Questions Asked on
May 14, 2017

  1. Physics

    an earth satellite has an elliptical orbit with an eccentricity value, e=0.40 and on orbital period of 10 hours and 54.0 minutes. Find the height above the surface at its closest approach point.

    asked by Ana
  2. english

    Which of the following is a reason to use parallel sentence structures in a literary analysis essay?

    asked by kiki
  3. algebra expression (math)

    Thinks of a number.Add 5 .The result the same as the multiplying original number by 6.What is the number?

    asked by abol sawahani
  4. Dynamics

    A motion of a particle is given by the relationship a=6t. If s=8m and v=4m/s when t=1sec determine: a) v-s relationship b) s-t relationship s is distance V is velocity T is time

    asked by Vincy
  5. Physics/ electricity

    Two charges, separated by a distance of 1.3 m, attract each other with a force of 0.078 N. If one charge is +3.7 μC, what is the other charge?

    asked by Simmo
  6. Science

    What quantity of Caco3 must be heated to give sufficient amount of Co2 to convert 10.6 gms of Na2Co3 completely into NaHCo3 ?

    asked by Maya Sinha
  7. math more than 3 tens less than four times five 3.five added to six 4.successor of 28 5.two more than two times tens 6.the greatest 1 digit composite number 7.three added to three times three

    asked by math
  8. Economics

    During a team meeting of Evita Jeans, the operations manager suggested to save costs by storing the unsold clothes in the company warehouse instead of a commercial warehouse that charges a market rental rate. Explain the validity of this strategy.

    asked by what
  9. Physics

    A 3-kg mass has a speed of 5.0m/s at the bottom of a 37 degree incline. How far up the incline does the mass slide before it stops if the friction force acting upon its motion is 20N? Thanks.

    asked by Tom


    asked by JAMES HARUNA


    asked by JAMES HARUNA
  12. Math

    The cost price of an article which on being sold at a gain of12% yields Rs.6 more than when it is sold at a loss of 12%,is

    asked by ABC
  13. Math

    Aslam buys 30 cows for an average of Rs.900. He buys 12 more by bringing the average cost to Rs.875. How much did the recent purchase cost him?

    asked by ABC
  14. chemistry--------help please!!!!

    Which of the following is the strongest reducing agent? Ca2+(aq) Li+(aq) Ca(s) Na(s) K(s) ans: K(s) but I don't understand why it is. I think that li+ is strongest reducing agent b/c E of Li=-3.04 while E of K is -2.92. can someone help me?

    asked by lililiana
  15. English

    Write a diary entry on nightingales emotional exertion.

    asked by anchal
  16. Geometry

    Find the volume of a spherical cone in a sphere of radius 17 cm. if the radius of its zone is 8 cm.

    asked by Marky
  17. science (physics)

    A body travels 10m in 5th second and 30m in 10th second. Find its initial velocity and acceleration.

    asked by science numericals
  18. speed

    Tom and Jerry took part in a race. Both boys started running at the same time. After 4 hours, Tom had completed the race but Jerry had covered only 4/5 of the route. If Jerry's average speed was 2km/h less than Tom's, find the length of the route.

    asked by Ari
  19. Math

    In a particular arithmetic progression, the sum of the first 10 terms is equal to the sum of the first twenty terms. Show that the sum of the first 30 terms is equal to 0.

    asked by Juliet
  20. value

    A machine of efficiency 40% has a load 40newtons and an effort of 60newtons.calculate the velocity ratio?

    asked by value
  21. Math

    Thevolume of a right circular cone is 5 litres.calculate the volumes of the two parts into which the cone is divided by a plane parallel to the base,one-third of the way down from the vertex to the base.

    asked by Max
  22. Language Arts

    This question asks about your work in your reading character role. You may use your novel to help you answer the question. Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a

    asked by Help please! ASAP
  23. Math

    Arid buys 2750 eggs For $100 and loses 350 of those .If he sells the remaining eggs at 70percents/dozen,what percent of his original investment is his profit?

    asked by ABC
  24. Math

    A salesman sold a book at 5%of the marked price instead of discounting the marked price by 5%.If he sold the book for Rs.4.20,what was the price for which he should have sold the book?

    asked by ABC
  25. math

    The third term of a Gp is 54 & 7th term is reciprocal of 3rd term find the 5th term

    asked by neetu
  26. Math

    An employee earns $200 for 14 hours work. Assuming he is paid by the hour, how much will this employee earn in 35 hours?

    asked by Sara
  27. Science Pls Help

    How is an areas topography determined? A. by using an ares long. and lat. using an areas scale c. by using an areas elevation relief, and land forms*** d. by using an areas elevation, long. and lat.

    asked by blah blah
  28. Riddle

    I make it happen then I get lost

    asked by Mark
  29. science

    In the hydraulic lift in the illustration, the car on the one side of the lift can be lifted by applying an effort force to the opposite side of the lift. If the effort force applied (F1) was 900 N on the 1 m2 area (A1), what is the load force of the car

    asked by matea
  30. Math

    Three friends each have some ribbons. Carl has 90 inches of ribbons, Tino has 10.5 feet of ribbon, and Baxter has 2.5 yards of ribbon. Express the total length of ribbon the three friends have in inches, feet, and yards. What I need: Instructions on how to

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    A flower bed is 4 meters wide and 5 meters long. What is the area of the flower bed in square feet? Round intermediate calculations and your answer to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Anonymous
  32. algebra 1

    If the volume of a prism is 3x^2 + 6x - 24, what are the dimensions? Please help.

    asked by Katie
  33. Math

    Find the number if 6% of it is 20% of 6

    asked by URGENT HELP!!!!
  34. Math

    The sides of a rectangle are in the ratio of 4:5. If the width is 28 in., find the length, the perimeter, and the area of this rectangle.

    asked by scarlet
  35. algebra 1

    Are these both prime? Can they be factored? y^2-y+156 and r^2-9r-39 Thank you

    asked by Katie
  36. Math

    Calculate The Totale Surface Area And The Volume Of The Given Right Triangular Prism?

    asked by B
  37. Math

    An alloy is composed of nickel, zinc, and copper in a ratio of 3:4:13. How many kilograms of each metal are needed to make 4 kg of this alloy?

    asked by HELP
  38. isakaita college of education home economics (dm)

    (1)define the full meaning of home economics(2)list the branches of home economics and discuss

    asked by marakisiyya rabiu
  39. Social Studies

    What is the importance of modern businesses to Georgia? Choose 2. A) They provide jobs. * B) They are always found in shopping centers. C) They drive Georgia's economy.* D) They are always in retail. I chose A & C.

    asked by Joy
  40. physics

    Radon 86222Rn is a radioactive gas with a half-life of 3.82 d. If there are initially 400 decays/s in a sample, how many radon nuclei are left after 2 d ? Please help, I don't understand how to do this.

    asked by Ben
  41. maths

    The angle of elevation of the top of a tower from a point is 42m alwayfrom its base on level ground is 36 degree. Find the hight of the tower

    asked by mary jane
  42. Math Algebra

    Ann is 8 years older than Dawn. Dan is 5 years younger than Dawn. The sum of their ages is 108. How old is Dan? Please explain work too.

    asked by Jay
  43. math

    a woman deposits $9000 at the end of each year for 7 years in an account paying 4%interest compounded annually

    asked by shwanda
  44. physics

    Does the momentum from the arms transfer to the body if you stop it when jumping? so if you jump vertically and you swing your arms forward to give them an angular momentum and then your arms reaches it's limit. does the angular momentum transfer to the

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Algebra

    Sound intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the sound source; that is I= k/(r)^2, where I is the intensity, r is the distance from the sound source, and k is a constant. Suppose that I am sitting a distance R from the TV,

    asked by Michelle HELP PLEASE
  46. PreCal

    A ball was kicked with an initial velocity of 35 feet per second at an angle of 15 degrees. Find the components of the velocity. Round your answers to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Rose
  47. Science

    The u.s. constitution provides that each of the three branches of the federal government has certain powers that can limit the powers of the other branches. These limitations are known as the system of checks and balances. Which of the following actions is

    asked by Mydogbear
  48. @Nera -- banned for cheating

    You asked for answers to a specific test. We do not give answers; Jiskha tutors do not cheat.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  49. Math

    Debbie flipped a coin 20 times. The result were 7 heads and 13 tails. What is the relative frequency of heads for her experiment?

    asked by Sandy
  50. Geometry

    Let p and q be constants such that the graph of x^2+y^2-6x+py+q=0 is tangent to the y-axis. What is the area of the region enclosed by the graph? I have no idea what to do? Can someone please help me with the solution to the problem?

    asked by Lilly
  51. Psychology

    which part of the personality gives us feelings of pride and satsifcation when we do things for which we have been praised or rewarded?

    asked by Leil
  52. math

    The difference between two numbers is 3. Eight times the larger number is 10 times the smaller number. Write a system of equations describing the given conditions. Then solve the system by the substitution method and find the two numbers.

    asked by brian
  53. science

    What is the molarity of 7.30g HCl

    asked by racheal
  54. Chemistry

    What mass of potassium nitrate would you have in order to produce 1.00dm of oxygen at rtp?

    asked by Neisha
  55. Chemistry

    The vapor pressure of pure methanol at 25 degrees Celsius is 127.2 mm Hg. If 12.20 g of potassium chloride are dissolved in 200.0 g of methanol, what is the vapor pressure of the solution? A.123.9 mmHg B.3.256 mmHg C.104.3 mmHg D142.7 mmHg

    asked by Kaitlyn
  56. Writing skills

    Many people who spend their summers in a city dream of owning a cottage at the shore or in the mountains by a lake.

    asked by Ernie
  57. English

    In the poem You Begin by Margaret Atwood, what does the warm stone signify? Is it only the child's hand?

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Math

    Speed of an airplane and time it takes the plane to complete a 500-mile trip

    asked by Tiff