Questions Asked on
April 22, 2017

  1. math

    a man has a simple discount note for $6,400 at an ordinary bank discount rate of 8.53% for 40 days what is the effective interest rate

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Math (Probability)

    Suppose that 4 cards are drawn from a well-shuffled deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that all 4 are hearts? There are 13 hearts of 52 cards. So, where do I go from here to solve the equation?

    asked by Matt
  3. math

    3. An isosceles triangle has sides length xcm xcm and 9cm. B its perimeter is less than 24 and x is a whole number. I find the lowest value of x. II find the highest value of x

    asked by LIVINUS CHIDERA
  4. Science

    A current of 6.0 amps passes through a motor that has a resistance of 5.0 ohms. Calculate the power 30 watts 150 watts 180 watts *** 900 watts Thanks

    asked by Bubbles
  5. Math

    Assume that you are rolling two dice. In how many ways can you roll a sum less than 4? Would the answer be 8 ways?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. math

    The sum of three of the angles of a nonagon is 462 degree. The other six angles are all equal to each other. Calculate the size of each of the other angles.

    asked by LIVINUS CHIDERA
  7. statistics

    The professor teaching a large introductory class gives a final exam that has alternate forms, A, B, and C. A student taking the exam using Form B is upset because she claims that Form B is much harder than Forms A and C. Discuss how percentile point data

    asked by Sara
  8. physics

    a block of mass 0.1kg is attached to spring and placed on a horizontal frictionless table .the spring is stretched 20cm when a force of 5n is applied.calculate the spring constant

    asked by ali
  9. Math

    Find the exact ratio of the equator to the distance around the Earth at latitude 45 degrees north. (Assume the Earth is a perfect sphere.)

    asked by simone
  10. Math

    How much must Harry's Hardware deposit at a 14.5% annual interest for 240 days in order to earn $500 in simple interest? Would the answer be 547.85? This is the equation I used. A = P(1 + rt)

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math

    Colin lived in Scotland and was going to take his caravan on holiday to France. On the first day he travelled 472.87 miles to Portsmouth. He got a ferry which travelled 73.92 miles. He then got off the ferry and drove 134.56 miles to the camp site. How far

    asked by Sara
  12. MATH

    Harold took out a 4-year amortized loan for $22,000 at 10% to pay his tuition at a technical institute. After 1 year, he refinanced the unpaid balance of $17,291 at a 6% interest rate. (All interest rates are annual interest rates.) 1) Find the monthly

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math (finance )

    Find the monthly payment, needed to have a sinking fund accumulate the future value, $16,000. The yearly interest rate is 6.7% and the number of payments is 20. Interest is compounded monthly. I do not remember how to solve for this equation. Please help

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    Suppose an extra representative will be added to the current total of 15 representatives. Use the apportionment criterion to decide who should get an additional representative. Justify your answer. Subdivision A has 560 residents and 6 representatives in

    asked by Jade
  15. Maths

    Find the area of the region bounded above by y=2cosx and above by y=secx,-π/4≤x≤π/4

    asked by Sammy
  16. Astronomy

    1. What color are stars that are very hot and very bright? A. Red B. Blue C. White D. Yellow 2. During the contraction of a protostar, density increases and ______ rises. A. Nuclear energy B. Dust C. Temperature D. Outflow 3. What is the apparent

    asked by M
  17. Math

    The elephants at the Wayne Zoo are fed 1/2 of a barrel of corn each day. The buffalo are fed 1/2 as much corn as the elephants. How many barrels of corn are the buffalo fed each day?

    asked by Ak
  18. chemistery

    explain the progress of the reaction in terms of kinetic energy explain how various factor affect the rate of reaction

    asked by jake
  19. science

    explain the progress of the reaction in terms of kinetic energy. explain how various factor affect the rate of reaction. any help thanks

    asked by jake ccord
  20. Biology

    Heart disorder's that involve tachycardia as a symptom.

    asked by Kaylee Aaron
  21. Mechanics

    Please help me A 15 g bullet strikes and embeds in a 3 kg block suspended at the end of a 1.1 m string. After the collision the string rises to a maximum angle of 23 degrees to the vertical. Find: a) The speed of the bullet. b) the percentage loss in

    asked by Anonymous
  22. chemistry

    Draw a complete Lewis Structure (showing all bonds and lone pairs) for a molecule with the general formula AX4, if A was from group 4A and X was from group 7A

  23. Math

    Al and Bill live at opposite ends of the same street. Al had to deliver a parcel to Bill’s home, Bill one at Al’s home. They started at the same moment, each walked at constant speed and returned home immediately after leaving the parcel at its

    asked by Sara V.
  24. Math

    Michael can travel at 166.35mph in his Ferrari. How far can he travel in 5 hours?

    asked by Sara
  25. Physics

    The Achilles tendon is attached to the rear of the foot as shown in Tap image to zoom . A person elevates himself just barely off the floor on the "ball of one foot." Assume the person has a mass of 61 kg and D is twice as long as d. Part A Find the

    asked by Shoug
  26. Chemistry

    The oxidation of iodide ions by arsenic acid in acidic aqueous solution occurs according to the net reaction H3AsO4 + 3I – + 2 H3O +→ H3AsO3 + I3– + H2O. The experimental rate law for this reaction is Rate = k [H3AsO4] [I–] [H3O+]. According to the

    asked by Jenna
  27. English

    My answer however i need help with it as you can see i haven't answered the question fully-her attitude was always positive but can be undone quickly by her disturbing thoughts- The question says Explain, using your own words, what Christopher tells you

    asked by Ruwaydah
  28. Chemistry

    An experiment requires 0.3 M NH3(aq). The stockroom manager estimates that 15 L of the base is needed. What volume of 15 M NH3(aq) will be used to prepare this amount of 0.3 M base? Answer in units of mL

    asked by Madi
  29. english

    what point Gordimer is trying to illustrate through the contrast in “The Train from Rhodesia” between the description of the wooden figures and the description of the begging children

    asked by Anonymous
  30. geometry

    Triangle APQ is the image of ABC under a dilation centered at vertex A with scale factor 1/2 Triangle RBT is the image of ABC under a dilation centered at vertex B with Scale factor 3/4 which statement about ABC APQ and RBT is correct

    asked by Logan
  31. Environmental Science

    Reclamation is the process of A) removing coal from a subsurface seam. B) extracting ore minerals from gangue minerals. C) returning land to its original or better condition after mining. D) protecting the habitats of local wildlife. I think the answer is

    asked by M, S, E,
  32. Accounting

    ABC Corp Ltd has 10 million shares and $600,000 of debt (issues bonds @ 7% p.a.). EBIT is projected to be $3 million. The company tax rate is 20%.Preference shares pay an annual dividend of $100,000. Management is considering two options for capital

    asked by Virlesh
  33. MATH

    A school district receives a grant to purchase 64 new computers to be apportioned among the 6 schools in the district based on the student population of each school. School A B C D E F Population 314 211 197 243 279 325 Find the standard quota for school

    asked by Anonymous
  34. World History

    At the end of WW2 Berlin Germany is destroyed. Th eSoviety army took control of the city in 1945 but wouldnt let the other Allied armies in for 2 months. During that time, they stripped Berlin of anything useful such as factories as a form of reparations

    asked by Anonymous
  35. calculus

    In this problem, you will investigate the error in the nth degree Taylor approximation to ln(x+1) about 0 for various values of n. (a)Let E_1=ln(x+1)−P_1(x)=ln(x+1)−(x). Using a calculator or computer, graph E1 for −0.1≤x≤0.1, and notice what

    asked by Sam
  36. Math

    James has set up an ordinary annuity to save for his retirement in 19 years. If his monthly payments are $250 and the annuity has an annual interest rate of 7.5%, what will be the value of the annuity when he retires? Would the answer be 171.11?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Social Studies

    1.What was North Korea’s response to President George W. Bush’s 2001 threat to stop negotiations? A. North Korea immediately gave in to his list of conditions. B. North Korea resumed its nuclear program. C. North Korea sought the help of the United

    asked by Arianne
  38. math

    The equation d=0.12v^2 + 2.1v models the distance d in feet it takes a car traveling at a speed of v miles per hour to come to a complete stop. Graces car was able to stop after 350ft on a highway. If the speed limit in the area was 35 miles per hour, was

    asked by sara
  39. algerbra

    could you please double check my work question:find the roots of the equation 2x^2+8x=12 by completing the square. leave answer in simplest radical form. work and answer: c=(b/2)^2 c(4/2)^2=4 2x^2 +8x=12 divide everything by 2 x^2 + 4x=6 x^2+4x+4=10

    asked by Liz
  40. Math

    Set up problem then find the sum simplify 3/7 +1/4

    asked by Deanna
  41. math

    This is a multiple choice question. What is the solution of the equation 2(x+2)^2-4=28 1)2 only 2)6 only 3)-2 and 6 4)2 and -6 I did (2x+4)(2x+4)-4=28 4x^2+8x+8x+16-4=28 4x^2+16x+12=28 4x^2+16x=16 This is where I get stuck, can you help? thank you

    asked by sara
  42. Art Appreciation

    Are Nick Cave's Soundsuits fine art or folk art? Please explain in detail

    asked by brooke
  43. algebra

    7 more than twice Jenny'a age. Use j to represent Jenny'a age

    asked by Tim
  44. algerbra

    am i correct on this? question: solve and check square of 5x+6 is equal to x work and answer: square each side 5x+6=x^2 subtract 5x-6 on both sides 0=x^2-5x-6 (x+1)(x-6) x+1=0 subtract -1 on each side x= -1 is a reject x-6=0 add 6 on each side x=6 and 6

    asked by Liz
  45. math trignometry

    Sin x\2,cos x\2 and tan x\2 for sin x=1\4. x in II quadrant.

    asked by Ash
  46. Maths

    3hundreds more than 22tens is what

    asked by Ishika
  47. college algebra

    Three even numbers sum up to 104. The smallest is half the largest and the middle number is 2 3 the largest. What are the three numbers?

    asked by Kelsey
  48. Maths

    10 books is half kg so how many kg is 05 books

    asked by Anonymous
  49. chemistry

    Question 16 options: A mixture of equal moles of He and Xe are in a plastic container at 25ºC and 874 mm pressure. If only He leaks from the container and the pressure decreases to 600 mm at 25º C, what is the mole fraction of (1) He and (2) Xe in the

    asked by Sarah
  50. chemistry

    To determine the molecular weight of a liquid compound,1.56 grams of the compound is vaporized in a 0.555L container at 30ºC and the pressure is measured as 1.2 atm. What is the molecular weight of the compound?

    asked by Sarah
  51. math

    find the cost of 8 books when 6books cost 48$ given that the price of each book is same

    asked by usman
  52. Maths

    If the area of a square is reduced by a factor of 4, how have the sides changed?

    asked by todd
  53. Maths

    A.Find the area of the region bounded above by y=2cosx and above by y=secx,-π/4≤x≤π/4. B.Find the volume of the sold generated by revolving the region in (A) above about the x-axis

    asked by Sammy
  54. maths


    asked by Ani
  55. maths

    the product of two number is 380 what will be their L.C.M. if their h.c.f is 1?

    asked by gayatri
  56. Math

    123 is what percent of 321? 321/123=2.609756098 which rounds to 2.6% 2.6%= answer

    asked by Karima
  57. Math and science for young children

    When are children ready to understand how to tell time at what grade level?

    asked by Tawnie
  58. Science

    22g N2, 44g CO2 and 18g of CH4 in contenar if the pressure is 750mm calculated of the partial pressure of each gases

    asked by Suvam das
  59. reliabiility

    According to classical test theory, if the observed variance of a test is 50 and the true variance is 40, what is the estimated reliability of the test

    asked by Stephanie
  60. Physics

    If a stone is thrown with velocity 10 m/s. How high will it reach after 10 s. Take g = 10 m/s^2 I want to know if this question is practically possible. I tried to solve this problem and ended up getting the answer in negative. Please help me!!! Afterall

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  61. Entrepreneurship

    If a company is organized by a function, it is grouped into parts based on what? A. the type of work people B. the product being produced C. the type of customer being served D. location

    asked by SurveyCorpsCadet
  62. Statistics/Math

    I have population data for the last 50 years (total population for a country), that I need to make linear. In its original it has a positive relationship (looking at a scatter plot) but it is not linear. There are three smaller periods with large increases

    asked by Annita
  63. Physics

    Which of the following wavelengths will produce standing waves on a string that is 1.9 m long? A.1.9 B.3.3 C.3.5 D.95

    asked by Gwen
  64. English

    Someone help I've posted a message a while ago:( I desperately need help

    asked by Ruwaydah
  65. math

    calculate the trade discount for 60 boxes of computer paper if the unit price is $15.25 and a single trade discount

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Biology

    A young woman was at the gym doing great her normal workout. She would spend 45 minutes on the elliptical and then 15 minutes doing weight training. This was the regular routine for her as she did this almost everyday. One day her normal routine turned

    asked by Paul Kay
  67. chemistry

    You vaporize a liquid substance at 90.0 °C and 795.0 mmHg. The volume of 0.548 g of vapor is 237 mL. What is the molecular weight (in amu) of the substance?

    asked by Anthony
  68. chemistry

    You have a tank of argon gas at 19.80 atm pressure at 19°C. The volume of argon in the tank is 50.0 L. What would be the volume (in liters) of this gas if you allowed it to expand to the pressure of the surrounding air (0.924 atm)? Assume the temperauter

    asked by Anthony