Questions Asked on
May 20, 2017

  1. Math. HELP!

    1. What is an equation for the line with slope 2/3 and y-intercept 9? 2. What is an equation in slope-intercept form for the line that passes through the points (1,-3) and (3,1). 3. For the equation -4y = 8x, what is the constant of variation? 4. Suppose y

    asked by Catalena
  2. Spanish

    unit 10: computadoras y tecnologia unit test. Need some help

    asked by HelpMeJesus
  3. English

    In the odyssey Penelope best displays loyalty when she A) Weeps in her bed at night. B) Devises a plan to delay her marriage in Odysseus's absence. C) Finishes sewing a burial shroud for Odysseus's father. D) Announces that she will marry the winner of the

    asked by Victoria
  4. biostatistic

    The average per capita spending on health care in the United Statesis $5274. If the standard deviation is $600 and the distribution of health care spending is approximatelynormal, what is the probability that a randomly selected person spends more than

    asked by Biostatistic
  5. Math

    1.Mia charges $2.25 per hour when she babysits, plus $5.00 for transportation expenses.Which function rule represents the amount y mia charges to babysit for x hours? A)Y = 2.25x + 5.00*** B)X = 5.00y + 2.25 C)Y = 5.00x + 2.25 D)Y = 7.25x 2.(So this one is

    asked by Reeses

    which of the following made the Vietnam war from the united states previous military involvements?

    asked by HELP
  7. LA

    what are two ways tock and humbug are differentin act 2 of the phantom tollbooth

    asked by SIERRA
  8. Social Studies

    What was the significance of the Moral Majority and the "Contract with America"? What was the significance of the Moral Majority and the "Contract with America"? a) They both called for an end to all forms of discrimination b) They led to increased budget

    asked by No Name
  9. chemistry

    What will happen if ammonium chloride solution is used to standardize the potassium tetraoxomangate(vii)solution?

    asked by Stephen
  10. math

    Male and female high school students reported how many hours they worked each week in summer jobs. The data is represented in the following box plots: two box plots shown. The top one is labeled Males. Minimum at 1, Q1 at 3, median at 10.5, Q3 at 14,

    asked by dd
  11. Math

    A real estate salesperson bought promotional calendars and date books to give to her customers at the end of the year. The calendars cost ​$0.750.75 ​each, and the date books cost ​$0.500.50 each. She ordered a total of 500500 promotional items and

    asked by James
  12. Math

    One-tenth of the cars in a car park are yellow. Another car arrives and now one-ninth of the cars are yellow. How many cars are now in the car park?

    asked by SJJ
  13. Algebra

    I have a few of these questions that I need help on, please help me! 1. 16x^2 + 2 + 2x - 15x^2 - 1 + 14x 2. 2x^2 + 8 8 - 4x + 3x - 6x^2 + 7 3. 2x^2 = 6x - 7x +8 - 3x^2 + 1 5. (m^2 - m - 4) + (m - 5) 6. (5x^2 + x - 3) - (-2x^3 + 4) 9. 64^10/64^5 10.

    asked by Sara
  14. trigonometry

    . A surveyor wishes to measure the distance across Pasig River. She sets up her transit at a point C on the bank of the river, and sights on a point B on the other bank directly opposite her. Then she turns the transit through a right angle, and measures

    asked by cyril
  15. MATH

    If one of the legs of a right triangle is 4 in and the hypotenuse is 8 in, find the length of the other leg (use a calculator if necessary). Can you guess the measures of the acute angles?

    asked by Ganett
  16. Physics

    If a wheel revolving at 1800 r.p.m. slows down uniformly to 1200 r.p.m. in 25s, calculate the angular acceleration of the wheel and the number of revolutions it makes in this time.

    asked by Rupsa
  17. History

    How are members of the 1960s counterculture movement similar to the beatniks of the 1950's? A.They support the military draft. B.They ignore most political issues. C.They rejected materialism and tradition. D.They supported business and competition.

    asked by Sierra was HELP
  18. History

    The voting rights act of 1965 did not end discrimination but what did it do? A. Increase culture segregation of Neighbors in the North. B.It remove obstacles like literacy test for African Americans voting in the south. C.It increase racial inequality in

    asked by Sierra was HELP
  19. History

    The voting rights act of 1965 did not end discrimination but what did it do? A. Increase culture segregation of Neighbors in the North. B.It remove obstacles like literacy test for African Americans voting in the south. C.It increase racial inequality in

    asked by Sierra was HELP
  20. math science geography

    A resultant force of 15.00n acts on a body for 4s mass 4kg. calculate the change in momentum of the body within this period

    asked by john
  21. Chemistry

    Question : ka1 and ka2 values of H2X is given 1*(10)^-5 M and 1*(10)^-9 M.50cm^3 of 0.2 M KOH and 50 cm^3 of H2X of unknown concentration is mixed together and the pH of the final solution is given as 7. 1)Find the concentration of H2X 2)Find the pH of the

    asked by Aanya
  22. algebra

    A biologist knows that the average length of a leaf of a certain full-grown plant is 4 inches. The standard deviation of the population is 0.6 inch. A sample of 20 leaves of that type of plant given a new type of plant food had an average length of 4.2

    asked by probability and statistic

    10N force applied at an angle of 30 degrees with the horizontal, find its horizontal component

    asked by RAZZAK
  24. Algebra

    What are the first four terms of the sequence represented by the expression n(n - 1) - 4? A.) -2, 2, 6, 10 B.) -3, 0, 3, 6 C.) -4, -2, 2, 8 D.) -5, -4, -2, 6 I don't get this question, can someone help please?

    asked by Dylan
  25. Physics

    Three equal charge Q each are place in the vertices of an equilateral triangle of side a.What is the resultant force on any one charge due to the other two?

    asked by Banti pegu
  26. maths

    cutting a circle into equal section of a small central angle to find the area of a circle and olso find area by 4 a sector of rectangle from circle

    asked by sohel
  27. math

    On the set of axes below, graph the function represented by y=cubed root of x-2 for the domain -6< or equal to x< or equal to 10. x column I did -6, 1, 2 , 3 ,10 y column I did -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 Then I plotted these points. Is this correct? Thanks for

    asked by sara
  28. math

    The fourth term of a GP is 6 and the seventh term is -48,calculate (a)common ratio (b)first term(c)sum of the first eleven terms

    asked by Adesanya
  29. Math

    There are 36 books on a bookcase.there are 9 nonfiction,12 fiction,and 15 science fiction. What is the probability of choosing a nonfiction book of choosing a fiction book of choosing a science fiction book?

    asked by Alan
  30. Chemistry

    When 25.3 mL of 0.100 M NaOH was reacted with 18.8 mL of H2SO4 of unknown molarity, the final solution was 0.029207 M in H2SO4. What is the molarity of the original H2SO4 solution? The equation for the reaction is: 2 NaOH + H2SO4 → Na2SO4 + 2 H2O

    asked by Haley
  31. language arts

    An outline is a. a dictionary entry b. an organized or systematized arrangement of important elements of a topic c. a place to locate information d. all of the above

    asked by babygirl
  32. English languge

    Identify the direct and indirect object in the following sentences using D.O. for direct object and I.D. for indirect objects. 1. Mr. Brown asked the principal several questions. 2. Our neighbor told us stories about her life in china. 3. The assistant

    asked by Banko
  33. algerbra

    i did my question already but i was wondering if someone could double check my work. the question says to graph the following function on the grpah f(x)={|x|, -3 is equal to or less than x less than 2} {2x-8, x less than or equal to 2} i dont know if its

    asked by Liz
  34. Social Studies

    What comparisons do hitler stalin and mussolini have in common and what do mussolini and stalin have in common? I need more than one.

    asked by Emily
  35. Reading

    What is the turning point in the book Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie S. Tolan?

    asked by SummerDayz
  36. Chemistry

    What volume of a 0.500 M NaOH solution is needed to neutralize 60.0 mL of 0.15 M HCl solution?

    asked by Nasir
  37. algebra

    Use factoring and zero-product property to solve: x^2-x-2=4 Thanks.

    asked by Anneliese
  38. vectors

    Given ABCDEF express CD in terms of AB and BC

    asked by Kathy
  39. Algebra

    How do we show that the expression x^2 + 2ax + b is no less than b^2 - a^2? If we take this has/have real root(s) we can tell that 4a^2 - 4c>= 0. But how do we prove the given?

    asked by Aanyao
  40. politics

    The exclusionary rule refers to: A. those cases that the Supreme Court will not hear. B. a principle upheld in Brown v. Board of Education (1954). C. throwing out evidence obtained by unconstitutional means. D. an intent to withhold information from the

    asked by bev
  41. Engineering Systems

    How the jack exerts a force?

    asked by Emihle
  42. Math

    which table of values satisfies the equation shown below? y=x+4

    asked by HAPPY
  43. Physics

    A charge q is placed at h distance from the base of centre . Find the flux ?

    asked by Ritik
  44. Mathematics

    If Z= [tan 2x -i(sin x+cos x)]/[1+i sin x] is completely imaginary, find x.(0

    asked by Kimasha
  45. math

    The no of terms in an AP is 40 and the last is -54,given that the sum of the 15 terms added to the sum of the first 30 terms is zero.calculate(1)the first term and common difference.(2)sum of progression

    asked by Adesanya
  46. French

    I wondered if you could proofread a text I made: Demain, je vais dormir autant que possible avant que je me réveille. Donc, je vais à la cuisine et le petit déjeuner manger. Quand je vais finir de manger donc je vais très probablement redescends et

    asked by clarissa
  47. mathematics

    Constuct an equilateral triangle with side length : a)6cm b)4cm c)2cm

    asked by licebo
  48. Chemistry

    Would glacial ethanoic acid have (l) or (aq) state symbol? I'm thinking liquid as it doesn't contain any water but would just like to confirm as struggling to find any equations involving it online? Thank you :)

    asked by Rebecca
  49. math

    The first term of a GP is A and the common ratio is R Given that A=2r and the sum to infinity is 4.calculate the third term

    asked by Adesanya
  50. math

    I have 440 feet of fence. After fencing in a square region, I have 136 feet of fence left

    asked by lori
  51. Pre-Calculus 12

    Write the following expression as a single logarithm: 4 log 3 + 2

    asked by Ryan
  52. science

    2C3H6+2H2+N2+5O2→2CH3COONH3+2CO2+2H2O WHY?

    asked by QUICK ANSWER
  53. Mathematics Algebra

    How do we show that the value of the expression is not less than (b^2 - a^2)? I don't have any idea about proceeding on.Do we have to perform a differentiation or ?

    asked by Aanya
  54. Mathematics Algebra

    Question: If the expression (x^2 + 2x +4)/(x^2 - 2x - 4) has a value between (1/3) and 3 for all real values of x, determine the range of the expression [9.(3)^x + 6.(3)^2x + 4]/[ 9.(3)^2x - 6.(3)^x +4 My thoughts on the question: I can see that if we

    asked by Dulyana