Questions Asked on
May 10, 2017

  1. value

    Three towns a, b, and c are such that the distance between a and b is 50km and the distance between a and c is 90km. if the bearing of b from a is 075' and the bearing of c from a is 310'. find the distance between b and c?

    asked by value
  2. Math

    The question on a multiple choice test each have 4 answer choices. Describe a model that you could use to simulate the outcome of guessing the correct answers to a 50 question test?

    asked by Bradley
  3. English

    1.Read the following passage from "The Tall Woman and Her Short Husband ." Though the tailor's wife was indefatigable she failed to discover how the incongruous couple who passes there before her eyes had came to marry. She found this most frustrating; it

    asked by Crystals
  4. science

    a boy is going from one place to another he goes 100m north and then 70 m east find the displacement of the boy from his starting point

    asked by paramartha
  5. science

    A mixture of benzenoic acid aniline and phenol is dissolved in chroloform and the solution was treated with sodium hydroxide.hydrochloric acid and sodium the separation chart,identify the composition of each phase and explain the chemistry

    asked by joshua lamson
  6. Math

    Find the 29th term of the following sequence. 21, 15, 9, 3, . . . A) –147 B) –165 C) –153*** D) –159 Evaluate the series 1 + 0.1 + 0.01 + ... A) 1.11*** B) 1.12 C) 0.33 D) 2

    asked by M, S, E,
  7. English

    1. All of the following lines from "Cranes" demonstrate the story's message about the effects of war on people except. A. "The northern village at the border of the Thirty-eighth Parallel was snugly settled under the high, bright autumn sky."**** B. "Then

    asked by Crystals
  8. math

    20. Expense Amount Mortgage (monthly) $985.64 Cell phone (monthly) $58.30 Groceries (twice a month) $154.00 Clothing (monthly with 25% jobrelated) $180.00 Water & electric (monthly) $128.40 Weekly dinner & movie $55.00 Property taxes (6 months) $684.80 Car

    asked by lolo
  9. Social studies

    1. Which of these people is part of the labor force eighth grader with a paper route b. a retired sales person c. a full time college student auto mechanic•• 2. Which is the best example of frictional unemployment? A plumbers contract with an

    asked by Kayla
  10. maths fraction

    At a concert, 2/7 of the audience were men and 2/5 of the remaining audience were women.The rest were children. a) what fraction of the audience were children? b) If there were 42 children, how many people were in the audience?

    asked by Aina
  11. math

    5/6:7/10 what is simplest form of

    asked by Muntaha
  12. Economics

    Economics basics Practice 1. How does scarcity affect producers? A- Limited costs prevent producers from hiking prices. B- Limited demand prevents producers from offering low prices. C- Limited time prevents producers from finding the best employees. D-

    asked by Brons
  13. ELA

    The following question asks about one or more selections from your literature textbook. You may use your text book to answer this question. Select one question to respond to. Option 1: During her time in the Secret Annex, Anne demonstrates that she is a

    asked by That One Fisherman
  14. Physics

    The focal length of a concave mirror that produces four times larger real image of an object held at 5cm from the mirror is.....

    asked by Apurva
  15. Math

    The material used to make a storage box costs $1.25 per square foot. The boxes have the same volume. How much does a company save by choosing to make 50 of Box 2 instead of 50 of Box 1?

    asked by Yasmine
  16. English

    1. Read the following lines from the poem "Eve to Her Daughters" in which the speaker describes Adam. In the process he had to on reveal everything, because he believed that mechanism was the whole secret- he was always mechanical minded. He got to the

    asked by Crystals
  17. math

    Choose the function table that matches the rule. output=input -3

    asked by plz help
  18. computerized accoiunting

    What are noncash investing and financing activities, and how are they recorded in QuickBooks?

    asked by pat
  19. History

    Which is the best example of frictional unemployment? A plumbers contract with an apartment building ending College graduates looking for their jobs after their intenships Workers being laid off during a period of recession

    asked by Kayleee
  20. value

    A triangular y field has two sides 60m and 75m long and the angle between them is 102m. how long is the third side?

    asked by value
  21. chemistry

    So the question I have is: Calculate the pressure of dry hydrogen collected. (Use the water temperature). And the evidence that we obtained was: Length of magnesium 3.8Cm Mass of 1 m of magnesium 1.254g Volume of hydrogen collected 67mL Air temperature 27C

    asked by amy
  22. Math

    mr frank has 1.03 kilograms of fertilizer for the plants in his nursery.he wants every plant to get 95 mg of fertilizer 4 times each year.what is the number of plants he could fertilize with that amount? how much fertilizer will he have left over?

    asked by May
  23. Physics

    A diver springs upward with an initial speed of 2.93 m/s from a 3.0-m board. (a) Find the velocity with which he strikes the water. [Hint: When the diver reaches the water, his displacement is y = -3.0 m (measured from the board), assuming that the

    asked by Jacob
  24. la

    consider the main characters from stolen day and the night the bed fell in a paragraph discuss which character learns the most and which one learns the least use details from the selections to support your ideas use the reading selections to help you

    asked by noone
  25. physics

    A source delivers an AC voltage of the form Δv = (89.0 V) sin (70πt), where Δv is in volts and t is in seconds, to a capacitor. The maximum current in the circuit is 0.460 A. Find the following. (a) Find the rms voltage of the source. (b) Find the

    asked by Sam
  26. Social studies

    1. If a consumer makes monthly payments of $250 to pay off a car loan, what type of credit is she using? (1 point) non­revolving •• revolving short term unsecured 2. Caitlin wants to buy an airline ticket, but she’s uncomfortable taking that much

    asked by Kaylee
  27. math

    multiply. give your answer in standard form. (2n^2-7n+2)*(3n+1)

    asked by Anonymous
  28. geometry

    A pencil box has a length of 10 inches and a volume of 64 cubic inches. A similar pencil box has a volume of 512 cubic inches.

    asked by connor
  29. History

    How were natural disasters linked with the Mandate of Heaven?

    asked by Jordan
  30. Chemistry

    Which of the following distinguishes a nuclear reaction from a chemical reaction? Mass is conserved. It involves atoms. There is an exchange of electrons.

    asked by Unknown
  31. Math

    Jen figures she has a 70% chance of passing math and an 80% chance of passing history a) What is the probability that she passes math and history? What assumption did you have to make to answer this question? b) What is the probability that she will pass

    asked by Lukas
  32. physics

    A rescue plane is flying horizontally at a height of 132 m above the ground. The pilot spots a survivor and releases an emergency kit with a parachute. The kit descends at a constant vertical acceleration of -6.89 m/s2 and the initial plane horizontal

    asked by don't worry about it
  33. Physics

    When table salt is put in a candle flame, it burns bright yellow because of emission from the sodium atoms. This emission is at 590 nm. (a) What is the natural resonant frequency of the sodium atom that produces this emission (i.e. what is the frequency

    asked by Kimia
  34. Writing

    More recently,however,doctors have taken a greater interest in the field. Along with the general public,too.

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Math

    write three measurements using grams and three measurements using milligrams that total 15.4 grams

    asked by May
  36. physics

    breaks are applied to a car moving with a velocity of 30 km/s . The breaks produce a retardation of 6 m/s^2 . How long will the car take before coming to a stop.

    asked by Aditya
  37. Social Studes

    What connection existed between Gorbachev's desire to improve the Soviet Union and the Soviet Union's relationship with the United States? A.Gorbachev wanted to export manufactured goods to the United States. B. Gorbachev wanted to invest in new weapons

    asked by Social Studies
  38. Science

    Explain why would the debris fan (mound of deposition) be greener than the surrounding areas? Think of the slide mass versus the surrounding in‐place bedrock in terms of porosity and permeability; how would these parameters differ?).

    asked by Jessica
  39. Algebra

    Write the equation for the conic section of the cone is centered at (0,0), the major axis is 10 units and the minor axis is 6 units. (Ellipse) Write the equation for the conic section if the vertex is (-6,4) and the focus is (-6,7) (Parabola) Write the

    asked by Kylie
  40. Algebra2

    Write three trigonometric equations each with the complete solution pi+2pin

    asked by steve
  41. English Ms Sue Help

    One would expect people living in a utopian society to be A.wealthy. B.difficult.---- C.idealistic D.Impossible Is B Correct

    asked by The Weekend
  42. History

    Which are ways that the economy is effected when the unemployment rate goes up? Select all that apply Fewer people pay income texes•• Sales tax rates go down Many people refinance their houses•• Less money is spent on investments People spend more

    asked by Kayleee
  43. English

    2.Read the following paragraph found in the selection from "From Emperor to Citizen." The "Articles for Favorable Treatment" stipulated that I could live temporarily in the Imperial Palace without fixing any definite time limit. Apart from three large

    asked by Crystals
  44. Dynamics

    A particle moves in accordance with the equation s=32+24t-2t? Find a) v-t relationship b) How far to the right of the origin does the particle go? c) s when t=0 d) acceleration of the particle at t=3sec

    asked by Jason
  45. Dynamics

    A stone is projected in the air vertical upward with an initial velocity of 5m/s Find a) tr and tf b) H, highest distance has reached c) where is the stone has reached after t=5.0sec

    asked by Jason
  46. English

    1. He built a fire in/on the mountain. 2. He made a fire in/on the mountain. 3. He started a fire in/on the mountain. 4. He lighted a fire in/on the mountain. --------------------------- Can we use all the verbs? Are they the same? What about the

    asked by rfvv
  47. math

    Abe creates a scatter plot showing students’ ages on the x-axis and their heights on the y axis. Which type of trend will the scatter plot show?

    asked by Need help
  48. Physics

    If a proton in a proton beam experiences a downward force of 2.0X10-14N while traveling in a magnetic field of 8.3X10-2T west, what is the velocity?

    asked by Taylor
  49. Physics

    An observer on Earth sees you travel 1000 m at half the speed of light. What distance do you think that you travelled?

    asked by Junior
  50. Physics

    How fast would you need to be travelling relative to an observer in order for them to see a 15% increase in your mass?

    asked by Junior
  51. kenson r

    550 g of water (cw = 4186 J/kg.K) at 75°C is poured into an 855 g aluminum (cw =900 J/kg.K) container with an initial temperature of 11°C. What is the final temperature of the system, assuming no heat is exchanged with the surroundings?

    asked by kenson
  52. American government

    According to this chart, what is one result of the federal reserve sharply decreasing the discount rate? a. deflation occurs as the economy expands b. deflation occurs as the economy contracts c. inflation occurs as the economy expands******* d. inflatioon

    asked by .
  53. math

    suppose that $2550 is invested in a saving account with a rate of 8.25%. how much interest will be received in 8 years?

    asked by Maria
  54. Math

    Evaluate (8 Sigma n-1)n. Where 8 is on top and n-1 is on the bottom and n is on the right. A) 36 B) 8*** C) 40 D) 24

    asked by M, S, E,
  55. Science

    A car travel along a straight line for first half time with speed 40km/hrs & second half time with speed 60km/hrs. Find average speed.

    asked by Anita
  56. science

    why are cherry blossoms called cherry blossoms

    asked by bob
  57. HELP

    why are cherry blossoms called cherry blossoms if they don't have cherries

    asked by bob
  58. Math

    If you started a bike race at 11:30am and you finishes 2 hours later,what time would it be?

    asked by Aleeyaj
  59. reading

    Is the presence of ghost proven/disproven and why should we keep investiagting

    asked by ciena
  60. SS Check

    PLZ CHECK MY ANSWERS! 1. Some Polynesian islands are ring-shaped coral islands that surround a body of water, or (1 point) • copra. • coral. • atolls.** • plates. 2. In the mid-1800s, what event played a part in the large increase in British

    asked by Agala
  61. Math

    What is the sum of the angles in a triangle?

    asked by Aleeyah
  62. Chemistry

    How many lone pairs does Cl- have? I can draw it using a cross and dot diagram but not sure if it would have 4, or 3 as one of the electrons has been added from somewhere to make it an ion? Thank you!

    asked by Rebecca
  63. Math

    First Bank charges $4.50 per month for a basic checking account plus $0.15 for each check written. Citizen's Bank charges a flat fee of $9. How many checks would you have to write each month in order for the cost to be the same at both banks?

    asked by Joan
  64. Geography

    Why did the original farms on the Prairies turn out to be too small? What happened as a result of this?

    asked by Rachel
  65. L.A

    "President Lincoln's Declaration of Emancipation, January 1, 1863" by Frances E. W. Harper 3. How is the poem an analogy? a)It reveals the way the Emancipation Proclamation improved Americans' lives for years, just like the way sun casts light on the dark

    asked by Not Tellin' Ya Ma Name
  66. Math

    If an inch equals 25 ft. What does 20 equal

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Physics

    For a I got 36666.67 seconds which I don't know if its right and then b I know my answer is wrong because I got 0.0375 for wavelength.And I don't understand how to do e or f. The Voyager 1 spacecraft is at the edge of the solar system, about 11 billion km

    asked by Kimia
  68. Math

    garner is helping his mom carry in the groceries. she is carrying a bag that has a mass of 1.33 kilograms.garner is carrying two bags. one has a mass of 580 grams and the other a mass of 790 grams. who is carrying the more and by how much

    asked by Esna
  69. Writing

    They emphasized the importance of good maternal and child health care, including the administering of vaccines.

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math

    length = 12 ft. width = 8 ft. Area = sq ft.

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Social studies

    Which is the most likely result of income not rising as quickly as inflation? People are able to buy goods and services The unemployment rate rises as more people look for job•• Many people decide to leave the labor force Consumers buy more goods

    asked by Kayla
  72. Physics

    No idea how to do this. All I know is E=hf and found that a is 3.96 x 10^-19 Consider a sidewalk section that has an area of 1 m^2 and assume the sun is directly overhead. Also, assuming the sun is beaming primarily green light, which has a wavelength of

    asked by Kimia
  73. Government

    Which of the following countries is NOT a member of the G-7? Germany France Italy Great Britain Spain

    asked by Vivian
  74. physics

    a car moves north with a constant velocity of 50km/ far will it have traveeled in 4hours?the return trip takes 8hours. what is the average speed for the entire trip?

    asked by asma
  75. Social studies

    The regulations creditworthiness people obtain charge accounts, loans, mortgages, and other kind of credit by not allowing creditors to treat applicants unfairly. But the regulations do not quarantee the applicant credit. Creditors may still determine

    asked by Mydogbear
  76. Thermodynamics

    how many calories are absorbed when 250.0 grams of warm water from 20.0c to 60.0c?

    asked by Cherry
  77. Thermodynamics

    What temperature change in Celsius degrees is produced when 800.00 calories are absorbed by 120.0 grams of water?

    asked by Cherry
  78. Physics-Circuits

    How does a circuit breaker work to protect against an overloaded circuit?

    asked by Anonymous
  79. @Would-be Cheaters

    Attempts to blatantly cheat -- like asking for or giving several answers -- will earn you a place on Jiskha's banned list.

    asked by Ms. Sue
  80. Physics-Answer Check

    You have an LED bulb that uses 4 watts of power and gives an output of 170 lumens. The operating voltage is 120 volts. Using this data, find the following. 1. What is the current that the LED bulb uses? Ans. 0.03 ampere 2. What is the effective resistance

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Math

    The more you run the more weight you lose. Is this an inverse or direct relationship?

    asked by Nikki
  82. Math

    a manufacturing process calls for the width of a part to be 10 cm. any part manufactured with an error of greater than 0.13 cm is rejected. parts with what widths are rejected? write and solve an absolute value inequality for this situation

    asked by AaronBurrSir
  83. ELA

    what's a character train for moon shadow in chapter 5

    asked by Anonymous
  84. math

    Naomi was at her house.She saw a tree.How tall is it?

    asked by Naomi
  85. Essay help

    Hello all, I was hoping I could get some essay help? I'm writing some scholarship essays and was looking for assistance. Thanks!

    asked by Malahni
  86. Writing skills

    In the past,the United States Public Health service and state local health departments dominate the field.

    asked by Ernie
  87. chemistry

    If the students added hcl instead of tetraoxosulphate(Vi)acid

    asked by shedrach
  88. Statistic

    I pick a. Is it correct? Which of the following measurements is likely to have the least variation (the smallest standard deviation)? a. The volume of liquid in a simple of unopened 2-liter bottles of sodas. b. The SAT scores of a class of graduating high

    asked by Lucy
  89. science

    Can someone please explain how does the troposphere differ from the stratosphere

    asked by Kade

    Calculate the ph of a solution containing 0.15M HF (ka= 7.1x10^-4) and 0.26M NaF.

    asked by Siobhan.R
  91. Maths

    It takes Vanessa a half hour to walk to the library . She leaves her house at 5:00 . What time does she get to the library?

    asked by Tilda
  92. Maths

    d/dx of logx

    asked by Aniket
  93. Religion

    Why are the 10 commandments more we'll known than the beautitudes?

    asked by Opf
  94. Physics

    The Voyager 1 spacecraft is at the edge of the solar system, about 11 billion km away. (a) How long does a radio signal from Voyager 1 take to get to the Earth? (b) Its radio works at 8 GHz. What is the wavelength? (c) What type of light is this? (d) What

    asked by Kimia
  95. English

    1. She jumped with joy. 2. She jumped for joy. ------------------- Can we use both 'with' and 'for'? Are they the same in meaning? Which one is used commonly?

    asked by rfvv
  96. Statistic

    15% of m&m's candies in a bag are yellow. If you randomly pull 3 m&ms of the bag what is the probability the first one is yellow and the next two are not? A. 11% B. 22% C. 67% D. 85% My answer is D. 1 - 15% =0.85. I think I'm doing it wrong

    asked by Lucy
  97. Math

    A grandfather is ten times older than his granddaughter.he is also 54 years older than her. Find their present ages.

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Geometry

    1. What is the equation of the circle with center (-4,-3) that passes through the point (6,2)? A. (x-4)^2+(y-3)^2=25 B. (x-4)^2+(y-3)^2=125 C. (x+4)^2+(y+3)^2=25*** D. (x+4)^2+(y+3)^2=125 I think the answer is C but I'm not sure. Can someone help tell me

    asked by Crystals
  99. Physics

    When table salt is put in a candle flame, it burns bright yellow because of emission from the sodium atoms. This emission is at 590 nm. (a) What is the natural resonant frequency of the sodium atom that produces this emission (i.e. what is the frequency

    asked by Kimia
  100. Physics

    An arrow 2.5cm high is placed at a distance of 25cm from a diverging mirror of focal length 20cm. Find the nature,position and size of the image formed.

    asked by Apurva
  101. Chemistry

    What are the changes associated with a chemical reaction?

    asked by Apurva
  102. math

    I'm thinking of a number, multiply it by itself and then add 6 to the result

    asked by donkey
  103. math

    You have 4 red marbles,5 green,7 blue. What is the probability of selecting a red marble, replacing it, and selecting a blue.What is the probability of selecting a red marble, notreplacing it, and selecting a blue. I think 1 is 1/16 and two is 4/32

    asked by dub
  104. English

    1. She is a stewardess with Korean Air. 2. She is a stewardess at Korean Air. 3. She is a stewardess in Korean Air. 4. She is a stewardess for Korean Air. ------------------------------ Can we use other prepositions instead of 'with' as in Sentence 1?

    asked by rfvv
  105. math

    I really need help. i don't know if this should be posted here or if it's allowed, but oh well.. so just to get straight to point, there's this huge test this month in a few days; i'm not prepared for it AT ALL. it will be 3+ hours but anyway i been

    asked by Carl Wheezer
  106. science

    a person moves 30 m north , then 20 m east and finally 30 root 2 south west what is his displacement from the original position

    asked by paramartha
  107. Social studies

    The regulations help creditworthiness people obtain charge accounts loans mortgages and other kinds of credit by not allowing creditors to treat applicants unfairly. But the regulations do not guarantee the applicant credit. Creditors may still determine

    asked by Mydogbear
  108. Ratios

    This is an easy question but I can't find my notes on the subject. A cookie dough is divided into 3, in a ratio of 1:2:3 by weight. If the heaviest dough is 8oz more than the lightest one, what was the weight of the dough before dividing?

    asked by Nikki
  109. math

    The angles of elevation of the highest point of a building from two points S and T are 60° and 30° respectivelly T is vertically above S and |ST| =10m calculete the height of the bulding above the level of S with solution

    asked by ABUBAKAR
  110. math

    A tradesman allows a discount of 15% for cash much % above cp must he mark his goods to make a profit? (ans 20%) please help me

    asked by mini
  111. statistic

    Im confusing the questions with and / or. table: Grade level | Bird | Cat | Dog | Fish 6th graders | 9 | 27 | 42 | 3 7th graders | 12 | 36 | 56 | 4 1. what is the probability randomly selected student is an 7th grader and prefers a bird as a pet? a. 33% b.

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Math Percents

    Two quantities P and S are related by P=2.5S Then this says that as P is _______ than S. Use the terms (less or more) and percent.

    asked by Nikki
  113. College Math

    What is the equation of the line that represents this driver's rate? What is the x axis? What is the y axis? What is the y-intercept? How much is the rate for 5 miles? For 7 miles?

    asked by Dee

    Which U.S. policy would Palestinian supporters of the Palestinian Liberation Organization have most likely preferred? A. continued U.S. support for Israel B. support for a peace treaty between Israel, Egypt, and Palestine C. military aid to Yasir Arafat

    asked by Batmen
  115. English

    Q1: Is a backpack used as a school bag a lot in the USA? Q2: I don't know how to save money. 1. I can help you with that. 2. I can help you with saving money. 3. I can help you save money. (Does #1 mean #2 or #3?)

    asked by rfvv
  116. math

    For exersizes 1-4 describe the population, the sampling plan, and the sample 1. A magazine for teenagers asks its readers to write in imformation about how they solve personal problems

    asked by Sarah
  117. Math

    In the xy-plane, the graph of y=x^2 y=x2and the circle with center (0,2) and radius 2 have how many points of intersection?

    asked by AKS
  118. English

    1. Watch out for vehicles on the street. 2. Look out for vehicles on the street. 3. Be careful about vehicles on the street. ---------------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? Can we use other prepositions instead of each prepositions in the

    asked by rfvv
  119. priciples of teaching

    can you please explain every number or give an examples in every number under management of instruction on principles of teaching? 1.Understanding by the teacher of the basic human needs, such as food, security, belongings, and recognition, eliminates

    asked by rose
  120. Social Studies Check Answers Please

    What was a common thread in the fall of communist regimes throughout Eastern Europe? A) a decline in education and health care B) poor economies and demands for more rights C) a lack of strong leaders in communist governments D) support for military

    asked by Bat-men
  121. math

    twelve friends share 4 pizzas equally. What fraction of a pizza does each friend get? i really need help thank you if you can answer. i think but im not sure it is 4/12 but im not sure pls hel me

    asked by ok
  122. English

    1. Make sure you write some notes of/about the leson. 2. Make sure you make some notes of the lesson. 3. Make sure you take some notes of the lesson. ------------------------- Are they all the same in meaning? Which one is better, 'of' or 'about' in

    asked by rfvv
  123. English

    I'm so nervous. 1. I could forget everything. 2. I might forget everything. 3. I can forget everything. 4. I may forget everything. ----------------------- Can we use all the statements? What is the difference among them? Which ones are commonly used? Is

    asked by rfvv
  124. English

    1. If you do it, you will be successful. 2. If you will do it, you will be successful. (Is #2 grammatical?) 3. If you will[wíl] do it, you will be successful. (What about this one? In the if clause, 'will' is stressed, which indicates the volition of the

    asked by rfvv
  125. Maths

    How to do this sum x=a2+a-2 ______ if a= 888 888 888 888 a-1

    asked by Jabu
  126. social studies

    Two factotors that hinders integration

    asked by Melecia
  127. Dynamics

    A car is traveling with constant velocity of 6m/s is passing thru an intersection when a motorcycle starts to move. The motorcycle move w/ an acceleration of 4m/s Find a) time when the motorcycle overtake the car b) the distance

    asked by Jason
  128. Social Studies Please Check Answer

    Why did the US most likely offer economic aid to Russia and Eastern Europe during the 1990s? A) to encourage them to break ways from the Soviet Union B) to politically dominate new governments in the region C) to help stable democratic governments emerge

    asked by Bat-men
  129. language arts

    1. Part A What paragraphs provide dialogue that introduces the play's main conflict? A. paragraphs 3-4 B. paragraphs 6-7 C. paragraphs 12-13 D. paragraphs 18-19 2. Part B Based on your answer to the previous question, what is the main conflict? A.

    asked by Help please!!!!