Questions Asked on
April 16, 2017

  1. Math

    When you are translating a number from scientific notation to standard form, what does the exponent tell you? The number of zeros to add to the end of the original number the number of places to move the decimal point to the left the number of places to

    asked by SwimmerGirl
  2. Social Studies

    Help me please! Which is the best example of how Reagan dealt with the Soviet Union from a position of strength? development of the Strategic Defense Initiative U.S. withdrawal of the SALT II treaty from Senate approval Reagan condemning martial law in

    asked by nonya
  3. Math

    Abigail is putting tiles on a tabletop she needs 48 tiles for each of eight rolls each row will have a six white tiles the rest of tiles will be purple how many purple tiles but if you need

    asked by Skylar
  4. Mathematics-Geomeotry PLEASE HELPPPPPP!!!!!!!

    The altitude of the regular quadrilateral prism is h=13 cm and lateral area is AL = 624 cm2. Find: 1) The Surface Area of the prism; 2) The Volume of the prism. Answer:

    asked by Katniss Everdeen
  5. phyiscs

    a mass is suspended on a vertical spring oscillates with a period of 0.5 sec .When the mass is attached to the spring and allowed to hang at rest .By how much is the spring stretched?

    asked by shaheen
  6. English

    Everyone knows that water is important. Who doesn’t like to drink a cool glass of water after a long day? But some people don’t seem to worry about polluting the local water supply. They should! I like water, and so should everyone else. What change

    asked by Fading
  7. Social Studies

    Is conflict unavoidable between Israelis and Palestinians? Why or why not? Is conflict unavoidable among Israel and its Arab neighbors? Why or why not? What evidence supports your positions? Please help me!!

    asked by Lia Marie
  8. English

    One important goal of synthesizing should be to A. present the ideas of others as your own B. choose one source of information to rely on C. present your own ideas alone D. combine your ideas with researched information I actually have no idea. Please

    asked by Fading
  9. Mathematics-Geometry PLEASE HELP HELP!!!!!!

    The bases of a right prism are parallelograms with sides a=10 cm, b=6 cm, and altitude of the parallelogram towards side a, ha = 3 cm. Find the surface area of the parallelepiped, if the height of the prism is h=12 cm.

    asked by Katniss Everdeen
  10. Chemistry

    Hydrogen sulfide gas is bubbled into a lead (II) acetate solution.

    asked by Daneila
  11. programming

    Develop a class diagram for a Message class for a cell phone company. Include generalizations for child classes TextMessage, VideoMessage, and VoiceMessage. The Message class has attributes of account number and price. In addition it has the methods

    asked by billy
  12. Maths - trigonometry

    if sec theta*sin(36° + theta )=0 , find the value of theta so that theta and 36°+theta are acute angles

    asked by Safi
  13. Statistics

    Suppose that 4 cards are drawn from a well-shuffled deck of 52 cards. What is the probability that all 4 are hearts? Would the answer be 1/4, if I reduce it? Thanks

    asked by Kelly
  14. Physics 1401

    An Atwood's machine is built from m1=1kg and m2=2kg. The mass less string is passed over a friction less, mass less pulley. When the system is released from rest, what is the tension in the string?

    asked by Amanda

    construct a right angled triangle MNO ,having hypotenuse ON = 65 mm and the median from the angular point O, making the angle ODN with the hypotenuse = 40 degree.

    asked by misab
  16. Physics

    10 mol of an ideal gas expands isothermally at 373 K to 2.6 times its initial volume. Find the heat flow into the system. The universal gas constant is 8.31 J/K · mol. Answer in units of J. Any help much appreciated, I have no idea where to begin with

    asked by Dj
  17. Chemistry

    Could you show me where to start on solving this equation? The reaction in question will be carried out in a calorimeter. The volume of the chamber inside is 2.00 L. Experiment starts by evacuating the chamber to 0.00 kPa. Then oxygen gas is filled into

    asked by Amber
  18. physics

    When an object is moving in a simple harmonic motion, which of the following is at a minimum when the displacement from equilibrium is zero? A. the magnitude of the velocity B. the magnitude of the acceleration C. the kinetic energy D. the total mechanical

    asked by Idali
  19. math

    A depositor opens a new savings account with $ 8000 at 8 % compounded semiannually. At the beginning of year 3​, an additional ​$6000 is deposited. At the end of four ​years, what is the balance in the​ account?

    asked by Laurie
  20. Chemistry

    Write the overall cell reaction for a cell containing aluminum metal and Zinc(II)sulfate so would it be: Al (s) + ZnSO4 (aq) Al3+ + ZnSO4 ?????? I tried to do it myself but I'm a bit confused... I'm confused about the charges because isn't ZnSO4 neutral

    asked by Jae M.
  21. physics

    The speed of a wave in a string is given by v = sqrt (FT/m), where FT is the tension in the string and m = mass / length of the string. A 2.00 m long string has a mass of 28.50 g. A 1024 g mass is attached to the string and hung over a pulley (see

    asked by Idali
  22. math

    Find coordinates for two points that belong to the plane 2x+3y+5z=15. Show that the vector [2,3,5] is perpendicular to the segment that joins your two points. Explain why [2,3,5] is perpendicular to the plane.

    asked by HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Maths

    1) Suppose of the 4,000 freshmen at a college everyone is enrolled in a mathematics or an English class during a given quarter. If 2,000 are enrolled in a mathematics class, and 3,000 in an English class, how many are enrolled in both a mathematics class

    asked by Shaun
  24. English

    1. He was sitting on a rock. 2. He was sitting on many rocks. -------------------------------- Was he sitting on a large piece of stone or on small stones? In American English, 'rock' means 'a small stone' or 'a stone of any size'? Is it right? In British

    asked by rfvv
  25. Physics

    A 120kg fridge requires 610N to just move it across the floor, if the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.2, determine the force required to continue pushing it s constant velocity.

    asked by Simon
  26. physics

    A 1024 g mass is hung on a spring. As a result the spring stretches 35 cm. If the object is then pulled an additional 3.0 cm downward and released, what is the period of the resulting oscillation? Give your answer in seconds with 3 significant figures.

    asked by Idali
  27. chemistry

    Answer the following questions based on the following electrochemical reaction: Al(s) + Cu 2+(aq) Cu(s) + Al3+ (aq) Write the balanced chemical equation for this cell. I'm confused.. how would this be balanced?

    asked by shannon Ortiz

    construct a right angled triangle MNO ,having hypotenuse ON = 60 mm and the sum of its base and its altitude = 55 mm.

    asked by misab

    Can anyone help me on these? i have no idea how to solve it. Thanks alot! 1)On a soccer team three fullbacks can play any of the three fullback positions, left, center, and right. The three halfbacks can play any of the three halfback positions, the four

    asked by Keisha
  30. English

    What a word that when you say it you also spell it

    asked by Lila
  31. maths (probability)

    1) A basket contains 3 red and 2 yellow apples. Two apples are chosen at random. Find the following probabilities: a) P(one red, one yellow) b) P(at least one red) 2) A card is drawn from a standard deck. Find the following probabilities: a) P(a jack or a

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Calculus

    Hello, I would greatly appreciate any help that I can have with the following calculus question below. It has to do with separable differential equations. I'm also going to explain what I've done so far, so please bear with me (but honestly I don't think

    asked by Stephen
  33. algebra

    Please simplify the expression and solve the equation.Thank You. v^2+6v+8,/v^2+v-12, devided by v+2/2v-6

    asked by Anneliese
  34. Chemistry

    A buffer contains the weak acid HA abd its conjugated base A-. The weak acid has a Ka of 1.51 x10^-5 and the buffer has a pH of 4.25. Which statement is true about the relative concentrations of HA and A- in the buffer? A) [HA]>[A-] B) [HA]

    asked by Anonymous
  35. English

    You are in group.(Your seats are in groups.) You need to rearrange your seats. Arrange your seats in 6 rows. We don't have group activities today so I want you to remain quiet. Make your rows straight. Move to the left a little. Will you move to the right

    asked by rfvv
  36. algebra


    asked by amit
  37. Differential Equations

    Verify whether the given equation(y=c1-cos(x+c2)) is a solution to this equation[(d^2y/dx^2)^2 + (dy/dx)^2 - 1 = 0].

    asked by Alex
  38. AP History

    what are the major changes that occurred during the classical time period.

    asked by Lionel
  39. Science

    Explain the meaning of osmosis

    asked by Chintu
  40. Maths

    Prove that 0! = 1

    asked by Chintu
  41. Maths

    A man reaches his office from his residence in 10minutes at the rate of 6km per hour.How long will he take if he walks at the rate of 8Km per hour

    asked by Variation
  42. English

    1. All the girls laughed at Wanda. 2. All the girls kidded Wanda. 3. All the girls pulled Wanda's leg. 4. All the girls made fun of Wanda. ----------------------- Are they all the same in meaning?

    asked by rfvv
  43. history

    Describe Greek society before, during, and after Alexander the Great.

    asked by tyrell
  44. Social Studies

    Explain the significance of the change in population from 8000-5000BCE.

    asked by Patricia
  45. English

    "In" can also mean no longer than a particular period of time: 1. Can you finish the job in two weeks? 2. Can you finish the job within two weeks? -------------------------------- The definition is from a dictionary. In this case are both the same? 3. We

    asked by rfvv
  46. chemistry

    Calculate the free energy in a saturated solution of Ca(OH)2 if the Ksp =6.5x10-6 at 25 degrees Celsius. sorry to be a bother but I don't understand how to do this problem either.. can someone please explain this one to me as well?

    asked by shannon Ortiz
  47. Maths

    What is calculus ?

    asked by Chintu
  48. algebra


    asked by amit
  49. algebra


    asked by factors of sum and difference of tow cubes
  50. Math

    My son and I have this question. This is for second. i have 3 ones. the digit in my hundreds place is the same as the digit in my tens place. i am between 550 and 650.

    asked by Johnny Ray
  51. math

    what is the next number in the sequence 4 9 25 49

    asked by Godwin erastusilas