Questions Asked on
May 27, 2017

  1. math

    When baking a cake, you have a choice of the following pans: a round cake pan that is 2 inches deep and has a 7 inch diameter a 6 inch × 9 inch rectangular cake pan that is 2 inches deep a. Which of these pans has the larger volume? Justify your answer.

    asked by josh
  2. Chemistrt

    I'm unsure of how to rearrange Balmer's equation to solve for n2. The equation is 1/lambda= R(1/2^2-1/n2^2)

    asked by Kelsey
  3. Math

    Which properties justify the steps taken to solve the system? {4x+3y=25 {2x+−5y=19 Drag the answers into the boxes to match each step. 4x+3y=25; −4x+10y=−38 ________________ 13y=−13 _________ y=−1 ____________ 4x+3(−1)=25 _________ 4x−3=25

    asked by Aniki
  4. Spanish

    Hola! Could you please check my work to see if my answers are correct? Muchas gracias! A) ASOCIACIONES. Asocie la palabra o frase con su equivalente. 1. darse prisa andén cambio no importarse ***ir rápido billete 2. transbordo andén ***cambio no

    asked by Hailey
  5. Math

    A man in rowboat 12km from the nearest point A. On a straight shore wishes to reach point B 16km from A along shore.where should he land if he can row 4km/hr and walks 8km/hr.

    asked by Anu daw

    You want to rent an unfurnished one-bedroom apartment in Dallas next year. The mean monthly rent for a random sample of 11 apartments advertised in the local newspaper is $1050. Assume the monthly rents in Dallas follow a Normal distribution with a

    asked by YOMO
  7. Math

    Kazuko has a beach ball. It is colored with six vertical sections, in order: white, orange, yellow, blue, red, and green. She spins the ball, and she notices that the colors whir by very fast. If the first color to go by is white and the ball spins around

    asked by Loren G

    One of your employees has suggested that your company develop a new product. You decide to take a random sample of your customers and ask whether or not there is interest in the new product. The response is on a 1 to 5 scale with 1 indicating "definitely

    asked by YOMO

    A survey of Internet users reported that 21% downloaded music onto their computers. The filing of lawsuits by the recording industry may be a reason why this percent has decreased from the estimate of 31% from a survey taken two years before. Suppose we

    asked by YOMO
  10. Math

    You want to have $60,000 college fund in 12 years. How much will you have to deposit now under the scenario below. Assume that you make no deposits into the account after the initial deposit. An APR of 8​% compounded daily. I know how to break the

    asked by Heather
  11. Trigonometry

    A tree is broken by wind forms a right angled triangle with the ground. If the broken part makes an angle 60 degree with the ground and the top of the tree is now 20 metre from its base,how tall was the tree?

    asked by Deepika
  12. politics

    Which of the following is NOT true about the electoral college? A. Except for Maine and Nebraska, the states appoint their members of the electoral college on a “winner-take-all” basis. B. A presidential candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win

    asked by bev
  13. Math

    I am a 4 digit number between 2000 and 5000. Each of my digit is an even number. Also,all my digits are identical. Who am I

    asked by Gaurav

    According to literature on brand loyalty, consumers who are loyal to a brand are likely to consistently select the same product. This type of consistency could come from a positive childhood association. To examine brand loyalty among fans of the Chicago

    asked by YOMO
  15. Personal Finance

    Which type of computation would a person use to determine current value of a desired amount for the future? A. Present value of a series of deposits B. Future value of a single amount C. Future value of a series of deposits D. Present value of a single

    asked by Bob
  16. ICD-10 coding

    A patient with known carcinoma of the pancreatic head is admitted with a Hgb of 9.1. She has been receiving Docetaxel chemotherapy and the physician diagnosed this new anemia as an adverse effect of the chemoterapy. The patient is treated with darbepoetin

    asked by Frank

    A survey of Internet users reported that 20% downloaded music onto their computers. The filing of lawsuits by the recording industry may be a reason why this percent has decreased from the estimate of 28% from a survey taken two years before. Assume that

    asked by YOMO
  18. politics

    Which of the following can create political pressure on federal judges? A. Judges can be impeached by Congress. B. They are appointed for life. C. The budget for the judiciary is controlled by Congress. D. Both A and C are correct. D?

    asked by bev
  19. math algebra

    The sum of 2 numbers is 400.If the first number is decreased by 20% and the second number is decreased by 15% then the sum would be 68 less than 400.Find the numbers after the decreasing.

    asked by someone please help!!!
  20. politics

    Which of the following could be used by a Republican senator to block a bill proposed by the Democratic majority in the Senate? A. Rule 22 B. The Rules Committee C. The cloture vote D. The filibuster D?

    asked by bev
  21. Math

    7. A rectangle field has an area of 300 square meters and a perimeter of 80 meters. What is the ratio of the length to the width of this field?

    asked by Rayvin
  22. politics

    The civil-service system arose in the late 19th century as a response to: A. the problems created by a small bureaucracy. B. the problem of states having too much public responsibility. C. the challenge of managing a growing rural economy. D. the

    asked by bev
  23. science

    A bottle full of water has mass of 100g. when the same bottle is filled with luquid X, its mass is found to be 80g.If the mass of an empty bottle is 50g, calculate the density of the liquid?

    asked by Anonymous
  24. politics

    Which of the following statements is NOT accurate? A. The seniority system favors members from one-party regions. B. The seniority system is often attacked as being undemocratic. C. Seniority is an unwritten rule, which is generally followed when

    asked by bev
  25. Math

    How many three-letter combinations are possible using the letters D, E, F, G, and H?

    asked by Abbie
  26. politics

    Which of the following is a restriction on congressional power over the federal courts? A. The power to create or expand federal courts B. Judges being constitutionally appointed for life terms C. The authority of Congress to enact spending and revenue

    asked by bev
  27. science 7b tecca

    which of the following ussually causes creep? volcanic activity low water content plate tectonics*** freezing and thawing of water beneath the soil.

    asked by celia
  28. Marketing

    Good marketing managers know that strategies can't influence consumer "wants." B.marketers can't create internal drives in consumers is not that difficult to develop a marketing strategy that gets consumers to do what they don't want to

    asked by Timmy
  29. politics

    The appointment of Justice Sonia Sotomayor by President Obama is an example of: A. a Democratic president appointing a liberal justice. B. a Democratic president appointing a moderate justice. C. the desire of President Obama to move the Supreme Court in a

    asked by bev
  30. math

    Each student in a class contributed as many paise as number of student in the class.teacher contributed rs 13 to make total collection of rs many students were in the class?

    asked by jk
  31. math

    Two cars,a and b travel in a straight line.The distance of a from the starting point is given by x=(4m/s)t+(1m\s^2)t^2;the distance of b from starting point is y=(2m/s^2)t^2+(2m/s^3)t^2; (a)At what times are the cars at the same point? (b)At what times is

    asked by tisha
  32. politics

    The president pro tempore of the Senate: A. is the longest-serving member from the majority party. B. also serves as the chamber’s majority leader. C. is the most powerful party leader. D. appoints members of the Rules Committee. B?

    asked by bev
  33. Math

    How do I convert numbers into percentages. The all of the percentage is out of 50%.

    asked by Bill
  34. math

    fuel gauge registers one third of a tank then ten gallons is added now the gauge reads three fourths of a tank. How many more gallons is needed to fill the tank?

    asked by Patricia
  35. politics

    A case challenging the rapidly growing public debt would likely NOT be considered by the Supreme Court because it is a: A. question already settled in prior court decisions. B. question that might cause Congress to limit judicial salaries. C. case that

    asked by bev
  36. Maths

    A tile layer is laying tiles on a square wall of sides 2metres. If each tile measures 20cm by 20cm,calculate: 1. The number of tile required to tile the entire wall. 2. The cost of the tiles if they are sold at $2.00 each.

    asked by Rachel
  37. Electives

    What do you do in an Interpersonal Studies class?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. maths

    the product of 2 number is 504347 . if one of the number 317 , find the other .

    asked by ananya

    In a study of the relationship between pet ownership and physical activity in older adults, 575 subjects reported that they owned a pet, while 1907 reported that they did not. Give a 90% confidence interval for the proportion of older adults in this

    asked by YOMO
  40. Math

    A lemonade machine with a cash price of $4000.00 is purchased on an installment plan with a$460.00 down payment and 13 monthly payments of 272.31. What is the amount financed

    asked by ALICE
  41. Math

    A square field has a side of 50 meters.How many times must an athlete jog around this field to cover a distance of 3 kilometers? Area = S x S = 50 × 50 =2500 meters .... I'm stuck

    asked by Rachel
  42. science

    The process that creates cells with different genetic combinations is a. asexual reproduction b. mitosis c. cell fission d. meiosis i believe its d?

    asked by student
  43. Accounting

    1) What does the accounting profession has to offer (besides salary) 2) What are some facts/enticing details about the accounting profession? 3) How do you earn a Cpa designation for it? I tried looking it up but can't find a layout.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Maths

    Judy made a rectangular shaped figure of dimensions 20cm by 5cm with a piece of clay . She then took the same amount of clay and made a square figure. If the thickness of the square is the same as that of the rectangle, calculate the length of one side of

    asked by Rachel
  45. Marketing

    The goal of target marketers is to develop unique marketing strategies that find unsatisfied customers to whom they can then offer superior value through more attractive marketing mixes. True or False I pick true please check my answer.

    asked by Timmy
  46. science

    A scientist is examining a multicellular organism that has a cell wall. What kingdom does this belong to? a. Fungi b. Animalia c. Plantae d. Eubacteria i believe that its a

    asked by thing
  47. politics

    Conference committees: A. are temporary bodies comprised of “hand-picked” senators and representatives. B. are comprised of all majority-party members. C. meet to override a presidential veto. D. meet to schedule annual party caucus events. A?

    asked by bev
  48. politics

    Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857): A. invalidated the Missouri Compromise. B. upheld the Wilmot Proviso. C. declared the “one man, one vote” rule. D. challenged the right to own slaves. A?

    asked by bev
  49. politics

    Senatorial courtesy: A. gives a senator a role in appointing judges. B. means that questioning judicial nominees follows committee seniority. C. played a role in confirming judges in the nineteenth century but is no longer practiced. D. refers to senators

    asked by bev
  50. Business Statistics

    The growth in bad-debt expense for ABC Company over the last 20 years is given , year growth in debt expense 1997 0.11 1998 0.09 1999 0.08 2000 0.08 2001 0.1 2002 0.11 2003 0.12 2004 0.1 2005 0.07 2006 0.09 2007 0.08 2008 0.05 2009 0.04 2010 0.08 2011 0.5

    asked by Ankita
  51. Punctuation

    The patient was being seen for an injured left ankle he suffered during a motorcycle accident (On a dirt race track, l believe.) This patient had a longstanding history of depression and has expressed thoughts of suicidial ideation [which seemed to peak

    asked by PJ
  52. Computers

    What are the particular hardware elements that have a direct memory access device?

    asked by Raul
  53. Math

    What is the maximum number of square tickets of side 10 cm that can be obtained from a square sheet measuring 1 metre on each side? Area of square= 1m×1m =1metre =100cm =100÷10 = 10 cm^

    asked by Bats
  54. politics

    Which of the following limits the president to two terms of office under most circumstances? A. The custom of presidents only running for two terms B. The Presidential Succession Act of 1949 C. Article II of the Constitution D. The Twenty-second Amendment

    asked by bev
  55. Math

    A man travels distance 18km/h from his house . To an exhibition by rickshaw at 15km .and return back on cycle at 20km/h. Find his average speed for the whole journey

    asked by Sadique
  56. algerbra

    The school is selling tickets the first day the school sold 11 senior tickets and 4 child tickets a total of $93. the school sold $71 worth of tickets the second day 9 senior tickets and 2 child tickets find the price of a senior ticket and the price of a

    asked by Rocky
  57. algebra

    the sum of a 2 digit number is 6 when you reverse its digits you increase the number by 36 my answer is 3 is that correct

    asked by Rocky
  58. Optics

    Find the focal length of a double concave lens made of glass (n=1.52), having radii of curvature of 6.5 cm and 7.5 cm.

    asked by Edmonds
  59. physics

    You're driving on the freeway going 90km per hour and it starts to rain. The raindrops make an angle of 40 degrees with the vertical when viewed through the driver's side window. What is the speed of the raindrops measured by someone at rest relative to

    asked by mable
  60. math

    how long take to make 127000 grow into 425000

    asked by wayne
  61. maths

    the sum of two number is 25. one of the number exceeds the other by 9. fin d the number

    asked by sarim
  62. science

    What is the main function of glycoxisomes (is organell) ???

    asked by sisay
  63. calculus

    ind the radius of convergence, R,and the interval, I, of the series. n=3 [x^(n+1)]/(5n!)

    asked by lidiya
  64. calculus

    Find the interval, I, of convergence of the series n=0 [((-1)^n)(x-5)^n]/(3n+1)

    asked by lidiya
  65. Physical Education

    What does 'fullback' mean in soccer/or football? Are a sweeper and a stopper 'fullbacks'? What about a left back and a right back in the 4-4-2 formation? Aren't they fullbacks? Are there only two fullback or four fullbacks in the 4-4-2 formation?

    asked by rfvv
  66. calculus

    Find the radius of convergence, R,and the interval, I, of the series. starting n=1 [(x-4)^n]/(n^n)

    asked by lidiya
  67. Physical Education

    1. In soccer or football, what is the name for the midfielder? Is he a center midfielder or a central midfielder? I mean the two players in the middle.

    asked by rfvv
  68. math

    The ratio of Toby's salary to George's salary is 13:8. The ratio of George's salary to Bill's salary is 2:3. Find the ratio of Toby's salary to Bill's salary, and Bill's salary to total salary.

    asked by Anonymous
  69. Calculus

    How do we integrate [(cosx)^2(nx)(sin(nx))]/[a-(cos(nx))] dx?

    asked by Shenaya