Questions Asked on
April 21, 2017

  1. Social

    1.What was North Korea’s response to President George W. Bush’s 2001 threat to stop negotiations? A. North Korea immediately gave in to his list of conditions. B. North Korea resumed its nuclear program. C. North Korea sought the help of the United

    asked by Arianne
  2. Chemistry

    Dinitrogen tetroxide decomposes to nitrogen dioxide: N2O4(g)→2NO2(g)ΔHorxn=55.3kJ At 298 K, a reaction vessel initially contains 0.100 atm of N2O4. When equilibrium is reached, 58% of the N2O4 has decomposed to NO2. What percentage of N2O4 decomposes at

    asked by Justiss
  3. geometry

    In rhombus MPKN with an obtuse angle K the diagonals intersect each other at point E. The measure of one of the angles of a ∆PKE is equal 16°. Find the measures of all angles of ∆PKE and ΔPMN.

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Literature

    Discuss the significance of the "Ale house" in Oliver Goldsmith's "She stoops to conquer"

    asked by Stephanie
  5. american gov

    Based on the excerpt, which statement best illustrates the impact of Lincoln’s proclamation on government? A >It increased the influence of the legislative branch. B. It caused the voters to elect a Democratic Congress. C> It allowed slaves to vote

    asked by Martha
  6. Math 120

    The results of a certain medical test are normally distributed with a mean of 128 and a standard deviation of 19. ​(A score above 140 is considered​ unhealthy.) Use the given table to find the percentage of people with readings below 137.

    asked by Beth
  7. Social Studies

    How do nearby businesses with similar products usually compete?

    asked by Metimoku
  8. MATH

    what type of trend does the scatter plot below show? what type of really work situation might the scatterplot represent?

    asked by bifrai/won
  9. math

    A solid wooden cube is painted blue on the outside. The cube is then cut into 27 smaller cubes of equal size. What fraction of the total surface area of these new cubes is blue?

    asked by pooja
  10. math

    Recall that Benford's Law claims that numbers chosen from very large data files tend to have "1" as the first nonzero digit disproportionately often. In fact, research has shown that if you randomly draw a number from a very large data file, the

    asked by steph anne
  11. Educational Tech

    At which point in a research presentation should you paraphrase your information A) When You Search For The Resources B) When You Take Notes C) When You Write The Research Paper D) When You Edit The Research Paper My answer is B.

    asked by @AmeliaTheGamer
  12. math

    In how many ways can a committee of 12 people, of which 5 must be in the 21−30 age group, 4 must be in the 31−40 age group and 3 must be in the 41−50 age group, be chosen if there are 6 people of each age group?

    asked by sjhhs
  13. math

    A bag contains a markers, 3/8 of which are red. How many other color markers are in the bag?

    asked by Mara
  14. Math

    A law firm has ten male and ten female lawyers. A committee of five- two male lawyers and three female lawyers, is to be chosen to represent the firm at a conference. How many committees are possible? How do I solve this?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. AP English Literature

    This is from "The Importance of Being Earnest" This is from "The Importance of being Earnest" Wilde wants the reader to laugh at the attitudes, pretension, and behavior of almost everyone in the play, with perhaps one exception. Who? -John Worthing -Miss

    asked by Brighton
  16. Health

    2. Thirty minutes of physical activity a day can improve your family's health and can help to bring you closer together. True False 3. Most people that participate in physical fitness do not enjoy encouraging their family members to get involved with them.

    asked by Cait
  17. algebra

    Clara is building a triangular garden. She wants the length of the longest side to be three more than twice as long as the length of the shortest side, and the third side will be twelve feet long. What expression could she write to determine the perimeter

    asked by studentE2020
  18. English

    What is the prepositional phrase in the sentence? Put the lasagna in the oven tonight if you don't mind. 1) put the lasagna 2) in the over 3) the oven tonight 4) if you don't mind I think #1

    asked by JAMIE
  19. Geometry

    the diameter of a cylinder is 5 yd. the height is 8yd. find the volume of the cylinder in terms of pi and to the nearest tenth

    asked by Anonymous
  20. AP English Literature

    After jack proposes to Gwendolen, he is interviewed by Lady Bracknell to interpret whether he is a suitable marriage possibility for Gwendolen. This encounter with Lady Bracknell reveals all of the following except - Victorian Beliefs - Lady Bracknell's

    asked by Brighton
  21. physical science

    a wave traveling in water has a frequeny of 250 Hz and a wavelength of 6.0 m. what is the speed of the wave?

    asked by Tia
  22. algebra

    Solve each equation by graphing the related function. If the equation has no real-number solution, write no solution. 1 .x^2-9=0 2. x^+7=0 3. 3x^2=0 4. 1/4x^2-4=0 5. 4g^2=25 6. 64b^2=16 7.144-p^2=0 8. 5z^2-45=0 9. h^2=49 10.s^2-35=-35 please help me out :)

    asked by king teen
  23. ed tech

    junie is researching ancient egypt. She found a website that is of information and great images.As she is reading the text she notices that there are little bit of information that don't really agree with any of the other research she has done. what should

    asked by help ed tech ASAP
  24. Chemistry

    A sample of Helium occupies 200 L at 30ºC under a pressure of 841 torr. What is the volume it occupies at standard temprature and pressure (STP)?

    asked by Victor
  25. math

    what is the probability of selecting two S's if the first card is not replaced before selecting the second card in the word Massachusetts

    asked by seth
  26. Social Studies

    How did Augustus change the Roman Republic?

    asked by Help I need somebody not just anybody
  27. social studies

    where do most people in southwest asia live?

    asked by brandi
  28. AP English Literature

    PLEASE HELP ME this is from "the importance of being earnest" In Act II, Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble are introduced for the first time. Their relationship can be best described by all of the following EXCEPT: A subplot A serious criticism of education and

    asked by Brighton
  29. Maths

    Janet is twice as old as Doug, while Peter is 5 years older than Doug. If their ages are added the answer is 95 years. Use algebra to calculate the age of each of them. explain any assumptions made, demonstrate all reasoning and show full working out

    asked by Claud
  30. Math

    Find the monthly payment, needed to have a sinking fund accumulate the future value, $16,000. The yearly interest rate is 6.7% and the number of payments is 20. Interest is compounded monthly. Round your answer to the nearest cent. I do not understand how

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    How many 3 letter security codes can be made from the 4 letters A,B,C,D? For example , BAB, and ABB, are two such codes, and DAC is another. Explain

    asked by Megan
  32. chemistry

    ozonolysis with orthoxylene gives 3 different products explain

    asked by rohan

    Assuming P≥0, suppose that a population develops according to the logistic equation dP/dt=0.03P−0.00015P^2 where tt is measured in weeks. Answer the following questions. 1. What is the carrying capacity? I tried solving the differential equation and

    asked by Regina
  34. Trig/Pre-Calc

    A bird is flying 30 mph in a direction 30 degrees south of east. Affecting the flight of the bird is a wind blowing from the northeast to the southwest at a speed of 10 mph. What is the resulting speed of the bird?

    asked by Mark
  35. Math

    how many three letter security codes can be made from 4 letters A,B,C,D without using a letter twice? For example, BAC and A,D,B are two such codes. Explain

    asked by John
  36. science

    Calculate the period of oscillation of a simple pendulum of length 1.8 m, with a bob of mass 2.2 kg. What assumption is made in this calculation? (g = 9.8 m s - 2) If the bob of this pendulum is pulled aside a horizontal distance of 20cm and released, what

    asked by Suraj
  37. math need help please

    Use equal intervals to make a frequency table for the average number of movies per person. You do not need to show tally marks. Country Average Number of Movies Turkey 0.5 Japan 1.2 UK 1.3 Finland 1.3 Austria 1.5 Germany 1.8 Spain 2.2 Sweden 2.2 Denmark

    asked by KittyKat360
  38. mathematics

    A bag contains 6 red tiles, 8 blue tiles, and 6 green tiles. A tile is drawn, the color recorded, and then the tile placed back in the bag before a tile is drawn again. if this procedure is done 30 times, how many red tiles would you expect to draw?

    asked by Anonymous
  39. math

    if the life in years of a washing machine is normally distributed with a mean of 15 years and a standard deviation of 1.6 years what should be the guarantee period if the company wants less than 1% of the machines to fail while under warranty

    asked by Wyleen
  40. social studies

    Which member of the Five Civilized Tribes did the Indian Removal Act seem to target the most? A) Apache B) Catawba C) Cherokee D) Iroquois

    asked by zoe
  41. health and P.E.

    You are in a restaurant and smell tobacco products, but notice that smoking is not allowed. What tobacco product is being used if there is no smoke? A:cigar B:pipe C:snuff D:water pipe I think the answer is c. Thank you

    asked by Evie
  42. Math

    A cylindrical juice glass is 8 centimeters tall and has a diameter of 6 centimeters. If the glass is ¾ full, find the volume of the juice in the glass.

    asked by Dj
  43. SS

    If you were to move to the PAMPAS, where would you most likely find a job? 1)in the silver mines 2)on a cattle ranch 3)on a coffee plantation 4)in the fisheries I think #2

    asked by JAMIE
  44. Algebra

    Kyle and his brother Joel leave a rest stop at the same time traveling in opposite directions. After traveling for 6 hours, they are 780 miles apart. If Kyle drives 10 miles per hour faster than Joel, how fast was Joel traveling?

    asked by Student123
  45. Physics

    A body of mass m moving vertically with speed 3 m/!@#$%^&s a smooth fixed inclined plane and rebounds with a velociw vf in the horizontal direction. If angle of inclined plane is 30°, the velocity of will be

    asked by Vishesh
  46. English

    1. Have a conversation with your friends. 2. Have a communication with your partners. 3. Have a chatting with your partners. 4. Have a talking with your classmates. 5. Have a speaking with your close friends. 6. Converse with your friends on the titles. 7.

    asked by rfvv
  47. MATHS

    IN RECTANGLE ABCD ,AB=25cm BC=15cm .in what ratio does bisectorof angle C divides AB

    asked by deevi
  48. 9th grade English

    Sam had to mix __________ parts of the two chemicals for the experiment. a. equaled b. equitably c. equal d. equate f. equation I pick C This seems to easy am I missing something?

    asked by Sara
  49. SS

    How does elevation impact ecosystems in SOUTH AMERICA? 1)farmers can grow different crops at different elevations. 2)plants do not grow above tree lines 3) animals cannot live in higher elevations 4)humans settle only in the lowest elevations I THINK #1

    asked by JAMIE
  50. Microbes and Society

    In Chapter 9 of the Bible, in the book of Exodus, the sixth plague of Egypt is described in this way: “Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, ‘Take double handful soot from a furnace, and in the presence of Pharaoh, let Moses scatter it toward the sky.

    asked by Amber

    A racecar is initially travelling at 75 mph at point A as it enters the S-curve shown. In order to successfully traverse the curve, the racecar driver applies his brakes and decelerates uniformly between point A and B. Point B is located 750 ft down the

    asked by KBROM
  52. Math

    if you fold a square paper vertically, the new rectangle has a perimeter of 39cm. what is the area of the original square? what is the perimeter of the original square? what is the area of the resulting rectangle? make a ratio of area and perimeter. what

    asked by Emma
  53. Math

    Simone has been flipping a coin and has just flipped 5 heads in a row. she says that because she has just gotten so many heads, she is more likely to get tails than heads the next time she flips. Is Simone correct? What is the probability that her next

    asked by John
  54. English

    1. I put my many books on the desk. 2. I put many books of mine on the desk. 3. I bought the many books at the book store. 4. I don't have any those books. 5. What those books do you have? 6. What many books do you want? 7. These many books are valuable.

    asked by rfvv
  55. Math

    Scores on the GRE​ (Graduate Record​ Examination) are normally distributed with a mean of 554 and a standard deviation of 120. Use the 68-95-99.7 Rule to find the percentage of people taking the test who score between 434 and 674

    asked by Katelyn
  56. Math (NEED HELP ASAP)

    If you know all answers to test please let me know!!!! use the formula s=2(1w)+2(1h)+2(wh) to find the surface area of a rectangular prism with the following dimensions: *length = 2 cm * width = 3 cm * height = 4 cm A) s=21 cm2 B) s= 48 cm2 C) s= 52 cm2 D)

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Math

    I am charged 80 cents for a 15 minute phone call. How much is that call per minute?

    asked by Annette
  58. English

    1. He has four balls. One is white, another is blue, another is green, and the other is yellow. 2. He has four balls. One is white, another is blue, a third is green, and the other is yellow. 3. He has four balls. One is white, another is blue, a third is

    asked by rfvv
  59. Science

    The periodic table is arranged according to several trends. Which of the following is true as you move from left to right along the periodic table: A the element's atomic mass decreases and the atomic number increases B the element's productivity increases

    asked by Kay
  60. Microbes and society

    In Chapter 9 of the Bible, in the book of Exodus, the sixth plague of Egypt is described in this way: “Then the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, ‘Take double handful soot from a furnace, and in the presence of Pharaoh, let Moses scatter it toward the sky.

    asked by Angel
  61. x

    If P(x,y),F1(3,0), F2(-3,0) a nd 16x^2+25y^2=400, then find PF1+PF2.

    asked by bnmbmnbbmnn-
  62. Trigonometry

    From the top of a building 85ft high, the angle of elevation of the top of a vertical pole is 11 degree 6'. At the bottom of the building the angle of elevation of the top of the pole is 26 degree 7'. Find the height of the pole and the distance of the

    asked by Ayomide
  63. Chemistry

    KClO3 decomposes according to the reaction below. How many grams of KClO3 are needed to produce 826ml of O2 at standard temperature and pressure? 2KClO3 → 2KCl + 3O2

    asked by Sarah
  64. Chemistry

    Determine the molarity of na2co3 solution by titrating it against M/10 H2so4 solution

    asked by Anonymous
  65. chemistry

    Please help! N2H4 is decomposed in a closed container according to this reaction: N2H4 → N2 + 2H2 . If the temperature is constant and the initial pressure of N2H4 is 800mm, what will the pressure in millimeters be after the decomposition to N2 + 2H2?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Science - heat

    1-By opening the door of a refrigerator ehich is inside a room, the temperature of the room : A) decreases B) increases C) remains unchanged D) first decreases and then increases******(my ans) 2- The thermometer used to measure very low temperature is -

    asked by A GOODSTUDENT
  67. Trigonometry

    Directly below a 50m. high cliff is the side of a river. How wide is the river if the angle of depression from the edge of the cliff to the other side of the river is 57.68 degree

    asked by Ayomide
  68. Physics

    Question: You have a 4.5 kg lead block at room temperature. Part A: Find the energy required to raise the lead’s temperature to its melting point. Part B: Find the energy required to melt the lead once it’s reached the melting point. I got the answer

    asked by Kaitlyn
  69. English

    How can I paraphrase this sentence? Creative writers/poets create original written works, such as scripts, essays, prose, poetry or song lyrics, for publication or performance.

    asked by Fading
  70. Math

    If rCosx=3 and rSinx=4, find the value of r and x.

    asked by Stephanie
  71. Critical thinking

    Evaluate the following argument. In your evaluation you should address whether each premise is acceptable or unacceptable, providing the condition of premise acceptability/unacceptability, indicate the nature of each inference (deductive or inductive), and

    asked by Hazel
  72. Geometry

    I need help solving for the height of a trapezoid and finding the correct final answer for a semi circle (a half circle).In area form Here's what I have so far: Trapezoid Formula: 1/2(b1+b2)h My Answer:1/2(5+15)=10 (My bases are 5 and 15) I need help

    asked by GGGGGGGGGGGG-Geometry
  73. history

    In What Ways Was The Threat Of American Expansion Into British North America A Reason For Federal Union

    asked by loco
  74. Trigonometry

    if the lengths of the sides of an oblique triangle are 250 m. and the measure of the angle opposite of the later side is 37 degree 45'30", what are the possible lengths of the other sides?

    asked by Ayomide
  75. physics 10

    Write 95.43×10^-4 in scientific notation. Since we need to have the decimal place so that there is only one number on the left I guess I do this: 9.543 And to get back to where I was I need to go -1 So would this be the right answer: 9.543×10^1 I'm

    asked by charu
  76. Maths

    7(a-b)-8(a-2b) remove bracket and simplify

    asked by Algebraic equation
  77. chem

    how many grams of NaoH are dissolved in 250.00 ml of water if the ph is 11.35

    asked by m
  78. Social Sutdies

    What are answers to week 26 for forth grade

    asked by Kelvin
  79. physics

    Consider a string with a length of 56.5 cm tied at both end (like on a stringed instrument). If the frequency of the first harmonic on the string is 272 Hz, determine the speed of the wave in the string. Post your answer in m/sand with 3 significant

    asked by Idali
  80. Math

    Let's say you flip 2 coins simultaneously. There are 3 possible outcomes: Both are heads, both are tails, or one is heads and the other is tails. Does this mean that the probability of getting one head and one tail is 1/3?

    asked by Bob
  81. Math

    A particle of mass 9kg rests on a rough plane inclined at 30degrees to the horizontal. The coefficient of friction between the particle and the plane is 1/3. A horizontal force is applied to the particle so that the particle just begins to move upwards.

    asked by Kobby
  82. business

    i need to understand this question , i have to write an essay and i don't understand it .There are as many ways to use information technology in business as there are business activities to be pursued. Human Resource management has many activities that are

    asked by dana
  83. Physics

    How many x-ray photons are emitted per second by an x-ray tube that puts out 1.0 W of 75-KeV x rays?

    asked by Jared
  84. geometry

    Find the values that make this a parallelogram? The parallelogram is a square ans the values are: on the outside of it is 17 y and 8y on the top and on the bottom it is 10 and 8x On the inside of the square it is (3y-20) on the left hand corner and on the

    asked by saliha
  85. Chemistry

    Calculate the pressure of an ideal gas if you have 4.3 L and 2.2 miles at a temperature of 238 K

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Trigonometry

    You are making a garden in a triangular lot, and needed a top soil of mixed humus and fertilized. what is the area of the lot needed to cover by soil if the edge of the lot measures 10ft.,8ft. and 6ft.,?

    asked by Ayomide
  87. matha

    A man want to plant 10 trees in 5 rows and each row chould contain 4 tree

    asked by swarup
  88. Math

    Let's say you flip 2 coins simultaneously. There are 3 possible outcomes: Both are heads, both are tails, or one is heads and the other is tails. Does this mean that the probability of getting one head and one tail is 1/3?

    asked by Bob
  89. English

    1. We learned math and science. 2. We learnt math and science. (Which past do we use? Are both okay? Which one is commonly used?) 3. I went there every other week. 4. I went there every second week. 5. I went there every two weeks. (Are the three sentences

    asked by rfvv
  90. English

    1. He goes to a concert every other week. 2. He goes to a concert biweekly. 3. He goes to a musical every other month. 4. He goes to a musical bimonthly. 5. She goes to a shop every other day. 6. She goes to a shop bidaily. 7. They have a meeting every

    asked by rfvv
  91. Algebra

    Dhey is 8 years older than Marl. The sum of their ages is 46. How old is Dhey?

    asked by Lalala
  92. kumar

    determine the amount of NAOH dissolved in 250ml. of the solution by titrating it against N/10 H2SO4

    asked by ujjwal
  93. Trigonometry

    how long is the cable that supports a 10m. high antenna if the cable is connected at the middle of the pole of the antenna and at the ground 6m. away from the base of the pole?

    asked by Ayomide
  94. Trigonometry

    what is the angle of elevation of the sun if the shadow of a 5'7" tall man is half the length of his height?

    asked by Ayomide
  95. chemistry

    ethyacetoacetate gives positive test with sodium bisulphate. explain

    asked by rohan
  96. t

    what are the measures of the other two angles of an oblique triangle if the angle between the 6.5m. side and the 10.5 m. side is about 60 degree

    asked by Ayomide
  97. maths

    The following shows the number of chairs rented and returned to Zippy party rentals. For the period Monday to Friday of a week in May. Number of chairs rented: Mon: 113 Tues: 367 Wed:258 Thurs:969 Fri: 1,083 Number of Chairs returned: Mon: 46 Tues: Wed: 96

    asked by indira
  98. Maths


    asked by Remove bracket and simplify