Questions Asked on
May 30, 2017

  1. English

    stage directions are one element of a drama in a paragraph, define and provide an example of stage directions from "A surprising point of view". then analyze the stage directions. explain how these directions contribution to your understanding of "A

    asked by Alex
  2. math

    A single, standard number cube is tossed. What is the probability of getting a number other than 6? A game involves spinning this spinner. What is the probability of the pointer landing on Y? The table shows the color preferences of 50 shoppers at the

    asked by Can someone help? double checkin my answers
  3. Physics 11

    In the absence of air resistance, a ball of mass m is tossed upward to reach a height of 20m. Given that Fg=mg, what is the net force on the ball at the 10m position (half way up)? a)2mg b)mg c)mg/4 d)mg/2 I already got this wrong bc I had no idea how to

    asked by Kayla
  4. Launguage arts

    Ebenezer Scrooge's changes between Act 1 and Act 2 of A Christmas Carol:Scrooge and Marley. In a essay, describe these changes and analyze how events in the plot shape Scrooge's character. Include details from the text in you essay. Someone help please!

    asked by Alex
  5. English answer check

    1. Like the modernists, postmodern writers focused on subjective experience rather than objective cultural norms. (1 point) expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or

    asked by Anon
  6. math

    In △DEF, DF=16 and m∠F=45. Find the length of a leg. Leave your answer in simplest form.?

    asked by lily
  7. math

    A man would gain 25% by selling a chair for rs47.5 and would gain 15% by selling a table for rs57.5.he sells the chair for rs36.what is least price for which he must sell table to avoid any loss on the two together?

    asked by kiran
  8. math

    A shopkeeper marks up price of his product by 40%.if he increases the discount from 5 to 10 %,the product would decreases by much profit would he earn,if he gives a discount of 20% as marked price?

    asked by kiran
  9. English

    For each item on the list of writing techniques below, choose the selection from Unit 3 that best utilizes it. Describe how it is used and the effect of its use in the story, and give reasons why you chose it. Options: The Lottery The Cask of Amontillado

    asked by Clique Member |-/
  10. Math

    Evaluate the expression. P(9,4) A.1512 B.240 c.3024 D.15,120 (9) (4) the 4 is underneath the 9 in the parathesis with it A. 15,120 B.126 C.1512 D.240

    asked by Pam
  11. math

    18x^2 + 6+4x - 15x^2 - 4 + 13x My Answer 3x^2 + 17x + 2

    asked by Alpha
  12. math

    A bookseller marks his books at an advance of 69% in actual cost of production.he allows a discount of 15% and also given a copy free for every dozen sold a time.what rate percentage profit does the bookseller make,if books are sold to 12? ( ANS 32.6? )

    asked by kiran
  13. Math Explain

    18x^2 + 6 + 4x - 15x^2 - 4 + 13x okay i know the answer is 3x^2 + 17x + 10 but i dont know how i got it can someone explain plz

    asked by Alpha
  14. Math

    A rope of length 9 3/4 is cut into 6 pieces of equal length. Find the length of each piece.

    asked by Manvi
  15. MATH

    The table shows the result of spinning a four-colored spinner 50 times. Find the experimental probability and express it as a decimal P(not red) Color RED BLUE GREEN YELLOW Times Spun 20 10 9 11 A. 0.6 B. 0.4***** C. 0.2 D. 0.3

  16. Statistics

    Can someone please help with this? A measurement follows the normal distribution with a standard deviation of 15 and an unknown expectation μ. You can consider that measurement to be the "original" distribution. Two statisticians propose two distinct ways

    asked by Gracio
  17. Physics (Mirror Rays)

    3. When an object is located very far away from a convex mirror, the image of the object is 18 cm behind the mirror. Using a ray diagram drawn to scale, determine where the image is located when the object is placed 9.0 cm in front of the mirror. Note that

    asked by Tom
  18. Physics

    Two positive charges of 0.2microC and 0.01 microC are placed 10cm apart. Calculate the work done in reducing their distance to 5 cm

    asked by Mahak
  19. math

    18x^2 + 6 4x - 15x^2 - 4 + 13x My Answer 3x^2 + 37x - 4

    asked by The Weekend
  20. maths

    two boats, A and B, left a port C at the same time on different routes. B travelled on a bearing of 150 degree and A travelled on the north side of B. when A had travelled 8 km and B had travelled 10 km , the distance between the two boats was found to be

    asked by anthonia
  21. Math

    Two thirds of Helen's age is half of Dales age. Dale is 10 years older than Helen. How old is Helen?

    asked by DArius
  22. History

    Use the diagram to answer the following question: Roman Government Senate and assemblies create legislation. Consuls enact legislation. Praetors interpret legislation. What democratic principle does this diagram reflect? All citizens are subject to the

    asked by Alex
  23. math

    How many perfect squares are there between 200 and1000?

    asked by biswaranjan mohanty
  24. civics

    Which of the following expenses would most likely be reduced during hard times in both a household budget and a national budget? fixed expenses, like a mortgage or a debt payment luxury expenses, like new TVs or funding for recreation necessary expenses,

    asked by Brayden
  25. Chemistry

    Assuming that Raoults law is followed what would be the vapour pressure of a solution formed when 40g of sugar (molecular mass 342g) is dissolved in 360ml of water at 25oC? At 250C,the vapour pressure of water is 20mm and the density is 1g/ml.

    asked by Aarohi

    the radius of the planet Venus is nearly the same as that of the earth.if an object weighs We on the earth,what is valu

    asked by TAIWO
  27. Math

    In how many ways can 4 people be chosen and arranged in a straight line, if there are 5 people from whom to choose? A shirt company has 3 designs that can be made with short or long sleeves. There are 5 color patterns available. How many different types of

    asked by Pam
  28. physics

    a ball of weight 200 grams,is tied to the end of a cord and whirled in a horizontal circle of radius 0.6 m.if the ball makes five complete revolutions in 2 seconds,what will be the linear speed of the ball?

    asked by sannan
  29. visual basic

    Write a visual basic program to calculate total pay of employee who get an additional pay of 10% to their basic salary if they worked for more than 10years for the company

    asked by Daniel
  30. Physics 11

    A 62kg cyclist changes the speed of a 12kg bicycle from 8.2m/s to 12.7m/s. Determine the work done. I've already answered & gotten this question correct, however it made me confused about the concept. I found Ek. & Ek to find change in Ek which was

    asked by Kayla
  31. science

    Which sequence shows the correct order of Earth’s geologic time intervals from oldest to youngest?

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Math

    Construct kite ABCD with adjacent sides AB egual to 6cm and BC egual to 9cm.BAC=60cm

    asked by Michael
  33. physics

    a man having a mass of 60 kg exerts a horizontal force of 200 newton in pushing a 90 kg object a distance of 60 meters along horizontal floor. he does this at constant velocity in 3 seconds.the weight of man will be?

    asked by sannan
  34. another civics

    Assume the Chilean peso is decreasing in exchange value compared to the U.S. dollar. Who will benefit most in this situation? a. A Chilean company that imports oil from Venezuela b. A Chilean family visiting relatives in the United States c. A Chilean

    asked by another person
  35. math

    When the product of 6 and the square of a number is increased by 5 times the number, the result is 4. Which equation represents this situation? 6x2 + 5x - 4 = 0 6x2 + 5x + 4 = 0 62x + 5 + x = 4 6 + x2 + 5x = 4

    asked by Doug
  36. civics

    Which statement best completes the following sentence? One advantage of a federation is that________, but one disadvantage is that________. d. citizens can participate at multiple levels of government; the national government may be too weak to provide

    asked by person
  37. chemistry

    Look in the owner’s manual of your car to determine the amount of gasoline your tank can hold. Using the information presented in the text, calculate how much carbon dioxide is produced from driving your car for a year assuming that all the gas is octane

    asked by Jan
  38. statistics

    Select three different five card combinations or five-card hands from your favorite card game that utilizes a standard 52-card deck containing four suits (clubs, hearts, diamonds, and spades), with each suit containing 13 cards with numbers 2-10 and face

    asked by Anna
  39. SS

    New technology has made most of the jobs workers do at a particular factory obsolete, and they are laid off. Which type of unemployment are they experiencing? A.) Structural B.) Casual C.) Frictional D.) Cyclical * Can someone check this?

    asked by Dylan
  40. Health and PE (alcohol)

    Hi, I'm completing a review test my teacher made. I'm struggling on a few of the questions. Others I'm unsure about. Key: Unsure = IDK [Answer] = I am mostly sure [Answer]? = I am unsure, but I have a guess Here they are: The skills you need to say no to

    asked by JPtiger13
  41. one english question answer check

    15. A Works Cited list is a list of (1 point) sources you quoted in your research paper. sources you consulted while doing research. texts written by experts in your research subject. texts recommended by other writers on the subject. It's either A or B my

    asked by Anon
  42. Math (Calc) (Differential Equation Solution)

    Some of the curves corresponding to different values of C in the general solution of the differential equation are shown in the graph. Find the particular solution that passes through the point (0, 2). y(x^2+y) = C 2xy + (x^2+2y)y' = 0 How would I start

    asked by Ray
  43. Geometry

    A flat screen television is advertised as being 59 inches on its diagonal. If the TV is 13 inches tall, then how wide is the screen?

    asked by Rachel
  44. physical science

    Do the following substance desosolve in water? Give a reason for answer A) Ethanol B) Iodine

    asked by nthabiseng
  45. Chemistry-kd

    This equation you've mentioned in your answer to my recent question regarding kd, f=[1+(KD*Vo/Va)]^-(n) ,is this a general equation we can use directly? This is the first time I've come across with this..

    asked by @DrBob222
  46. Math

    (5y^2 - 2y) + (9y^2 - 9y) My Answer 14y^2 - 11y am i right

    asked by Alpha
  47. Science

    Table salt has a solubility of 36g of salt in 100g of water at 40 degrees celcius. If 15g of salt is added to 50g of water at the same room temperature, is the resulting solution saturated of unsaterated? Explain your answer.

    asked by Tornado_Demon
  48. Science

    If I made an electromagnet what would the variables be. controlled, dependent and independent

    asked by Mia
  49. Algebra

    Suppose you want to draw a rectangle where the width is 7 inches less than the length and the diagonal is 7 inches longer than the length. What are the dimensions of the rectangle?

    asked by Stephanie
  50. english

    Which of the following contains a comma splice? Geraldine is a volleyball star, she generated most of the points for her team. ** Obviously, the pull of gravity effectively keeps us from flying off into space. The letter on the coffee table, a note from

    asked by matthew
  51. Physics 11

    A 1200Kg car travels at a constant speed of 26m/s for 5s up a 130m long hill. The total height of the hill is 27m & the friction force acting on the car is 2520N. What power was used by the car in traveling up the hill? I know that Fnet=o bc velocity is

    asked by Kayla
  52. Thermochemistry

    A piece of tin is heated to 695 °C and dropped into 158 g of water at 23.2 °C. The temperature of the system rises to 30.7 °C. What is the mass of the tin dropped into the water? (C = 0.227 J/g°C for tin, C = 4.18 J/g°C for water)

    asked by Brybo
  53. Math Help

    In the expression -9x-2x^2+7 what is the coefficient of x A. -9 *** B. -2 C. 7 D. 9 answer is A am i right

    asked by Alpha
  54. Chemistry

    Suppose you prepare a sample of paracetamol by reacting 10.0g of p-aminophenol with 15.0g of acetic anhydride. You obtain 10.8g of pure paracetamol as a product. What is the percentage yeild of the reaction?

    asked by Neo
  55. chemistry

    Calculate the mole fraction of a mixture of NaBr and KBr which is 0.981g of mass, given that we are treating the mixture with excessive AgNO3. 1.690g of AgBr is formed.

    asked by Alex
  56. Physics 11

    A student throws a .1kg ball at a wall. The ball hits the wall perpendicularly with a speed of 5m/s & then bounces back w/ a new speed of 4m/s. What impulse is given to the ball by the wall? I used deltaP= m deltaV so deltaP= .1*(-1) to get -.1N-s. I got

    asked by Kayla
  57. forensic science

    What is a trier of facts? Only a trial by a jury the party or parties determining guilt or innocence only a trial by a US Superior Court magistrate the determination of guilt or innocence by an elected official the complete summary of all evidence in a

    asked by Ann
  58. Math

    Two automobiles leave an intersection at the same time. One of them travels west and the other travels south. When the vehicle going south has traveled 24 miles, the distance between the cars was four miles more than 3 times the distance traveled by the

    asked by Anonymous
  59. English

    1. He is wearing wrinkle-free trousers. 2. He is wearing wrinklefree trousers. ------------------------ Are both okay? Do we have to use the hyphen?

    asked by rfvv
  60. Thermochemistry

    A piece of tin is heated to 695 °C and dropped into 158 g of water at 23.2 °C. The temperature of the system rises to 30.7 °C. What is the mass of the tin dropped into the water? (C = 0.227 J/g°C for tin, C = 4.18 J/g°C for water)

    asked by Brybo
  61. English

    Why do you keep deleting your work on the internet does it make sense

    asked by Ruwaydah
  62. Math

    MIKE has a dog pen with an area of 120 sq. Feet. What is its width?

    asked by Nick
  63. Math

    Write out the first five terms of the sequence an=3(4n-1)

    asked by Aria
  64. Math

    The first term is 23, and the common difference is 4 ; n= 5

    asked by Pam
  65. english

    Which sentence is correctly punctuated? Ivan arrived late to the theater, consequently, he could not enter until intermission.** Ivan arrived late to the theater consequently, he could not enter until intermission. Ivan arrived late to the theater.

    asked by matthew
  66. Math

    Ms. Yan her new kitchen. The area is 3.5meters by 2.8 meters. How many square meters will be tiled?

    asked by Marian tiu
  67. math

    there are 184 green marbles. the marbles will be put into 8 jars. about how many marbles will go into each jar?

    asked by mia
  68. Chemistry

    If 6.0g of CH4 and 5.0g of O2 are used, what is the mass of CO2 produced?

    asked by vikki
  69. physics/calculus

    can someone explain to me why the derivative and second derivative of this position vector r=ax+bty is r'=ax' +by'+ bty' ( why is there a by'...?) and r''=ax'' + cy' +cy' +cty'' ( why is there 2 cy' 's?

    asked by lily
  70. English

    1. Let'!@#$%^& the road. 2. Let'!@#$%^& the trail. 3. Let'!@#$%^& the ______. -------------------------- Is #2 used frequently? Can we use other nouns in the blank in #3, which have the same meaning as #1 or #2?

    asked by rfvv
  71. Math

    Don bats in 9 cricket matches. In the tenth match, he makes 9 runs and his average decreases by two. How many runs has he made in all?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math 6th Grade

    Bob is planting in a rectangular container. In the center of the container he places a smaller rectangular tub with mint. The tub is 8 in. by 3 in. He plants flowers around the tub. What is the area of the container planted with flowers? The whole

    asked by Jerry
  73. Physics 11

    If 2 vehicles are moving toward each other from opposite directions & are the same mass & velocity then momentum=0 correct? Because p=M1V1 - M1V1 Thanks!! :)

    asked by Kayla
  74. physics

    A pin 2 cm long is placed 12 cm away from a convex lens at right angles to the principal axis. If the focal length of the lens is 20 cm, by scale drawing and lens formula find the nature , size and position of image.

    asked by Suyash