 25.0 N force to a chair over a distance of 2.5 m, the chair is being pushed across a smooth floor against a force of friction (10.0 N resistance). How much work is being done?

    asked by Ryan
  37. Grade 12 Trigonometry

    Determine an exact value for the expression sinπ/6 tanπ/3 ÷ cscπ/4

    asked by Zara
  38. Grade 12 Trigonometry

    Determine an exact value for the expression sec4π/3*cot5π/6-tan3π/4

    asked by Zara
  39. Physics !! Help Needed UrGeNtLy!!

    A toddler applies a 25.0 N force to a chair over a distance of 2.5 m, the chair is being pushed across a smooth floor against a force of friction (10.0 N resistance). How much work is being done?

    asked by Ryan
  40. Multivariable calculus

    Hello, I have the next exercise about chain rule in multivariable calculus: I have to show that the differential equation: y(dz/dx)-x(dz/dy) = (y-x)z can be change to the equation: (dw/dv) = 0 using the new variables: u= (x^2)+(y^2) v = (1/x)+(1/y) w =

    asked by Susan
  41. Algebra

    Solve 3^2x+1 = 5(3^x) + 2 I would know how to solve it if it was only 3^2x+1, but now it seems more complicated.

    asked by John
  42. Science

    Use the terms solar, kinetic, electrical and potential energy gravitational energy to explain energy transformations used for renewable energy systems

    asked by Mileena
  43. Algebra

    Find a trigonometric equation in the form y = a sin (b (x-c)) which has a minimum of (3, -5) and a zero value of (6, -1). There is a graph with the minimum and the zero value labeled. It is wavy with suggests that it is a sin curve.

    asked by John
  44. math-precalculus

    Eliminate the parameter t to find a Cartesian equation in the form x=f(y) x(t)=4t^2 y(t)=4+2t

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Science

    How does the albedo effect climate and can drive positive feedback

    asked by Mileena
  46. Algebra

    If x + (1/x) = a Find these in terms of a: x^2 + (1/x^2) and x^3 + (1/x^3) I got a^2 and a^3 as my answers, but the book says a^2 - 2 and a^3 - 3a. How did they get that?

    asked by John
  47. Science

    An aluminium cube measures 10 cm on each side. The density of aluminium is 2.7g/cm–³. What is the cube's mass? I need help regarding the formula.

    asked by Cacho
  48. Science

    Madeira uses the water cycle to generate electrical power but this becomes a problem during the summer. What is the problem and explain the renewable energy solution.

    asked by Mileena
  49. Math

    Two trains leave the station at the same time, one heading east and the other west. The eastbound train travels at 85 miles per hour. The westbound train travels at 95 miles per hour. How long will it take for the two trains to be 252 miles apart?

    asked by Andrew
  50. Science

    An aluminium cube measures 10 cm on each side. The density of aluminium is 2.7g/cm–³. What is the cube's mass? I need help regarding the formula.

    asked by Jr
  51. physics

    a boat heads directly across a river with a speed through the water 8m/s. the river current is 2m/s a. what is the magnitude and direction of the boat velocity relative to the earth? b.when the boat reaches the other bank, how far will it be?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Physics

    An object starting from rest travels 20m in first 2 seconds. What will be the distance covered by it in next 4 seconds

    asked by Moloy
  53. Math

    Find The Lateral Surface Area And Total Surface Area Of A Right Circular Cylinder In Which: r = 4ft, h = 12ft

    asked by Dawit Z.M
  54. Maths

    Temperature at 5pm was 0degree c.if temperature is dropping2degree c per hour what was the temperature 9hours ago?

    asked by Mehul
  55. math-ed 16

    The sum of the age of andy and his parents is 72.In how many years time will the sum of their age be 90?

    asked by rojj