Questions Asked on
June 1, 2017

  1. Math

    Please Help! The number of cars sold weekly by a new automobile dealership grows according to a linear growth model. The first week the dealership sold five cars (P0=5 ). The second week the dealership sold cars (P1=12 Pn = Pn−1+7 12-5=7 Pn=5+7n If this

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Algebra 2

    Neela's clock is broken the minute hand rotates around the clock correctly but the hour hand is stuck in the three o'clock position. Suppose neela first looks at the clock when the hands are aligned and it shows 3:15. She looks at the clock again and sees

    asked by Girly Girl
  3. Math

    if four congruent squares corners are cut from the large square of the cardboard to make a box, what is the area of the shaded figure in terms of x and y?

    asked by Musa
  4. Trigonometry

    Point P is located at the intersection of the unit circle and the terminal side of angle theta in standard position. Find the coordinates of P to the nearest thousandth. theta = -105degrees Please explain the steps. I'm completely stuck.

    asked by A
  5. Algebra 2

    Which statements represent the relationship between y=2x and y=log2x ? Select each correct answer. The equation ​ y=log2x ​ is the logarithmic form of ​ y=2x ​.

    asked by sammiexo
  6. maths

    a rectangle is 8cm long and bcm broad. find the range of values of b if the perimeter is not greater than 50cm and not less than 18cm

    asked by tola
  7. Math

    Are the ratios 25/45 and 15/27 proportional?

    asked by SwimmerGirl
  8. Math checm my answer

    Katrina lives directly east of the park. The football field is directly south of the park. The library sits on the line formed between Katrina’s home and the football field at the exact point where an altitude to the right triangle formed by her home,

    asked by Hannah
  9. Trig

    Jimmy wants to rewrite the set of parametric equations x = 1/2 T + 3 and y = 2T - 1 in rectangular form by eliminating T. Which of the following equations would help him to eliminate T. A) t = 2(x-3) B) t = 2(x+3) C) t = y-1 / 2 D) t = 2(y+1)

    asked by Ian
  10. Math

    The ratio of the number of freshman to old students to juniors to seniors on a college basketball team is 4:7:6:8.what percent of the team are old students?

    asked by ABC
  11. Math

    The price of a technology stock has risen to $9.68 today. Yesterday's price was $9.57. Find the percentage increase. Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent

    asked by Rose
  12. Math

    Find the coefficient of x^5y^7 in the expansion of (5x+2y)^12 12 (x)^5 (2y)^7 3 My answer which i got wrong is 220x^5(128y^7)= 28160x^5y^7

    asked by Aria
  13. History

    How did the Nullification Crisis reflect Andrew Jackson's policies? Jackson refused to support laws that would set up a national bank. Jackson supported a strong central government to enforce federal laws. Jackson thought states should not use federal

    asked by Bella
  14. Math

    If ajay spent 1/9 of his pocket money of Rs.450 on chocolates and 2/5 on fruits. How much money is left with him?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. math

    Question 2 of 5 Instructions:Select the correct answer. A store sells 12-packs of ballpoint pens for $1.09 each and composition books for $2.79 each. Cindy buys m packs of ballpoint pens and n composition books. The store offers a 5% discount for every

    asked by avery
  16. History

    Is there something peculiar about Africa that delayed its drive for independence? (Begin with a specific African country, and argue your case.)

    asked by Paul
  17. math

    David bought one dozen toffees .He ate 1/3 of them.How many toffees are left?

    asked by Nana
  18. Chemistry

    If methane burns with oxygen and form carbon dioxide and water,so why the carbon dioxide doesn't extinguish heat produced .

    asked by Abcd
  19. Science

    The coinage metals - copper, silver, and gold - are considered to be a chemical family. List three arguments to explain why. Please help!!

    asked by Alexis
  20. Social Studies

    Why are there usually fewer civic responsibilities in a country with an unlimited government? a) Citizens are excluded from the operation of government. b) Governments place lesser burdens on citizens to keep power. c) The lack of rights keeps citizens

    asked by Not Tellin' Ya Ma Name
  21. algebra help

    This set of points is on the graph of a function. {(−2, 5), (−1, 2), (0, 1), (2, 5)} Which points are on the graph of the inverse? Select each correct answer. (2, −1)

    asked by sammiexo
  22. Algebra

    Write an absolute value inequality to fit the graph below: There is a Number line with 14 on the left and 26 on the right with solid dots on both.

    asked by Tom
  23. Calculus

    Two forces act on an object at 20 degree to each other. One force has a magnitude of 200N, and the resultant has a magnitude of 340N. Determine the magnitude of the second force and the direction it makes with the resultant.

    asked by Connie wong
  24. Math: Trigonometry

    Quadrant III, csc(theta)= -1.25, find tan(theta) Quadrant IV, sec(theta)= 4/3, find cot(theta) Please provide the work for both. Thank you!

    asked by Arthur
  25. Math

    A square painting measures 2 meters on each side. What is the area of the painting in square centimeters? What is it in cm^2?

    asked by Carmen

    2. Compare and contrast the economies of Chile and Venezuela. I don't need a whole essay just a summary

    asked by Books don"t work
  27. Science

    The Millennium Force is the highest roller coaster in North America. It reached a maximum height to 94.5 m. The total mass of the roller coaster car and its passengers is 1380 kg. The speed of the roller coaster is 41.1 m/s at its lowest point on the

    asked by alisha
  28. Math

    Last year, the ratio of the tennis matches ta that central college young boy's team won to the number of matches they lost was 7:3.what percent of their matches did the team win ?

    asked by ABC
  29. Physics

    A particle starts from rest and has an acceleration of 2m/s*2 for 10sec.After that, the particle travels for 30sec with constant speed and then undergoes a retardation of 4m/s*2 and comes back to rest. The total distance covered by the particle is?

    asked by Sunidhi
  30. Math

    Cos theta=9/41 and the terminal arm of the angle is in quad.4. Find remaining trigonometri functions?

    asked by Abdullah
  31. Maths science English hindi computer

    Find the effective resistances in paralle if all four resistances are equal to 1 ohm

    asked by Mohd
  32. Algebra

    For which value of x must the expression √97x be further simplified?

    asked by Naijaya
  33. sir steve damon reiny steve help maths

    A street lamp is 6m above a straight road.A Man 2m tall.walks along the road away from the lamp at a constant speed of 1.5m/s.At what rate is his shadow lengthening?

    asked by uwishin
  34. Science

    A homeowner determined that he used 114 gallons of oil to heat his home during game the winter. This information would be considered part of his ________?

    asked by Debbie
  35. algebra

    f(x) = 15x - 12 g(x) = -15x2 + 14x - 10 find g(g(7)) my brain hurts - help me through the steps - functions for dummies version, I have 7 problems to do THANK YOU

    asked by Chrissie
  36. science

    A boy travels a distance of 10m towards south and then he runs towards east and travel 12m in that direction. Calculate yhe total distance travelled by the boy and displacement from his initial position.

    asked by reshma roy
  37. Science

    How many atoms are there in one molecule of the following compounds? a. silver chloride- AgCl b. calcium oxide- CaO c. Magnesium nitride- Mg3N2 d. Aluminium oxide- Al2O3 e. Scandium sulfide- Sc2S3 f. Hydrogen Peroxide- H2O2

    asked by Elle
  38. Maths

    What is the answer of this question ?The distance of a boat from a bridge 12om high above sea level is 2oom. Calcalate the angle of elevation of bridge from the boat

    asked by Nafi'u
  39. algebra

    15. f(x) = -13x2 + 12x + 14 g(x) = 11x - 13 find f(g(7)) g(7) = 11(7) -13 = 64 f(g(7)) = f(64) = -13(64)^2 + 12(64) + 14 = -52,466 is this correct?

    asked by Chrissie
  40. social studies

    What are the causes of problems the Mayas and other Native American groups face in Guatemala? How are people trying to solve these problems? I don"t need a full essay just a summary to base my essay off of.

    asked by Books don"t work
  41. Math

    Here's another problem The number of homes sold is growing according to a linear growth model. The first week 4 homes were sold (P0=4) The second week a total of 10 homes were sold. (P1=10) n=0-1st week po=4 p1=10 d=6 n=1-2nd week d=p1-p0=10-4=6 Write the

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Math

    There Are 36 Children That Are To Attend A Ceremony In Zaria, Out Of This Number Six Children Were Absent What Fraction Of The Children Are Absent?

    asked by Monday Daniel
  43. Science

    Why do earthquakes appear near the San Andreas Fault?

    asked by Thomas
  44. Math

    If a > b and c < 0, then: Select one: a. ac > bc b. a/c>b/c c. ac < bc d. None of the above I have no idea how to answer this questions because there aren't any numbers!

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Physics

    Your vertical spring accelerometer has a 200 g mass hanging from it. You climb aboard the roller coaster and watch the accelerometer read 0.4 g for 3 seconds while descending and read 1.5 for 2 seconds while climbing the next peak. The car weighs 2000 kg.

    asked by Ben
  46. Chemistry

    If the maximum velocity v of an electron in copper wire is about 2.0x10^8 cm/s, with an uncertainty ≤ 1%, how accurately can the electron's position be determined? In other words, what is the uncertainty in the position of the electron (in meters)?

    asked by Jamie
  47. math

    find the ratio x:y (hint: same as find x/y): 2 1/2 x = 4 1/2 y

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Algebra

    The members of a team can run 500 meters between 57 seconds and 73 seconds. A. Write an absolute value inequality describing the times for the runners. 57

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Math

    So I have 4 questions. We were doing ratios in class and we have to figure out either the part or the total; 1. Katie and May took turns driving to Chicago. May drove 5 out of 11 miles. By the time they reached Chicago, May had driven 12 less miles than

    asked by Sidra
  50. Maths (Vectors)

    I have two sets of coordinates: ax, by, cz ex, fy, gz (not using numbers to keep it more generic). I have a right-handed parametric basis of . I need to state a vector parametric equation for r(t) in this basis, using the coordinates I have in this plane.

    asked by Hannelore
  51. Math

    I want to confirm my work. Thanks in advance for the help. #1. Write the quadratic function in general form given that the function has an x-intercept of 6 and 1, and a y-intercept of 9. x= 6, 1 y= 9 (0,9) y=a(x-r1)(x-r2) 9=a(0-6)(0-1) 9=a(-6)(-1) 9=a(6)

    asked by Grapes
  52. Calculus

    Show how the function y = e^(-x) sin x could represent damped oscillation. a) Determine the local extreme for a sequence of wavelengths. b) Show that the local maxima represent exponential decay.

    asked by Connie wong
  53. Calculus

    A ship is sailing due north at 12km/h while another ship is observed 15km ahead, traveling due east at 9km/h. What is the closest distance of approach of the two ships?

    asked by Connie wong
  54. Collocations: Adjective Repetition

    Q1. "There once was a teeny, tiny woman." The repetition of the similar adjectives "teeny" and "tiny" emphasises the ________ of the woman. a.size b.appearance c.feel d.sound Ans: b.appearance Q2. "There once was a dark, dark wood." The repetition of the

    asked by deyond ng
  55. Physics

    Your electric jug element produces 1.5kW of power. What is the minimum time it will take to heat 1.5L of water from 20 degrees Celcius to boiling

    asked by Tanzin
  56. Math

    How would I go about solving y - 6 is greater than or equal to = 12?

    asked by Sara
  57. Calculus

    I have to get the result of the serie from 1 to infinite of |sin(4n/π) +3|/ 4^n I really don't know what to do... Please I would really appreciate if anyone can help me

    asked by Anne
  58. Math

    Arithmetic sequences Find a8 and an for the sequence: -3, -7,-11

    asked by Aria
  59. Algebra 1b

    Which of the following is false about |x| < n? Select one: a. x < n and x > –n b. It is a disjunction c. The graph is an intersection d. The graph does not include n

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Math

    Sin theta sin(90- theta) cos theta cos(90-theta)=0

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Math

    Geometric series: Finite and infinite n=5 a1=243 r=2/3 i=1 This is the equation 243(2/3)^i My answer is 633 n=infinity sign a1=5 r=-1/4 i=1 The equation 5(-1/4)^i-1 I think its undefined

    asked by Aria
  62. Math~Algebra

    Write an equation in point-slope form for the line through the given point with given slope. (-7.9); m=4/5 A- y+7=4/5(x-9) B- y-7=4/5(x+9) C- y-9=4/5(x+7) D- y+9=4/5(x-7)

    asked by I really need some help-please
  63. Social Studies

    Compare and contrast how the united states and canada achieved independence

    asked by PLEASE HELP MS. SUE
  64. chemistry

    why glycerol is used in cosmetics?

    asked by amisha
  65. Math

    how is using a conversion factor different from using proportions to convert measurement units? Explain which is easier and why.

    asked by swimmer girl
  66. Chemistry

    For the reaction C + 2H2 -> CH4 How many grams of hydrogen are required to produce 145 grams of methane, CH4

    asked by Seth
  67. help me maths anyone

    A vertical radio mast is supported by 3 equal wires.One end of each wire is fixed to the top of the mast and the other ends form an equilateral triangle on horizontal ground.If the length of each wire is twice the height of the mast,find the angle btw any

    asked by feliz
  68. science

    A car attains 54km/hr in 20 seconds after it start from rest. Find the acceleration of car.

    asked by reshma roy
  69. family

    The father of my stepbrother is my?

    asked by hi
  70. Science

    Why is it important for scientists, who communicate with each other all over the world, to have a uniform set of chemical symbol?

    asked by Kierra