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May 12, 2017

  1. English

    1. All of the following quotes from "The Swimming Contest" are intended to foreshadow the future conflict between the narrator and Abdul-Karim EXCEPT A. "But it's not true that we're driving the Arabs out. We are out for peace, not war."***** B.

    asked by Samantha
  2. s.s

    "there is danger that because of a great victory women will believe their whole struggle fro independence ended. they have still far to go. it is for the woman's party to decide whether there is any way in which it can serve in the struggle which lies

    asked by josh s. j
  3. math

    Find the probability of spinning each of the following. /content/media/680582-592012-85319-AM-284858430.png 1. P(7) (1 point) 1/7 1/8 3/8 7/8 2. P(not 7) (1 point) 1/7 1/8 5/8 7/8 3. P(a multiple of 2) (1 point) 0.25 0.5 0.625 0.75 4. P(a factor of 12) (1

    asked by Jassie
  4. Algebra (Ms.Sue!!)

    Find the mean mode median and range of the data set after you perform given operation on each data value. 9,7,12,13,9,3; add 5 A. Mean: 8.8, Mode: 9 ,Median: 9 ,Range: 10 B. Mean: 8.8, Mode: 9 ,Median: 9 ,Range: 5 C. Mean: 13.8, Mode: 14, Median: 14,

    asked by Yololo
  5. English

    1. Read the following passage from "The Swimming Contest." With a sigh my mother replies, "My husband's no longer alive, either. But his house and his father's house aren't here; everything remained over there, abroad, and I live in a rented apartment

    asked by Samantha
  6. Chemistry

    For the reaction CH3COOH- CH3COO + H+, which of the following statements is true? CH3COO- is an Arrhenius base. CH3COO- is a conjugate CH3COOH- is a Brønsted-Lowry acid.

    asked by Unknown
  7. Calculus Please Check my answer

    The rate at which water flows into a tank, in gallons per hour, is given by a differentiable function R of time t. The table below gives the rate as measured at various times in an 8-hour time period. t---------0-----2------3-------7----8 (hours)

    asked by Ke$ha
  8. English

    1. Read the following passage from "The Cabuliwallah." I took them and was going to pay him, but he caught my hand and said: "you are very kind, sir! Keep me in your recollection; do not offer me money! You have a little girl; I too have one like her in my

    asked by JayStudy
  9. Science

    It is winter where Jenna lives. It’s been snowing all day, but now the snow has changed to sleet and then to freezing rain. What is happening at Jenna's house then- temperature-wise?

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  10. Calculus

    f is a continuous function with a domain [−3, 9] such that f of x equals 3 for x between negative 3 and 0 including negative 3, equals negative 1 times x plus 3 for x between 0 and 6 inclusive, and equals negative 3 for x greater than 6 and less than or

    asked by Ke$ha
  11. English

    1. Read the following passage from "The Swimming Contest". "Come over here, Nahida," the old lady said," and kiss the hand of the hakima who cured your grandmother. And this is her son." Nahida came hesitantly into the room and stood in front of my mother.

    asked by Samantha
  12. biology

    which of the following statements about enzymes is NOT true? A. enzymes work best at a specified pH B. all enzymes have the same shape as their substrates. C. enzymes are proteins D. the shape of an enzyme allows it to do its job. im pretty sure its A. Am

    asked by Emily
  13. English

    1. Identify the correctly punctuated sentence. A. Monarch butterflies migrate long distances each year—other butterflies live in southern climates throughout the year. B. Monarch butterflies migrate long distances each year, other butterflies live in

    asked by Samantha
  14. Math Probability

    You roll a number cube 20 times. It lands on 2 five times. What is the experimental probability of rolling a 2? 1}40% 2)10% 3)25% 4)17% I think #3 Thanks

    asked by JAMIE
  15. Algebra II Help

    4) The function f(x)=2(3)^x represents the growth of a dragonfly population every year in a remote swamp. Rose wants to manipulate the formula to an equivalent form that calculates seven times a year, not just once a year. Which function is correct for

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Social Studies

    I'm very confused, please help! Maria goes on a shopping trip to get ready for her vacation. She loads her cart with a bathing suit for $15.00, a sun hat for $8.00, magazines for $8.00, and a beach towel for $7.00. When she gets to the register, she

    asked by NeedHelp
  17. MATH

    Calculate the area of the composite figure, which is not drawn to scale. {the link above is a picture of the shape}

    asked by Hannah
  18. Physics

    A baseball has a mass of 0.145 kilograms, and a bowling ball has a mass of 6.8 kilograms. What is the gravitational force between them if their centers are 0.5 m apart? 1.0 × 10–13 m 1.3 × 10–10 m 2.6 × 10–10 m 1.1 × 10–8 m

    asked by Arlenee
  19. Biology

    what are goals of science? Choose all that apply. A) to investigate the natural world B) to establish unchanging facts C) to explain natural phenomena D) to make useful predictions based on evidence

    asked by victoria
  20. physics

    a volumetric flask made of pyrex is calibrated at 20°c. if it is filled to 100ml with 35°c acetone. what us the volume of the acetone when it cools to 20°c and how significant is the change in the volume of the flask.

    asked by ola
  21. Biology

    How are proteins, lipids, and polysaccharides similar? A) They contain the same atoms are types of bonds between atoms. B) They are natural polymers composed of repeating monomeric units. C) They are formed during exergonic metabolic reactions in a cell.

    asked by Victoria
  22. Math help !!!

    Connexus Pre-algebra If m

    asked by BBC
  23. Language arts

    Idk the answer to the question please help. Your a good man,Charlie Brown and "Happiness is a charming Charlie Brown at Orlando Rep" have very different purposes. In a paragraph, discuss how the purpose of each selection is reveled and why the purpose of

    asked by Nevaeh

    Because many Pacific economies depend on the environment, how might an exceptionally wet growing season affect the farmers in the region? IDK How To Answer This. I Need At Least 5 Sentences. My Book Didn't Give Me Much Info. PLZ HELP!

    asked by Agala
  25. science

    Ricardo finds an online site about the gas laws. The site shows the equation below for Charles’s law. What change would correct the error on the site?

    asked by elijah
  26. Social Studies

    why were the islands shown on this map most likely acquired or annexed by the united states?

    asked by Denise
  27. MATH

    The pool is partially filled with water. The volume of the water in the pool is 45 cubic feet. How deep is the water? A.) 0.5 ft B.) 1.5 ft ** C.) 2.5 ft D.) 3.5 ft

    asked by WOW
  28. Math

    A soccer team won three fourths of its games. The team won 18 games. How many games did the team play?

    asked by Amanda
  29. Biology

    Which of the following statements about enzymes is not true? A) Enzymes work best at a specified pH B) All enzymes have the same shape as their substrates. C) Enzymes are proteins. D) The shape of an enzyme allows it to do its job.

    asked by Victoria
  30. chemistry

    calculate the molarity of sodium carbonate in a solution prepared by dissolving 5.9g in enough water to form 250ml of solution

    asked by MeGaTrOn
  31. History

    How did Christianity help enslaved people resist? It taught them how to read and write. It taught them the value of following rules. It taught them that the wealthy were usually kind. It taught them that bad circumstances could be overcome. D right ?

    asked by Pls help

    What is the most likely reason Great Britain colonized the Pacific region? (1 point) • an order from the monarchy • to profit from the region’s land and natural resources**** • to find new markets to sell British goods • to help indigenous people

    asked by Agala
  33. Physics

    On takeoff, the combined action of the engines and the wings of an airplane exert a force of 8.00 x 103 N on the plane upward at an angle of 65.0˚ above the horizontal. The plane rises with constant velocity in the vertical direction while continuing to

    asked by Lee
  34. Math

    A canadian television station shows 16 mins of commercials every hour between 8am and 11pm everyday. How many minutes of commercials are there on the station between 8 am and 11 pm in 365 days?

    asked by Mike
  35. Physic

    Find the resultant of the following two displacements; 2.0 m 40 degrees 4.0 meters at 127 degrees. the angles are taken relative to the x-axis

    asked by Anonymous
  36. Physics

    A 5.0 kg penguin sits on top of a 12 kg sled, as in the figure. A horizontal force of 45 N is applied to the sled, but the penguin keeps himself stationary by holding onto a string attached to the wall. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the

    asked by Lee
  37. Geometry

    A parallelogram has sides measuring 7 and 9. Its shorter diagonal has a length of 8. Find the measure of the longer diagonal.

    asked by Marky
  38. calculus

    Q.NO.3: Show that the function z=tan^-1(2xy/x^2-y^2)satisfies Laplace’s equation; then make the substitution x=r cosθ, y= r sinθ and show that the resulting function of satisfies the polar form of laplace’s equation

    asked by akash
  39. Physics

    An 1800 kg helicopter rises with an upward acceleration of 2.0 m/s2. What lifting force is supplied by its rotating blades?

    asked by Lee
  40. Algebra

    Let f(x)=8 (3)^ x−2 +2 . The graph of f(x) is stretched vertically by a factor of 3 to form the graph of g(x) . What is the equation of g(x) ? g(x) =

    asked by Eric
  41. @please check my answers

    I've removed the entire test you posted. If you post the 4 or 5 you have most doubts about, someone here might check them for you. Do not post entire tests. They will be removed.

    asked by Writeacher
  42. Science

    Which of the following solutions would have the highest boiling point? (1) 5 liters of water (2) 5 grams of salt dissolved in 4 liters of water (3) 10 grams of salt dissolved in 3 liters of water (4) 15 grams of salt dissolved in 2 liters water (5) 20

    asked by Mydogbear
  43. health and P.E.

    Because alcohol is a depressant, which drug would be the most harmful when used with it? A:barbiturates B:chewing tobacco C:marijuana D:tar I think the answer is c. thank you

    asked by Jaden
  44. government

    what is the separation of powers between the legislative and the executive branch regarding the budget.

    asked by christine
  45. Social studies. PLS HELP

    19. Byzantines believed that their emperor(1 point ) A. should report to the pope B. represented Jesus Christ on earth C. was immortal D. should be more religious

    asked by blah blah
  46. Math

    22% of Shirley's monthly salary is deducted for withholding if those deductions total $209 what did her salary

    asked by Tony
  47. History Help check my answers

    The Citizens of a small city have been eager to see more green space in their environment. There are several abandoned lots that activists think could be turned into community gardens or parks for people to freely enjoy 1.for the additional green spaces to

    asked by The Weekend
  48. Physics HELP!

    A locomotive of mass 2.1 x 104 kg travelling at 2.0 m/s runs into an identical stationary locomotive. a) If the collision is perfectly inelastic, what is the speed of the two trains after the collision? b) If the collision is perfectly inelastic, what

    asked by Lee
  49. ASL; American Sign Language

    Hi, I'f someone could let me know i'f my english and ASL transcript is correct I would greatly appreciate it? I need to make a short dialogue between two people at least five sentences and then write it in ASL gloss beneath. (Mom) Elizabeth (Shift Left):

    asked by Dutchy
  50. Science

    Clasify this reaction Zn(s) + 2HCl(aq)-ZnCl2(aq)+H2(g)

    asked by natasha john
  51. MMATH08


    asked by DIPI
  52. Physics

    A 10.0 kg box is placed on a ramp that is inclined at 30.0 degrees to the horizontal. Determine the force of friction required to keep the block stationary. Determine the minimum coefficient of friction required to keep the box stationary.

    asked by Sarah

    what term would best describes the relationship between israel and palestinians? A) friendly B)prosperterious C)hostile**** D)distant

    asked by Batmenn
  54. social studies

    which is the best example of how Reagan dealt with the soviet union from a position of strength. 1) development of strategic defense initiative 2) US withdrawal of the salt ll treaty from senate approval 3) Reagan condemning martial law in Poland** 4) US

  55. History

    1. Read the paragraph, which may contain errors or false beliefs about the Civil War: Maryland was an important state in the Civil War. Due to its location, it was the key to the North maintaining control of its capital, Washington, D.C. Maryland formed

    asked by Please check answer
  56. chemistry ( little urgent pls)

    PQ and RS are two sparingly soluble salts.Their solubility products are equal to 4.0×10^(-18). Which salt is more soluble

    asked by MeGaTrOn
  57. Physics

    A 12.0 kg object is on a surface that is inclined 30 degrees and the coefficient of friction is 0.65. Determine the force of static friction if the block remains stationary.

    asked by Sarah
  58. Geometry

    the sides of triangle abc are ab=5, bc=12 and ac=10. find the length of the line segment drawn from vertex a and bc.

    asked by Marky
  59. Geography

    What is the standard meridian of Malaysia? ??????? What is the standard meridian of Italy????

    asked by Tisha
  60. maths

    Find the actual value of Cos45×cot30-sec60 by showing all your working out

    asked by sametlyn
  61. geometry hhhheeeelllllpppppp

    What is the surface area of a triangular prism with a base of 3 a height of 2.6 and a length of 7?

    asked by anonymus
  62. Chemistry

    Which of the following would has a -1/3 charge? down quark

    asked by Unknown
  63. History HELP

    How did immigration to Washington in the 1800s and 1900s result in both cooperation and conflict? Compare and contrast the experiences of two immigrant groups in Washington.

    asked by Triton
  64. maths

    Find the actual value of Cos45+sin60-tan30 by showing all our working out

    asked by sametlyn
  65. maths

    Simplify the expression sin²x(1+cot²x)

    asked by harxii bliu
  66. chemistry

    A sample of 2.50 g LiI is added to 75.0 mL of water initially at 21.0°C. After stirring and dissolving, the temperature of the solution is 24.3°C. Assume that the specific heat of the solution is 4.184 J/g°C, the density is 1.00 g/mL, and the

    asked by MeGaTrOn
  67. maths

    Find the actual value of Cosec60×cot60/sec45/cos30 by showing all your working out

    asked by sametlyn
  68. college chemistry!!!

    Calculate the pH of 500ml 0.07M nitrous acid solution to which 1.4015 grams of sodium nitrite (KW=68.9953) are added.

    asked by Amy
  69. Math (Algebra)

    I have to solve a few systems through elimination, but I'm still not quite sure how to do it.. The first is y=x^2 and y=x+2 Can someone show me how exactly it is worked out so I can try the second one myself?

    asked by Rei
  70. calculus

    Q.NO.1: Show that the function z=ln(x^2 + y^2)+2tan^-1(y/x) satisfies Laplace’s equation. (∂^2z/∂x^2)+(∂^2z/∂y^2)=0

    asked by akash
  71. math

    Henry purchased x apples and Jack purchased 10 apples fewer than one-third of the number of apples Henry purchased. Are these amounts equal? A-the number of apples Jack purchased B-x-30 divided by 3

    asked by susie
  72. calculus

    Q.NO.4: Find the arc length of the graph of r(t). r(t)=(t^2)i +(cost + t sint)j +(sint- t cost)k , 0≤t≤π

    asked by akash
  73. maths

    Find the actual value of Cos30/sin30+cos60×tan60

    asked by sametlyn
  74. maths

    The following shows the goals scored by 3 players in a football match. A total of 15 goals were scored. Keshore O,O,O Lester O,O richard O,O AND 1/2 How many goals does O represent

    asked by indira
  75. Math (integrals) (Trig Subsititution)

    Find ∫1/((x^2+5)^(3/2)) dx I figured this would be a trig substitution problem, so I set x = sqrt(5)tanθ and dx = sqrt(5)sec^2(θ) dθ This would lead to: ∫(sqrt(5)sec^2(θ)) / (5tan^2(θ) + 5)^(3/2) dθ But I'm kinda lost on what to do next. I'm used

    asked by Ray
  76. calculus

    Q.N0.2: Show that u(x,y)=ln(x^2 + y^2) and v(x,y)=2tan^-1(y/x) satisfy Cauchy-Riemann equations (∂u/∂x)=(∂v/∂y) and (∂u/∂y)=(-∂v/∂x)

    asked by akash
  77. Talk With Ms Sue Plz

    Ms Sue can i have a talk with you plz

    asked by The Weekend
  78. Science

    Why the ball of ventrical is thicker than the ball of atrium

    asked by Shreya
  79. Math

    Four bells toll at intervals of8,9,12 and 15 minutes respectively if they toll together at 3 p.m when will they toll together next

    asked by Mukesh pandey
  80. Geometry

    what is the area of an equilateral triangle circumscribing a circle of radius 6cm.

    asked by Marky
  81. math

    Increase 12kg in the ratio 5:3

    asked by Banko
  82. Maths

    Why the ball of ventrical is thicker than the ball of atrium

    asked by Shreya
  83. Math Tangent Graph

    I am not sure how I am supposed to do this question please help!

    asked by Beper
  84. government

    When the television networks stress the issue of environmental pollution rather than universal health care, they are performing the media function of

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Maths

    How many no. S are there im between 200 and 500 leaving remainder when divided by 3

    asked by Anonymous
  86. biochemistry

    how do i prepare 2N HCl for 100ml of distilled water

    asked by ashwath
  87. math

    Find 16 2/3% of 9 litres.

    asked by Banko
  88. MATHS

    Ryan picked a bucket of plums. He made 13 heaps. Each heap contained 6 plums and had 3 extra plums. How many plums did ryan pick?

    asked by indira
  89. Math

    Think about the number line and presume 1 step to the left is represented by -1 while 2 steps to the right is represented by 2. We moved 10 steps to the right and then 11 steps to the left. What is our current position relative to the starting point at

    asked by WOW
  90. Math (Integrals) (Volume of Revolution Setup)

    I am supposed to find the area of the region given two boundaries and two functions revolving about the x axis. x = 0 x = pi/2 y = cos(x/2) y = sin(x/2) Graphing those two functions made me select to use the washer method. Therefore, I set my definite

    asked by Ray
  91. cooking help ms sue

    Which of the following is the main ingredient in lemonade? honey orange juice lemon juice------ none of the above am i right

    asked by The Weekend
  92. physics

    how do i find the horizontal velocity (m/s) when i have the angle, the time, and horizontal range?

    asked by homework
  93. physics

    how do i find maximum height (meters) and initial velocity (m/s) if i have the time (seconds), horizontal range, and horizontal velocity

    asked by homework
  94. Math


    asked by The Weekend