Questions Asked on
May 19, 2017

  1. Science

    1. How Ian an areas topography determined? A. By using an areas longitude and latitude B. By using an areas scale C. By using an areas elevation, relief, and landforms * D. By using an areas elevation, longitude and latitude I really need to check my

    asked by Malie
  2. @Connexus cheat - banned

    Asking for answers is not allowed here.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  3. Chemistry

    If a 500ml brine is electrolysed with current of strength 0.5A,how many seconds would it take to achieve natural point

    asked by Shilpa saxena
  4. Math 6b

    The spinner is divided into equal parts. Use a tree diagram to find the probability that the spinner will land on a consonant the first time and a vowel the second time if the spinner is spun twice My spinner has 3 parts, N E and U A:2/3 B:2/9 C:3/4 D:5/9

    asked by Jaden
  5. math

    Janine is considering buying a water filter and a reusable water bottle rather than buying bottled water. Will doing so save her money? First, determine what information you need to answer this question, then click here to display that info (along with

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Physics

    3. Consider a freely falling object. a. What is the acceleration (in m/s2) after 5 seconds of fall? b. What is the acceleration (in m/s2) after 10 seconds of fall? c. What is the velocity (in m/s) after 5 seconds of fall? d. What is the velocity (in m/s)

    asked by Brit
  7. Math (please HELP)

    which polynomial does the model represent (Model shows: 1 big black square, 1 long black rectangles, 2 long blank rectangles, 3 small black squares, 1 small blank square) A) -x^3+2x^2-3x+2 *** b.)x^2+x-2 c.)-x^2-x+2 d.)-x^2+x-2

    asked by Carlee
  8. Math, factoring

    Two of the roots of x^4 +ax^3 +ax^2+11x+b=0 are 3 and -2. 1. Find the value of a and b 2. Find the other roots. I believe that a = -3 and b = -6. I am unsure of how to find the other roots. Please show how you found the answer.

    asked by Adeline
  9. Chemistry

    The electrolysis of 250ml of a brine solution was carried out for a period of 20mins with a current of 2A. The resulting solution was titrated with 0.62M HCL. How many ml of HCL would be required to achieve natural point

    asked by Shilpa saxena
  10. Chemistry

    A substance has a molecular formula of C8H10N4O2. The empirical formula is -

    asked by Cheyenne
  11. Literature

    The university of human suffering is seen in which lines from "Any Human to Another"? "Through the fat/And past the bone" "Joy may be shy, unique,/Friendly to a few" "A little tent/Pitched in a meadow" "Sorrow never scorned to speak/To any" My choice is C

    asked by sammiexo
  12. Math Probability

    A number cube is rolled 450 times. The number 3 comes up 67 times. What is the theoretical and experimental probability of rolling a 3 ? I think the answer is 2/9 but not sure of the process. Can someone explain to me. Sorry to be so much trouble. Thanks

    asked by JAMIE
  13. Math

    A veterinary clinic plans to build four identical dog kennels along the side of its building using 210 feet of fencing. (See the picture.) What should be the dimensions of each kennel to maximize the enclosed area? (Note: No fencing is needed along the

    asked by Ape
  14. American Government

    Which of the following best explains a benefit of splitting the head of state and head of government roles between the monarch and the prime minister? a. The monarch can become involved in crafting public policy. b. The prime minister can aggressively

    asked by Elise Bedford
  15. Maths

    Nick is five years older than Ben. The sum of their ages is 33. How old is Nick?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. math

    Evaluate the following expressions: a. 11^0 b. 11^2 / 11^2 c. are the answers to parts a and b the same? Explain why or why not? Can i get a answer please im stuck

    asked by help me!!!!
  17. Chemistry

    The density of aluminum is 2.70 g/ml. What is the mass of a cube of Al that measures 2.20 cm on each side?(remember significant figures and to include the units of g in your answer, remember that 1 ml=1 cm3) Need help can someone go step by step so I can

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math 6b

    You roll a number cube twice. Find P(even then not 2). Write the probability as a fraction in simplest form. I don't know the answer to this one but I'm just asking for the process so I can solve it.

    asked by Jaden
  19. Math

    at 3pm one day , the shadow of a tree was 5m long. At the same time a 2m long corn stalk had a shadow which was 3m long. how high is the baobab?

    asked by Nathan
  20. Geometry

    To the nearest degree, what angle does a hill with a grade of 11% make with a horizontal line? A. 6* B. 11* C. 79* D.84*

    asked by Jenny
  21. American Government

    Which of the following statements is true of the Soviet union in the decades after the Bolshevik revolution? A. The Soviet Union failed to industrialize or become a military power B. The Soviet Union became a democratic republic with an emphasis on

    asked by Elise Bedford
  22. Science

    How do global positioning systems use elevation points on Earths system to find latitude and longitude A. By using signals from a network of satellite B. By using topographic maps C. By using satellite images D. By using photography

    asked by John
  23. Math

    Janine has 3 3/4 cup of flour. She uses 1/3 of the flour to make pancakes. How many cups of flour did she use??

    asked by Yoyo
  24. Math Probability

    You mix the letters M,A,T,H,E,M,A,T,I,C,A and L, thoroughly, Without looking , you draw one letter. Find the probability P(A). Write the probability as: A) fraction in simplest form B) a decimal C) a percent there are 3 letter A"s, so my answers are A)1/4

    asked by JAMIE
  25. Physics

    Two parallel wires separated by 16 cm are carrying currents of 14 A (left) and 20A (right) in the same direction (up the page). Determine the magnetic field at position 3 cm to the right of the 20A wire. Calculate the distance where the magnetic field

    asked by Gunner
  26. Literature

    Which of the following best describes the town of Grover's Corner in Thornton Wilder's play, Our Town? traditional modern mysterious violent My choice is B

    asked by sammiexo
  27. Science

    I need help on this letter. You do not have to give me full answers but if you do give me a full answer, I will use it but edit it into my own words. Now it is time to apply and share what you have learned so far about energy sources. After completing the

    asked by Chiki
  28. math

    From a barrel of colored marbles, you randomly select 5 blue, 2 yellow, 3 red,4 green, and 2 purple. Find the experimental probability of randomly selecting a marble that is NOT yellow. 1) 9/16 2) 7/8 3) 8/9 4) 3/4 I think 7/8 Thanks.

    asked by JAMIE
  29. Math (Double checking trig identity)

    Since sec^2θ - 1 = tan^2θ I know this is trivial, but I want to make sure I'm doing this right before I apply it to the integral I'm trying to solve... If I have some constant a, (a^2secθ)^2 - (a^2)^2 If I wanted to change this to tan would it be:

    asked by Ray
  30. English

    I have to write a research proposal for english! Here is what's written: Review your final research proposal draft one last time. Make sure that your topic focuses on some cultural aspect of one of the countries (Turkey, Armenia, Iraq, India, or Sri

    asked by Gina
  31. Algebra

    How many solutions does the system of equations have? 3x+12y=20 y=-1/4x+5/3 A) one C) infinitely many B) two D) none

    asked by Victoria
  32. Science

    When iron is heated with sulphur, iron sulphide is formed . Name the reaction

    asked by Ruchi
  33. Physics

    A particle, travelling at 5.2x10^3 ms, with a charge of 1.6uC, is moving up the page. It is at right angles to a magnetic field of 6.4 T in the direction of right. What is the magnitude and direction of the force on the particle?

    asked by Simmo
  34. British Literature

    Can Someone Please Help Me With My British Lit questions? I have been looking for help everywhere :( Anybody?

    asked by Carly
  35. history

    HELP PLEASE!!! Which statement represents how farmers were affected by the war? A the population decreased due to the draft B more crops were grown in the region than ever before C Shipbuilding expanded its workforce D aircraft factories employed thousands

    asked by lindacampoalegre2
  36. geography

    What's the capital city of Zambia? And where is Zambia situated?

    asked by Bertha
  37. Georgia State History

    Which of the following is a use of credit? A)buying groceries with cash B)purchasing home by taking out a mortgage C)purchasing something in exchange for a service D)paying with a personal check***

    asked by Anonymous
  38. geometry

    Two circles touch each other. One of the circles has a diameter of 26 cm and the other circle has a diameter of 12 cm. Write down (a) the least distance between the centres of the two circles, (b) the greatest distance between the centres of the two

    asked by emika
  39. chemistry (science)

    explain the observed temperature change upon mixing ethanol and cyclohexane.

    asked by mercy
  40. history

    Can anyone please paraphrase the first amendment

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Math

    Find the vertex focus directrix and axis of symmetry of each parabola y²–8x–6y–3=0

    asked by Robert
  42. Physics

    A positive ion moves at a velocity of 2.4x10^5 ms in a circular path of radius 1.8m when a magnetic field of 0.315 T is applied. Find the mass of the ion. Assume a single charge.

    asked by Edmonds
  43. MATH

    Sarah rolled a fair six-sided die 24 times. The table below shows the number of times each number was rolled: Number Cube Experiment Number on the Cube Number of Times Appeared 1 6 2 4 3 0 4 9 5 3 6 2 According to the results in the chart, what is the

    asked by HH
  44. Physics

    If a sound has a wavelength of 3 m, what is its frequency? Use 340 m/s for its speed of sound.

    asked by Claudia
  45. Geometry

    Two circles touch each other. One of the circles has a diameter of 26 cm and the other circle has a diameter of 12 cm. Write down (a) the least distance between the centres of the two circles, (b) the greatest distance between the centres of the two

    asked by Anonymous
  46. physics

    a tennis ball of mass 20g is released from rest at a height of 4m above the ground. on hitting the ground,it raises to a height of 3m.find the velocity with which it hits the ground.

    asked by Sasha
  47. math

    Two circles touch each other. One of the circles has a diameter of 26 cm and the other circle has a diameter of 12 cm. Write down (a) the least distance between the centres of the two circles, ....................................................... cm (b)

    asked by david
  48. Social Studies

    What was a common thread in the fall of communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe? A) a decline in education and health care******* B) poor economies and demands for more rights C) a lack of strong leaders in communist governments D) support for military

    asked by DollupofDaisy
  49. Chemistry

    A solution is made by dissolving 10.20 grams of glucose (C6H12O6) in 355 grams of water. What is the freezing point depression of the solvent if the freezing point constant is -1.86 °C/m?

    asked by Joseph
  50. Math

    A baseball diamond has an are of 8100 ft^2. How many feet would a player run if he hit a home run.

    asked by Tarnpreet
  51. Math

    A dealership has 5 red cars out of 20 cars. Based on his ratio, predict how many red cars the dealership would have if they had 100 cars. A. 4 B. 25 * C.400 D. 75 Which of the following is an example of independent events? A. rolling two number cubes ** B.

    asked by Please check answers :)
  52. Science physics

    mandy drops a 2.0kg book from a height of 4.5m. how much work has gravity done on the book? M=2.0kg D= 4.5m Not actually sure what to do next. Because none of the formulas work. I need work but I don't even know the force. To find force I need mass which I

    asked by Sarah
  53. Science

    Explain the law of motion needed to solve this problem and then solve it. On Planet Zorg, a 30 kg barbell can be lifted by only exerting a force of 180 N. What is the acceleration of gravity on Planet Zorg? Predict how the motion of this object would

    asked by Mai Life
  54. Math

    What is the probability of rolling cube and getting a 4 and then an even number? A. 1/6 B. 1/2** C. 1/12 D. 2/3 A coin is tossed and a number cube is rolled. What is P(heads, a number less than 5)? A 1/3 B 5/12 C 2/3 D 5/6

    asked by Check pls
  55. Social studies

    How do economists calculate gross domestic product (GDP)? 1 point A - By adding up all the taxes collected by federal and state governments during one year B- By adding up all of the products consumed within a nation during one year C- By adding up all the

    asked by Waves wit da hoodie
  56. english

    An extensive list that identifies sources cited in your research report is called a(n):

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Math

    A baseball diamond has an are of 8100 ft^2. How many feet would a player run if he hit a home run.

    asked by Tarnpreet
  58. Science

    Do global positioning systems use elevation on Earths system to find latitude and longitude A. By using signals from a network of satellite B. By using topographic maps C. By using satellite images D. By using photography

    asked by John
  59. Business

    Help? I'm not good at business 1. Jacob is leading the strategic planning meetings for the nonprofit organization he works for. They are a new organization and are working toward getting all staff on the same page regarding the big picture and goals of the

    asked by |-/
  60. algebra

    You may use a spreadsheet for this one. If $60 is put in an account that gets 7% per year, and I add $15 at the end of each year, how much will I have at the end of 8 years

    asked by sondra
  61. science

    what does native americas not use tortora reed for

    asked by babygirl
  62. math

    a bag contains 9 green marbles and 11 white marbles. you select a marble at random. what are the odds in favor of picking a green marble? A.) 9:20 B.) 2:9 C.) 11:9 D.) 9:11

    asked by math test need help!!! plz asap
  63. m

    what are the first four terms represented by n(n-2)-3

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Pre- Algebra

    If you were to roll a fair number cube 120 times, how many times would you expect to roll a 4 based on theoretical probability

    asked by Angel
  65. maths

    2-Log base 10 5

    asked by cherie
  66. chemistry

    Now use the average value of Kb the base dissociation constant of acetate anion to calculate an average value for Ka, the acid dissociation constant of acetic acid. Kb: 1.33x10^-10

    asked by Jenn
  67. Math

    Sammy likes to mix and match her 4 necklaces , 2 bracelets, and 3 hats. The colors are listed in the table. ON Monday, she randomly picks a bracelet, a necklace, and a hat. what is the probability of Sammy choosing a red necklace and a yellow bracelet. A.

    asked by Blaire
  68. Math

    Hi! I was wondering after you simplify a radical, can you add the rest of the equation to whats outside of the radical? ex. 20 + 10√35 Would that be 30√35 or would it stay as 20+10√35 Thank you in advance, this is really bugging me! :)

    asked by Rei
  69. science

    calculate the work done in moving a mass of 50 kg from one point to another point if the gravitational potential diffrence between these two points is 2*10^3j/kg

    asked by Tara psd
  70. History

    I really need help on the History Decades of growth test for connections can someone help me

    asked by Random dude
  71. science

    A ball is thrown from a height of 10m with certain initial downward velocity. It hits the ground and loses 50% of its energy during the impact and rises back to the sane height. What was its initial downward velocity of projection?

    asked by Tara psd
  72. math

    Write a function rule for the data in the table. Input (x) 1 2 3 4 5 Output(y) 6 8 10 12 14 I've been looking at this for about an hour now and can't figure out how to write it. I understand what the rule is, but I dont know how to write it as a function

    asked by meow
  73. math


    asked by sam
  74. Math

    one tank have 550 liter oil 2/5 part oil is sold and 1/5 is poured from tank how many oil is remaining in the tank

    asked by Utkarsh
  75. Statistics

    A scratch-card costs 5¤ and has two possible prizes. There is a 10% chance you get 5¤ back and a 1% chance you get 100¤. In all other cases, you get nothing. Let X denote your net winnings, i.e, (X = prize - cost). What are the expectation and standard

    asked by Emilia
  76. Cornhole

    I need to unscramble these letters for a cornhole tournament puntarellipamelakathrynhuckaby

    asked by Kathy
  77. Math

    2/9 of the number of pupils are boys. There are 75 more girls than boys. How many pupils are there in the school?

    asked by Emilie
  78. science

    the energy role of the first organism in a food chain is always

    asked by babygirl
  79. Physics

    Suppose you are provided with 500 dice.calculate the number of throws that is equivalent to one half life and the decay costant for the process.under radioactivity decay analogue experiment

    asked by Kevin
  80. scence

    he movement of matter through the biosphere is different from the flow of energy in that particulart area which It is cycled through. Generally, the biosphere is a closed system, so matter remains fairly constant. Energy on the other hand, it enters and

    asked by babygirl
  81. science

    the_____ biome is characterized by its lack of trees warm tempeture and moderate rainfall nitrogen fixing am i right

    asked by babygirl
  82. French

    Hi I wrote this today and I wondered if you could help me see if there is anything wrong with my grammar: "Je me levé à dix heures. Je suis monte les escaliers pour prendre le petit déjeuner. J’ai mange une tranche de pain avec fromage. J’ai bu

    asked by Marie
  83. Math

    What are the coefficient in the polynomial 5x2+2x-4? 5,2 -5,-2 5,2,-4 5,-2,-4

    asked by Carlee
  84. Math

    The quotientire and reminder are x-2 and -2x+4 respectively when the polynomial x^3-3x^2+x+2 is divided by g(x) find g (x).

    asked by ABC
  85. Science

    A bicycle and its rider have a combined mass of 90kg. The cyclist is accelerating at 0.5m/s^2. What minimum force is he exerting? F=m•a F=90kg•0.5m/s^2 F= 45N However the answer on my answer key says 5×10^1

    asked by Sarah
  86. Math 6b

    If a coin is tossed and a number cube is rolled, what is the probability that the coin shows heads and the number cube shows 3 A:1/2 B:1/9 C:1/6 D:1/12 I think the answer is D. thank you

    asked by Jaden
  87. Math

    Find Solution set of under root x means positive square root of x.

    asked by ABC
  88. Math

    The function T(h) = 144 – 0.003h represents the Temperature, T(h), at a height h on a mountain. Which of the following statements best describes the slope?

    asked by Kate
  89. Math

    The price of a table was Rs was first increased by 30%.after a week the shop owner decreased the price by 25%.what is the new price of the table.

    asked by ABC
  90. History

    Write a paragraph describing how the U.S. goverment managed the economy during world war 1 and the economic effects of that managment. consider the roles played by the food administration, the war industries board (WIB), and the war labor board

    asked by baklava