Questions Asked on
May 5, 2017

  1. La

    1. In the novel Walk two moons blackberries most likely symbolize A freedom B Love C Nature D Pastries 2. It made it trough the rest of my classes without losing control of my lips What can the reader most likely conclude about salsa reaction after she

    asked by carry on
  2. SS

    Explain how life in cities improved in late 1800s and early 1900s. Be sure to describe innovation in public transportation and travel as well as how technology helped solve some of the problems of crowding? Can someone give me links, please?

    asked by Catalena
  3. Social studies

    Why was the cuban missile crisis significant? Cuba threatened to invade the united states It came close to starting a full scale nuclear war The United States almost fell under communist rule It promoted nuclear research in the soviet union Please help

    asked by Welp
  4. Social Studies/ Economics

    Which are functions of money? Select all that apply. a. Store of value b. Producer of resources * c. Unit of account d. Medium of exchange * e. Record of finances * f. Unit of output (You have to choose 3)

    asked by StorySecrets
  5. Social Studies

    In which h economic situation would interest rate decrease? Most people are saving rather than buying houses••• Average families are choosing to invest in new businesses High consumption is driving a surge in the services sector Increased job

    asked by Maria
  6. Language

    The Straw, a play by Eugene O'Neill. The question is : Using what you know from reading the play, revise the introduction to add dramatic irony.

    asked by Boii
  7. english

    please help me to correct my anserw below: 1. Shhhh! Be quiet! John (sleep) _____. He might hear us from the other room. 1.sleeps 2.will sleep sleeping 4.have been sleeping ans.3 2. You look great! (you, exercise) _____ at the fitness center? 1. Are

    asked by jessie
  8. math please help!!!

    The area of the base of the regular quadrilateral pyramid is 36 cm2 and the area of a lateral face is 48 cm2. Find: Surface area of the pyramid

    asked by katy
  9. Social Studies help ASAP!!!

    1. Which inference can best be made about the rule of the tsars? a. Their power relied on the oppression of a large number of people b. They maintained power through strong military leadership c. Their rule threatened the more democratic ideals of Western

    asked by Haley
  10. Health

    Which statement is true about stage 3 of alcoholism? 1)malnutrition and liver and brain damage often occur 2)Teenagers go through this stage very slowly 3)The drinker becomes totally dependent on the drug 4)The drinker begins trying to escape the everyday

    asked by JAMIE
  11. LA

    Act II of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley contains several messages. In a paragraph, explain how one of these messages is conveyed in the second act of the play. Include at least two details from the play to support your points • When one person

    asked by @dumb dumb
  12. language arts

    Read the passage. Duke: If ever thou shalt love, in the sweet pangs of it remember me. Which of the following choices is the best restatement of the passage? A If you ever fall in love, expect it to hurt, and remember it. B I thought that you loved me, and

    asked by just answer my question
  13. English

    can anyone help me??? adventure and imagination practice: this is the gluskabe and old man winter by joseph bruchac 1. what paragraphs provide dialogue that introduces the plays main conflict? paragraph 3-4, paragraph 6-7, paragraph 12-13 or paragraphs

    asked by Awesome
  14. thermal physics

    a force of 2N stretches an elastic material by 30mm. What additional force will stretch the material by 35mm assuming the elastic limit is not exceeded

    asked by thermal physics
  15. English

    Which sentence has a dangling modifier? A) Inexpensive and fun, camping is a great way to spend a weekend. B) Sturdy yet comfortable, my new hiking boots will enable me to explore on foot. C) While looking for a campsite, a tornado touched down near the

    asked by M, S, E,
  16. science

    how do layers b and d compare in age? if rock layers between b and d have eroded away,what is the boundary between b and d called

    asked by cj
  17. Social Studies

    what effect did John Hay's open door policy letters have on the inperial powers of Britain France Germany Russia and Japan?

    asked by anonymous
  18. Social Studies

    Maria ivanov has owned a successful clothing boutique chain for 20 years. Sha has gone into debt several times to expand her business.each time she paid off the debt in full sooner than expected. How will Maria's record affect the loans she is offered? She

    asked by Maria
  19. math urgent!

    You flip a coin 20 times and get tails 15 times. You flip the coin 80 more times. What do you expect to happen to the experimental probability of getting tails as you increase the number of trials? The experimental probability will get closer to 50% The

    asked by Haley
  20. Math PLZ check soon!

    1 Which of the following sample spaces correctly lists all the possible outcomes for flipping a coin and spinning a four-colored spinner (red, blue, green, and yellow)? (A) H-red, H-blue, H-green, H-yellow, T-yellow, T-green, T-blue, T-red *** (B) H-red,

    asked by Madison
  21. Literature

    Since the time of the play's first performance, the props and set have been designed to be minimal so that________. the play can be performed in outdoor as well as indoor locations the play becomes more appealing for younger audiences ***my answer actors

    asked by Melanie
  22. ss

    The Himalayas separate ________ Afghanistan and Pakistan my text book doesn't say much I have looked every where. plz help

    asked by need help i think i have thi right answer
  23. algebra

    At a cricket test match 2/7 of the spectators more in a covered place while 15000 were in open.Find the total number of spectators

    asked by 8th
  24. English

    Read the sentence. Philadelphia has many historic buildings, beautiful parks, and is home to many excellent restaurants. Which revision corrects the faulty parallelism? A) Philadelphia, not only home to many excellent restaurants, but it also has historic

    asked by M, S, E,
  25. science

    The iodine-131 nuclide has a half-life of 8.0 days. If you originally have a 257 g sample, after 48 days how much will you have?

    asked by emma
  26. English

    Read the sentences. The Arctic region, where winters are long and cold, is home to more than 400 species of flowering plants. Which group of words is an adjective clause in the sentence? A) is home to more than 400 species of flowering plants B) of

    asked by M, S, E,
  27. English

    Which is an example of faulty coordination? A) Samuel Clemens was born in 1835, and he is better known by the pen name Mark Twain.*** B) Places that Mark Twain describes in Huckleberry Finn are based on real places in Missouri. C) Mark Twain traveled all

    asked by M, S, E,
  28. Engineering science

    A boat start sailing on Monday 10:00 at harbour A and sails 600km due north. Later it turns east for a further 420km to reach harbour B on Tuesday at 12:00.a)find total displacement from A-B average. b)speed of the trip.c)average velocity

    asked by Isaac B.Acheampong
  29. Probability

    If the probability that the average freshman will not complete a 5 year engineering course is 2/5, what is the probability that 4 freshmen at least 3 will complete the 5 year course.

    asked by Joven
  30. Math

    solve the equation c/4 -5 =4 Please show all steps please!

    asked by Naomi
  31. chemistry

    A chemistry student weighs out 0.0294g of sulfurous acid H2SO3 , a diprotic acid, into a 250.mL volumetric flask and dilutes to the mark with distilled water. He plans to titrate the acid with 0.2000M NaOH solution.

    asked by jil
  32. U.S History

    Which best expresses how Missouri's application for statehood threatened the future of slaves? It could have given more power to the states in favor of slavery.** People in the Missouri Territory had no mercy for runaway slaves. The governor of the

    asked by Laney
  33. calculus

    Find the area of the shaded region. r^2=sin(2θ).

    asked by alex
  34. Social studies

    3) Why were the Europeans able to drive Australia's Aborigines off the best land and into the dry interior? A) The Europeans paid the Aborigines a large amount of money. B) The Europeans had better military technology and equipment. C) The Aborigines were

    asked by homie
  35. math seriously help me

    Sally graphs the geometric sequence an = 2(3)n - 1 on a coordinate plane where she plots an on the y-axis and n on the x-axis. This graph is the same as the graph of which type of function? A) cubic B) linear

    asked by jose
  36. Social Studies

    I NEED HELP QUICK!!!! what effect did John Hay's open door policy letters have on the imperial powers of Britain France Germany Russia and Japan? 1. it provoked the imperial powers to declare war on the United States. 2. it caused the imperial powers to

    asked by anonymous
  37. Math

    A dog walker charges $10 to come to your house and then $2 per mile walked. She charged you $16. Which equation could you use to determine how far she walked your dog. Can you please help? Im thinking its 16+10=2m

    asked by JIskhaLover
  38. Science

    Hey! so, I was just wondering if someone could check a few of my answers. 1. during what phase of the moon can a lunar eclipse occur? A. New moon B. First Quarter C. Waxing gibbous D. Full moon* 2. Which of the following is the smallest possible amount of

    asked by lol
  39. English

    Read the sentence. Japan with many volcanoes, earthquakes, and occasional typhoons is vulnerable to natural disaster. Which is the best way to revise this sentence? A) Japan—with many volcanoes, earthquakes, and occasional typhoons—is vulnerable to

    asked by M, S, E,
  40. Social Studies

    How do nearby businesses with similar products usually compete? (1 point) A. offering deals and low prices B. changing to different product types C. lowering the level of service to save costs D. establishing a minimum price for everyone to use

    asked by anonymous
  41. Math

    What value of x makes the equation below true? 7x-1=9 A. 10/7 B. 8/7 C. 2/7 D. 16/7

    asked by KawaiiPotato
  42. Math

    What is the standard deviation of the following data set rounded to the nearest tenth? 51.8, 53.6, 54.7, 51.9, 49.3 A) 1.9*** B) 3.3 C) 1.8 D) 3.4

    asked by M, S, E,
  43. Chemistry

    A solution that is prepared by mixing 20.0 mL of 0.32 M HC2H3O2 with 20.0 mL of 0.36 M NaC2H3O2 would have a pH of ___. For HC2H3O2, Ka = 1.8 x 10-5.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Statistics

    The commute times during rush hour traffic on a local interstate have a mean of 25 minutes and a standard deviation of 5 minutes. Repeated studies of this section of interstate are considered normally distributed. What percent of commuters drive between 20

    asked by cinco de mayooo
  45. math

    The following data were obtained for the growth of a sheep population introduced into a new environment on the island of Tasmania (adapted from J. Davidson, ‘‘On the Growth of the Sheep Population in Tasmania,’’ Trans. R. Soc. S. Australia

    asked by saha
  46. chemistry

    A chemist must dilute 55.5mL of 2.80 M aqueous nickel(II) chloride NiCl2 solution until the concentration falls to 2.00 M . He'll do this by adding distilled water to the solution until it reaches a certain final volume.

    asked by jil
  47. Math MS. SUE PLEASE HELP!!

    What is true of a random sample? A) it is the only way to sample a population. B)Each member of the sample is a volunteer. C) It is always the easiest way to sample a population. D) Each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected. MS.

    asked by Liz
  48. math

    cost of building a fence around a circular field is rs 7700 at rs 14 per foot.area of circular field??? ans(24062.5) anyone pls help

    asked by shalu
  49. Statistics

    There are 3 short questions on math test. for each question, 1 mark will be awarded for a correct answer and no mark for wrong answer. if the probability that mary correctly answers a question in a test is 2/3, determine the probability that mary correctly

    asked by Mikel
  50. physics

    The rms output in a circuit is 7.75 A. What is the maximum current?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. word problem

    The admission for a school play is $3.50 for children and $9.00 for adults. on a certain day, 312 people attended the play, and the total money collected from sales was $1884. How many children and how many adults were admitted?

    asked by James
  52. science

    2. Compare and contrast deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. Based on the information given here, answer the following questions about the experiment: • What are the qualities of deductive reasoning? • What are the qualities of inductive

    asked by mary
  53. Math

    Mrs. Roberts plans to purchase a microscope for a present as a Christmas gift. The A model magnifies to a maximum of 5 x10 2 power , while the b model magnifies to a maximum of 3x10 3 power times. Which of the following statements is true? 1. The b model

    asked by Mydogbear
  54. @Haley/Madison

    Please limit yourself to your own questions or USEFUL answers. Posting that you agree with a professional math teacher is ridiculous!

    asked by Ms. Sue
  55. chemistry

    if 2 atoms combined their 4f orbitals, what type of orbitals should form?

  56. Physics

    An electron moves to the left with a velocity of 3.2 x 10^5 m/s and has a magnetic force of 5.6 x 10^-17 N exerted on it. What is the magnitude of the magnitude field? Assume the charge has a value of 1.60 x 10^-19 C.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. math

    a piece of string 25 cm long goes exactly once round the edge of a plate in the form of a quadrant pie = 3.14 Find the radius of this quadrant and calculate the area of the quadrant

    asked by lia
  58. Social studies

    1. If a consumer makes monthly payments of $250 to pay off a car loan, what type of credit is she using? (1 point) non­revolving revolving short term unsecured 2. Caitlin wants to buy an airline ticket, but she’s uncomfortable taking that much cash to

    asked by Amy
  59. calculus

    Find a Cartesian equation for the curve and identify it. (r^2)cos(2θ)=1

    asked by alex
  60. maths

    There are 450 oranges and mangoes in a fruit stall. There are twice amount of mangoes as there are oranges. a)how many oranges are there in the stall? b)2/3 of the oranges are green and the others are ripe. How many oranges are ripe? c)A box can hold 24

    asked by indira
  61. Physics 20

    A vehicle is involved in a collision that produces a -1500 n net force. what is the acceleration of the 75.5 kg passenger in the car?

    asked by Cassandra
  62. algebra

    Simplify -11 sqrt 112. -44 sqrt 7******** -176 sqrt 7 -27 sqrt 7 4 sqrt 7 Is this right? and I need to show my work, idk the steps

    asked by Carl Wheezer
  63. Math

    A set of stairs has a rise of 6 inches and a run of 9 inches. The building safety code says the stairs should rise at an angle of between 30 degrees and 35 degrees. Does this set of stairs meet the safety regulations? Justify your answer by showing

    asked by Riley
  64. Math

    Juan bought a new shirt on sale for 30 percent off the original price. He paid $28 dollars for it. What is the original price?

    asked by Nicholle
  65. LA

    What are some Themes in Chapter 15-17 The Giver?

    asked by angela
  66. word problem

    can anyone please show me how to set this up? This basketball season, Armando scored 8 less points than Austin, Damien scored twice as many points as Austin, and Brian scored 5 more than 5 times as many points as Austin. If all 4 players scored a total of

    asked by melissa
  67. Math

    A ramp has a slope of 0.25. If the rise is 4 feet, what is the horizontal distance covered by the ramp?

    asked by Riley
  68. Physics 20

    Two basketball players collide. Player 1, with a mass of 55.0 kg, experience a -15.6 m/s2 acceleration. If player 2 has a mass of 48.5 kg, what acceleration did he experience immediately following the collision?

    asked by Cassandra
  69. math help. (check answer)

    All the surfaces of the lantern will be made of paper. What is the least amount of paper needed to make the lantern? A. 140 Cm^2 B. 144 Cm^2

    asked by Zurai
  70. Physics

    How much heat is needed to transform a 2.5kg block of ice at -4C to a puddle of water at 12C. c water = 4200 J kg C c ice = 2100 J kg C Lf = 3.33x10^5 J kg

    asked by Gunner
  71. Macroeconomics(PLEASE HELP)

    4. Techniques of Production Resource Resource Prices Land $4 Labor $2 Capital $5 Entrepreneurial Ability $3 Possible ProductionTechniques I II III IV 4 6 8 9 6 7 9 9 5 4 3 2 1 1 1 2 a. Which technique is the most efficient? b.  If the most efficient

    asked by Jen
  72. statistics

    You are a researcher for a professional research firm.Your firm has won a contract to do a study for an air travel industry publication

    asked by Fabienne
  73. maths

    A vendor has some eggs.4 eggs were broken. Half the remaining were sold out. In that 30 eggs were remaining at the end of the day. How many eggs he start with

    asked by Logeshwari
  74. Physics 20

    A plane with a mass of 4.50 x 10^3 kg accelerates on takeoff at 10.0 m/s2. What is the net force acting on the plane?

    asked by Cassandra
  75. math

    Rs 155 is divided into 4 parts in such a way that if the first part is diminished by 4,second be increased by 5,the third be divided by 2 and fourth be multiplied by 3,then find the first part? ans(40)

    asked by mini
  76. delhi private school

    Find the area of a rectangular hockey table that is 8 1/4 feet by 4 3/8 feet.

    asked by naina
  77. History of Technology

    I have to interview 2 people for how technology has changed throughout their lifetime, but I have no one right now so can someone tell me different ways of how technology has changed over their lifetime it's for school and I need it done today. Thanks.

    asked by Legacy
  78. Chemistry 212

    The isotope sodium-22 has a half life of 2.60 years. What is the 1st order rate constant in inverse years? I am using the Ln (A/A0) = -Kt formula. Is that correct?

    asked by Valerie
  79. Math

    Yumi walked 2 km to a bus stop to catch the bust to school. The bus arrived straight away and averaged 60km/h for the 5km trip. Yumi's total travelling time was 25 minutes. at what average speed did Yumi walk to the bus stop? The answer is 6, but the only

    asked by Anonymous
  80. calculus

    Find the area enclosed by the curve x = (t^2)-2t, y = (t)^(1/2) and the y-axis.

    asked by alex
  81. calculus

    Find the exact area of the surface obtained by rotating the given curve about the x-axis. x=t^3, y=t^2, 0 ≤ t ≤ 1

    asked by alex
  82. Chemistry

    The resulting pH of a solution when 100 mL of 0.877 M NH3 is mixed with 100 mL of 0.481 M HBr is ___. For NH3, Kb = 1.8 × 10−5.

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Math (Check Answer)

    Which of the following is always true? A. 5x2(r+7)=2x5(r+7) B. 5+2(r+7)=2+5(r+7)

    asked by AnonUser
  84. geometry

    Find the lateral area of a regular square pyramid whose slant height is 20 and whose base has an edge length of 7

    asked by Sara
  85. word problem

    Eduardo scored 29 points in his last basketball game. He only scored 2-point field goals and 3-point feild goals. If he made 12 field goals in the game, how many of each type did he make? Let x represent the number of 2-point field goals and y represent

    asked by Carlos
  86. civcs

    Which statement was part of an initial draft of the Declaration of Independence, but not part of the final version of the Declaration of Independence?        A. Governments were created by people.   B. The United States of America declared itself

    asked by kik
  87. math

    Sally graphs the geometric sequence an = 2(3)n - 1 on a coordinate plane where she plots an on the y-axis and n on the x-axis. This graph is the same as the graph of which type of function? A) cubic B) linear

    asked by jose
  88. Statistics

    what are the odds against tossing a 7 or an 11 in a single throw pair of dice.

    asked by Brice
  89. English

    1. Make sure you don't build a fire in the forest. Don't cook food in the forest as well. 2. Make sure you don't build a fire in the forest. Don't cook food in the forest,either. ---------------------------- Q1: Is the sentence in #1 an affirmative

    asked by rfvv
  90. Math

    Together, two designers have to make 31 dresses in one month. Jane has to sew 5 more than her partner , aunt Tina. How many dresses does Jane have to make? 1. 13 2. 18 3. 23 4. 26 5. 36 The. Answer I have is 20 or 21 it's not on the list what am I doing

    asked by Mydogbear
  91. English

    1. You will[wíl] have your own way. 2. He will[wíl] have his own way. -------------------------------- Are the sentences grammatical? Do we have to stress 'will' if we want to express the volition of the subject? If we do not stress 'will', what is the

    asked by rfvv
  92. math

    After 20% increase in cost per kg of rice, a family can now buy 4kg less rice in rs240.what was the original price per kg of rice? ans(10rs)

    asked by mini
  93. maths

    A floor is to be carpeted. The width is 6m and the length 4 1/2m. a) calculate the area of the floor. b)If the carpet is sold $20 per meter squared. Calculate the cost of the carpet to cover the entire floor.

    asked by indira
  94. Math

    Im sorry for bombarding you guys with questions. I've only needed help with 3 of 40 so far.. Anyways, moving on! 3! = 3 * 2 * 1 4! = 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 5! = 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 30! = 2^x * N where N is odd. What is the value of x? I have no idea where to start,

    asked by Anonymous
  95. MATH


    asked by JUNIOR
  96. Math

    How do I figure out what is stronger 5x10 2nd power or 3x10 3rd power. How much are they stronger or weaker.

    asked by Mydogbear
  97. Maths Perecntages

    A fruit shop owner buys a box of 24 mangoes are $9. At what price should he sell each mango if he wishes to make a 30% profit?

    asked by Angelica
  98. calculus

    Find the slope of the tangent line to the given polar curve at the point specified by the value of θ. r=6/θ, θ=π

    asked by alex
  99. maths

    The ratio of Mon's pencils to Josh's pencil id 5:7. Josh has 18 pencils more than Mon. If Josh gives 9 pencils to Mon, what will be the new ratio of Mon's pencils to Josh's pencils?

    asked by Bala
  100. Math (integrals) (Substitution)

    I am given an integral to solve with given substitution values. I got an answer, but I'm not quite sure if it's correct as an online integral calculator gave a different answer. ∫ x sqrt(4-x) dx Given that u = 4-x . In this case, x = 4 - u du = -dx Now..

    asked by Ray
  101. Math

    What is the y-coordinate of point b if the slope of line ab is 5. B(3,y). A(2,4). I added 3+2=5. And added +4 =9 is this right

    asked by Mydogbear
  102. Math

    Two events are independent P(event, then event) What is P(event)? A) a/b (A has a square root symbol) B) a/b (both have a square root symbol) C) a/b (both are squared) D) a/2b

    asked by Alexis
  103. maths

    create a number sequence of 5-digit number using only even digits. such that no digit is repeated more than twice.

    asked by create a number sequence of 5-digit no using only even digits.such that no digit is repeated more th
  104. Math

    Dedi has a rectangular pool in his backyard. The surface area of the pool in 30m^2 and the width is 5m. There are 4 lights, equally spaced along each of the longer sides of the pool, including a light at each corner. What is the shortest distance between

    asked by Anonymous
  105. algebra

    Samantha has 34 coins in her pocket, all which are nickles and quarters. If the total value of her change is $3.90, how many nickles and quarters does she have?

    asked by Eddie
  106. maths

    pictures are numbered in sequence from 1 to 152.Zack is sticking 8 pictures in order on a bristol board to form posters. a)How many posters can Zack make? b)On which poster can picture numbered 60 be found?

    asked by indira
  107. Math

    1/3 * 2/4 * 3/5 * 4/6 * 5/7 *... ... ... * 98/100 = ? Is there a specific way on how to calculate this?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. World history

    What issue,of the Industrial Revolution, in this image is addressing?

    asked by 1
  109. math

    a teacher teaches two class and each class contains 35 students. if she grade final exam at a rate of 15 minutes per exam. how many minutes will it take to grade all final . how many hours is this?

    asked by janet
  110. Math

    Three out of 200 machine parts were found to be defective. About how many parts would be expected to be defective out of 2500 parts? A. 15 B. 30 C. 38 D. 67

    asked by Michael
  111. english

    A successful academic argument depends upon

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Math

    5x10^2=5x100=500. 3x10^3=3x100=300.

    asked by Mydogbear
  113. calculus

    Hi, I have the following HW question and I'm a little confused: Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by y=1/sqrt(x) and y=0 for 1

    asked by camryn
  114. English

    1. This door won't[wóunt] open. 2. This door won't[no accent] open. 3. She won't[wóunt] open the door. 4. She won't[no accent] open the door. ------------------------- #1 and #3 indicate the refual(volition) of the subject. Is that right? If we do not

    asked by rfvv
  115. physic

    I need the answer for these 2 questions: 1)How is X-ray produced and why can it be used to help us see the structure inside the body? 2)Describe the process of X-Ray computerised tomography. What information does this process provide that ordinary X-ray

    asked by john
  116. maths

    Jade is 9 years old. The sum of her parents age is the square of Jade's age Her father is 11 years older than her mother. A) How old is Jade's mother?

    asked by indira
  117. maths

    Mr. Jones bought a stove at a discount of 20%. The price of the stove is $4,000. a)Calculate the discount in dollars. b)What was the cost of the stove after the discount? c)Mr. Jones paid VAT of 12 1/2% on the discounted price. How much VAT did she pay?

    asked by indira