Questions Asked on
May 29, 2017

  1. algebra

    A rope is cut into three and one-third is used. Then one-fourth of the remaining rope is cut off and used. The piece left is 6 meters long. How many meters long was the rope originally?

    asked by Kara
  2. math

    In a group of children, 45 play football out of which 30 play football only 28 play hockey, 25 play cricket, out of which 11 play cricket only, further, 7 play cricket and football but not hockey, 5 play football and hockey but not cricket and 10 play

    asked by akanksha
  3. physics

    A 3.00-g bullet (c = 0.0305 cal/g . C° = 128 J / kg . C°) moving at 180 m/s enters a bag of sand and stops. By what amount does the temperature of the bullet change if 80% its KE becomes thermal energy that is transferred to the bullet?

    asked by clint
  4. math

    A tank containing 64 gallons lost 6 1/4 % through leakage. How much was left in the tank?

    asked by ben
  5. chemistry

    A hot lump of 46.9 g of copper at an initial temperature of 54.5 °C is placed in 50.0 mL of H2O initially at 25.0 °C and allowed to reach thermal equilibrium. What is the final temperature of the copper and water given that the specific

    asked by Anonymous
  6. algebra

    It takes 7 hours for Isabella to rake leaves by herself.Her brother can work 3 times as fast.if they work together,how long will its take them to rake leaves? My answer: Isabella can do one job in 7 hours (1/7in one hour).Matthew does 3/4 of the job in one

    asked by Anneliese
  7. chemistry

    Why does honey diffuse in water at a slower rate than ink

    asked by lokesh
  8. Chemistry

    Consider this reaction: Fe3O4(s)+4CO(g) --> 4CO2(g)+3Fe(s). If you begin with 0.03820 moles of iron oxide and 0.120 moles of carbon monoxide, how many grams of iron can be formed? Indicate which reactant is the limiting reactant. 0.03820 x 3/1= 0.1146

    asked by Sydney
  9. Algebra 2

    In basketball, there are 3-point shots, 2-point shots, and 1-point free throws. Josh scored 39 points in a game. He made the same number of 2-point shots as 3-point and free throws combined. He scored one more point on 3-pointers than he did on free

    asked by Nae
  10. Social Studies

    Passage of the McCarran Act was related to which of these? 1-Vietnam War 2-Marshall Plan 3-Truman Doctrine I think it's the 3nd option. Is it right?

    asked by Ari
  11. Math

    Differenciate implicitly x^3+y^2=27xy

    asked by Zulaiykherh
  12. college algebra

    23. In biology, the function defined by g(x)=5x/2+x gives the growth rate of a population for x units of available food. (Source: Smith, J. Maynard, Models in Ecology, Cambridge University Press.) (a) What amount of food (in appropriate units) would

    asked by Anonymous
  13. college algebra

    The current in a simple electrical circuit is inversely proportional to the resistance. If the current is 80 amps when the resistance is 30 ohms, find the current when the resistance is 12 ohms

    asked by Anonymous
  14. maths

    a train of length 100m runs at a speed of 120km/hr from north to south. another train of length 150m travels with a speed of 80 km/hr from south to north. what is the time required to cross each other ?

    asked by mahesh
  15. math

    What is the area of a quadrilateral ABCD, if AB = 5 cm, BC = 13 cm, CD = 9 cm, DA = 15 cm, AC = 12 cm?

    asked by Eliza
  16. Fractions

    There are animals on the farm half are pigs one fifth are sheep what fraction are cows

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    In the Doubles Game, students can win carnival tickets to spend on games and food. A player pays one ticket to roll two number cubes(six-sided dice). If the numbers match, the player wins five tickets. If a player plays this game 20 times, about how many

    asked by Becca
  18. Trigonometry

    A clown is juggling at a circus. The path of a ball is given by the parametric equations x=2 cos T + 2 and y = 3 sin T + 3. In what direction is the ball moving? Up and to the right counterclockwise down and to the right clockwise After graphing it and

    asked by Nina
  19. Math

    If a cab cost 2.50 per mile and the ride is 9.6 miles how much would the fare be

    asked by Nikki
  20. math

    a bucket of 20 litres is 35% full. how many litres of water must be put into it so that it is 65% full

    asked by anant
  21. math

    What is the slant height of the cone with the suface area of 200cm2?

    asked by jenn
  22. maths

    Two towns , 17 km apart, are shown 3,4 cm on a map. What is the scale of the map, in its simplest form

    asked by asanda
  23. english

    chartersketch of lencho

    asked by shivani
  24. physics

    solve this physics problem for me a vehicle has a mass of 1200kg and four wheels of area 0.06m2 calculate pressure on one wheel

    asked by patrick
  25. Physics 11

    Can someone explain what work total is? In my lessons it said Work total is the sum of all work & showed an example of different work being added together. An assignment after that however made me think that may not be the case... Do I need to add the work

    asked by Kayla
  26. math

    ×=50 + 30t -5t a. Find the maximum height the particle attains

    asked by Neida de Luma
  27. Math

    The of the 45 numbers is 9.the average of the first 20 is 10 and the average of the last 24 is 8.find the 21st number. I have solved please check this. 9=x/45 ,so x=415. 10=x/20, x=200 and 8=x/24, x=192 So,415-(200+192)=23.answer Is this way and answer

    asked by ABC
  28. physics

    Tammy leaves the office, drives 36 km due north.Then she turns onto a second highway and continues in direction 45 degree north of east for 50 km. What is her total displacement from the office? (give magnitude and direction)

    asked by Marija28
  29. Math

    Find the greatest number of four and five digits, which are perfect square. Also find least number four digits, which is perfect square. I have solved but with help of calculator. 9805 ,99856 and least is 1024.are these correct? Please tell me how can I

    asked by ABC
  30. Chemistry

    Aluminum reacts with oxygen gas to produce aluminum oxide. How many moles of aluminum oxide would you expect to produce if you reacted 14.5 moles of oxygen gas with excess aluminum? 4Al +3O2 --> 2Al2O3 14.5 mol O2 x 4 mol Al / 3 mol O2 = 19.3 moles

    asked by Sydney
  31. English

    1. May I help you to some more vegetables? 2. May I give you some more vegetables? (Are both the same in meaning? Do you use #1 frequently?) 3. Help yourself to the cake. 4. Give yourself the cake. (What about this pair? Does #4 mean #3?)

    asked by rfvv
  32. Algebra 2

    Aimee inherited $15,000. She chose to invest it in a series of municipal bonds, mutual funds, and money market accounts, which paid annual interest rates of 5%, 6%, and 4%, respectively. She invested $2,000 more in mutual funds than she invested in bonds.

    asked by Maddison
  33. Chemistry-kD

    A chemical "X" is included in a water in a pond. 1)5dm3 of water from the pond is taken and is mixed with 200cm3 CHCl3.Then CHCl3 layer is taken out separately and left to vaporize. Then the remaining mass of X is measured.There was 10mg. 2)The remaining

    asked by Shenaya
  34. college algebra

    Biologists collected a sample of 600 fish from West Okoboji Lake on May 1 and tagged each of them. When they returned on June 1, a new sample of 800 fish was collected and 10 of these had been previously tagged. Use this experiment to determine the

    asked by Anonymous
  35. social studies

    How would you describe the land elevation at the start of his journey in North America

    asked by chisom
  36. math

    Factorise: 4x^2-9y^2+2x-3y

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    A rectangular prism has A length of 1/2 foot and the height of 1/4 foot. What is the width of the right rectangular prism if its volume is 1/4 cubic foot?

    asked by Tyler
  38. chemistry

    How change in humidity and temperature effects the rate of evaporation

    asked by lokesh
  39. Science

    How much retardation must be applied to stop a bus running at a uniform speed of 40km/h in 5 seconds?

    asked by Piyush
  40. Chemistry-titrations

    Question: An unknown mass of (NH4)2CO3 is mixed with 4g of NaOH and dissolved in 100cm3 of water,which results a clear solution.Gasses are removed by heating the final solution. 2 parts of 25cm3 of final solution is taken and one is titrated with 0.5 M HCl

    asked by Shenaya
  41. politics

    The “fourth branch of government” refers to: A. state governments. B. political parties. C. the media. D. interest groups. C?

    asked by bev
  42. politics

    The LEAST likely contributor to Democratic candidates would be: A. the National Organization of Women. B. the United Auto Workers. C. the National Association of Manufacturers. D. the Sierra Club. C?

    asked by bev
  43. politics

    Which of the following interest groups is considered to have the most influence over Congress? A. The American Bar Association B. The Sierra Club C. The National Education Association D. The National Rifle Association d?

    asked by bev
  44. politics

    Which of the following statements about interest groups is correct? A. Agricultural business interests have a very short history of influential lobbying activity. B. Labor unions are important financial supports of the Republican Party. C. Religious groups

    asked by bev
  45. politics

    What was the White House reaction to Lesley Stahl’s critical report on Reagan’s use of television? A. CBS News was excluded from White House press conferences. B. Stahl was honored at a White House ceremony. C. The reaction was very positive, because

    asked by bev
  46. politics

    The growth of political action committees: A. has made politics cleaner and fairer. B. was an unanticipated consequence of campaign reform. C. forced big-money contributors to donate illegally. D. is a new phenomenon directly linked to the Republican

    asked by bev
  47. politics

    Bill Clinton’s “alternative media” strategy: A. involved calling New York Times reporters at home. B. accelerated after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke. C. involved granting interviews to local news anchors and holding televised town meetings. D.

    asked by bev
  48. politics

    American political parties: A. organize public opinion. B. put together coalitions of different interests. C. demand party loyalty on all issues. D. Both A and B are correct. D?

    asked by bev
  49. politics

    The National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (Motor Voter Act): A. allows voters to register when they get their drivers’ licenses. B. had little impact upon voter turnout. C. was struck down as unconstitutional. D. Both A and B are correct. D?

    asked by bev
  50. politics

    Leadership PACs: A. solidify support to their creators. B. promote the creators’ political ambitions. C. are generally ineffective at fund-raising. D. Both A and B are correct. D?

    asked by bev
  51. politics

    Which system would work best to provide a new political party a voice in legislative deliberations? A. Ballot initiatives B. Single-member districts C. Proportional representation D. Direct democracy a?

    asked by bev
  52. politics

    Which of the following tactics helped Barack Obama gain public recognition at the beginning of the nomination process in 2008? A. Developing grassroots support in caucus states ignored by other candidates B. Focusing only on delegate-rich large states C.

    asked by bev
  53. politics

    The 1952 and 1956 Eisenhower elections are examples of __________ elections. b dealigning A. maintaining B. deviating C. realigning B?

    asked by bev
  54. Math

    A designer enlarged both the length and the width of a rectangular carpet by 50 percent. The new carpet was too large so the designer was asked to reduce its length and its width by 20 percent. By what percent was the area of the final carpet design

    asked by Joe
  55. physical science

    Why does liquid substance have the same meniscus shape

    asked by Anonymous
  56. politics

    Good campaign advice for candidates running for office now would include: A. focusing only on raising hard-money donations from wealthy contributors. B. depending on public funding for campaign support. C. appealing to independent and younger voters. D.

    asked by bev
  57. politics

    National party committees: A. govern the national parties. B. never work with state and local party committees. C. maintain large professional staffs. D. Both A and C are correct. D?

    asked by bev
  58. politics

    The “emerging Democratic majority” as defined by Teixeira and Judis includes: A. minorities. B. young people. C. those with college degrees. D. A, B, and C are correct. D?

    asked by bev
  59. Math Trig

    I can't seem to get the right answer on my assignment. I keep on getting 276.403 and seem to get it wrong. Please help. Suppose that cot(θ)=−8.91 and 0∘≤θ

    asked by Felix
  60. politics

    Class identification in the United States is: A. constant. B. weak. C. strong. D. important. D?

    asked by bev
  61. politics

    Based on the outcome of the 2008 elections, one might expect which of the following to have been true? A. Vigorous opposition by the Republican majority in the Senate will defeat many of President Obama’s initiatives. B. House Democrats will follow a

    asked by bev
  62. math

    A purchase, with shipping and handling, cost $39.00. What percent of the price of the purchase was spent on shipping and handling if the price of the item was $35.10?

    asked by Rob
  63. politics

    The Whig party joined others to form the __________ Party. A. Republican B. Democratic-Republican C. Federalist D. Socialist A?

    asked by bev
  64. math

    At first, a price was decreased by 12%, then it was discounted again by an additional 5%. What is the total percent of the discount?

    asked by jon
  65. physics

    A 500 g mass of Copper at 24°C is placed in contact with another 750g of copper at 84°C. If it is isolated from it surroundings, what will be the final equilibrium temperature of the blocks.

    asked by Andrew
  66. politics

    The bottom level of the typical state party organization is called the: A. congressional district committee. B. ward or precinct. C. county committee. D. street committee. B?

    asked by bev
  67. math

    The population of town N increases every year by 2%. What will be the population of this town in 3 years if it is currently nine hundred thousand people. (Round the answer to a whole number.) Please help

    asked by ben
  68. art. answers included

    a work of art that depicts inanimate objects is called? still life. using all tones from lightest to the darkest in an image? watercolor. lots of dots to create a texture is called? stippling. a tip of a pen is called? nib. the way the light shines through

    asked by scooby
  69. math

    The volume of industrial production increased ten times. What was the percent increase?

    asked by ben
  70. math

    Find new percentages, and find the actual quantities:75% of 75% of 256

    asked by ben
  71. politics

    In the pluralist model, “bargaining results in a series of compromises that become: A. another series of compromises." B. the basis of a new political consensus." C. public policy or other political decisions." D. the basis for incumbent reelection." B?

    asked by bev
  72. math

    A purchase, with shipping and handling, cost $39.00. What percent of the price of the purchase was spent on shipping and handling if the price of the item was $35.10?

    asked by ben
  73. politics

    The shifting and close votes in Congress in 2009 on health care reform that responded to positions staked out by industry, labor, and professional interest groups are a good example of: A. control of the debate by power elites. B. the dynamics of pluralism

    asked by bev
  74. math

    The population of town N increases every year by 2%. What will be the population of this town in 3 years if it is currently nine hundred thousand people. (Round the answer to a whole number.)

    asked by ben
  75. politics

    Consensus is best described as: A. the result of political compromises. B. common sense. C. a broad public agreement on basic political questions. D. the people of a country voting frequently. C?

    asked by bev
  76. politics

    The political and policy dynamics documented in Robert Dahl’s "Who Governs?" might be found in which of the following situations? A. A small town with a history of certain families holding political office B. A county run by one political party with an

    asked by bev
  77. art answers included pt2

    a way that you pick up color with an absorbent material? Blotting. a technique where you scrape away color to reveal color underneath? sgraffito.

    asked by scooby
  78. politics

    The political and policy dynamics documented in Robert Dahl’s "Who Governs?" might be found in which of the following situations? A. A small town with a history of certain families holding political office B. A county run by one political party with an

    asked by bev
  79. politics

    Which of the following is provided through the mechanics of pluralism, according to Robert Dahl? A. Elites can manipulate mass opinion. B. Aspiring leaders can distribute resources to gain influence. C. Aspiring leaders are limited in the ability to

    asked by bev
  80. math

    Luke build a model train to a scale of 1:25.calculate a copy of the table below using his scale. length of engine on the real x and on the model is 16cm. length of train on the real 20m and x on the model. height of train is x and 12cm on the model.

    asked by Vanessa
  81. Geography (Europe)

    I'm doing a project in Social Studies about the "new" products in Europe that include: Compass Porcelain Silk Cloth Gunpowder Spices Tea In order to receive full credit, I must include: Name of item Slogan for item How it changed life in Europe And I must

    asked by JPtiger13
  82. politics

    The power elite theory is: A. a theory of the political left. B. a theory of the political right. C. held by both the left and right. D. held only by political scientists in colleges. C?

    asked by bev
  83. Math Trigonometry

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you guys can help me with this question. I'm not sure how to do this question. As I keep on getting something that's out of the unit circle. Please help! 17sec2(θ)-13tan(θ)sec(θ)-15=0

    asked by Jeremy
  84. world geography

    shipbreakers wreck old ships in order to

    asked by Anonymous
  85. maths

    Daniel , Yusuf and Kofi shared a certain sum of money in such a way that Daniel receive 1/3 of the money and Yusuf received 2/3 of the remainder. What fraction of the money did Kofi receive ? Help me with step

    asked by uwishin
  86. sir steve help me reiny reiny

    2) A quality of identical plastic books weigh 10.98kg ,if each book weighs 54.9g .How many books are there

    asked by uwishin
  87. World History

    1. Which inference is best supported by pacific rim nations? A. Chinese communist policies have been accepted Across Asia. B. The tension between China and Japan has increases recent decades. C. The modernization of many East Asian economies has been

    asked by July