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May 18, 2017

  1. Spanish

    Explain how to conjugate pedir and servir in the present tense. To conjugate both words to pat tense all you have to do is change the last two latter at the end of the word. Pedir mean to ask so at the end of pedir you can just change ir to ar,or,and er

    asked by Spanish
  2. math

    You're planning on making 4 meatloafs for a party. You go to the store to buy breadcrumbs, and see they are sold by the canister. How many canisters do you need to buy? •How much breadcrumbs does the recipe call for? It calls for 1 1/4 cups of

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Algebra2

    What is the 50th term of the sequence that begins -2,4,10,16? My answer is 292

    asked by Steve
  4. math

    china population is 1.33 billion and continues to grow at the same rate,how many years until the population reaches 1.5 billion people?

    asked by adam
  5. math

    A girl starts from point A and walks 285m to B on a bearing of 078.She then walks due south to a point C which is 307m from A. What is the bearing of A from C,and what is {BC}? please i need the answer urgent ooo it is an assignment pls help me fast

    asked by charles
  6. Economics

    How does scarcity affect producers? A.) Limited costs prevent producers from hiking prices. * B.) Limited demand prevents producers from offering low prices. C.) Limited time prevents producers from finding the best employees. D.) Limited resources prevent

    asked by .
  7. Social Studies

    1. Which are functions of money? Select all that apply. (3 points) store of value producer of resources unit of account medium of exchange record of finances unit of output 2. What is the main advantage of using money instead of bartering? (1 point) Things

    asked by BeepBeepBoopBoop
  8. American Government check my answers

    1. According to the excerpt, the ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges did what? Select all that apply. (2 points) extended and continued the protections of the Equal Protection Clause to same-sex couples*** applied the Fourteenth Amendment to race rendered the

    asked by Anon
  9. GEOM B

    Check over my answers? 28. A kite has diagonals 7.8 ft and 6 ft. What is the area of the kite? A. 23.4 ft^2**** B. 46.8 ft^2 C. 41.4 ft^2 D. 10.8 ft^2 29. What is the area of a regular hexagon with an apothem 13 inches long and a side 15 inches long? Round

    asked by |-/
  10. Math

    Prove that (1+tan21) (1+tan28) (1+tan24) (1+tan17) = 4

    asked by Suresh
  11. math

    Which of these glasses contains more liquid? Glass A contains about twice as much as glass B Glass A contains about 20% more than glass B Glass A and B contain about the same amount Glass B contains about 20% more than glass A Glass B contains about twice

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Chemistry - Significant Figures

    Suppose it takes 35 min for 2.4 g of sugar to completely react with another reagent we added to the flask. What would the reaction rate be? Calculate to the correct number of significant figures.

    asked by Jamie
  13. probability math

    you have a set of 10 cards numbered 1 to 10. You choose a card at random. event A is choosing a number less than 4. Event B is choosing an even number. Calculate the probability of A.

    asked by anna


    asked by MYSTERY STUDENT
  15. math homework

    two boats A and B left a port C at the same time on different routes. B travelled on a bearing of 150 and A travelled on the north side of B. When A had travelled 8km and the two boats was found to be 12km. Calculate the bearing of A route from C. Show

    asked by Christiana
  16. language arts

    What is the appositive in this sentence? My father, David, goes to the golf course on Sundays. David father golf course Sundays

    asked by caroline
  17. chemistry ( little urgent pls)

    For oxidation of iron 4Fe+3O2=2Fe2O3 the entropy change is -549.45JK^-1mol^-1 at 298K. Though it has negative entropy change in the reaction is spotaneous.why? (Delta r H theta ∆rH°=-1648×10^3 J ml^-1. Is it because ∆G is negative????

    asked by MeGaTrOn
  18. Math-age problem

    The sum of the present ages of George and his father is 60 years. In 6 years his father will be twice as old as George will be. Find their present ages.

    asked by Awsomeness
  19. Math

    Suppose you earn $20 each time you mow the lawn. Use function notation to describe the relationship between your total earnings E and the number of times m you mow the lawn. I dont really understand this. If someone could explain it to me I would

    asked by meow
  20. History

    need help please I have to do history, decades of growth unit test for connections academy and i really need to get it done quickly the question is: Which supporting detail would most likely appear in a discussion of population growth in Washington a.

    asked by Random dude
  21. American Government

    What is the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)? How does it influence the economy? Explain the difference between capitalism and communism. What role does the government play in each type of economic system?

    asked by Elise Bedford
  22. American government check my answer

    Statement 1 – Illegal immigrants who have resided in the United States for years should qualify for alternative paths to citizenship. Statement 2 – Diversity in backgrounds and experience creates a society that teaches tolerance and respect. Statement

    asked by Anon
  23. language arts

    What is the preposition in this sentence? After the movie, we will grab a pizza to take home. after will grab to I think C

    asked by caroline
  24. Social studies PLEASE HELP!

    1. What was one impact of the Iranian Revolution on the United States? a. Higher oil prices*** b. Increased terrorisim c. Increased taxes d. Increased military spending

    asked by Jordan
  25. History plz check

    Caitlin wants to buy an airline ticket. but she's uncomforable taking that much cash to the counter at the airport. instead, she uses her credit card. Which advantage of credit is being demonstrated here A. emergencies B. building a credit line C.

    asked by The Weekend
  26. Government

    Use what you've learned about the structure of Russia's government and the power of its branches to describe how public policy is created in Russia today

    asked by Teezy
  27. American Government

    As the country has grown and evolved, so too has the Executive Office of the President and the independent agencies. Give four specific examples demonstrating how the evolution of the executive branch has mirrored the evolution of the nation. Include at

    asked by Elise Bedford
  28. chemistry

    explain why benzoic acid do not affect litmus paper

    asked by john oche
  29. math

    You're planning on making 4 meatloafs for a party. You go to the store to buy breadcrumbs, and see they are sold by the canister. How many canisters do you need to buy? •How much breadcrumbs does the recipe call for? It calls for 1 1/4 cups of

    asked by Anonymous
  30. algebra

    Gina has a meeting in 45 min. She is driving at a rate of 30 mi/h. If she is 24 mi away, will she arrive on time? If not, how early or late will she be?

    asked by jason
  31. math

    A single, standard number cube is tossed. What is the probability of getting a number greater than 3? 1) 2/3 2) 1/3 3) 1/6 4) 1/2 I think 1/2 Thanks

    asked by JAMIE
  32. Math

    In a random sample of 30 sixth graders, 9 had traveled outside of the United States. There are a total of 120 sixth graders in the school. Predict how many students have traveled outside of the United States. A 28 students B 36 students** C 45 students Aa

    asked by Please check answers :)
  33. American Government

    Coordinating voter registration and preparing ballots for statewide elections are duties of which state administrator? a. attorney general*** b. treasurer c. governor d. secretary of state

    asked by Elise Bedford
  34. Pre calc 12 urgent help pls!

    Radioisotopes are used to diagnoa various illnesses. Iodine-131 is adminsitred to diagnoaw thyriod gland activity. Original dosage contains 280 MBq of Iodine-131. If. One is lost from body then after 6h, there r 274 MBq. What is half life of I-131 to the

    asked by Jaena MacCharles
  35. math

    a conductor having a cross sectional area of 0.00161 sq. in. carries a current of 4.5 amp. Calculate the electron velocity, assuming the wire to be a copper.

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Ela Helppp!

    To rest at the noon hour and meditate love’s ecstasy; To return home at eventide with gratitude . What is the denotative meaning of the word gratitude in these lines from the passage? A) desire B) fatigue C) satisfaction D) thankfulness *** "from line

    asked by Haley
  37. Math

    1. How can you represent a loss of 24 dollars as an integer? (1 point) –42 –24 +24 2. How can you represent a baby growing 13 inches in a year as an integer? (1 point) –13 0 + +13 3. What is the integer at Point L? (1 point) –5 –4 –3 –2 4.

    asked by Triston
  38. American Government

    The use of referendums and petitions is an example of what kind of legislation? a. executive b. partisan*** c. policy d. direct

    asked by Elise Bedford
  39. Math

    A company finds 8 bags with faulty zippers in a sample of 500. Predict how many bags with faulty zippers are in a shipment of 20,000. A: 320 bags B: 360 bags ** C: 400 bags In a survey of 50 randomly selected families at the zoo, 15 families chose the

    asked by Please check answers :)
  40. Re-post Langauge arts

    Plugged In, but Tuned Out: The Evil Influence of the MP3 Player Darrell Thomas I. Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Have you noticed a change in the world around you recently? Have you seen how more and more people are walking around with little white

    asked by Haley
  41. English

    I need to write a dramatic monologue as Jordan from the Great Gatsby. The context is that it is approximately 5 years since Gatsby died and Jordan is talking to Daisy at a golf competition in Chicago. That's all the information I have and it's a grade 12

    asked by Coco
  42. microeconomics

    prove the profit maximization of the consumer i.e mu=p according to cardinalist using mathmatical derivation

    asked by regasa
  43. Math

    write an inequality to represent the situation the temperature stayed above -15° PLEASE HELP

    asked by Help please!!!!
  44. Vocabulary

    Select the two words or expressions that are most nearly the same meaning. 1. A erode b. Renovated c. Indulge d. Pamper 2.a nurture b.disrupt c.foster d.haggle 3.a. pact b. Alliance c. Wrath d. Potential 4.a turmoil b. Dynasty c. Regime d. Despot

    asked by Need help bad
  45. Calculus

    Set up, but do not evaluate, the integral which gives the volume when the region bounded by the curves y = Ln(x), y = 2, and x = 1 is revolved around the line y = −2.

    asked by Jared
  46. Biology

    To survive as an individual, all animals must maintain homeostasis. Which of the following is NOT a part of homeostasis? A.eliminating wastes from their body B. gathering and responding to information in their environment C. reproduction- to produce viable

    asked by Cassandra
  47. english

    what are similes in the poem gathering leaves by Robert frost

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Check american government answert

    4. Individuals who want to limit the number of immigrants would most likely favor which of the following? (1 point) adoption of amnesty programs for undocumented aliens increasing the number of border patrol agents passage of the DREAM Act eliminating

    asked by Anon
  49. pre-algebra, math

    You make and sell birdhouses. Your fixed costs for your tools and workspace are $3000. The cost of wood and other materials needed to make a birdhouse is $10. You sell each birdhouse for $50. Let x represent the number of birdhouses you make and sell. a.

    asked by kms
  50. Math

    You start searching for a buried object by marking the center of a field as (0, 0), with coordinates giving distances in yards. Coordinates to the north or east are positive, and coordinates to the south or west are negative. You find nothing at (-10, 6),

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  51. Vocab

    'Acrid', 'piercing', 'acute', and 'keen' are all ________ for 'pungent' A)antonyms B) definitions*** C) homophones D) synonyms After a week camping in the woods with no way to bathe, we were quite pungent. Which dictionary definition of pungent is used in

    asked by Haley
  52. math

    solve the equation : x/4+1=-5

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  53. American Government

    Article IV. The people of this commonwealth have the sole and exclusive right of governing themselves, as a free, sovereign, and independent state; and do, and forever hereafter shall, exercise and enjoy every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not,

    asked by Elise Bedford
  54. algebra2

    Find the sum of the following series. 14/n-=1 (2n+1)

    asked by Steve
  55. Math

    A sheet of paper is 30cm wide and 20cm long. How many 5cm long squares can be cut from this paper?

    asked by Cait
  56. algebra

    What is the standard deviation of the following data set: 1.3 2.4 1.5 2.6 1.3 2.4 1.3 9 9 1.8

    asked by kevin turner
  57. maths --plse help me..

    When the greater of the two numbers increased by 1 divides the sum of the numbers the result is3/2 .when the difference of these numbers is divide by the smaller ,the result is 1/2 .find the numbers

    asked by Banditadas
  58. chemistry

    In general which type of solvent is best suited to dissolve ionic or highly polar substances

    asked by rosana
  59. Probability ,math

    In how many ways can 4 people line up to buy tickets? _____

    asked by Halzey
  60. business mathematics

    You are planning to go to Europe 4 years from now and have agreed to set aside RM200 each month for trip. If you deposit this money at the end of month into savings account paying interest at the rate of 8%/year compounded monthly, how much money will be

    asked by Anonymous
  61. College Physics

    What mass can a 20000 watss engine pull at a speed of 30 m/s. If coefficient of friction is 0.15 between the mass and ground?

    asked by Mai Mendoza
  62. Physics

    If you are casting a shadow of a ball on the wall, how do you make the umbra larger than the ball or is it impossible. Also, how can you make the umbra smaller than the ball or is it impossible? How can you make the radius of the penumbra larger than the

    asked by Kimia
  63. algebra 1

    find the sum: (-5) + (-5) + (+7) + (-2) please help its due tomorrow thanks

    asked by ryan
  64. math

    c over 5+ 1.00=9.00 1)20 2)40 3)50 4)54

    asked by celia
  65. SS and plz someone answer:(!

    In both Mexico and Venezuela the majority of the population A) lives in poverty. *** B) lives in urban areas. C) is not allowed to vote. D) practice Protestant religions.

    asked by Haley
  66. Chemistry

    Oxidation Numbers: My question to you is how did Al get a +3 Oxid.#, and S got 6... What is the mathematical explanation for that. I understand the rules that O is almost always -2 for its' oxid #. Would O be 10 bc you'd multple 4*3 and minus 2?

    asked by M.J
  67. Chemistry

    Can anybody understand me about oxidising agent and reducing agent

    asked by Want help
  68. American government check my answer

    9. According to this excerpt, President Obama would most likely support which of the following? (1 point) laws that restrict immigration from poor countries mass deportations of all illegal immigrants regardless of age construction of a wall along the

    asked by Anon
  69. Math

    The probababilltay of winning a raffle ticket is 20%. if you bought 50 tickets, how many winning tickets should yo expect to have? If you took this quiz, please giv me the answers.

    asked by Jada
  70. chemistry

    If the pressure, volume, and temperature of a gas are known, which can most likely be found by using the ideal gas law?

    asked by mo
  71. Physics

    The Little Prince is a fictional character who lives on a very small planet as shown in the figure below. Suppose that the planet has a mass of 1.95 1013 kg and a radius of 1.06 103 m. (a) How long would it take for an object to fall from rest a vertical

    asked by Lori
  72. Science

    Can someone help me/check with this work? 1. _______ is the rate of change of position. A.Speed***** B.Velocity C.Acceleration D.Deceleration 2. Which of the following is the difference between speed and velocity? A. direction***** B.units C.speed D.none

    asked by Angelica is better
  73. physics

    Someone drops a ball from the roof of your building.The ball drop past your window. It takes time T to pass the window's height. What is the initial speed of the ball when it first came in view?

    asked by umma
  74. Physics

    A body is moving with uniform acceleration covers 100m in the first 10s and 150m in the next 10s. Find the initial velocity of the body.

    asked by BHAVIN
  75. algebra 1

    the ratio of right handed to left handed students in the school was 3 to 14. if the total number in both categories was 714 how many right handed students were in the school? please help its due tomorrow! i totally forgot about the extra homework my

    asked by ryan
  76. Functions

    given f(x) = x^2+3 and g(x) = 2x+a and fg(x) = 4x^2-8x+7 calculate the value of the constant a

    asked by Krisha
  77. algebra 1

    how far will a migrating duck fly in 7 hours at the speed of 21 mph?

    asked by ryan
  78. algebra 1

    tom has read 3/8 of the 480 pages in the book. how many pages are left to read? what is the ratio of pages read to pages not yet read? please help! due tomorrow

    asked by ryan
  79. math

    Iam greater then one-fourth but less than four tenths. I am a decimal rounded to the hundredths place with the digit 1 in my hundredths place. What number am i

    asked by lence
  80. biology

    What are the general characteristics of all vertebrates? A. Include several animal phyla. B. Have a backbone or spinal column. C. Lack cephalization. D. Include all chordates. my answer is B is that correct

    asked by Cassandra
  81. Biology

    An example organism of the phylum Porifera is a/an _______. * 1 point A.leech B.sponge C.sea cucumber D.amoeba my best answer is B is that correct

    asked by Cassandra
  82. math

    Find the difference between the sum of even numbers between 100 and 110 and the product of prime numbers between 20 and 30. #anyone to help me out

    asked by kelvin
  83. Language arts

    I need help on a conclusion on a essay

    asked by Bbbbbbbb
  84. computer

    can anyone help me to fined sample report of computer networks please @

    asked by maryam
  85. Biology

    The evolutionary tendency where nerve cells and sense organs are grouped in the front or anterior part of the animal, the head, is called ___________. A. cephalization B. segmentation C. deuterostome D. coelom my best answer is B is that correct

    asked by Cassandra
  86. Biology

    The body at higher temperature but having low amount of heat gives more severe pain of hotness than a body at low temperature but having high amount of heat. Give some examples.

    asked by Abc
  87. social studies

    what idea does pan-Africanism refer to

    asked by meefejnsk
  88. math

    Using the discriminant, how many real number solutions does this equation have? 3x^2 – 2 = 5x

    asked by red
  89. nutrition and wellnesss

    Poor dietary habits cause nutrition-related problems. Which one of the following is NOT an example?

    asked by daeleon
  90. film

    what the heck is the kid's name in twilight the one Bella almost died giving birth to and then Edward saves her at the last second?

    asked by Abby a.k.a ANGEL
  91. algebra

    If the dimensions of the rectangular prism are increased 4 times, the surface area will increase 8 times.

    asked by Anonymous
  92. math

    9 men dig a farm for 5 days.How many days will 6 men take into finish the same farm?

    asked by kelvin
  93. algebra

    If the dimensions of the rectangular prism are doubled, the surface area will increase 4 times.

    asked by Anonymous
  94. algebra

    If the length of each edge of the prism is cut by 13 , the surface area will be 13 of the original surface area.

    asked by Anonymous
  95. social studies

    what beliefs do judaism christianity and islam share A.A prophet is the son of God B.There is one God C.Lying is sometimes justifiable D.Stealing is sometimes allowed If you know this and the other answers to this quiz plz help i need a good grade in this

    asked by nessa
  96. precal

    a bag contains 7 red marbles,1 blue and 1 green. you take one marble from the bag and do not replace it. find the probability of choosing a marble that is blue or green. do i do 1/10+1/9??

    asked by ali.
  97. history

    what was a big difference between the texas consititution of 2836 and the the texas constitution of 1845.

    asked by wut


    asked by MYSTERY STUDENT
  99. biology

    describe the pathway of blood through the prts of the earthworms circulatory system

    asked by varun
  100. Math

    I need help on this problem. I've been stuck on it for 4 days now. Use a net to find the surface area of the prism. 2,296 m2 1,148 m2 757 m2 1,232 m2 the numbers are 25m, 7m, 19m, 7m, 24m I've tried 24x25x7 25x7x5 24x7x5 19x5x25 19x7x24 and other

    asked by Mae
  101. chemistry under gas law

    convert the following. R=0.08206atm dm^3 mol^-1 k^-1 to jmol^-1 k^-1

    asked by john oche
  102. physics

    A sandal is dropped from the top of a 15.0-m-high mast on a ship moving at 1.75 m/s due south. Calculate the velocity of the sandal when it hits the deck of the ship: (a) relative to the ship and (b) relative to a stationary observer on shore. (c) Discuss

    asked by Anonymous
  103. language arts

    If you had to mingle with someone with a different language, how should you respond

    asked by Potatoman_3
  104. Math

    1. How can you represent a loss of 24 dollars as an integer? (1 point) –42 –24 1/24 +24 2. How can you represent a baby growing 13 inches in a year as an integer? (1 point) –13 0 +1/13 +13 3. What is the integer at Point L? (1 point) –5 –4 –3

    asked by Triston
  105. math

    A golfer hits a ball. The ball leaves the club with an initial upward velocity of 40 meters per second. If the ball is 0.25 meters off the ground when it leaves the golf club, about how many seconds will it take for the ball to hit the ground?

    asked by Mathew
  106. American Government

    Explain why a President might make an executive agreement rather than negotiate a formal treaty. Include one advantage and one disadvantage of an executive agreement.

    asked by Elise Bedford
  107. Fugurative language (Urgent

    ‘Farming father’s dingy hat,’ ‘like his fallen father had,’ and ‘While the hat witnessed worse’ . Which kind of figurative language do the selected phrases have? A) satire B) simile C) alliteration D) internal rhyme

    asked by Haley
  108. chemistry

    showing your work convert R=0.08206 atm dm^3 mol^-1 k^-1 to jmol^-1 k^-1

    asked by john oche
  109. Geography

    Who is the largest producer of baauxite in the world ?

    asked by Md Wajid ansari
  110. Math

    Joan is 5 years older than Ellen, and 3 years ago the sum of their ages was 17 years. In how many years will Joan be 21 years old?

    asked by Awsomeness
  111. Math

    I i start a movie at 9:35pm and its 3h 44min long what time will it end?

    asked by Shea
  112. Science

    What is The Coriolis Effect?

    asked by Bonny The Horse
  113. Algebra

    Identify all the sets to which 3.1214122144 … belongs

    asked by Ava
  114. math

    Out of 250 racers who started the marathon, 233 completed the race, 14 gave up, and 3 were disqualified. What percentage did not complete the marathon?

    asked by Anonymous
  115. ELA

    And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course. .In this line from the passage, what does the word direct mean? A) to guide or instruct *** B) to distract or confuse C) to encourage or build-up D) to

    asked by Haley
  116. English

    What does the child wonder about his teacher

    asked by sweta
  117. language arts

    Jane's artwork is displayed alongside other contemporary art pieces at the modern art museum. which word that can be used to describe Jane's artwork has the most positive connotation? weird eccentric original odd

    asked by caroline
  118. American Government

    What is the purpose of state appellate courts? A: They verify that lower state courts have acted appropriately B: They create new laws requested by voters C: They allow the accused to bypass lower courts and grand juries D: They retry cases and allow

    asked by Elise Bedford
  119. History

    Caitlin wants to buy an airline ticket. but she's uncomforable taking that much cash to the counter at the airport. instead, she uses her credit card. Which advantage of credit is being demonstrated here A. emergencies B. building a credit line C.

    asked by The Weekend
  120. Physics

    The Black Pearl has once again sailed into Port Royal and is firing its guns at the fort. The cannons atop the fort wall have been disabled, but there remains a single cannon at sea level which must defend the town. If the gunner estimates that the ship is

    asked by Hannelore
  121. Chem

    If 4.70 mol of calcium carbide (CaC2) reacts with an excess of water, how many moles of acetylene (C2H2), a gas used in welding, will be produced? CaC2(s) + 2 H2O(l) Ca(OH)2(aq) + C2H2(g) mol

    asked by Janie
  122. math

    four-sided figure with two sets of parallel line

    asked by bl
  123. Algebra

    I am supposed to be learning how to divide polynomials by monomials but im stuck please help. (4x³ + 10x² + 3a) ÷ 2x²

    asked by Kim
  124. Science

    Calculate the mass of iron, which will be convert, into its oxide(Fe3O4) by the action of 18g of steam on it (A)21g (B)42g (C)64g (D)51g

    asked by Ranjeet kumar
  125. Math

    are advertised discounts always the most deal why or why not.?

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  126. physics

    A object weighing 0.6netron is hung for an spiral spring and causes it to extend by 6.0cm the object is removed and a block of wood replacing it causes the spring to extermely 10.0cm what is the weight of the block of wood

    asked by Ajeh cecilia
  127. (koli)

    What is reason of current passing through graphite

    asked by Mukesh shankopal
  128. chemistry

    in which solvent is best suited to dissolve non-polar substances, water,ethanol or hexane

    asked by rosana
  129. Organic chemistry lab

    In the synthesis of salicylic acid from wintergreen oil, 5 ml of 20% NaOH was used, can it be used more or less than this amount?

    asked by cik
  130. stats help

    A scratch-card costs 5¤ and has two possible prizes. There is a 10% chance you get 5¤ back and a 1% chance you get 100¤. In all other cases, you get nothing. Let X denote your net winnings, i.e, (X = prize - cost). What are the expectation and standard

    asked by john
  131. Physics

    A train moving with constant speed of 54kmph moves eastwards for 30min then north for 40min find avg velocity

    asked by Maddireddy
  132. Stats 123

    A scratch-card costs 5¤ and has two possible prizes. There is a 10% chance you get 5¤ back and a 1% chance you get 100¤. In all other cases, you get nothing. Let X denote your net winnings, i.e, (X = prize - cost). What are the expectation and standard

    asked by John Murry
  133. math

    If total of 9 students appear in how many ways results be announced?

    asked by renjith
  134. Euclids Algorithm

    Sorry this is a really stupid question. Ive been going back to basics and im a bit lost (probably tired so I cant see the obvious) so im working out 87v+38w=d ive done the basics pretty well and have d=1. Now backwards substitution is spinning my head a

    asked by Anon
  135. Science

    A cave explorer is surveying the cave. He follows a passage 100m straight east, then 50m in the direction 30degree west of north, then 150m at 45degree west of south. After fourth unmeasured displacement he finds himself back where he started. Whats the

    asked by Anonymous
  136. Math

    An arc in the shape of parabola measures 6 m across the base and its vertex is 2.5 m above the base. determine he lenght of the beam parallel to the base and 2m above it.

    asked by Marky
  137. French

    Hi! I was wondering if you could translate "Then I used the whole day reading until dinner was served" Im really stuck and I forgot my books at school and I'm preparing for exams

    asked by Johanne
  138. erectlo chemistry

    ADDIS ABABA UNIVERSITY ADDIS ABABA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL OF CHEMICAL AND BIO ENGINEERING Applied Electrochemistry WORKSHEET -1 1. Calculate the standard potential of each of the following cells. State which one(s), if any, will proceed

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  139. Algebra

    Of the pupilsin the class,50%have black hair and 25%have blonde hair33%aregirls and 67%areboys.which of the following is definitely true...The blonde haired pupils are all boys....Some boys have black hair...Some blonde haired pupils are girls ...Some

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  140. Social Studies

    Which of these is a natural result of specialization? A)Isolation is caused by specialization. B)When people specialize they become rich. C)Specialization leads to interdependence.*** D)Specialization leaves people worse off than without. Why were the

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  141. MAths

    Supplement of angle is four times its complent angle find angle

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  142. American government check my answer

    5. Which of the following are examples of discriminatory laws passed by the U.S. government that impacted those depicted in the photo? Select all that apply. (2 points) Chinese Exclusion Act Civil Rights Act of 1965 Immigration Quota Act DREAM Act my

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