Questions Asked on
April 19, 2017

  1. Social Studies

    How did Americans disagree over the role of federal and state governments before and during the Civil War? The North wanted the federal government to govern the entire country. The South wanted the states to have much more power. Anything else I could add

    asked by Jack
  2. Social Studies

    1. Why do businesses seek a equilibrium price? A)It ensures that competitors cannot offer lower prices B)It attracts the largest possible number of consumers to the business C)It provides the highest possible prices that consumers will pay for each product

    asked by Reeses
  3. Math

    Two complementary angles have measures of s and t. If t is less than twice s, which system of linear equations can be used to determine the measure of each angle?

    asked by Aria
  4. Language Arts

    In the outline, what are letters (A, B, C, etc.) used to show? A) The Main Topic Of The Presentation. B) Subtopics of The Presentation. C) Details and facts related to the subtopics. D) Sources for citations used in the presentation.

    asked by @AmeliaTheGamer
  5. MAth

    the perimetre of rectangle is 240cm .if length is increased by 10% and breadth is decreased by 20% the perimetre remains same. find the length

    asked by deepti
  6. Social studies

    How did the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution affect the course of the Vietnam war? A. It was a major political victory for the Vietcong. B. It convinced Americans that the domino theory was correct. C. It caused Americans to take an active role in the fighting.

    asked by Space unicorn
  7. Algebra

    Astronomers measure large distances in light-years. One light-year is the distance that light can travel in one year, or approximately 5.88 *10^12 miles. Suppose a star is 3.2 * 10^2 light-years from Earth. In scientific notation, approximately how many

    asked by Justus
  8. Math

    The box-and-whisker plot below shows the numbers of text messages received in one day by students in the seventh and eighth grades at Lincoln Middle School. Two box and whisker plots are shown above a number line. The number line is scaled from 2 to 38 by

    asked by Anon
  9. english

    What element should readers consider when exploring how different literary genres approach the same subject? a. the ease of difficulty with which the subject can be analyzed b. the authors’ personal feelings about the genres they select c. the use of a

    asked by Cate
  10. english

    Which wars did John Steinbeck's "Symptoms" and Tim O'Brien's "Ambush" discuss? Does anyone know where I can find these essays so I can answer this question?

    asked by Cate
  11. math

    The quadrilateral ABCD has area of 58 in2 and diagonal AC = 14.5 in. Find the length of diagonal BD if AC ⊥ BD.

    asked by HELP!!!
  12. Astronomy

    Please check my answers 1. What size are most exosolar planets that have been detected? A. Small like the moon B. Same size as earth C. More massive than Jupiter D. More massive than the sun 2. Which NASA space mission, launched in 2009, has the goal of

    asked by M
  13. Intro to Trig

    Which of the following best corresponds to the x-value where the function f(x)=cos x is a minimum in the interval x = [25,30]? A) 25.1 B)26.7 C)28.3 D)29.8 Can someone show me how to solve this step by step? Thanks :)

    asked by Maggie
  14. English

    1. Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence. A. Most of my friends, even CiCi, are excited about the spring play.*** B. Memorizing a monologue is challenging. C. Even with help, I will struggle with a few lines in mine. D. Jason gets stage fright so he

    asked by Bubbles
  15. Math

    The table shows the snack preferences of 50 shoppers at the mall. What is the probability that one shopper, selected at random from the 50 surveyed, preferred the potato chips or pretzels? ------------------------------------ | Food | Number of Shoppers |

    asked by Dejavu
  16. Science

    Hi! I just want to make sure my answers are correct. (Key: * means that is my answer.) A basketball momentarily changes shape as it bounces off the floor. This is due to balanced forces on the ball. True False* A ball slowing down as it rolls across the

    asked by Samantha
  17. Trigonometry

    over which of the following domains is f(x) = csc(0.1x + 1.2) defined at all points and invertible? x = [0,10] x = [10,20] x = [20,30] x = [30,40] Can someone please explain how to solve this to me and show me all the steps rather than simply giving me the

    asked by Nina
  18. math

    in a certain, lottery five different numbers between 1 and 35 inclusive and drawn. these are the winning numbers. to win the lottery, a person must select the 5 correct numbers in the same order in which they were drawn. what is the probability of winning.

    asked by iamani
  19. Math

    6. The box-and-whisker plot below shows the numbers of text messages received in one day by students in he seventh and eighth grades at Lincoln Middle School. a) Describe the overlap of the two sets of data. b) Find the IQR of each set. c) Find the

    asked by ghost
  20. Math

    Find the area of the following rectangles. 7/2 mm ×14/5 mm. I can up with 98/10 mm. Please check

    asked by Jac
  21. Organic Chem question

    What would be the product when 3-bromoprop-1-ene and cyclohexane-1,3-dione react with excess NaOH?

    asked by Liv
  22. algebra 2

    THe loudness L of a sound is measured by L=10 log10^R where R is the sound's relative intensity. One person talks with a relative intensity of 10^6 or 60 decibels. How much louder would 100 people be ,talking with the same intensity. So would I just use L=

    asked by lexi
  23. English

    Identify the incorrectly punctuated sentence. A. You must return your first rental, before they will send you another movie. *** B. If you cleaned your room, maybe you would be able to find the DVD. C. Let's clear out the trash, clothes, and soda cans. d.

    asked by Bubbles
  24. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 2.00g of potassium chloride (KCl) in enough water to make 150 ml of solution?

    asked by Gerard
  25. History

    What effect did John Hay's open door policy letters have on the imperial powers of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Japan? A)It provoked the imperial powers to declare war on the United States B)It caused the imperial powers to restrict trade in their

    asked by _________
  26. careers

    When John asked Melanie to babysit Saturday night, he told her that he would pay $7 per hour. She accepted and did the work but has not yet received the money. What type of contract was this? a. implied contract b. unilateral contract c. bilateral contract

    asked by liz
  27. Social studies

    Which of the following primarily accounts for the spike in cuban immigration in the 60 A ongoing civil war in Cuba b changes in U.S immigration laws c communism takeover of the cuban government d rapid growth in cuban wealth and mobility I think it's c

    asked by Mlg cod kid

    which constitutional issue was president lincoln addressing in this excerpt?

    asked by HELP
  29. Mathematics

    Juice is sold in a rectangular prism measuring 11 cm by 6 cm by 4 cm. A cube is built to hold the same volume. By how much does the surface area decrease? Give answer to 1 decimal place.

    asked by andrew
  30. math

    The marginal cost function is given by dc/dq=0.08q^2-1.8q+2.5 where c is the total cost in producing q units of product. The fixed cost is 5000. Find the total cost for producing 1000 units

    asked by shima
  31. science

    Which of the following materials is a good conductor of electric current? A-Glass pane B-Wooden spoon C-Silver spoon D-Rubber tire

    asked by zoe
  32. Chemistry

    When 52.7 g of octane (c8 h18) burns in oxygen, the percentage yield of carbon dioxide is 82.5%. what is the actual yield in grams?

    asked by Chera
  33. Pre calc

    An equation is given. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be any integer. Round terms to three decimal places where appropriate. Find All solutions of the equation 2sin(theta/3)+ square root three =0

    asked by Samantha
  34. Chemistry

    What is the equilibrium constant for the following reaction? 3A + 2B 2C

    asked by Astral
  35. Algebra Word Problem

    During summer vacation, c children went to different destinations with their parents. 36% of the children went to Europe and 24 children to Asia. The rest of the children went to South America. How many children went to South America?

    asked by Bobby
  36. physics

    A car of mass 1200kg travelling at 72km/h was brought to rest in 4 seconds. 1. what is this period in m/s? 2. find; a. the deceleration of the car. b. the force that caused the car to come to rest. c.the distance it travelled during its deceleration.

    asked by chibwe
  37. Science

    How many molecules of Br2 react with 1.11 x 10^20 molecules of F2

    asked by Anonymous
  38. math

    Which is the better deal: 8 ounces of shampoo for $0.89 or 12 ounces of $1.47? Can someone please explain to me how to do this problem.

    asked by beverly
  39. Calculus

    Assuming that Switzerland's population is growing exponentially at a continuous rate of 0.21 percent a year and that the 1988 population was 6.8 million, write an expression for the population as a function of time in years. (Let t=0t=0 in 1988.) I got 6.8

    asked by Regina
  40. Science

    Which of the following explains why water is a liquid at room temperature but oxygen is a gas at the same temperature? A. The cohesive forces between water molecules is less than that of oxygen. B. Water is the universal solvent. C. Water has a greater

    asked by ADIDAS
  41. math

    The table below shows the total number of students in a boxing class at the local gym. The goal for the gym is to have no more than 20% of their students in each class be beginners. Day Number of Beginning Students Total Number of Students Monday 2 15

    asked by jailen
  42. math

    A large pizza at Tony's Pizzeria is a circle with a 14-inch diameter. Its box is a rectangular prism that is 14 and one-eighth14 and one-eighth 14 and one-eighth inches long, 14 and one-eighth14 and one-eighth 14 and one-eighth inches wide, and 1 and

    asked by Lilly
  43. ap physics

    Two 25.0 g spheres are hanging from lightweight strings that are each 35.0 cm in length. Each has the same charge. They repel each other and make an angle of 5.00 to the vertical. What is the magnitude of the charge on each sphere?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Physics

    2 charge of 10 microcoulomb and 40 microcoulomb respectively 12cm apart find the position of a point where electric field is zero

    asked by Abc
  45. English

    Write the poem arrow and song in the form of prose

    asked by Bhoomi
  46. chemistry

    Ethane(a minor constituent of natural gas) burns in oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water. How many moles of oxygen are needed to react with one moles of ethane?

    asked by micha
  47. maths

    A car dealership fences in a rectangular area behind their building to secure unsold vehicles. One length will be the back wall of the dealership. What is the maximum parking area that can be created if they have 2 km of fencing to use? HELP PLS. show you

    asked by happy
  48. Algebra

    A manuscript needs to be printed. One printer can do the job in 60 minutes and the other can do it in 40 minutes. How long would it take if both printers were used?

    asked by Tiffany
  49. English

    Can someone help me here? I'm suppose to match the defenitions but all of them seem like possible choices. It's confusing. 1.Scanning the test 2.Avoiding Careless Errors 3.Planning your time 4.Making educated guesses 5.Memory dumping 6.Reading the

    asked by Acasia
  50. statistics

    A bag contains 8 white and 3 black counters. Two counters are drawn, one after the other. Find the probability of drawing one white and one black counter, in any order. i) If the first counter is replaced ii) if the first counter is not replaced.

    asked by navin
  51. math

    A cow is tied with a rope of length 14 m at the corner of rectangular field measured 20 m by 16 m. Find the area of the field in which the cow can graze. #anyone to help me with proper and systematic step by step solution

    asked by kelvin
  52. math

    Hi, I was working on my math homework and I was stumbling on these problems. I tried looking at the solutions but my answers were completely off. Here are the ones I'm stuck on: If vectors O(0,0,0), A(6,0,0), B(6,-sqrt(24), sqrt(12)), and C(0,-sqrt(24),

    asked by jack
  53. Maths

    The sketch shows a curve with equation y=ab^x where a and b are constants and b>0. The curve passes through the points (0,3) and (2,12). Calculate the value of a and b. Thank you.

    asked by Julie
  54. Math

    Kurt cut into wedges measuring 40 degrees if each person eats one piece of pizza how many people could he feed with two whole pizzas

    asked by Mimi
  55. chemistry

    A swimming pool, 20.0 m ✕ 12.5 m, is filled with water to a depth of 3.81 m. If the initial temperature of the water is 18.9°C, how much heat must be added to the water to raise its temperature to 30.1°C? Assume that the density of water is 1.000 g/mL.

    asked by Darylynn
  56. English

    What are some of the differences between old money and new money characters in the great gatsby? Is this distinction important in today's society? Why is the novel narrated from Nick's perspective?

    asked by Mary
  57. Geometry

    If the ratio of the areas of two similar rectangles is 100/81, then what is the ratio of the perimeters?

    asked by Baby Jochy
  58. dynamics

    A racecar is initially travelling at 75 mph at point A as it enters the S-curve shown. In order to successfully traverse the curve, the racecar driver applies his brakes and decelerates uniformly between point A and B. Point B is located 750 ft down the

    asked by kbrom
  59. Maths

    A square based pyramid, with a perpendicular height of 15cm I'd placed on a table. The weight of the pyramid is 70.56N. The pyramid exerts a pressure of 4900N/m^2 on the table. Work out the volume of the square based pyramid. Thank you so much.

    asked by Jack
  60. math

    iodine 131 has a half life of 8 days. If 5 mg are stored for a week, how much is left? How many days does it take before only 1 mg remains? An explanation for each step would be nice please. I want to learn how to do these problems for my upcoming exam.

    asked by shannon ortiz
  61. SS

    The economics of the Caribbean South America rely largely on? A:valuable resources such as oil, coffee, and cacao. B:production of manufactured goods. C:mineral wealth found throughout the region. D:tourism, as the region lacks arable land I think D. thank

    asked by Evie
  62. math

    Two vertices of a triangle lie on some line. The third vertex belongs to the line that is parallel to the first one. Prove the area of that triangle does not depend on the position of the third vertex on the line.

    asked by HELP!!!
  63. math

    If a manufacturer's average-cost equation is C=0.0001q^2-0.02q+5+5000 ____ q

    asked by shima
  64. Maths

    Susanna owns 10 shops and 5 restaurants. She is going to visit three of her businesses and writes her list in order. The order will be: Shop, restaurant, shop OR Restaurant, shop, restaurant. How many different lists can Bethany write? Thank you.

    asked by Julie
  65. Math

    The perimeter of the garden is 24 metres.all the sides are equal.what shape might the garden be? Give as many answers​ as you can.for each answer, record the length of each side of the garden.

    asked by Malak
  66. Physics

    A point source is 1.20m below the surface of a body of water. Find the diameter of the circle at the surface through which light emerges from the water.

    asked by Vanessa
  67. Math

    How do I break this down in generic triangle 111×333

    asked by Jessica
  68. finite math

    Suppose that two cards are randomly selected from a standard 52-card deck. (a) What is the probability that the first card is a queen and the second card is a queen if the sampling is done without replacement? (b) What is the probability that the first

    asked by Dee
  69. Physical Sciences

    The relative atomic mass of magnesium is 24,31. Which is The most common isotope of magnesium?

    asked by Emihle Hlehle Mkupa
  70. Mathmatics

    The point A has coordinates (-12, -7) and the point B has coordinates (-8 , 1). Find the equation of the line parallel to AB and passing through (2,5). Thanks.

    asked by Jessica
  71. math

    Hi, I was working on my math homework and I was stumbling on these problems. I wanted to double check my answers that I have; I also could not answer 5. If vectors O(0,0,0), A(6,0,0), B(6,-sqrt(24), sqrt(12)), and C(0,-sqrt(24), sqrt(12)) form a square. 1)

    asked by greg
  72. English

    I just want to know if what this phrase means from "Letter to a Citizen of Kentucky" "Right or wrong, I assumed this ground, and now avow it." Is he reffering to that he forged an agreement, formed an alliance, made a supposition or took this position

    asked by Ari
  73. Maths

    The student answered correctly 76 question on the Mathematics test,which was 95% of the total number of question. How many questions were in the test?

    asked by Thato
  74. @help me please

    You posted your entire test without a single thought of your own. DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN. You may, however, post the questions you're not sure of IF you indicate what you think. PS - We do not write students' assignments for them!

    asked by Writeacher
  75. Math, Ratio and Proportion

    Jeff mowed 2/3 of a lawn in 52 minutes. At that rate, How long would it take him to mow the whole lawn?

    asked by Noelle
  76. History

    How did America explain the sinking of Maine

    asked by Knyah
  77. MAth

    a man worked in february 2009.he was paid rs 500 perday and rs 100 were deducted when he was absent . find number of days he was presentif was paid rs9100 as salaryfor the manth.

    asked by deevi
  78. Math and science

    A metorite weighs 300 n on the moon.The moon's force of gravity is 1/6 that of earth.What is the metorite's weight on earth's

    asked by Mya
  79. math

    Hi I wanted to check my work for this problem. Consider the points A(1,0,0) B(2,2,2) and C(0,2,1). 1) Find the vector CA x CB I got -2i -3j +4k for this 2) Find an exact value for the area of the triangle ABC. I got sqrt29/2 for this. 3) Plane II(1) is

    asked by greg
  80. Trigonometry

    How do you know where to plot the points of a cosine function on a graph? Is there a more simple way then plugging the x value into the calculator?

    asked by Victor
  81. English

    1. She wants to read the comic book. 2. She wants to read the specific comic book. ------------------------------ Does #1 mean #2? Or is 'the' used in generic use?

    asked by rfvv
  82. physics

    Consider a pipe with a length of 57.5 cm. If the temperature of the air is 21.5degrees C and the pipe is closed in one end and open in the other, what is the frequency of the third harmonic for the pipe? Post your answer in hertz (Hz) and with 3

    asked by Idali
  83. Caclulus

    Find the derivative of the function g(x)=S(u^2-5)/(u^2+5)du g'(x)=? S=integration symbol b=3x a=2x

    asked by cool
  84. math

    (coty sec^2 y-coty)/(siny tany+cosy)

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Science 8.4

    Which arrangement below lists elements of the same group, in order, from those having least protons to those having the most protons? o,s,se,te na,s,al,cl o,n,b,ki rb,k,na,li

    asked by Anonymous
  86. Math

    Explain how you would factor x^2-5x-24 You must explain EACH step and process t get to your factored solution The work I have done - (x-8)(x+3) I just don't understand how to explain.

    asked by Kelly
  87. English

    1. The plan was doomed/destined to fail. 2. The plan was doomed/destined to failure. 3. The plan was to fail. ------------------------ Are they all the same in meaing? Does #3 mean #1 or #2?

    asked by rfvv
  88. Mathmatics

    The points A (3,5) and C (12,2) are points on the straight line ABC. AB:BC = 2:1. Work out the coordinates of B. Thanks

    asked by Jessica
  89. MAth

    a man worked in february 2009.he was paid rs 500 perday and rs 100 were deducted when he was absent . find number of days he was present if was paid rs9100 as salary for the month.

    asked by deevi
  90. QMI

    if 2000 is invested at the end of each year for 36years(until age 65)in an account that pays 10% compounded annually. how much at age 65?

    asked by Phillip

    how did the loss of its control of the mississippi river contribute to the defeat of the confederacy?

    asked by HELP
  92. exponent

    v^-7 x v^7 its saying to write as a positive exponent only?

    asked by Carlos
  93. Psychology

    In which type of forgetting does information that you learned recently cause you to forget information that you learned at an earlier time?

    asked by Leil
  94. math

    one day a sailor was sailing 32 miles from the shore. he then went 22 miles east then 67 miles north. How far did he travel straight? a) 92 miles b)29 miles c) 362 miles** d) none of these

    asked by da one
  95. AP math

    how do I solve this? 0.02e^-0.244t=0.06 I know I divide by the constant to get : e^-0.244t=3 but I'm not sure what to do after. do I take ln of both sides?

    asked by Anna Santiago
  96. Physics

    The kinetic energy of a particle is equal to the energy of a photon. The particle moves at 6.9% of the speed of light. Find the ratio of the photon wavelength to the de Broglie wavelength of the particle. Take the speed to be non-relativistic.

    asked by isi
  97. Math

    How much money would the class earn it it recycled during the next 3weeks. If for every 3/5 weeks profit is $85

    asked by Jessica
  98. English

    In the Oddyssey, was Odysseus' action of telling the Polyphemus that his name is "Nohbdy" or was him allowing Circe to persuade him to stay with her the most characteristic of an epic hero? I'm stuck between both options

    asked by syphony
  99. Math

    Solve this pair of equations by the elimination method: 4x-3y=-4 3x=2y-4

    asked by Audrey
  100. ELA

    In Sitton Spelling and Word Skills Practice Book, What is the answers antonyms: after less south remember against tall unimportant import evening backward unusual disorganized rebel periphery temporary latter Synonyms: change assist deficit revive

    asked by Danny
  101. Math

    Given the curve x = √(3y^4 + 2) i)obtain dx/dy ii)x(dx/dy)=6y^3 My Answer: i)6*(3y^4+2)^-1/2 ii) 6*(3y^4+2)^-1/2 *(3y^4+2)^1/2

    asked by Help Me Please
  102. AP physics

    What is the resistance of a copper wire, diameter of 1.50mm and length of 25.0 m? i got R=pl/A R=p(25m)/(3.14*(.00075^2)) how ever i found the answers online and they give me this (1.68*10^-8)(25.0)/(3.14*(.00075^2))

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Science

    car 1 is moving at 10 m/s and hits car 2 if they have a perfectly elastic collision and the masses are 1700 kg and 3000kg respectively what is the final velocity of the second car ?

    asked by Lily
  104. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function y=S 10(t)^1/2 sin(t)dt y'=? S=integration symbol b=x^3 a=(x)^1/2

    asked by cool
  105. Math

    Ben is four years older than Juan. In two years, their ages will total 50. How old is each now?

    asked by Auriel
  106. Please solve this riddle

    What always ends with a S, and always has a C in the middle, but if you never use it then it would start with an A.

    asked by Mike
  107. Math

    A new automobile costs $32,000. The value of the same automobile after t years is given by V = 32000(0.8)t. The following steps determine how many years it will take for the value to decrease to one-eighth the initial value, which is $4,000.

    asked by Sam
  108. Math

    A man lost Rs 3 on every bottle of medicine he sold. Find his gain on selling 7 bottles of this medicine?

    asked by Minnie
  109. Computer

    I have a question If a laptop reaches 15% of low battery then how long has it been running? About 3 hours, 2? But wthout the charger

    asked by Acasia
  110. math

    Differentiate y=x^-2(4+x^-3)

    asked by shima
  111. Algebra I

    Find the value of each and write as an ordered pair. f(2)=

    asked by Susie
  112. Algebra I

    find the value of each and write as an ordered pair. f(-5)= ______ (___,___)

    asked by Susie
  113. mat1045

    70 is the difference of Raja's age and 14

    asked by adina
  114. Math

    To completely factor 3x^2+12x Monica says the answer is x(3x+12). But Ashley says the answer is 3x(x+4). Who is correct, Monica or Ashley? Explain why. I know that Ashely is right right but I'm not sure how to explain it in the right terms.

    asked by Joshua
  115. Math

    I have several of these questions I just need help with this one to do the rest. How many weeks would it take to sale cookies in order to earn $5,0000. If for every 3 weeks profit is $500. Is it 500/5000

    asked by Jessica
  116. Mathmatics

    The line Q passes through the points (-10,-2) and (-8,-8). The line R passes through the points (1,2) and (10,a). The lines Q and R are perpendicular. Find a. Thanks.

    asked by Jessica
  117. AP Lang

    Hi,does this excerpt contain synechdoche? I think it does ( words such as muscles and armed men suggest that) " He was then, consciously or not, not fully a man...and this greater group environment was not a matter of mere ideas and thought;it was embodied

    asked by Mary♡♡