Questions Asked on
April 26, 2017

  1. Language Arts

    1. PART A Which of the following answer choices best describes the doctor's goals in this scene? A. To show Carmody how much he dislikes him B. To get Carmody's daughter the medical assistance she needs*** C. To get Carmody in trouble with the Society for

    asked by Dude that smells
  2. math

    1. Find the area of a parallelogram with base b and height h. b = 87 cm h = 18.6 cm (1 point) 105.6 cm2 211.2 cm2 809.1 cm2 1,618.2 cm2 2. Find the area of the triangle. A triangle has a base of 21 yards and a perpendicular height of 8.2 yards. (1 point)

    asked by my
  3. math

    A mountain bike tire has a diameter of 26 inches. To the nearest foot, how far does the tire travel when it makes 32 revolutions?

    asked by Khristal
  4. Chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution prepared by mixing 100. mL of 0.0500 M HCl with 300. mL of 0.500 M HF? [Ka(HF) = 7.1 × 10–4] I believe that I'd use M1V1 + M2V2 = M3V3 but I don't know where to go after that. Thanks!

    asked by M
  5. science

    A non stop bus goes from one station to another station with a speed of 54 km per hour. The same bus returns from the second station to the first station with a speed of 36 km per hour . Find the average speed of the bus for the entire journey by solved

    asked by veena
  6. History

    Which of these values was central to the Transcendentalist writers? Connection with nature Connection with urban life Patriotism for the United States Charity for the poor (I'm thinking either A or C)

    asked by Bella
  7. social studies HELPPPP

    Compare and contrast the rise and fall of Germany and japan during the period of world war Il . I NEED HELP !!!!!!!

    asked by help!!
  8. social studies

    what is allocation by need? A)pricing goods based on want rather than need. B)giving or selling goods only to people who most need them. C) giving or selling goods to whoever will stand in line the longest D) pricing goods so that even the most vulnerable

    asked by doggo
  9. S.Studies

    write a paragraph explaining the pros and cons of U.S involvment in the korean war which do you believe outweighs the other

    asked by help :0
  10. Social Studies

    What was the most likely cause of the dust bowl? a. Intense wind storms from changing weather patterns b. extreme heat evaporating the small water supply in the region c. an overpopulation of livestock causing stress on the food system d. overplowing the

    asked by Ellis
  11. science

    1metre length is kept at​ 0 degree Celsius.why?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. MAth

    Which of the following types of information is NOT suited for display on a double bar graph? A. population of boys and girls at three different schools. B. Numbers of records versus compact discs sold each week during a one month period at The Music Den.

    asked by PizzaNinja
  13. physics

    Two bodies X and Y carry charges -6.6 microcolumb and -5 microcolumb. How many electron should be transferred from X to Y so they acquire equal charge

    asked by R K
  14. Science

    The vapour pressure of solution having 2 grams of solute X (molar mass-32) in 100 grans of CS2 (vapour pressure-854 torr) is 848.9 torr. The molecular formula of the solute is ?

    asked by Ritika
  15. Chemistry

    The reaction, N2O5 = 2NO2+1/2O2 is first order in N2O5 with rate constant 6.2 x 10^-4 s^-1. What is the value of rate of reaction when [N2O5] = 1.25 mol L^-1 s^-1 ?

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Connections math help

    the equation is 3d + 2 equals 29 can be used to find the height of a bean plant days after it was purchased how many days has it been since the plant was purchased A.7.6 B.8 C.9 D.10.3

    asked by Jessica
  17. chemisty

    the solubility product constant (Ksp) of ca(oh)2 at 25 C is 4.42*10^-5. a 500 ml of saturated solution of ca(oh)2 is mixed with equal volume of .4M naoh. what mass of ca(oh)2 is precipitated?

    asked by tor
  18. Reading, please quickly check my 2 answers.

    The speaker in "Dream Variations" longs to "rest at cool evening," which is an expression of the human need for personal expression a place in the jungle a sense of safety warmth and brightness My answer is D The theme of Countee Cullen's poem "Any Human

    asked by Nia
  19. English

    What are the two ways that a writer can use internal or in-text citations? A.Works cited and prepositional phrase B.Signaling phrase and parenthetical citation C.Absolute phrase and plagiarism citation D.Documentation and works cited phrase Is it B?

    asked by Mya
  20. financial accounting

    Everett Co. was organized on July 1, 2015. Quarterly financial statements are prepared. The unadjusted and adjusted trial balances as of September 30 are shown below. EVERETT CO. Trial Balance September 30, 2015 Unadjusted Adjusted Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Cash $

    asked by ashley
  21. psychology

    Bruce is furious when his midterm is returned with a C grade. He tells his sociology professor that he had read each of the assigned chapters three times, and if someone can do that and just be average, then there’s something wrong with the test! The

    asked by mandy
  22. Math-Please Help

    20. Suppose a population of 175 crayfish doubles in size every month. The function f(x)=175(2^x) gives the population after x months. How many crayfish will there be after 1 year? A) 2,100 B) 4,200 C) 716,800 D) 61,250 I think the answer is D. Am I

    asked by Nightcore
  23. Reading check

    In "I, Too" by Langston Hughes. the kitchen is a symbol for guest beauty moral strength segregation My answer is C

    asked by Nia
  24. financial accounting

    The Skyline Motel opened for business on May 1, 2015. Its trial balance before adjustment on May 31 is as follows. SKYLINE MOTEL Trial Balance May 31, 2015 Account Number Debit Credit 101 Cash $ 3,537 126 Supplies 2,051 130 Prepaid Insurance 2,304 140 Land

    asked by ashley
  25. Social studies

    Arrange the following legislation that was passed after the Civil War in the proper chronological order: I. Reconstruction Act. II. Wade-Davis Bill. III. Fifteenth Amendment. IV. Compromise of 1877. A. I.,II., II., IV. B. I., II., IV., III. C. II., I.,

    asked by The universe
  26. Social studies

    what effect did john hay's open door policy letters have on the imperial powers of britain france germany russia and japan? A:it provoked the imperial powers to declare war on the United States B:it caused the imperial powers to restrict trade in their

    asked by Someone
  27. Science

    For the reaction 2zn+o2=2zno, how many grams of zinc oxide are produced from 2.25g of oxygen?

    asked by Larry
  28. Math

    Which function table is correct for this rule : Y = x/2 + 4 (cant copy and paste) A (my answer) B C D

    asked by Zane
  29. math

    Find the pressure exerted by the atmosphere on a car window which is 30 cm tall and 40 cm wide if atmospheric pressure is 101,000 Pa. (Remember that a Pa = N/m2)

    asked by Anonymous
  30. financial accounting

    Zumbrunn Company’s income statement contained the condensed information below. ZUMBRUNN COMPANY Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31, 2015 Service revenue $969,400 Operating expenses, excluding depreciation $624,480 Depreciation expense 59,260

    asked by ashley
  31. Reading check pleaseee

    Which word best describes the theme of "Sympathy" by Paul Laurence Dunbar? hope restriction admiration activity I choose C only because it seems more sense but I'm still a little confused...

    asked by Nia
  32. science

    An object has a gravitational potential energy of 24 joules when it rests on a shelf 3 m above the ground. What would be its gravitational potential energy when it is lowered to a shelf 1 m above the ground?

    asked by Ezrw
  33. math

    Identify the dependent variable in the relationship. A person burns a total of "c" calories by walking "m" miles. 1)calories 2)miles 3)neither "c" calories or "m" miles 4) both "c" calories and "m" miles I THINK #2, not sure because we have not gone over

    asked by JAMIE
  34. Chemistry

    In 2-3 sentences, describe how propanoic acid (C2H5COOH) and propanoate anion (C2H5COO-) can be used to make a buffer solution if the Ka of propanoic acid is 1.34 x 10-5.

    asked by gavin
  35. Science

    What mass of carbon monoxide will be produce if 40 grams of carbon are all allowed to react with 95 grams of sulfur dioxide?

    asked by Anonymous
  36. geometry

    A mountain bike tire has a diameter of 26 inches. To the nearest foot, how far does the tire travel when it makes 32 revolutions?

    asked by Khristal
  37. Social Studies

    How did Augustus change the Roman Republic?? Can someone please help me?? can you give me some tips or a link for information please??

    asked by Help please!!!!
  38. Chemistry

    Does CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2CH2 represent the polymer segment polyethylene?

    asked by M, S, E,
  39. Biology

    Which of the following statements regarding DNA and RNA is true? DNA can melt while RNA cannot. DNA is resistant to alkaline hydrolysis while RNA is not. DNA contains phosphodiester bonds while RNA does not. DNA can form double helices while RNA cannot.

    asked by John
  40. Social studies

    Need help with a few questions on my lesson 9 unit test In what way did the purchase of Alaska fit with Secretary of State William Seward foreign policy toward Asia?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. physics

    A 14.0-m uniform ladder weighing 510 N rests against a frictionless wall. The ladder makes a 59.0° angle with the horizontal. (a) Find the horizontal and vertical forces the ground exerts on the base of the ladder when an 830-N firefighter has climbed

    asked by Anonymous
  42. Physics

    A car mass of 950 kg is initially travelling at 60km/h. Determine the final speed of the car when the speed increases so that it's kinetic energy increased by 165 kJ.

    asked by Ken
  43. s-studies

    how did the Stamp Act contribute to the Boston Massacre

    asked by kaykay
  44. Physics 2

    The temperature of a tungsten sample is raised while a copper zample is maintained at 20℃. At what temperature will the resistivity of the tungsten sample be four times that of the copper sample?

    asked by Alexa
  45. programing

    create an algorithm, flowchart, and pseudocode for a solution of the following problem. This solution will include the use of arrays needed to complete all parts of the logic. You have requested to develop a program that will record and process the

    asked by Holly
  46. physics

    A uniform meter stick ( 100 cm long) that weighs 0.50 N has a 2 N weight located at the 30 cm mark (from the left) and a 5 N weight at the 85 cm mark (from the left). Where along the meter stick is the center of gravity of this system?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Algebra

    a basketball player scored 17 timea during one game. He scored a total of 21 pts,two for each two-pt shot and one for each free throw. How many two-pt shots did he make? How many free throws?

    asked by Kayla
  48. biochem

    Two samples of double-stranded DNA have been prepared. Nucleotide analysis reveals that sample 1 is found to be 21% A, while sample 2 is 26% G. Knowing this, which of the following statements is true? Sample 1 has a higher AT content than Sample 2. Sample

    asked by Kate
  49. Math

    Suppose that the local sales tax rate is 3% and you purchase a car for 27,700, how much tax is paid

    asked by Anonymous
  50. econ

    Which best describes interest?

    asked by jhon
  51. computer science

    create an algorithm, owchart, and pseudocode for a solution of the following problem. This solution will include the use of arrays needed to complete all parts of the logic. You have requested to develop a program that will record and process the rainfall

    asked by Holly
  52. English

    I need help finding conventional phrases in the Ballad of Birmingham by Dudley Randall that could add to the mood of suspense and tragedy.

    asked by Jamie
  53. maths

    I am sewing a skirt and i need a total of 390cm of different coloured ribbon. The white ribbon needs to be 40cm longer than the red ribbon while the blue ribbon needs to be 3 times as long as the red ribbon. the purple ribbon is half as long as the white

    asked by jess
  54. apush

    20 reasons for European exploration in 15th and 16th century? I have to get 20 but i can't find any other reason. Please read what i have and try to think of what i can put on the list. ⦁ Fall of Constantinople to muslim ottoman turks. Constantinople

    asked by Anonymous
  55. Math

    . In how many different ways can Tim, Savannah, Ian, Haley, Kaash, and Myles line up? 2. There are 15 contestants in a boy’s cross country race. 3 ribbons will be awarded. How many different ways could the ribbons be awarded? 3. How many different ways

    asked by ..
  56. Please help with MATH

    Al and Bill live at opposite ends of the same street. Al had to deliver a parcel to Bill’s home, Bill one at Al’s home. They started at the same moment, each walked at constant speed and returned home immediately after leaving the parcel at its

    asked by Sara V.
  57. math

    How many degrees did the minute hand turn. 4.20p.m

    asked by Umme
  58. chem

    if 4.1g of Cr is heateed with 9.3g of cl, what mass of crcl3 will be produce

    asked by tom
  59. Please help with MATH

    Al and Bill live at opposite ends of the same street. Al had to deliver a parcel to Bill’s home, Bill one at Al’s home. They started at the same moment, each walked at constant speed and returned home immediately after leaving the parcel at its

    asked by Sara V.
  60. English

    From what language is the word polymer derived? I think it's Greek.

    asked by M, S, E,
  61. History

    Was the U.S. successful in stopping the spread of communism in Europe prior to 1950?

    asked by Aria
  62. physics

    A railroad car with a mass of 1.98 ✕ 104 kg moving at 2.92 m/s joins with two railroad cars already joined together, each with the same mass as the single car and initially moving in the same direction at 1.54 m/s. (a) What is the speed of the three

    asked by dan
  63. chemistry

    Product of this reasction? 1. Ag(NH3)2Cl + HCl? 2. AgOH + NaOH? 3. PbCl2 + HCl? 4. Pb(OH)2 + NaOH? 5. PbSO4 + (CH3COO)NH4? 6. Hg^2+ + HCl + H2S? 7. Cu^2+ + HCl + H2S? 8. Cu^2+ + KSCN? 9. Fe^2+ + NH4OH + NH4Cl + H2S? 10. Fe^2+ + NaOH? 11. Fe^2+ + K4Fe(CN)6?

    asked by syilfa
  64. chem

    How many moles of O2 are contained in 5.25 L at 26 degrees Celsius and 1.2 atm?

    asked by Rachel
  65. Chemistry grade 11

    Okay I've got a HUGE chem test tomorrow and I desperately need help! Please help!!!! 73. Hematite (Fe2O3) and magnetite (Fe3O4) are two ores used as sources of iron. Which ore provides the greatest percentage of iron per kilogram? 78. A hydrate contains

    asked by Lizzy B
  66. physics HELP!!

    A diffraction grating has 600 lines/mm. Light with a wavelenght of 600nm is incident on it. A screen is placed 0.1m from the grating. Calculate the distance from the 1st and 2nd order maxima on the screen

    asked by amy
  67. math

    given cot theta = 11/12, find tan of theta and sin of theta

    asked by tom
  68. maths

    1. solve 10x + 4 = 39 2. solve 4(9x + 2)= 152

    asked by anonymous
  69. chemistry

    Product of this reasction? 1. Ag(NH3)2Cl + HCl? 2. AgOH + NaOH? 3. PbCl2 + HCl? 4. Pb(OH)2 + NaOH? 5. PbSO4 + (CH3COO)NH4? 6. Hg^2+ + HCl + H2S? 7. Cu^2+ + HCl + H2S? 8. Cu^2+ + KSCN? 9. Fe^2+ + NH4OH + NH4Cl + H2S? 10. Fe^2+ + NaOH? 11. Fe^2+ + K4Fe(CN)6?

    asked by syilfa
  70. physics HELP!!

    A capacitor is constructed from two aluminium plates 1.5cm on a side separated by 0.2mm of air. (A) Calculate the capacitance of the capacitor. (2 sig figures) (B)Calculate the voltage required to store 1nJ of energy in the capacitor.

    asked by amy
  71. central GA technical college

    What is the essential reason why the right to counsel under the Fifth Amendment is less restrictive on the role of the police than the right to counsel under the Sixth Amendment?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Math

    if a note has a frequency of 220 hz find the frequencies of the notes one two and three octaves

    asked by Chelsea
  73. Math 8

    write a linear equation that models you borrow $120 from your brother. You plan to pay him $15 per week towards the loan. 120=15x or y=15x-120

    asked by Julissa
  74. spanish

    i need to write 10 snetences using 4 irregular verbs and 12 vocab words in spanish about going to a restuarant and ordering food.

    asked by sasha
  75. Chemistry

    What is the difference between a diprotic and triprotic acid? How does each acid ionise in water?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Math

    on a map 1/2 inch represents 50 miles. How long would a line need to be to represent 750 miles. so I thought I should divide 750 by 50 than multiply 15 { the answer I got } by 1/2 but I have a feeling its wrong

    asked by S
  77. Euphemism

    Read the oral notes carefully. Then, decide what the ( ) euphemism in each statement means. Q1. The problem of (undocumented workers) in this city is getting serious. a.worker passports b.immigration laws c.illegal workers d.word documents Ans: c.illegal

    asked by deyond ng
  78. 6th Grade Math (Please Help It's Getting Late)

    Roger visted a ski and snowboard shop the other day to buy a new snowboard. The store said it was having a sale, today only. 20% off all new 2016 Burton Snowboards. Usually these snowboards cost $300 when they're not on sale. Roger told his friend John

    asked by Jerry
  79. Chemistry

    Temperature values are used to determine relative vapor pressure in compounds. Explain principles involved that allows temperature and vapor pressure to be related in this fashion. I understand the type of liquid and intermolecular forces are involved.

    asked by Sarah
  80. CHF02

    How do you account for the difference in volume of th solids,in steps 1 to 5, terms of intermolecular bonding? Experiment 8: The effects of hydrogen bnding.

    asked by Lisa
  81. Stats

    let x be a binomial random variable with expected valuee 4 and variance 2 a) What is P(X=3)? b) What is P(X

    asked by john
  82. Physics

    A rock is dropped from a height of 2 meters into a freshwater pond. How would I change the amplitude of this wave?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Mathematics

    mathematically, how to prove we cant divide by zero. and why multiplication of zero with any number leads to zero itself . can we mathematically prove that

    asked by JOHNTHAN
  84. Algebra II

    Thirty-six percent of the adults in a town are believed to own a dog. Of 50 adults who were asked if they own a dog, 22 said yes. What is the sample proportion?

    asked by Ryleigh
  85. Biology

    Which of the following features of the structure of double-stranded DNA is most important in recognition of specific base sequences by most sequence–specific DNA-binding proteins? The greater depth of the minor groove. The arrangement of

    asked by John
  86. math

    Imagine that you have five blue socks and five brown socks in a drawer that are not paired up. How many socks must you take out from the drawer(without looking to be sure of getting a pair of the same color?

    asked by Oralia
  87. Algebra

    I came across a problem and noticed that (ln4)/2 = ln√4. How do I rewrite (ln4)/2 into ln√4 or verify that the two are equal without a calculator?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Physics

    Circuit I-----R-------I I-I--I-----R----I---I-----I I I-------R------I I I I I--------/ I--------------I E=15v All R= 7ohom What is the equivalent resistant of the circuit?

    asked by Jack
  89. Maths

    There are x no of 5 rupee coins and the no. of 2 rupee coins is 3 times more than the no of 5 rupee coins. Their total sum=₹77. Find the number of ₹2 coins and ₹5 coins.

    asked by Akshat
  90. physics

    A rock is dropped from a height of 2 meters into a freshwater pond. What is the medium of the wave created?

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Adverbial Phrase

    Q1. My mother and I did some gardening,and _______ we relaxed on our front porch, admiring our handiwork. a. last b. afterwards c. first Ans: a. last Q2. I bring my pet snake to the vet for a check-up every ______. a. Sundays b. days c. week Ans: c. week

    asked by deyond ng
  92. science

    Why is refraction so important in eyeglasses.

    asked by soji
  93. Math

    How many yards do you need to make 15 t shirts with only 3/4 yards please explain

    asked by Brirtney
  94. Math

    a fund has 50,000 in it's account.if it earns 9.79%,how much interest will it have after 459 days? Note: It is a compound Interest.

    asked by Twinkle Sheen
  95. History

    The "War games" which were held in Louisiana to help prepare troops for world war 2 combat were directed by? I chose Jimmie Davis am i right? I really need help

    asked by Jam
  96. Social Studies

    Which of the following scientist was known for his studies of the stars and planets? 1. Galen 2. Horace**** 3. Ptolemy 4. Spartacus Please check!

    asked by Help please!!!!
  97. History

    What is an example of a organization or law that exists today because of the children in poverty reform movement in the 1800s?

    asked by Bella
  98. science

    A blood clot on a wound can best be compared to _______. A bandage**** Branches of a tree a life threatening infection antibodies

    asked by SwimmerGirl
  99. Biomechanics

    i need to solve

    asked by Na.
  100. social studies

    after the battle of adrianople what happened

    asked by Day' Shawna Moody