Questions Asked on
June 10, 2017

  1. Physics, fluid mechanics

    The temperature of earth atmosphere drops 5°C for every 1km elevation above the earth surface. If the air temperature at ground level is 15°C and 760 mmHg, determine the elevation in m when the pressure is 380 mmHg. Assume the air is an ideal gas with

  2. Science

    At a distance L equals to 400m from the traffic light, brakes are applied to a locomotive moving at a velociy VEquals to 54 km/hr. Determine the position of the locomotive relative to the traffic light l minute after application ofthe brakes if its

  3. Math

    In a school, 4/9 of the students are boys and the number of girls is 775. Find the number of boys in the school.

  4. physics

    A rocket expels gas at the rate of 0.5kg/s.If the force produced by the rocket is 100N,what is the velocity with which the gas is expelled.

  5. Chemistry

    1.5 mole of PCl5 are heated at constant temperature in a closed vessel of 4 litres capacity.At the equilibrium,PCl5 is 35percent dissociated into PCl3 and Cl2.calculate the equilibrium constant.

  6. Math

    If sin (theta+24)=costheta where theta is acute angle .find theta

  7. math

    a number is 300 when rounded of to the nearest hundred. what is the greatest possible value of the number?

  8. math

    The inside of a trough is shaped like a rectangular solid, 25 feet long, 6 inches wide, and filled with water to a depth of 35 inches. If we wish to raise the depth of the water to 38 inches, how much water must be let into the tank? a. 25/96 cubic foot b.

  9. math

    A financier plans to invest up to $500,000 in two projects. Project A yields a return of 8% on the investment of x dollars, whereas Project B yields a return of 13% on the investment of y dollars. Because the investment in Project B is riskier than the

  10. steve reiny proportion help maths reiny!!!

    The illumination of a small object by a lamp varies directly as the candle-power of the lamp and inversely as the square of the distance between the lamp and the object.If a light-bulb of 8 candle power,fixed 150cm above a table,is replaced by a 5 candle

  11. Math

    How many times greater is the value of the digit 5 in 583,608 than the value of the digit 5 in 362,501

  12. Physics

    A 0.59g mass of Glynnium goes through a nuclear fission reaction. The energy from the process is used to lift a 97211kg Saturn 5 rocket into orbit. If the mass is transformed with 1% efficiency, what height does the rocket reach? Express your answer in

  13. math

    A company manufactures x units of Product A and y units of Product B, on two machines, I and II. It has been determined that the company will realize a profit of $2/unit of Product A and a profit of $7/unit of Product B. To manufacture a unit of Product A

  14. math

    Solve the linear programming problem by the method of corners. Find the minimum and maximum of P = 3x + 2y subject to 3x + 5y ≥ 20 3x + y ≤ 16 −2x + y ≤ 2 x ≥ 0, y ≥ 0 The minimum is P = at (x, y) =

  15. Geography

    In aerial photography and remote sensing image interpretation involves analysis of a series of key visual elements. Discus at least six of these elements

  16. physics

    An iron vise falls from rest at a great height. Neglecting air resistance, what is its speed after it has fallen for 5 seconds?

  17. math

    Events A and B are dependent events. The probability that event A occurs is 20%. The probability that events A and B both occur is 8%. What is the probability that event B occurs given that event A occurs? Explain how you found your answer.

  18. physics

    a heavy rod AB of length of 5m weighs 50N.The bar is supported in a horizontal position by two vertical strings X and Y.If string X is 0.6m from B and string Y is 1.8 from A,find the tension in the strings.

  19. physics

    A heavy metal beam AB of mass 25Kg is supported at its ends.The beam carries a mass of 150Kg at a distance of 0.75m from end A.If the beam is 2m long, determine the thrust A and B.

  20. physics

    lighted matchstick brought near the negatively charged electroscope

  21. physics

    The angle of incidence when the angle between the incident ray and refracted ray is 80 degrees is......

  22. Math

    using a certain garden hose, liza can fill her fancy new bucket with water in 45 seconds. Unfortunately, Henry accidently makes a hole in the bucket, so if initially full, the bucket will now become empty in 1 minute. How long will it take to fill the

  23. hookle's law

    Aspring 20cmlong is streatched to 25cm by a load of 50Nwhat will be itslength when streatched by 100Nassuming that the..

  24. math

    Mr Ahmad starts work at 11.40 on Tuesday.He works for 12h45min.When does Mr Ahmad finish his work?Express your answer usering the 24-hour clock Math

  25. math

    solve the following equation: k/2 - k/5 - k/6 =2

  26. Java programming

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to implement toString() methods into the JavaTest and H2ClassB classes so that the output would be 4 3 7 5 99 3: import java.util.ArrayList; public class JavaTest { ArrayList list = new ArrayList (); public static void main

  27. math

    A spinner is divided into 10 equal sections numbered from 1 to 10. You spin the spinner once. What is P(4)

  28. math

    About hyperbole

  29. Biochemistry

    Calculate [H+] or [OH-]as required for each of the following solutions at 25degrees and state whether the solution is neutral, acidic or basic

  30. maths

    A rhombus has a side 15cm and one diagonal 22cm.Find the height of the other diagonal?

  31. maths for business Help!!!

    Jacson purchased a house for Birr 50,000. He made an amount of down payment and pay monthly Birr 600 to retire the mortage for 20 years at annual interest rate of 24% compounded monthly. Find mortage down payment interest charged percentage of down payment

  32. Chemistry

    Given the following: 4Al+ 3O2 ==> 2Al2O3 If 3.17g of Al and 2.55g of O2 are available, which reactant is limiting? My answer is: 1.59 mol Al2O3 and 1.70 mol Al2O3. Al is limiting. Is my answer and work correct?

  33. physics

    A cargo aircraft has taken off from a mountain. It is climbing at constant speed and at an angle of θ=37 above horizontal. The engines of the plane provide a thrust of F thrust =400kN and the wings provides a lift of F lift=756kN. Drag/air resistance is

  34. Math

    How many real-number solutions does the equation have? -7x^2+6x+3=0 a) 1 b) 2*** c) none d) infintely

  35. Math

    What are the solutions of the system? y=x^2+3x-4 y=2x+2 a) (-3,6) and (2,-4)** b) (-3,-4) and (2,6) c) (-3,-4) and (-2,-2) d) no solutions

  36. Math

    Simpilfy the radical expression by rationalzing the denoiminator? 3/sqrt15 a)sqrt45/15 b)sqrt15/5 c)5sqrt15*** d)sqrt3

  37. physics

    A detective is investigating a scene of an accident. He measures the length of an automobile's skid marks to find out how fast the automobile was going at the very beginning of the skid. Express In terms of V ( speed), L ( length) and any other suitable

  38. math

    a one meter square sheet of cardboard is cut into the maximum number of squares of side one millimeter. If these squares would be laid side by side, how far would they stretch?

  39. Algebra

    How do you solve sin x * cos x = 1/4 I don't know where to start.

  40. Physics

    A charge of 5.00 ✕ 10^-9 C and a charge of -3.50 ✕ 10^-9 C are separated by a distance of 60.0 cm. Find the position at which a third charge, of 14.0 ✕ 10^-9 C, can be placed so that the net electrostatic force on it is zero.

  41. physics

    An observer on Earth sees an alien vessel approach at a speed of 0.44c. The Enterprise comes to the rescue, overtaking the aliens while moving directly toward Earth at a speed of 0.89c relative to Earth. What is the speed of one vessel as seen by the

  42. math

    1.What is the 10th term of 1/2, 1, 3/2, 5/2 2. What is the 15th term of 0.3, 0.9, 0.15 3. What is the 80th term of 8, 13, 21, 29