Questions Asked on
May 4, 2017

  1. Math

    The box-and-whisker plot below shows the numbers of text messages received in one day by students in the seventh and eighth grades at Lincoln Middle School. Two box and whisker plots are shown above a number line. The number line is scaled from 2 to 38 by

    asked by Gianna
  2. Social studies

    Why do businesses seek an equilibrium price? A:it ensures that competitors cannot offer lower prices B:it attracts the largest possible number of consumers to the business C:it provides the highest possible prices that consumers will pay for each product

    asked by Somejuan
  3. S.S

    how does the existence of a single accepted money help consumers? It makes it possible to make large purchases It makes it easy to make a profit of saving account It makes it easy to complete the price of good and services It makes it possible for

    asked by Haley
  4. english

    Please help me to correct my answers below.let me know the correct answers. thank you 1. Justin (write) _____ his speech for the presentation now. I hope he finishes it before we meet. 1. is writing 2.will write 3.writes 4.has been writing ans.3 2. The

    asked by jessie
  5. history

    Please check my answers, thanks :) 1.Which of the following decisions best shows the us government's willingness to participate in the global economy? A.relocating domestic jobs to foreign countries B.joining the world trade organization. C. Decreasing

    asked by jessica remoriza
  6. Algebra 2 check my last answer?!

    A cosine function has a period of 3, a maximum value of 20, and a minimum value of 0. The function is a reflection of its parent function over the x-axis. Which function could be the function described? f(x)=10cos(3x)−10 f(x)=10cos(2π3x)+10

    asked by Nelly
  7. Social studies

    Outline two reasons why caribbean musicians may wish to promote their particular style of music

    asked by Shashie
  8. art

    a collector enjoys artwork that includes realistic images of geographic feautres such as rivers, mountain , and plains. Which topic is he most likely to build his collection around? A) land and animal art B) map art C) architectural designs D) landscape

    asked by Meg
  9. Language arts

    1. One would expect people living in a utopian society to be A. wealthy B. difficult C. idealistic D. impossible 2. Which statement best describes a utopian community? A. People band together to share resources and duties equally. B. Resources are

    asked by Check Please
  10. social studies

    Outline two reasons why emotional readiness is necessary for good parenting.

    asked by jada
  11. Social Studies

    How was the conflict in Afghanistan different from other conflicts in the region for the United States? Please help, thanks!

    asked by NeedHelp
  12. Math

    The dimensions of a rectangular wading pool are shown in the diagram above. Which one of the expressions below represents the maximum volume (in cubic units) of water it can hold? 2 feet high. 3.5 feet across bottom and 5 feet long. Which answer is best 1.

    asked by Mydogbear
  13. Math Help?

    Without graphing, identify the quadrant in which the point (x, y) lies if x < 0 and y < 0. A. II B. IV C. I D. III

    asked by HALA
  14. Algebra 2 check

    A sinusoidal function whose frequency is 3, maximum value is 12, minimum value is −6 , and y-intercept is (0, 3) . Which function could be the function described? f(x)=9sin(6πx)+3 f(x)=9sin(x3)−3 f(x)=9sin(3x)+3 f(x)=9sin(6πx)−6

    asked by Nelly
  15. graphing help?

    Graph ​ g(t)=4sin(3t)+2 ​. Use 3.14 for π . Use the sine tool to graph the function. The first point must be on the midline and the second point must be a maximum or minimum value on the graph closest to the first point. How would I graph this? I have

    asked by sasha
  16. Math

    Identify al the sets to which the number 3.1214122144...belongs. A.) Rational** B.) Irrational C.) Integer, Rational D.) Whole number, Integer, Rational

    asked by WOW
  17. Language Arts Helllllllllpppp

    What is most likely true about what Sal knows at the end of Chapter 41?

    asked by Madison
  18. Math

    Does the following infinite geometric series diverge or converge? Explain. 1/5 + 1/25 + 1/125 + 1/625 A) It diverges; it has a sum. B) It converges; it has a sum. C) It diverges; it does not have a sum. D) It converges; it does not have a sum. I am pretty

    asked by M, S, E,
  19. Probability

    Q and R are not mutually exclusive events. If P(Q) = 0.12, P(R) = 0.25, and P(Q and R) = 0.03, find P(Q or R). A) 0.34 B) 0.03 C) 0.31*** D) 0.4

    asked by M, S, E,
  20. Math someone plz check

    1. How many different lunch combinations can be made from three sandwich choices, two item choices, and four beverage choices if you choose one sandwich, one side, and one beverage? 9 20 24** 2.A bicycle manufacturer offers two styles , three sizes, and

    asked by Madison
  21. Chemistry

    what is the OH- concentration of 0.08 M solution of CH3COONa

    asked by Rahul
  22. Algebra 2

    What effect does changing the function f(x)=2sin(x2)−1 to the function g(x)=2sin(x)−5 have on the graph of f(x)? The graph is stretched vertically by a factor of 2 and shifted right 4 units . The graph is compressed vertically by a factor of 2 and

    asked by Anonymous
  23. history

    1.How and why did Spokane and Seattle change in the late 1800s - early 1900s? 2.How did Washington's farming, mining, lumber and other industries benefit one another? 3.How did workers in Washington respond to economic and political changes in the state in

    asked by PizzaPIZZAPIZZA
  24. algebra

    Combine like radical terms -7\sqrt(6-5 ) \sqrt(54)

    asked by alyssa
  25. Math Help ASAP

    1. How many different lunch combinations can be made from three sandwich choices, two item choices, and four beverage choices if you choose one sandwich, one side, and one beverage? 9 20 24** 2.A bicycle manufacturer offers two styles , three sizes, and

    asked by Madison
  26. math help please check my answer

    Joel scores in 80% of his games. They are starting the playoffs and if they make it to the state championship, they will have played 5 games. Joel wants to determine the probability that he scores in 4 of the 5 games. Joel sets up his simulation using a

    asked by Maeee
  27. science

    2. Compare and contrast deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning. Based on the information given here, answer the following questions about the experiment: • What are the qualities of deductive reasoning? • What are the qualities of inductive

    asked by lily
  28. Math

    Which of these is an irrational number. A. √150 B. √441 C. √200 D. √250 Ok I worked it out like this √150= 12.24 (12) √441= 21.07 (21) √200= 14.14 (14) √250= 15.81 (16) Ok I can't figure this out. What exactly does rational and irrational

    asked by WOW
  29. English (Check)

    1.Read the sentence below: Your anger at the game's final score is as my despair for my exam scores. What type of figurative language does this sentence use? A.Allusion B.Analogy C.Hyperbole D.Simile**** 2.Read the sentence below: Simplicity is to garden

    asked by Bobby Newberry
  30. Geometry

    Find the area. The figure is not drawn to scale. 6.9 4cm

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    Divide (-6m^9 - 6m^8-16m^6) / 2m^3 I get -3m^12 -3m^11 - 8M^9 NOT A CHOICE ON PAPER could it be -3m^9 -3m^8 -8m^6

    asked by Anonymous
  32. algebra

    What is the graph of one cycle of a sine curve with the given characteristics? Using the form y = a sin bθ, what is an equation for the sine curve? amplitude = 2, period =2 pi , and a < 0.

    asked by dallas
  33. ss

    1. What was one impact of the Iranian Revolution on the United States? (1 point) higher oil prices increased terrorism increased taxes increased military spending “Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem” --Ronald

    asked by Lucina
  34. Social studies

    Which of the following is no longer allowed in the Atlantic Provinces? A)cod fishing B)fishing C)aquaculture**** D)fish processing Correct?

    asked by david
  35. english

    Identify one of the darker action from "The Odyssey" poem or "Animal Farm" story. In what piece the action highlighted what intentions or emotions prompt the action? How would the story or drama change if the character involved were able to overcome the

    asked by Kelly
  36. Math check?

    What is the zero of the function? f(x)=x2−x−6x2−8x+15 Enter your answer in the box. -2

    asked by Ashley
  37. S.Studies

    What do many political conflicts in South Asia have in common? MY ANSWER: I think that they all have many problems with terroristic attacks, military enforcement, border control and personal freedoms. Many of the countries in South Asia have problems with

    asked by Monica...
  38. Social studies

    Outline two reasons why emotional readiness is necessary for good parenting

    asked by Shashie
  39. science

    Calculate the energy released when 1 gram of uranium undergoes fission reaction

    asked by alphonse
  40. Algebra 2 check

    A cosine function has a period of 3, a maximum value of 20, and a minimum value of 0. The function is a reflection of its parent function over the x-axis. Which function could be the function described? f(x)=10cos(3x)−10 f(x)=10cos(2π3x)+10

    asked by Nelly
  41. math URGENT HELP!!!

    The area of the base of the regular quadrilateral pyramid is 36 cm2 and the area of a lateral face is 48 cm2. Find: Lateral area of the pyramid

    asked by katy
  42. algebra

    Below are the functions of y=|x| and y=|x|-5. how are the functions related? A. the functions have the same shape. the y-intercept of y=|x| is 0 and the y-intercept of the second function is 5 B. the functions have the same y-intercept. the second function

    asked by Emily
  43. ELA

    Which of the following archetypal patterns best categorizes the huge, chaotic, and happy Finney family. A:the sage B:the hero C:the villain D:the lunatic I think D. thank you

    asked by Jaden
  44. Math/Algebra

    I need help on a Middle School Math With Pizzaz worksheet. It is titled, Vive la France!

    asked by Mateus
  45. Chemistry

    The solubility of silver sulfate in water is 5.05 grams per liter. If a silver sulfate solution had a concentration of 7.37 grams per liter, it would be said to be saturated, supersaturated or unsaturated?

    asked by Ebony
  46. Science

    What is global warming? What can people do to reduce global warming?

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  47. Math

    Mark has pair of pants in three different colors, blue, black and brown. He has five colored shirts: a white, a red, a yellow, a blue and a mixed-colored shirt. What is the probability that Mark wears a black pair of pants and a red shirt on a given day?

    asked by Len
  48. Human Relations

    inflection best relates to

    asked by mike
  49. math118

    The price of a home is ​$102,000. The bank requires a​ 20% down payment and three points at the time of closing. The cost of the home is financed with a​ 30-year fixed-rate mortgage at 9.5%  Find the required down payment.

    asked by Jasmine
  50. math 118

    The price of a small cabin is ​$30,000. The bank requires a​ 5% down payment. The buyer is offered two mortgage​ options: 20-year fixed at 10​% or​ 30-year fixed at 10​%. Calculate the amount of interest paid for each option. How much does the

    asked by Jasmine
  51. Statistics

    50 apples from an orchard are randomly selected. A mean apple diameter of 2.22 inches is calculated with a margin of error for a 95% confidence interval of ±0.13. What is the interval estimate of the population mean? 1.99 < μ < 2.23 2.09 < μ < 2.35 2.09

    asked by Anonymous
  52. english

    please kindly help if my answers below are coorect.thank you . Teacher: So you want to learn _____ English? 1. To Talk 2.Talking 3.Speaking 4.To Speak ans. 3 2. Student: Yes, I want to be able to speak _____. 1.Good 2.Goodly 3.Proper 4.Well ans. 4 3.

    asked by jessie
  53. physics

    the half life of radium is 1600 years of 100 grams of radium existing now 25 grams will remain after how many years

    asked by Anonymous
  54. science sound and light!!!

    which of the following involves the diffraction of light waves? A.a glass of water acts like a prism, splitting sunlight from a window into a rainbow on the far wall. B.a stained glass window only allows some of the light from the sun into a room. C.light

    asked by the smart/dummy!
  55. Math

    The areas of two squares are in the ratio 9:16. The smaller square has sides of length 15cm. Calculate the size of the length of the larger square.

    asked by Banko
  56. consumer math

    The amount that results when $2,000 is compounded at 8% annually over six years.

    asked by The amount that results when $2,000 is compounded
  57. English

    The truck was "careening" around the sharp curves of the road as it made its way down the steep mountainside. Which is best definition of the word "careening"? 1)spinning wildly 2)hustling rapidly 3)lurching dangerously 4)wandering aimlessly I think #1

    asked by JAMIE
  58. math

    Enrollment at Buchanan Middle School is 524. Sixteen students will be randomly chosen to attend a meeting with a U.S. senator. What are the odds in favor of Tim attending the meeting?

    asked by abdulaziz
  59. Physical Science

    What will be the total resistance and current in a parallel circuit with a 15-volt battery and 3 10-ohm resistors?

    asked by Steve
  60. Math

    A student is trying to solve the set of two equations given below: Equation A: x + z = 6 Equation B: 2x + 4z = 1 Which of the following is a possible step used in eliminating the z-term? Multiply equation B by 4. Multiply equation A by 2.*** Multiply

    asked by Nikki
  61. Math

    In a middle school computer club, 3/8 of the members are girls. Of the girls in the club, 2/5 are 6 graders. Write and solve an equation to find the fraction of the members of the club that are 6 grade girls

    asked by Tom
  62. Math

    Does the following infinite geometric series diverge or converge? Explain. 3 + 9 + 27 + 81 + . . . A) It diverges; it does not have a sum. B) It converges; it has a sum.*** C) It diverges; it has a sum. D) It converges; it does not have a sum.

    asked by M, S, E,
  63. History

    In the twentieth century the United States entered the world arena as an international power. What are some major points that led the United States to this position? What are some important events that I should know? Thanks

    asked by John
  64. Early childhood education

    Which of the following is a developmentally appropriate music experience for a five to six year old child? A. Reproducing a melody. B. reading lyrics to a new song C. Singing a duet with a friend. D. Synchronizing his or her movements to a beat.

    asked by Charlene
  65. Social Studies

    Attention from the news media is an example of what? a.public relations b.advertising c.publicity ** releases

    asked by Help
  66. Math

    Ron has 3 times as many stickers as Ted. They have 28 stickers altogether.How many stickers does Ron have.

    asked by Mazhar
  67. Math

    You roll a number cube numbered one to six 12 times. P(5) = two over three. What type of probability is illustrated and why? (1 point) experimental; the result is based on the number of possible outcomes ** experimental; the result is found by repeating an

    asked by Estela
  68. Math

    Working three days per week, a clerk earns $255 per week. At the same rate of pay , which expression below represents what she would earn if she worked 5 days per week? ( let x represent full time earnings) 1. X= 3/5 (255) 2. X= 5/3(255). 3. X= 3(255). 4.

    asked by Bear
  69. Math

    126 is the product of 7 and Victor's savings. Use the variable v to represent Victor's savings.

    asked by Jessie
  70. English (Check)

    Based on your knowledge of prefixes, what does en- mean? A.Cause to*** B.In front C. Wrongly D.Before Is it A I'm not 100% sure... help please

    asked by Bobby Newberry
  71. Spelling

    Mother is to brother as fly is to? 4 letters. Must contain scr, spr, str, or thr.

    asked by Mother is to brother as fly is to?
  72. Math help....

    3r=-6cosx I need help converting to rectangular form also:change to polar co-ordinate form 3xy=5

    asked by Georgina
  73. english

    Describe Odysseus as you imagined him (your interpretation) in 5-6 sentences

    asked by Kelly
  74. binomial distribution

    Assume that a procedure yields a binomial distribution with a trial repeated n=5n=5 times. Use some form of technology to find the probability distribution given the probability p=0.687 of success on a single trial.

    asked by jack
  75. maths

    tickets for a school play cost $4 for adults and $2 for students at the end of the play the school sold a total of 105 tickets and collected $360 how much of each type of tickets did they sell .

    asked by Bala
  76. English

    Two types of biographies are: a. Formate and genre b. Poetry and prose. c. Fiction and nonfiction. d authentic and fictionalized

    asked by Charles
  77. history

    what term would best describes the relationship between israel and palestinians? A) friendly B)prosperterious C)hostile D)distant

    asked by ??
  78. C++ programming

    Elevator Bank Design and Implementation 1 Project Description The goal of this project is to design and develop C++ code and algorithms to control a bank of elevators, which services many oors and transports people \eciently ", that is, as per the given

    asked by Brian
  79. pre-calc

    A statement Sn about the positive integers is given. Write statements S1, S2, and S3, and show that each of these statements is true. Show your work. Sn:   2 is a factor of n^2 + 7n

    asked by cam
  80. Calculus

    Let the length of a rod be 10 meters and the linear density of the rod ρ(x) be written in the form ρ(x) = ax + b with x = 0 representing the left end of the rod and x = 10 representing the right end of the rod. If the density of the rod is 2kg/m at the

    asked by Travis
  81. Math

    In an exam there were 90 queations each carried 4 marks.For correct 4 marks shall be awarded and for every wrong response 1 marks shall be deducted from the total score .If I attempted the exam and made wrong 14 questions and unattempted 2 What will be my

    asked by Mmb
  82. math

    Would you please help/check my answers on these probability questions because I cannot come up with what the answer book says. A group of baseball fans at a sports bar in Illinois were asked about which professional baseball team they root for during

    asked by Carly
  83. social

    How did social controls shape Japanese identity and citizenship?

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Math

    The area of a rectangle is 24. The length is 10cm longer than the width. Find the length of the rectangle.

    asked by Emma
  85. Chemistry

    An aqueous solution is made by dissolving 23.9 grams of cobalt(II) bromide in 405 grams of water. The molality of cobalt(II) bromide in the solution is___m.

    asked by Ebony
  86. Chemistry

    The mole fraction of zinc chloride, ZnCl2, in an aqueous solution is 5.73×10-2 . The percent by mass of zinc chloride in the solution is___%.

    asked by Ebony
  87. Biology

    A dichotomous key is used to ___________. ? A. identify dicots, only B. identify organisms C. gain entry to homes by burglars D. determine the meaning of life ' my best answer is D is that correct

    asked by Cassandra
  88. math help please check my answer

    A national garden club president thinks 70% of its members plant tulips for the spring. Phone calls were made to 100 members. Of the 91 members who responded, 76 said they plant tulips for the spring. What is the sample proportion? Round your answer to the

    asked by Ashley
  89. math

    solve the equation in substitution method 2m+n=0 m+2n=3

    asked by damola
  90. Maths

    A ship sails due north 3 kilometres( Point A) and then due east 16 kilometres(Point B) the returns to its original starting point. How far does it travel from point b back to the start. ( Shortest Distance)

    asked by Bobby
  91. calculus

    x = sin(θ/2), y= cos(θ/2), −π ≤ θ ≤ π. Eliminate the parameter to find a Cartesian equation of the curve.

    asked by alex
  92. english

    Why Odysseus is an important part of the poem? Your response should be at least 5 sentences long

    asked by Kelly

    Can someone check this for me, i have an exam tomorrow! I have came up with a good preposition that will highly benefit the residents as well as the tourists.The major concern of the region is the ramshackle buildings in the town;this will not attract the

    asked by EXAM TOMORROW
  94. Chemistry

    How many grams of ZnCl2 are there in 213 grams of an aqueous solution that is 17.7 % by weight ZnCl2.

    asked by Ebony
  95. Chemistry

    In the laboratory you are asked to make a 0.659 m iron(II) sulfate solution using 315 grams of water. How many grams of iron(II) sulfate should you add?___grams.

    asked by Ebony
  96. Physics

    Simple Harmonic Motion Problem Amplitude=10cm=0.1m , period=1s, angular frequency= 6.28 rad What is the maximum speed of the mass during this motion?

    asked by Alex
  97. Bio chem

    How many mL of 0.80 molar NaOH must be added to 20 ml of 0.40 of molar propionic acid, in order to produce a solution with a pH of 4.89? (PKa of propionic acid is 4.89.)

    asked by Scott
  98. Calculus

    A differentiable function called f(x) achieves its maximum when x=0. Which of the following must then be true? 1. The function p(x) = xf(x) has a critical point when x = 0. 2. The function m(x) = (f(x))^2 has its maximum at x = 0. 3. The function j(x) =

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Calculus

    A particle's position along the x-axis is given by x(t) = t^4/24 - t^3/2 + 2t^2 - 1. What is the maximum acceleration on the interval 0

    asked by Anonymous
  100. nature

    how many albino peacocks are there and where they ever hunted by hunters?

    asked by bri<3 :)
  101. Calculus

    I am given the true of false question: If f(x) is continuous and 0

    asked by Josh
  102. Physics

    Water from the dead sea flows into a pipe of diameter 18cm at a velocity of 5.0m s at pressure 4.0atm. The pipe reduces to a diameter of 10cm at a point 3.5m above. a)Determine the rate of flow. b)Determine the velocity at the top section. c)Determine the

    asked by Gunner
  103. math


    asked by shalu
  104. math question

    The area of an equilateral triangle is decreased to 9/16 of its original amount. How does its new area compare to its original area?

    asked by Hayley
  105. Algebra

    a vendor sold 100 fresh chicken eggs. eight of them were sold at a profit of 30% while the rest were sold at a loss of 40%. what is the percentage gain or loss on the whole stock?

    asked by Jude
  106. Algebra 2 helppppp

    What are the complex factors of the quadratic expression? 25x2+144 Enter your answer in the box. 25x2+144 = (5x+12i)(5x-12i)

    asked by sheep
  107. calculus

    Hi, could someone please help me with this hw question asap? Given that the integral of (e^x*sin(5x))dx=((e^x)/26)*(sin(5x)-5cos(5x))+c, evaluate the integral from 1 to e^(pi/10) of sin(5ln(x))dx

    asked by Sabrina
  108. Business/ social studies

    _______ is when a product is included in a show or movie. a.product placement b.a commercial c.promotion d. institutional advertising

    asked by StorySecrets
  109. nature

    what kind of animals were put together to make a gator?

    asked by bri
  110. Chemistry

    If a student poured a concentrated acid on himself,how will corrosives act of the acid stop?give the equation for the reaction if possible.

    asked by Adaeze
  111. History

    I need some info about the Hohenzollern Bridge please can you help?

    asked by Jozef
  112. math

    seven times the sum of a number and seven is 13 more than the number. what is the number? i know it cant be that hard but please help

    asked by jacob
  113. Maths

    A ship sails due north 3 kilometres( Point A) and then due east 16 kilometres(Point B) the returns to its original starting point. How far does it travel from point b back to the start. ( Shortest Distance)

    asked by Bobby
  114. Math

    Ronald lee has been told by a company that the probability he will be offered a job in the quality control department is .6 and the probability he will be asked to be foreman of the department, if he offered the job is .1. what is the probability that he

    asked by Len
  115. math


    asked by shalu
  116. science

    Where will the African Plate be in 100 million years?

    asked by arianna
  117. Maths

    The second term of arithmetic progression is 15 and the fifth term is 21 find the common difference with solutions

    asked by Happy
  118. Math

    Verify: tan^2a=sec^2a tan^2a-1

    asked by Anonymous
  119. algebra

    write an equation for the line that is parallel to the given line and passes through the given point. y=2x+4: (3,8) A. y=2x+2 B. y=2x+6 C. y=-2x+6 D. y=-1/2+2

    asked by Emily
  120. math

    Verify: tan^2a=cot^2a-cot^2acsc^2a

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Fluid Dynamics

    Will the flow rate of water slow if the diameter of the pipe it runs through is decreased?

    asked by Gunner
  122. Chemistry

    If 24.3 grams of an aqueous solution of aluminum iodide, AlI3, contains 6.56 grams of aluminum iodide, what is the percentage by mass of aluminum iodide in the solution?

    asked by Ebony
  123. Algebra

    A businessman has $1000 income from bonds bearing 4% and 5%. If the amounts invested at 4% and 5% were interchanged, he would earn $50 more annually. Find the total amount invested by the businessman.

    asked by Mike
  124. Math

    If you pay $950000 for a car and its value depreciates 10% per year how much will be its worth 5 years from now?

    asked by Mike
  125. Math

    What does ( ) mean

    asked by Mydogbear
  126. chemistry

    Augmentin sf give 5ml for 5 days,how many ml and what strength will you issue?

    asked by seun
  127. chemistry

    Prescription:Morphine 10mg IM q 4 to 6HR for pain,how many mg will you need for a 24HR period?

    asked by seun
  128. Science

    How do calculate specific heat and thermal energy?Science is hard in the 8th grade .

    asked by Ayanna
  129. Math

    Find the value of the term in the sequence. 7, 2, –3, –8, –13,... A) –27 B) –53 C) –63 D) –58***

    asked by M, S, E,
  130. math

    Hi, I am in need of some help. How would I find the derivative of the function: f(x) = int e^sin(t) dt if the upper bound is x^2 and the lower bound is cos(x)? I'm not really sure what to do here since e^sin(t) is not an integratable function. Should I

    asked by Camryn
  131. statistics

    what is the meaning of estimated probability. how do i find what to start or how to even start?

    asked by bri<3 :)
  132. Trigonometric Functions?

    Is there any good graphing websites where you can enter a function and it graphs it for you?!

    asked by Meo
  133. Math

    A firm selling type writers knows that four of its 100 type writers will not return properly and that five different ones have a defective key.If none of the other type writers has a defect,what is the probability of a buyer selecting a defective

    asked by Len
  134. calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent to the curve at the point corresponding to the given value of the parameter. x=tcos(t), y=tsin(t); t=π

    asked by alex
  135. math

    15L OF 36% Alcohol solution is mixed with 30L of 45% alcohol solution.what is concentration of resultant solution??? (ans 42% how???)

    asked by mini
  136. math

    2 cogged wheels, one having 32 cogs and other 54 cogs,work together.if second wheel turns 160 times in three-quaters of a min,how often does the other wheel turn in 8 sec???

    asked by mini