Questions Asked on
May 28, 2017

  1. Maths

    Sam's dad spends 1/2 of his salary every month on rent and 2/5 on petrol. What fraction is left to spent on food and other necessities for the month?

    asked by Aldo
  2. math

    Two ship P and Q left a port R at the same time.Q sailed on a bearing of 150 while P sailed on the north side of Q.After a distance of 8km and 10km by P and Q respectively,their dirtance part was 12km.find the bearing of P from R.

    asked by kate
  3. Maths

    An insect climbs 10m slippery rock in a minute and then slips down 9m in the next minute. How long will it take him to climb a 30m slippery rock?

    asked by Ridhi
  4. Math

    Find the least number that is multiplied to 1176 t0 make it perfect square.

    asked by ABC
  5. geometry

    Isosceles $\triangle{ABC}$ has a right angle at $C$. Point $P$ is inside $\triangle{ABC}$, such that $PA=11$, $PB=7$, and $PC=6$. Legs $\overline{AC}$ and $\overline{BC}$ have length $s=\sqrt{a+b\sqrt{2}}$, where $a$ and $b$ are positive integers. What is

    asked by William
  6. History

    "We came by steerage on a steamship in a very dark place that smelt dreadfully. There were hundreds of other people packed in with us, men, women and children, and almost all of them were sick. It took us twelve days to cross the sea, and we thought we

    asked by Brooklyn
  7. Math

    Divide the sum of 78/12 and 8/3 by their difference

    asked by Mohit
  8. math

    Smita and Geeta have marbles in the ratio 3:2.Geeta and Reshma have marbles in the ratio 3:5.if they have 250 marbles all together,how many marbles does Smita have???

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Hindi

    Biography of Aarti Saha in Hindi

    asked by Krish
  10. math

    What is the probability that a randomly selected three-digit number is divisible by 11? Express your answer as a common fraction.

    asked by hello here
  11. math

    The cost of 3 bananas 4 apples and 6 mangoes is rs.29 and the cost of 2 bananas 6 apples and 3 mangoes is rs.23.what is the cost of 7 bananas 16 apples and 12 mangoes???

    asked by Anonymous
  12. calculus

    Evaluate the indefinite integral as an infinite series. [cos(x)-1]/x dx

    asked by monica
  13. Math

    Find the​ x-coordinate of the vertex of a parabola that passes through the points (0,6) and (8,6)

    asked by Brianna
  14. English

    1. Swim once a month. 2. Have a swim once a month. 3. Take a swim once a month. ------------------------------- Are they all grammatical? Do we have to put 'have' or 'take' before 'a swim'? 4. Exercise regularly. 5. Have exercise once a month. 6. Take

    asked by rfvv
  15. physics

    someone fires a pistol and it's bullet leaves the muzzle at t=0. The position vector of the bullet is r= ax+bty ( a and b are postive constants) what are the units of a and b so the equation to make sense what's the acceleration and velocity

    asked by umma
  16. English

    Working on a research paper and I decided my topic is drinking and driving. I need to go deeper since my prof doesn't just want us to simply "tell her stuff" as in it can't be a list. So I'm thinking of either talking about deeper issues like Punishment

    asked by Riya
  17. Maths

    A 5 metre tall vertical pole is supported by a guy wire. The wire is attached to the top of the pole and is attached to the ground 3 metres from the base of the pole

    asked by Anonymous
  18. math

    Two bells were rung at a time interval of 60 minutes and 90 minutes respectively. After how many minutes will both bells be rung again?

    asked by kenedy
  19. math

    What would you need to multiply by in order to solve this system of equations using the linear combination (elimination) method? {6x−2y=4 7x+5y=3 Multiply the 1st equation by 3 and leave the 2nd equation alone. This will eliminate the y's when you add

    asked by Jay

    A study based on a sample of size 25 reported a mean of 94 with a margin of error of 15 for 95% confidence (a) Give the 95% confidence interval. (__________,________) (b) If you wanted 99% confidence for the same study, would your margin of error be

    asked by YOMO
  21. Science

    To make a saturated solution 37 gram of aluminium chloride is dissolved in 10.0 gram of water at 293 K find it concentration and this temperature?

    asked by Nasrin
  22. Science

    A solution contain 40 centimetre cube of alcohol mixed with 150 cm cube of water calculate the concentration of the solution

    asked by Nasrin
  23. maths

    Juan has twice as many brothers as sisters. His sister Maria has 5 times as many brothers than sisters. How many children are in the family?

    asked by lak
  24. calculus

    Use series to evaluate the limit. limit as x approach 0 [1-cos(5x)]/[1+5x-e^(5x)]

    asked by monica
  25. Chemistry

    Question: 50cm3 of 0.4 M Ba(OH)2 and 50cm3 of HA of unknown concentration is added together.At 25°C,pH of the solution is 9.With appropriate assumptions calculate the [HA] and ka of HA. My thoughts on the question: There are more than one approach which

    asked by Shenaya
  26. Physics

    A particle of mass 100 gm is thrown vertically upwards with a velocity of 7 m/s. Air resistance is also acting on the particle according to the equation F = -0.2v^2. ( F = Force, v = velocity of the particle ). Find how much high the ball rises. Please

    asked by Anon
  27. math

    1.y=x/(x+1)^2 and y=x^5-x ,x≥0

    asked by lamin
  28. science

    name the metals and non metals present our body

    asked by angela
  29. Math

    Anna is making fruit punch and iced tea to serve during the day. She starts brewing the tea for the iced tea. The recipe for iced tea requires 3 tea bags for every 5 cups of water. Write an equation that can be used to determine the amount of water, c, in

    asked by Jeremy
  30. Physical science

    Which of the following homogeneous and which are heterogeneous? Blood, carbon dioxide,Rock, steak,iron, concrete, air,oxygen, salt, milk.

    asked by Emmanuel
  31. business

    What effect will this have upon the supply. (Increase or decrease?) a large new tariff (tax) on imported tablets. My answer is decreased

    asked by Raquan
  32. Algebra

    (x/x-2)+(x-1/x+1)=-1 So far I was able to get it to x + (x-1) = -(x-2)(x+1) through cross multiplying, but I'm kinda lost with what to do now. Should I convert the right side to a polynomial and add the left side, then bring it all to 1 side so it = 0?

    asked by Rei
  33. science

    Describe how you would separate a mixture of sand, iron fillings and granulated sugar

    asked by Anonymous
  34. physics

    Suppose an airplane is flying in air with a speed of u=100m/s . The wind is from the south west with a velocity of v= 70m/s what direction should the airplane head in order to fly directly north ( with respect to the ground)? Give the angle in degrees of

    asked by lily
  35. physics

    Island A is 500km east and 320km south of Island B. Island C is 75km east and 1015km north of island A. find the components of the (delta)r vector value pointing from island B to island C

    asked by matt