Questions Asked on
May 31, 2017

  1. Math

    Area of isosceles right angled triangle is 12.5cm .then find length of its hypotenuse .

    asked by Sahil
  2. Physics

    A ball is moving to and fro about the lowest point of a smooth hemispherical bowl. If it is able to rise up to a height of 45cm on either's speed at the lowest point must be?

    asked by Shamkumari
  3. math

    A packet of soup makes 9 bowls of serving . How many 3/4 bowls of serving are possible ?

    asked by Priyanka
  4. Algebra 2

    What values for theta(0

    asked by Fading
  5. Maths

    Given that√2 is the root of cubic polynomial 6x3 + 2x2-10x -4√2 find the other two roots

    asked by Yuvraj
  6. phy

    a landscape architect is planning an artificial waterfall in a city park. water flowing at 1.70 m/s will leave the end of a horizontal channel at the top of a vertical wall h =2.35 m high . and from there it will fall into a pool ( Fig . P4.18) (a) will

    asked by ali
  7. Math (Calc) (Differential Equations)

    The rate of change in the number of miles s of road cleared per hour by a snowplow is inversely proportional to the depth h of snow. That is, ds/dh = k/h Find s as a function of h given that s = 25 miles when h = 3 inches and s = 10 miles when h = 9 inches

    asked by Ray
  8. algebra 1

    divide (x2-10x+30)/(x-5)

    asked by josh s. j
  9. Calculus

    Find the area of the region between the curves y=8−x2 y=x2 x=−3 and x=3

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Social Studies

    How can a free press hold the government accountable? opinion panels** b.offering prior restraint c.accessing classified info d.summarizing government actions

    asked by josh
  11. mathematics

    a car travelled 100km in 8hours and the remaining 40km in 2hours.calculate the average speed

    asked by ken
  12. Science

    Two forces have magnitude in the ratio 3:5 and the angle between their directions is 60°. If their resultant is 35N their magnitude are

    asked by Physics
  13. MATH

    A game involves spinning the spinner. What is the probability of the pointer landing on R The spinner: R R R R B B Y G A. 1/4 B. 1/2 C. 1/8*** D. 3/8

  14. forensic science

    Identification is the examination of chemical and physical properties of an object and using the results to categorize the object as a member of a group. Which of the following are examples of identification? Determination that hairs found on a bag are

    asked by Ann
  15. math

    the stem-and-leaf plot shows the height, in inches, of the players on two different basketball teams. How many players on each team are less than 70 inches tall? Heights of Players In inches Austin College Barton College Leaf Stem Leaf 6 7 8 8 9 6 4 6 8 1

    asked by Bella
  16. mathematics

    a car travelled 100km in 8hours and the remaining 40km in 2hours.find the average speed

    asked by ken
  17. Science

    Two forces acting in the opposite direction have a resultant of 10N. If they act at the right angles to each other the resultant is 50N .the magnitude of the forces are

    asked by Physics
  18. Chemistry

    Question: A solution of H2X of unknown concentration is given. pH of the solution is 4. ka1=2*(10)^-6 M ka2=1*(10)^-11 M Find the concentrations of [H2X] ,[HX-] and X^2- in the solution. My thoughts on the question: The temperature which the solution is

    asked by Shenaya
  19. Algebra

    three times the smaller of two consecutive even integers is the same as -146 minus 4 times the the larger integer.

    asked by Moe
  20. maths

    Solve the following system of linear equations using matrix method. i)2x+y-2z=10 y+10z=-28 3y+16z=-42

    asked by jayblaze
  21. English

    Anne tells Mr. Van Daan, “Remember, Mr. So-and-so, remember I’m a lady” and then he tells her, “A man likes a girl who will listen to him once in awhile…” on page 727. a. Explain why one of these quotations is ironic.

    asked by T
  22. Chemistry-pH

    Question: v cm3 of a 0.2 M HX solution and v cm3 of 0.1 M KOH solution is mixed.pH of the final solution is 5.3 1)Find ka of HX 2)Find the moles of NaOH and HCl should be added respectively,for the pH of 1dm3 of the solution to increase and decrease by 1

    asked by Shenaya
  23. math

    Shayne wants to earn money to attend a basketball camp. For her 8th-grade graduation, her grandmother gave her part of the money she needs. Every month since then, Shayne has been saving the same amount from her babysitting jobs. After 3 months she had

    asked by brennan
  24. maths

    A freight train leaves a station traveling at 32 km/h. Two hours later, a passenger train leaves the same station traveling in the same direction at 52 km/h. How long does it takes the passenger train to catch up to the freight train?

    asked by mahesh
  25. Latin

    Translate these Latin verbs to English 1. petimus 2. veniunt 3. audiebant 4. sentiebatis 5. ducetis 6. interficiam 7. fecit 8. ductus erat 9. posita erit 10. munita erunt

    asked by Clique Member |-/
  26. la

    Everybody is just walking along concerned with his own problems, his own life, his own worries. And we're all expecting other people to tune into our own agenda. Think about the how this theme is developed through the characters words and actions in the

    asked by Guest58
  27. algebra 1

    can somme one please help me. i need answers for 1.divide (x2-10x+30)divided by (x-5) 2.divide (x3-20x+16)divided by (x-4) 3. divide (-4x3+35x+25)divided by(-2x-5) 4.divide (-7x+x2+15)divided by(-3+x)

    asked by josh s. j
  28. Science

    If three vector A.B and c are 12,5,13 in magnitude such that c vector = A vector + B vector ,then the angle between A and C is

    asked by Physics
  29. Science

    If A vector = B vector + C vector and the magnitude of A,B and C are 5,4 and 3 units respectively the angle between A and C is

    asked by Physics
  30. Math

    You mix the letters M, A, T, H, E, M, A, T, I, C, A, and L thoroughly. Without looking, you draw one letter. Find the probability write: Faction in simplest form Decimal Percentage Learned the rest but this o.o ty

    asked by Can someone help? double checkin my answers
  31. Math

    ∆ABC in which AB=10cm,BC=11cm and angle B= 45°

    asked by Boi
  32. Algebra 2

    Write a polynomial function f of least degree that has rational coefficients, a leading coefficient of 1, and the given zeros 2, 2i, and 4-sqrt 6

    asked by Rachel
  33. Physics

    A 0.5kg ball dropped from a height of 2.4 m above the floor. if an impact with the floor it loses 3 joules of energy, how high will it bounce?

    asked by Frank
  34. Math, probability

    A number cube is labelled 1 to 6. The cube is rolled 60 times. Predict how many times each outcome will occur. Explain each answer. a)1 is rolled. b)An even number is rolled c)A number greater than 3 is rolled d)9 is rolled. You don't have to answer every

    asked by Rae
  35. Physics

    a) Why do you think our eyes fail to see object clearly at varous distances? b) (i) Explain how image of an object is formed in the human eye (ii) What are ciliary muscles? Explain the function of these muscles c) Discuss the similarities and differences

    asked by Frank
  36. maths

    ii) x + 2y -3z=-1 3x -y + 2z=7 5x + 3y- 4z=2

    asked by jayblaze
  37. matrices

    Find the values of a,b and c by matrix method so that the graph of the polynomial p (x)=ax^2 + bx + c passes through the points (1,2),(-1,6) and (2,3).

    asked by jayblaze
  38. Social

    I need help. I have to do an essay for globalization and human rights. I have 2 arguments: 1) it represents a challenge to cultural and local languages. So I'm going to be talking about Al-Jazeera and how the languages are slowly being disappeared. I'm

    asked by Sarah
  39. math

    A cyclist took 3 1/3 hours to cover 46 km. For the first 30 km, he cycled at 15 km/h. Find his speed for the last part of the journey.

    asked by Anonymous
  40. physics

    calculate the ratio of momentum when 1.velocity of the object is doubled 2.mass of the object is halved?

    asked by khush
  41. calculus

    Find the derivatives of the following function: i)y=-3x^-3 +2x^-2 + x-2

    asked by jayblaze
  42. calculus

    i)f(x)=(x^3 + -x^2 )(x^2 + 2)

    asked by jayblaze
  43. calculus

    i)f (x )=e^x sinx

    asked by jayblaze
  44. Physics

    In relativistic regimes, the total energy of an object with rest mass, m, speed, v, is: a); (Gama)mc^2 B);squre root of (m^2c^4 + p^2c^2)

    asked by Shafat
  45. calculus

    i)f (x)=x^3 + -x^2

    asked by jayblaze
  46. Math

    Translate into mathematical expression 42 more than x

    asked by Prezhie
  47. science

    A cube has each edge equal to 2cm.Mass of cube is 20.8 g.what is its volume and density

    asked by manminder
  48. math

    Find the derivatives of the following functions. 1.F (x)cotx 2.f (x)=sin (x2+2)

    asked by samet
  49. math

    Find the function of that without simplifing it 1.f(x)2x2sinx

    asked by samet
  50. History

    What was the president empowered to do in Southeast Asia ? During the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution

    asked by Pam
  51. Math (fractions)

    I am not being lazy, I've tried to get this done several times, but I am VERY bad when it comes to fractions. Barbara, Donna, Cindy, and Nicole ran in a relay race. Barbara: 3 3/10 Donna: 2 4/5 Cindy: 3 2/5 Nicole: 2 1/10 1. The four girls ran in a relay

    asked by A Person That Would Like Some Help
  52. civics

    There is a public debate between the three candidates for the U.S. Senate. During the debate, the topics of oil and energy are addressed. Each candidate expressed their view on the issue: Edgar Eisenhower: "We need to cut our dependence on foreign oil.

    asked by someone
  53. Math

    The element strontium-90 is radioactive. The percent of strontium -90, A(t), left in a sample can be modelled by the half-life function A(t) = A0 (1/2)^t/29, where t represents the time, in years, after the initial time, and A0 represents the initial

    asked by Emma
  54. the fed

    Which best describes one of the ways in which the Federal Reserve has an impact on the national economy? 1. The Federal Reserve helps the economy by keeping inflation low in times of economic growth. 2. The Federal Reserve keeps interest rates low,

    asked by camii
  55. Mathematics-Complex Numbers

    Question: If z1 , z2 ,z3 are complex numbers and |z1|=|z2|=|z3|=1 and (z1)^3+(z2)^3 + (z3)^3 +z1*z2*z3=0 find the maximum and minimum values of |z1+z2+z3|. My thoughts on the question: Let z1=a , z2=b and z3= We know that |a+b+c|

    asked by Shenaya
  56. Languages

    I have an oral quiz tomorrow for Latin I in VLACS, but I don't know the questions that I will be asked. I'm on module 3. Did anyone take Latin I at VLACS? Please help. I need to know before tomorrow!

    asked by Eleanor
  57. Algebra 1b

    The members of a team can run 500 meters between 57 seconds and 73 seconds. A. Write an absolute value inequality describing the times for the runners.

    asked by Anonymous
  58. math

    A can fill in 5min and B in 20min.if both taps are opened then due to a leakage it took 30min more to fill tank.if tank is full,how long will it take for the leakage alone to empty the tank?

    asked by kiran
  59. math

    market price of an article is rs150. 2 successiue discounts are allowed on it.if second discount be 12 1/2% and selling price of article be 105rs.then first discount is?

    asked by kiran
  60. math

    Ram and shyam jointly lend out rs17261 at 20% per annum compound interest such that rams amount for 2 year is same as is the shyams amount for 5 how much does rams sum exceed shyams sum?

    asked by neetha
  61. maths

    a safety pin is supposed to have a 0.675 inches diameter but it was made 0.0007 inches too big what is the diameter of the safety pin?

    asked by koonanAnonymous
  62. math

    2 Years before,average age of 8 numbers of family was 20yr.if present average of family even on inclusion of 1 child,remains same.present age of child is?

    asked by JK
  63. science

    a scorpion stalks, kills and then eats a spider, based on its behavior what ecological term describes the scorpion? a) producer, herbivore, decomposer b)Producer, carnivore, heterotroph c)Predator, carnivore, consumer d) Predator, autotroph, herbivore

    asked by jeff
  64. math

    1. which ratio form a proportion? 4/9, 12/25 3/7, 18/42 5/11, 20/45 5/8, 15/25 2. which ratio forms a proportion with 18/30? 20/35 50/90 36/48 60/100 ~MY ANSWERS~ 1. D 2. I don't know this one can someone help me please. I have tried for over 30 minutes on

    asked by Anonymous
  65. math

    A van moves 125 km in 1 1/4 hours.What is its average speed in kilometers per hour?

    asked by speed,distance,and time
  66. math

    An airplane flies 1080 miles with a constant speed of 720 mph and another 3812.7 miles with a constant speed of 760 mph. What is its average speed for the total trip?

    asked by speed,distance,and time
  67. math help

    The number of trucks registered in a city increases by 10% each year. Initially, there were 100 trucks registered. There were 110 trucks registered at the end of Year 1. What is the number of trucks registered in the city at the end of Year 8? how do i

    asked by sammiexo
  68. Math

    If a coin is tossed and a number cube is rolled, what is the probability that the coin shows heads and the number cube shows 3? I got 1/12 The choices are 1/12, 1/2,1/9,1/6, I tried everything and I'm not really sure about my answer.

    asked by Loom
  69. math

    John, mary and peter shared some apples in the ratio 1:2:3 repectively. If mary got 14 apples, how many did john and peter got

    asked by r chiwanga
  70. math

    A standard number cube with the numbers 1 through 6 is rolled. Find the probability of rolling a number greater than 4. A number cube is rolled 360 times and the results are recorded as follows: 41 ones, 54 twos, 62 threes, 75 fours, 33 fives, and 95

    asked by A name
  71. history

    1. What was the Alamo before it was a fort? What was its original name? 2. Who led the Mexican Army during the battle of the Alamo? He is the villan of the Texas revolution. 3. How many Mexican soldiers attacked the Alamo? How many Texans defended the

    asked by lindacampoalegre2
  72. Science

    The closer together magnetic field lines are, the The magnetic force A closer B farther C stronger D weaker

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Calculus

    Find the area of the region between the curves y=8−x^2 y=x^2 x=−3 and x=3 I made a slight correction

    asked by Anonymous
  74. Chemistry

    You have found that 14.37mL of 0.162M sulfuric acid reacts with exactly 20.00mL of barium hydroxide solution of unknown concentration. What is the molarity of the barium hydroxide solution? Round your answer to 3 decimal places and include units. I know

    asked by Micah
  75. Research Methodology and Program Evaluation

    Good morning. I am having doubts of the answers I have selected the two questions below. Can someone help me? In evaluating the source of information there are __________ questions or criterion one must ask or consider. 1. 3 2. 4 3. 5 4. 6 I selected

    asked by Lencho
  76. Algebra 2

    For which value of theta is tan theta equal to sin theta? a. pi/2 b. 2pi c. pi/3 d. 3pi/2

    asked by Girly Girl
  77. GPA

    If I have a class that is over 100% right now and I have another class that is a 92%, would they balance out when calculating my GPA or not? (The rest of my classes are A's)

    asked by Anonymous
  78. English

    1. Help me, please? 2. Will you help me, please? 3. Help me, please. ------------------------- Does #1 mean #2? Because of the question mark, #1 is different from #3, right?

    asked by rfvv
  79. math

    The data set below shows the number of players on each softball team in a tournament: 9 12 8 7 7 21 11 9 8 7 10 7 10 11 Which of the following statements is true based on the data set?

    asked by alexandra
  80. Language Arts

    "Everyone is just walking along concerned with his own problems, his own life, his own worries. And we're just expecting other people to tune in to our agenda." Think about how this theme is developed through the character's words and actions in the novel.

    asked by Lee
  81. Chemistry

    The equilibrium concentration of phosphate ion in a saturated chromium(III) phosphate solution is

    asked by Jame