Questions Asked on
April 18, 2017

  1. Maths

    A closed tin is in the shape of a cylinder of diameter 10cm and height 15cm. Use the value 3.14 for pier to find A.the total surface area B.the value of the tin to the r=nearest 10naira,if tin plate cost #4500 per m2

    asked by Ste
  2. chemistry

    How many molecules of lactose are there in one liter of buttermilk?

    asked by tb
  3. physics

    A 0.054-kg pet lab mouse sits on a 0.35-kg air-track cart, as shown in (Figure 1) . The cart is at rest, as is a second cart with a mass of 0.25 kg. The lab mouse now jumps to the second cart. After the jump, the 0.35-kg cart has a speed of v1=0.80m/s.

    asked by anonymous
  4. Maths

    A man travels 3/8 of his journey by train 3/5 of it by bus and walks the rest of the distance.If he walks 2 km. How much distance did he travel by bus.

    asked by Simran
  5. Algebra

    A survey was taken of students in math classes to find out how many hours per day students spend on social media. The survey results for the first-, second-, and third-period classes are as follows: First period: 2, 4, 3, 1, 0, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4, 9, 2, 4, 3, 0

    asked by Alexis
  6. maths

    A solution whose volume is 80% liters is made up of 40% of water and 60% of alcohol,When x liters of water is added the percentage of alcohol drops to 40% Find X

    asked by Eddypiller dreamer
  7. Algebra

    The chart below shows the average number of movies seen per person in selected countries. A chart is shown with 2 columns.The first column is titled Country. The second column is titled Average number of movies a person sees in a year. Row 1: Turkey space

    asked by lyssa
  8. Help College Algebra

    A ball is projected upward from the ground. Its distance in feet from the ground in t seconds is given by s(t) = -16t^(2)+128t At what will the ball be at 213ft from the ground?

    asked by Keonn'a
  9. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the specified axis. y=x^2,y=1; about y=7

    asked by Anonymous
  10. pals help

    An air-track cart with mass m1=0.29kg and initial speed v0=0.95m/s collides with and sticks to a second cart that is at rest initially. Part A If the mass of the second cart is m2=0.55kg, how much kinetic energy is lost as a result of the collision?

    asked by alex
  11. Math

    You roll two fair dice. Let E be the event that an even total shows on the dice. Let F be the event that a six shows on at least one of the dice. Find P(F) and P(F|E). Choices: P(F)=1/3; P(F|E)=1/13 P(F)=1/3; P(F|E)=5/18 P(F)=11/36; P(F|E)=7/18 P(F)=11/36;

    asked by Lily
  12. Spanish 1 b

    please check my answers 2. How do you say one must in Spanish A. Hay que * B. A menudo C. Que más D. Es necesario 5. A person of mixed European and indigenous heritage is commonly to as a____ A. Mixtec B. Mestizo* C. Maya D. Nahuatl 6. Which is not a

    asked by Joe
  13. Algebra

    The height of an launched from the ground after t seconds is given by h(t)=-16t^2+32t. How long for the object to obtain a height of 32ft. Hit the ground?

    asked by Keonn'a
  14. Trig

    Morana is trolling for salmon in Lak Ontario. She sets the fishing rod so its tip is 1 m above the water and the line enters the water at an angle of 45 degrees. Fish have been tracked at a depth of 45km. What length of line must she let out?

    asked by Kim
  15. math,

    . Mr. David, an individual investor, has $70,000to divide among several investments. The alternative investments are municipal bonds with an 8.5% annual return, certificates of deposit with a 5% return, treasury bills with a 6.5% return, and a growth stock

    asked by dudu
  16. Math

    If a seed is planted, it has a 70% chance of growing into a healthy plant. If 7 seeds are planted, what is the probability that exactly 1 doesn't grow? Here What I did I thought its premutation but some reason I got that wrong, I multiple by (0.10) and

    asked by Brandon
  17. Math

    Select the factors that can be divided out to simplify the multiplication problem: 8/15 * 5/16 select all that apply 2 3 4 5 6 8 I think its 2, 3, 5, and 8

    asked by SwimmerGirl
  18. Science

    Which of these is an example of a biomass fuel? 1) oil 2) natural gas 3) wood 4) coal I think #3

    asked by JAMIE
  19. chem

    Which equation shows a reaction that will occur at room temperature and pressure? A Br2(aq) + 2NaCl (aq) → 2NaBr(aq) + Cl 2(aq) B Br2(aq) + 2NaI(aq) → 2NaBr(aq) + I2(aq) C I2(aq) + 2NaCl (aq) → 2NaI(aq) +

    asked by Anonymous
  20. American Government

    4. What is the strongest argument for supporting a jury system? a. to ensure that regional differences don't create differences in the law b. to ensure fairness through consideration of the verdict by more than one person*** c. to check the power of the

    asked by Elise Bedford
  21. History

    Which of these stories in the Bible would have had the largest impact on an enslaved person? A rich young ruler is told to give all his wealth to the poor. God leads the Hebrews out of forced servitude in Egypt.*** Jesus is betrayed by Judas Iscariot, one

    asked by Nikki
  22. math

    What is 1.07 x 10 to the 4th power in standard form?

    asked by Mia
  23. English

    Read the passage. (1) Long ago, the Everglades were a broad expanse of shallow water covering the southern tip of Florida. (2) Over the years, however, land development has reduced the Everglades to less than half its original size. (3) In fact,

    asked by M, S, E,
  24. psychology

    In a normal distribution, what percentage of scores will fall between one standard deviation below the mean and one standard deviation above the mean?

    asked by alex
  25. Algebra

    last year, justin had 30,000 to invest. he invested some of it in an account that paid 5% simple interest per year, and he invested the rest in an account that paid 10% simple interest per year. After one year, he recieved a total of $2500 in interest. How

    asked by Vaness
  26. precalculus

    An abandoned building's value is 230(0.95)^t thousand dollars. When will Etienne be able to buy the building with his savings account, which has $150,000 at year t= 0 and is growing by 11% per year?

    asked by Jae M.
  27. maths

    There 168 students in a school. There are twice as many girls as there are boys. a) Calculate the number of girls in the school. b) the students are to be divided into seven classes so that each class has the same number of girls and boys. i) calculate the

    asked by indira
  28. Social studies

    Which of the following best summarizes Hoover's initial response to the great depression? He believed the government should provide jobs for all Americans He believed people should have invested more wisely He believed private charities would meet all of

    asked by Cat
  29. Math - Calculus

    a) Find the area of the region R bounded by the graphs of the equations y=2x−x^2, x=0, and y=0. b)The line y=cx, where c>0, divides R into two subregions. Compute the value of c for which the two subregions have the same area.

    asked by McKenna

    Please, please, please, help me! Directions: A large pizza at Tony's Pizzeria is a circle with a 14-inch diameter. Its box is a rectangular prism that is 1 14 8 inches long, 1 14 8 inches wide, and 3 1 4 inches tall. Your job is to design a crazy new shape

    asked by Lilitwan Doesn't Understand
  31. Algebra

    One number is 2/3 of another number. The sum of the two numbers is 40. Find the two numbers. Use a comma to separate your answers.

    asked by Mary
  32. physics homework

    To make a bounce pass, a player throws a 0.60-kg basketball toward the floor. The ball hits the floor with a speed of 5.2 m/s at an angle of 60 ∘ to the vertical. Part A If the ball rebounds with the same speed and angle, what was the magnitude of the

    asked by ana
  33. Algebra

    3 gears are connected so that the two turns of the first wheel turn ii wheel nine times and the three terms of ii wheel turn the third wheel 5 times. A. If you turn the first wheel once, how many times does the third wheel turn? B. How many times must you

    asked by Jesica
  34. physics

    An air-track cart with mass m=0.20kg and speed v0=1.5m/s approaches two other carts that are at rest and have masses 2m and 3m, as indicated in (Figure 1) . The carts have bumpers that make all the collisions elastic. Find the final speed of cart 1,

    asked by alex
  35. Algebra

    d=kt^2 solve for t

    asked by Keonn'a
  36. math

    If you invest $1000 at 3% interest compounded semiannually. when will the investment be worth $1500 ? 1000(1 +.03/2)^q= 1500 not sure if this is right ? thanks

    asked by charlie
  37. math

    6=e^5r I have no idea how to do this please help Thanks

    asked by charlie
  38. MATH

    Determine which state is more poorly represented. State A with a population of 277,200 and 11 representatives or state B with a population of 576,000 and 16 representatives. State A is more poorly represented because it has the smaller average

    asked by Jenny
  39. Chemistry

    A chemist prepares a 45.0-g sample of carbon tetrachloride (CCl4). How many moles of this compound has she prepared? (Note: The atomic weight of carbon is 12.0 and of chlorine is 35.5.) how do i do this?

    asked by Inayah
  40. english first additional language

    english is the language oppotunity. Why bother to teach indigenous languages

    asked by Nangamso
  41. Math

    a gas tank that is 1/3 full requires 6 gallons to make it 5/6 full.what is the capacity of the tank in gallons.

    asked by Richmond Yeboah
  42. MATH


    asked by GRACE
  43. Math

    James has set up an ordinary annuity to save for his retirement in 19 years. If his monthly payments are $250 and the annuity has an annual interest rate of 7.5%, what will be the value of the annuity when he retires? I am studying for my math final and I

    asked by Kelly
  44. physics

    if the relative density of a metal is 19.what will be the mass of 20cm3 of the metal when immersed in water

    asked by elo
  45. francis

    if the 8th term of an A.P is twice the 5th term, find the 12th term

    asked by vivian
  46. chemistry

    3. A solution is made by dissolving 5.00 g of impure sodium hydroxide in water and making it up to 1.00dm3 of solution. 25.0 cm3 of this solution is neutralized by 30.0 cm3 of hydrochloric acid of concentration 0.102 mol/dm3. a) Calculate the number of

    asked by gasana
  47. physics

    A 55-kg person walks due north with a speed of 1.1 m/s, and her 7.0-kg dog runs directly toward her, moving due south, with a speed of 1.8 m/s.

    asked by ana
  48. physics

    Consider a pipe with a length of 57.5 cm. If the temperature of the air is 21.5+B degrees C and the pipe is closed in one end and open in the other, what is the frequency of the third harmonic for the pipe? Post your answer in hertz (Hz) and with 3

    asked by Idali
  49. vocabulary

    denotative definition are also known as connotative,derect,inderect or none of the above definitions?

    asked by wanda
  50. word problem , MATHS

    Jim is setting up a rectangular dog run in his backyard. He buys six 3-foot sections of fencing and a 3-foot wide gate. What are the dimensions of the dog run with the greatest area in each situation? a) Jim uses the yard fence for one side of the dog run.

    asked by happy
  51. Social Studies

    Explain how members of the Reagan administration acted illegally to sell arms to Iran and aid the Contras in Nicaragua. In a paragraph, give reasons for and against these actions, and evaluate their impact. I would really appreciate if you'd help. Don't

    asked by nonya
  52. Algebra

    Where do I put the parentheses and brackets to make this true 15÷3×5+4×8=40

    asked by Leslie
  53. mechanical principle

    2. A roller 0.4 m diameter rolls down a slope starting from rest. It takes 20 seconds make 8 complete rotations along the sloping surface accelerating uniformly as it moves. Calculate the following: i. The angular velocity at the end. ii. The linear

    asked by muz
  54. Math

    If there is a laws of 40 students and only 85% of the class passed how many passed the test

    asked by Anonymous
  55. physics

    A car with a mass of 980 kg and a speed of v1 = 17.0 m/s approaches an intersection, as shown in the figure(Figure 1) . A 1300 kg minivan traveling at v2 is heading for the same intersection. The car and minivan collide and stick together. The direction of

    asked by ana
  56. math

    what is he surface area of a rectangle prism with a 12 mm length 5 mm high 4mm wide? I need this ? answered badly

    asked by um save me drowning in questions
  57. media/cultural studies

    i need help writing an essay rrlating it to two readings

    asked by ratheeshan
  58. English

    If you were to select one passage from the novel the great gatsby to represent one of the five major characters (gatsby, nick, daisy, tom, or jordan) which passage would best reflect that characters personality and why ?

    asked by Tina
  59. History

    Can someone help me out here? Quote: “He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us. He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people. He is at this

    asked by Acasia
  60. Algebra

    A computer screen measures 14 in. by 11 inches. Find the length of the diagonal.

    asked by Keonn'a
  61. Chemistry

    Calculate the amount of H2 produced from the reaction of 4.25 grams Zn and 25 ml of 3.0 M HCL.

    asked by Monique
  62. MATHS

    Nasmin will construct this object from sheet metal, then coat it with enamel. a) Determine the volume of the object. b) Determine the surface area to be covered with enamel. All exposed faces are to be covered. pls. help.

    asked by OSAS
  63. math

    Two teams, the Exponents and the Radicals, square off in a best of 5 math hockey tournament. Once a team wins 3 games, the tournament is over. The schedule of the tournament (for home games) goes: E-R-E-R-E If the Exponents are playing at home, there is a

    asked by kate
  64. Math


    asked by Bella
  65. MATHS

    Armin is designing a bottle for a new shampoo. The bottle should have a volume of 450 cm3. Armin wants to minimize the amount of plastic used in the bottle. Determine the dimensions of the bottle with the minimum surface area in each case. Explain your

    asked by OSAS
  66. maths geometry

    A car dealership fences in a rectangular area behind their building to secure unsold vehicles. One length will be the back wall of the dealership. What is the maximum parking area that can be created if they have 2 km of fencing to use? HELP PLS.

    asked by OSAS
  67. algebra

    Suppose x can be expressed as a function of y by x = 5y − 3. a. How can y be expressed as a function of x? b. What is the relationship between the slopes of the two linear equations? c. How do the x-intercepts and y-intercepts of the two equations

    asked by Math
  68. MATHS

    Jim is setting up a rectangular dog run in his backyard. He buys six 3-foot sections of fencing and a 3-foot wide gate. What are the dimensions of the dog run with the greatest area in each situation? a) Jim uses the yard fence for one side of the dog run.

    asked by OSAS
  69. Physics

    A pipe organ is an aerophone with open ended tubes, with esssentially the same physics as the flute. (a) for normal room temperature, where the speed of sound is about 340 m/s how long is the pipe for the A440 note. (b) Suppose someone wanted to install an

    asked by Phil
  70. maths

    Determine the area of each composite figure. The curve is a semicircle. a)8 in. 5 in. 4 in and 2 in. b)35 cm 10 cm c)2.07 m 0.85 m need help with this word problem . thanks as you provide solution

    asked by OSAS
  71. Physics

    You and your friend are talking on a string telephone that is 14 m long. Each of you pulls on the string with about 9 N of force, meaning that the string tension is 9 N. The string has a mass density of 1.2 g/m. How long does it take for your voice to

    asked by Phil
  72. Chemistry

    is the flame coloration a test for the metal or for the acid radical?

    asked by Greg
  73. english

    can someone please help edit and improve this paragraph? In 1976, communist leader Mao Zedong died of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a disease that attacks the central nervous system. It affects movements and often causes people to shake

    asked by kpop bois
  74. Science

    Can someone send me a link to what global warming is? Thanks

    asked by Naomi
  75. Physics

    One more please, I cant figure out the equations. Boats generally have a hard time traveling faster than their hull speed, which is thespeed of a water wave that has the same wavelength as the boat length? (a) What is the hull speed for a 5 meter canoe in

    asked by Phil
  76. Astronomy

    1. What size are most exosolar planets that have been detected? A. Small like the moon B. Same size as earth C. More massive than Jupiter D. More massive than the sun 2. Which NASA space mission, launched in 2009, has the goal of determining if planets

    asked by M
  77. physics

    If a segment of wire has a net charge (uniformly distributed), and then its length is increased by 50%,by what factor has its charge density changed? If the original charge was 10.0 nC, how much charge must then be added to restore the wire’s original

    asked by Josh
  78. physics

    Consider a wire in the shape of a semi-circle of radius R, with a total positive net charge Q vistributed over the wire uniformly. Divide the wire into at least 8 equal point-like “chunks” of charge. Then, for each “chunk,” sketch (on the same

    asked by Josh
  79. College Algebra

    v=1/3*3.14r^2h for r

    asked by Keonn'a
  80. Sccince

    Can you give me a site that has the definition of global warming?

    asked by Naomi ASAP PLZ
  81. College Algebra

    The height of an launched from the ground after t seconds is given by h(t)=-16t^2+32t. How long for the object to obtain a height of 32ft. Hit the ground?

    asked by Keonn'a
  82. Math

    On a scale drawing inch = 10 miles if the length of the road of this scale is 4inches how would you find the length of the road

    asked by Kya
  83. English

    1. She had me wash the dishes. 2. I was had to wash the dishes. (X) 3. I was asked to wash the dishes.(O) 4. He bade me come in. 5. I was bidden to come in. (Is #5 correct?) 6. He made me wash the car. 7. I was made to wash the car by him. (In passive

    asked by rfvv
  84. social studies

    what type of animals did William Dampier find in australia

    asked by Nyan
  85. maths

    Please could anyone help me with the formula of this question?. A construction company will be fined for each day it is late completing its current project. The daily fine will be K4000(£) for the first day and will increase by K1000(£) each

    asked by bertha
  86. Physics

    Finding of radius of capillary tube without knowing surface tension

    asked by AhmadR
  87. MATHS

    Jim is setting up a rectangular dog run in his backyard. He buys six 3-foot sections of fencing and a 3-foot wide gate. What are the dimensions of the dog run with the greatest area in each situation? a) Jim uses the yard fence for one side of the dog run.

    asked by OSAS
  88. Math

    2 2/4 divide by 1 1/4

    asked by Alan
  89. College Algebra

    The height of an object launched from the ground after t seconds is given by h(t)=-16t^2+32t. How long for the object to obtain a height of 32ft. Hit the ground.

    asked by Keonn'a
  90. Check My Math Answers Please!

    1) [I don’t need any help with this question.] 2) [I don’t need any help with this question.] 3) A model rocket is launched from a roof into a large field. The path of the rocket can be modeled by the equation y=-0.04x^2+8.3x+4.3, where x is the

    asked by Nintendon't
  91. physics

    The speed of a wave in a string is given by v = sqrt (FT/m), where FT is the tension in the string and m = mass / length of the string. A 2.00 m long string has a mass of 28.50 g. A 1024 g mass is attached to the string and hung over a pulley (see

    asked by Idali
  92. reiny steve reiny damon!!! Damon help maths

    If P(x) and Q(x) have a common factor (x- h),prove that (x-h) is also a factor of P(x)- Q (x).find the possible common factors when P (x)=ax^3 + x^2 - 15x - 18 and Q(x)= ax^3 - 14x - 12.also find the corresponding value of a. Plz show me step of work

    asked by youri
  93. Math (Integrals)

    ∫ (2x-1)^2 dx could have two answers: a) ((2x-1)^3)/6 + C b) 4/3x^3 - 2x^2 + x + C Now the question is, how are the two answers related? I attempted to answer the question by: "The two answers are related because when finding the derivative of those two

    asked by Ray
  94. P.E

    Anger is a normal emotion that all humans feel at some time. It is important to express this emotion in a healthy way. Which of these ways of dealing with anger might affect your health in a negative way? A.) Accept your feelings B.) Ignore your triggers

    asked by Kay
  95. chemistry

    calculate the weight of nacl present in 250 g of 0.01m solution

    asked by sai kiran naik
  96. College Algebra

    A ball is projected upward from the ground. Its distance in feet from the ground in t seconds is given by s(t) = -16t^(2)+128t At what times will the ball be at 213ft from the ground?

    asked by Keonn'a
  97. vector calculus

    Hi, I'm having trouble answering this question. The lines l1 and l2 are defined as l1: (x-1)/3 = (y-5)/2 = (z-12)/-2 l2: (x-1)/8 = (y-5)/11 = (z-12)/6 The plane j contains both l1 and l2. Find the Cartesian equation of j.

    asked by greg
  98. maths

    Please could anyone help me with the formula of this question?. A construction company will be fined for each day it is late completing its current project. The daily fine will be K4000(£) for the first day and will increase by K1000(£) each

    asked by bertha
  99. Math

    a light elastic string attached to two points A and B on the same horizontal level has a wall picture of mass 1.4kg attached to its midpoint. The weight of the wall picture causes the elastic card of 40cm to a new length of 50cm. Draw a diagram to

    asked by Kayon
  100. Social studies

    #1 which of these is an example of capital resource A) works B)iron ore C)entrepreneur D)computers #2 how does scarcity affect customers A) limited money forces consumers to make choices B) limited time prevent customers from making decisions C) limited

    asked by Bambam_937
  101. Calculus

    The position at time t of an insect crawling along the x-axis is given by x(t) = t^3 - 3t^2 - 9t + 4. What is the maximum velocity on the closed interval 0

    asked by Anonymous
  102. American Government

    A state judge decides that, because a couple lived together for many years, they must split their assets equally between them now that they have ended their relationship, despite not being legally married. He bases his decision upon other court cases in

    asked by Elise Bedford
  103. Algebra

    How many real number solutions are there to the equation 0=-3x^2+x-4 A) 0***** B) 1 C) 2 D) 3 Help on how to solve this.

    asked by Mehliya (Meh-La)
  104. Quantitative Statistic

    Pennsylvania Refining Company is studying the relationship between the pump price of gasoline and the number of gallons sold. For a sample of 20 stations last Tuesday, the correlation was .78. At the .01 significance level, is the correlation in the

    asked by Janice
  105. Maths

    How much air space is contained inside a rectangular cardboard box that has the dimensions 85 cm by 62 cm by 36 cm. Answer using cubic metres correct to two decimal places.

    asked by simone
  106. precalculus

    okay sorry but this is the last problem that I don't understand how to start... A population of prairie dogs grows exponentially. The colony begins with 32 prairie dogs; 3 years later there are 200 prairie dogs. Give a formula for population, P, as a

    asked by Jae M.
  107. English

    can someone please proof read my paragraph? The Mongolian Empires Down Fall The Mongolian empire was the largest empire to exist in the world. Genghis Khan led the Mongolian Empire killing and taking over many parts of Asia. They managed to get over the

    asked by kpop bois
  108. Physics

    okay for a) I got the answer as 11.67 seconds and did v=d/t and for b) i found that wavelength= 6km. Im confused how the 100 m deep affects the equation for c and d. The 2011 Japan tsunami was triggered by an earthquake 70 km offshore. The earthquake

    asked by Phil
  109. Social studies

    How did the great depression begin? Investors began to worry the boom would end and began selling stocks Investors paid back their loans too late to help the economy People were not willing to sell their stock Farmers had to sell stock to pay for farm

    asked by Maria segovi
  110. History

    "When the war ended in 1945, two-thirds of all American men between the ages of 18 and 34 were in uniform. Experts feared that without wartime production, many returning soldiers might have trouble finding jobs. Unemployment would rise, and the economy

    asked by Dave
  111. physics

    Derive the relation for a travelling wave ,d^2 y/dt^2 = V^2 d^2 y/dx^2

    asked by shaheen
  112. Math

    i need this answer A.S.A.P what is the volume of pyramid C if the volume of pyramid D is 4608 m cubed and the height of pyramid D is 24 and the height of pyramid C is 12

    asked by Jack
  113. Math

    I have that 29/35 is painted and 6/35 is left to paint. I also know that 3 5/12qts were used to paint the 29/35. But I do not know how to do the work on how much paint will be needed to finish the 6/35 that is left to paint

    asked by Sadie
  114. L.A

    What is the object of the preposition in sentence? Scrooge will walk alone from his offices. A. alone B. Scrooge C. walk D. offices My answer is a. I'm I correct?

    asked by ?
  115. Marcques

    Whats the product of 1 3/5 and 8

    asked by Anonymous
  116. Chemistry

    We are asked to prepare a 100 ml solution with the following 3 concentrations: 53.00 mg/ml sodium salicylate, 0.020 M FeCl3, and 0.050 M HCl. Then, we are going to take the absorbance at 520 nm. What is the best way to prepare the 100 ml solution ?

    asked by Steve
  117. math

    A model of a rectangular patio at a landscaping business will be enlarged by a scale factor of 2 when it is installed in a customer’s back yard. The area of the new enlarged patio will be 160 square feet. Which is the area of the landscaper’s model? 10

    asked by victor
  118. Math

    Ramesh gave 1/2 his money to his wife and 1/3 to his son and remaining rupees 50000 to his daughter. Find out his total money?

    asked by Rosy
  119. math

    In a recent student government election, the ratio of students who voted for the winner to all the students who voted was 0.68. The number of students who voted was 75. How many votes did the winner get?

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Social science

    What role do wind patterns and ocean currents play in the earth's climate? (10)

    asked by Nangolo
  121. Social studies

    A small, but wealthy and powerful,church community is seeking to buy the only television station in a 200 mile radius. Based on the point of view presented,what is the best argument against this sale? 1) tax money should not be used to support the church

    asked by sandra
  122. Math

    in the election 46% of the class voted for Celina. if there are 50 members in the class, how many votes did Celina receive? please keep in mind I have switched classes and do not know some of the content that they have learned before I came to the class

    asked by Savannah
  123. LA

    Hey anybody i am trying to do a practice for my test but i suck at La can someone help me with at least one question heres one :) what is the prepostion in the sentence? i think i last saw your keys by the kitchen sink.

    asked by carry on
  124. English

    how does the history of the American Dream show a difference between our ideals and the reality of growing inequality and lack of social mobility.

    asked by Mary
  125. Algebra 2

    Explain how you can tell what kind of conic section a quadratic equation describes without graphing the equation. Can you do this by writing the equation in standard form? (That's what my answer key says... but I don't know how/if it's actually right)

    asked by Fading
  126. ART

    Grieving and surrounding the body of a deceased loved one is an example of what art? 1)a cultural rule 2)a community norm 3)an uncommon ritual 4)a community job I think #1

    asked by JAMIE
  127. Social studies

    Why was McCarthyism able to spread so easily in the United States? A The Rosenberg trial led the public to believe there were more communists in the country. B Many people believed the returning army veterans were communists. C The Vietnam War fueled

    asked by Mlg kid
  128. algebra

    Given an equation of a line, find equations for lines parallel or perpendicular to it going through specified points. Find the appropriate equations and points from the table below. Simplify your equations into slope-intercept form. The equation is y=3x+3

    asked by jamie edwards
  129. ART

    A community artist creates a mural of the surrounding farm country. far-off hills, trees, and buildings are slightly blurry and lighter in color than the objects in the foreground. What type of perspective did the artist use in the painting? A:linear

    asked by JAMIE
  130. math

    is the are of a paperback book over closer to 28 square inches or 28 square centimeters? tell how you decided

    asked by brandonle
  131. Physics

    How much heat is required to melt 2.4kg of ice at 0 degrees Celsius? So here's what I did: Q=mct = 4200x2.4x(100-0) I assumed the ice was at 100 but I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to do that. Q=mlf 1008000=2.4Lf So I ended up getting the wrong answer,

    asked by tristan
  132. math

    Can A arch tesselate

    asked by kenneth
  133. Physics

    A ball falls from the top of a high cliff. A second ball is thrown downward from the same height 4 secs later with an initial speed of 40m/s. If both balls hits the ground simultaneously. How high is the cliff?

    asked by Ifunanya
  134. math

    Jim is setting up a rectangular dog run in his backyard. He buys six 3-foot sections of fencing and a 3-foot wide gate. What are the dimensions of the dog run with the greatest area in each situation? a) Jim uses the yard fence for one side of the dog run.

    asked by OSAS
  135. Math

    The librarian was checking the thicknesses of several books and found that the average thickness of a book was 1.8 centimeters. She found this by averaging the thickness of five different books. Four of the thicknesses were 1.4cm, 1.9 cm, 2.1 cm, and 2.4

    asked by Manuel
  136. Art

    I have an Art portfolio for installation art i was wondering if i can get any ideas for it I have an idea for it but im not sure if its installation art its crayon art im not sure how to explain it but if you dont know what it is you can search it on

    asked by Skye
  137. math

    Nasmin will construct this object from sheet metal, then coat it with enamel. a) Determine the volume of the object. b) Determine the surface area to be covered with enamel. All exposed faces are to be covered. 20cm and 15cm, 13cm, 6cm and 4cm. please show

    asked by OSAS
  138. Math

    13. Andrea, a cyclist, uses a graph to track her speed and distance. The graph below shows Andrea's cycling data for a one hour bike ride. At one point, Andrea took a break from running. When was the break, and how long did the break last? A. At 10

    asked by ghost
  139. metric unit

    48,567 kilograms what is the mass of the boulder in metric tons

    asked by meli