Questions Asked on
April 15, 2017

  1. Math PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    A biker traveling at his usual speed can go from his house to work in 4 hours. When the weather is bad, he travels 6 miles per hour slower, and it takes him half an hour more. How far is his work from his house?

    asked by Katniss Everdeen
  2. Physics

    In an elastic collision, a 300 kg bumper car collides directly from behind with a second, identical bumper car that is traveling in the same direction. The initial speed of the leading bumper car is 4.90 m/s and that of the trailing car is 6.20 m/s.

    asked by Haya
  3. Statistics

    Suppose x is a uniform random variable with values ranging from 40 to 60. Find the probability that a randomly selected observation exceeds 54.

    asked by Kamal
  4. math

    7​. If 60 ml of water contains 12% of chlorine, how much water must be added in order to create a 8% chlorine solution?

    asked by ppp
  5. Trignometry

    In Philadelphia the number of hours of daylight on day t (t is the number of days after january 1) is modeled by the function L(t)= 12+2.83sin((2*Pi)/365(t-800) a. Which day have about 10 hours of daylight? b. How many days of the year have more than 10

    asked by SAM
  6. Physics

    Water flows into one end of a horizontal, cylindrical pipe at 2.0 m/s. The pipe then narrows until its diameter at the opposite end is only 1/3 of that at the beginning. (a) What is the flow speed at the narrow end of the pipe? (b) What is the pressure

    asked by Alex
  7. Physics

    2) Two point charges, Q1 = 5.00 nC and Q2 = -3.00 nC, are separated by 35.0 cm. (a) What is the potential energy of the pair? What is the significance of the algebraic sign of your answer? (b) What is the electric potential at a point midway between the

    asked by AHMED AYMAN
  8. Physics PLEASE HELP

    Ernest Rutherford (the first New Zealander to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry) demonstrated that nuclei were very small and dense by scattering helium-4 nuclei (4He) from gold-197 nuclei (197Au). The energy of the incoming helium nucleus was 7.58

    asked by Haya
  9. Linear algebra

    please help :( Bob and Doug play a lot of Ping-Pong, but Doug is a much better player, and wins 90% of their games. To make up for this, if Doug wins a game he will spot Bob five points in their next game. If Doug wins again he will spot Bob ten points the

    asked by shana
  10. Physics

    You have a grindstone (a disk) that is 92.0 kg, has a 0.490-m radius, and is turning at 83.0 rpm, and you press a steel axe against it with a radial force of 25.0 N. (a) Assuming the kinetic coefficient of friction between steel and stone is 0.50,

    asked by Haya
  11. Physics

    A uniform rod of length L and mass M is held vertically with one end resting on the floor as shown below. When the rod is released, it rotates around its lower end until it hits the floor. Assuming the lower end of the rod does not slip, what is the linear

    asked by Haya
  12. Math

    Triangle LMN is similar to Triangle XYZ The scale factor of triangle LMN to Triangle XYZ is 2:5 what is the length of the zx

    asked by Olivia
  13. algebra PLEASE help

    Bob and Doug play a lot of Ping-Pong, but Doug is a much better player, and wins 90% of their games. To make up for this, if Doug wins a game he will spot Bob five points in their next game. If Doug wins again he will spot Bob ten points the next game, and

    asked by shana
  14. Chemistry

    Calculate ΔG° for each of the reactions below in kJ. (a) Sn(s) and Pb2+(aq) (b) Cr(s) and Cu2+(aq)

    asked by Jason
  15. Math

    If you flip three fair coins, what is the probability that you'll get a head on the first flip, a tail on the second flip, and another head on the third flip?

    asked by Ann
  16. Math

    To study the efficiency of its new price-scanning equipment, a local supermarket monitored the amount of time its customers had to wait in line. The frequency distribution in the following table summarizes the findings. Find the standard deviation of the

    asked by Alyssa
  17. Mathematics-Algebra PLEASE HELP,PLEASE!!!!!!!

    In a two-digit number, the tens’ digit is 1 less than the units’ digit. If the digits are interchanged, the sum of the number obtained and the original number is 143. Find the number.

    asked by Kittyforevees
  18. Wayne C C C

    How much work does a 55-kg person do against gravity in walking up a trail that gains 720 m in elevation?

    asked by Ameena
  19. math

    if m

    asked by lady d
  20. Physics

    An alpha particle (4He) undergoes an elastic collision with a stationary protactinium nucleus (231Pa). What percent of the kinetic energy of the alpha particle is transferred to the protactinium nucleus? Assume the collision is one-dimensional.

    asked by Haya
  21. Physics

    A horizontal beam of length 4 m and mass 7.0 kg has a mass of 2.0 kg and width 0.8 m sitting at the end of the beam (see the following figure). What is the torque due to gravity (in N · m) on the beam–block system about the support at the wall? (Enter

    asked by Haya
  22. Physics

    you lift a chair that weighs 50 n to a height of 0.5cm and carry it 10 m across the room how much work do you do on the chair. I just want to make sure is it 25J because you are only doing work if you are lifting it but walking with it isn't work because

    asked by Hamza
  23. math

    6​. For his birthday party, Perry mixed together 3 gallons of Jackson’s fruit punch, and 2 gallons of Bonanza’s fruit punch. Jackson’s fruit punch contains 20% fruit juice, and Bonanza’s fruit punch contains 55% fruit juice. What percent of the

    asked by ppp
  24. math

    12.​ You has investments totaling $8000 in two accounts: a savings account paying 5% interest, and the other a bond paying 8% interest. If the amount of interest after one year from both investments was $600, how much did you invest in both accounts

    asked by ppp
  25. Social Studies HELP

    11. How does the climate of Southeast Asia vary among regions? a. the mainland is much hotter than the islands b. the mainland receives monsoons but the islands so not c. the islands are generally wetter than the mainland**** d. the islands have a

    asked by Rose
  26. Statistics

    Suppose you are told that a 95% confidence interval for the average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in your state is from $2.85 to $3.84. Use the fact that the confidence interval for the mean is in the form x − E to x + E to compute the sample

    asked by Alice
  27. MATH

    Let f(x) = m1x + b1 and g(x) = m2x + b2 be two linear functions. Answer the following, noting that answers may depend on the the ms and bs. a. Is f (x) + g(x) a linear function of x? b. Is f (x) − g(x) a linear function of x? c. Is f (x) × g(x) a linear

    asked by Sara V.
  28. Math

    A cyclist won a bicycle race for seven consecutive years. His "winning" times and "victory" margins (time difference of the second place finisher) are given in the figure below. -Year------Time--------Margin ----------(h:m:s)------ (m:s)

    asked by Kielyn
  29. Physics

    A 9 kg block on a frictionless inclined plane at 40° has a cord attached to a pulley of mass 4 kg and radius 11 cm (see the following figure). (a) What is the acceleration of the block down the plane (in m/s2)? (Enter the magnitude.) (b) What is the work

    asked by Haya
  30. Physics

    A uniform rod of mass 2.0 kg and length 8.4 m is free to rotate about one end (see the following figure). If the rod is released from rest at an angle of 60° with respect to the horizontal, what is the speed (in m/s) of the tip of the rod as it passes the

    asked by Haya
  31. algebra

    A car is moving at the rate of 80km/h. the diameter of its wheel is 60cm. a, find the number of revolutions per minute that the wheels are rotating. b, find the angular speed of the wheels in radians per second.

    asked by Ms Kay
  32. math

    How write an equivalent expression to the expression (17*93) / (17*97)

    asked by Yoanna
  33. Mathematics

    A mother is 33 years older than her twin children. In 3 years her age will be twice the combined ages of the twins. How old are the twins now?

    asked by Katniss Everdeen
  34. calculus

    Find the exact length of the curve. x=(y^4)/8+1/(4y^2), 1 ≤ y ≤ 2.

    asked by alex
  35. Physics

    A wheel has a constant angular acceleration of 2.5 rad/s2. Starting from rest, it turns through 200 rad. (a) What is its final angular velocity (in rad/s)? (Enter the magnitude.) (b) How much time elapses (in s) while it turns through the 200 radians?

    asked by Haya
  36. algebra

    Please correct my work. Using long division,simplify (8b^3-6),devided by (2b-1) My solution is: 4b^2+2b+1 ---------------- 8b^3 -6 8b^3-4b^2 ----------------- 4b^2-6 4b^2-2b ------------------ 2b-6 2b-1 ------------------- -5

    asked by Anneliese
  37. algebra

    Find a formula in terms of k for the entries of A^k, where A is the diagonalizable matrix below. A= 5 -16 2 -7

    asked by Mei
  38. algebra

    Please correct,if necessary, and simplify using long division: (-72-4x^2+8x^3-36x) devided by (x-3). My solution: 8x^2+20x+24 ------------------- 8x^3-4x^2-36x-72 8x^3-24x^2 ------------------ 20x^2-36x-72 20x^2-60x ----------------------- 24x-72 24x-72

    asked by Anneliese
  39. Chemistry

    lead(II)nitrate reacts with oxygen gas to produce diphosphorous pentoxide

    asked by Chelo
  40. math

    p varies directly as the square of q and inversely as r when p=36, q=3 and r=4 calculate q when p=200 and r=2

    asked by favour
  41. English

    Open ended question examples?

    asked by Katelyn
  42. Chemistry

    lead (II) nitrate reacts with oxygen gas to produce diphosphoroous pentoxide

    asked by Chelo
  43. Physics

    Suppose that you place a square block of wood with dimensions 12.0 cm x 12.0 cm x 6.0 cm into some water as shown below. The wood has a density of 600 kg/m3. What is the distance from the bottom horizontal face of the block to the surface of the water? (In

    asked by Alex
  44. chemistry

    Calculate the concentration of Ca+2 in a saturated solution of Ca(OH)2 if the Ksp = 6.5x10-6 at 25oC. can someone explain the steps to do this please? :)

    asked by Jae M.
  45. math

    The area of the rectangle with length (x + 9) inches and width 6 inches is more than 72 square inches. Which inequality can be used to find x?

    asked by kool
  46. chemistry

    zinc hyrdoxide + phosphoric acid --> zinc phosphate + water

    asked by Chelo
  47. Physics

    you lift a chair that weighs 50 n to a height of 0.5cm and carry it 10 m across the room how much work do you do on the chair. I just want to make sure is it 25J because you are only doing work if you are lifting it but walking with it isn't work because

    asked by Hamza
  48. Caclulus

    A particle is moving as given by the data below 4sin(t)-3cos(t); s(0)=0

    asked by Bob
  49. English

    Write the derivative. _____with other people's problem is a sign of kindness. (empathy) Choices: Empathy, Empathize, Empathetic, or Empathizing. answer: Empathizing

    asked by Kimmy
  50. principles of economics

    When the price of paper increases from ​$250 to ​$256 per​ ton, the quantity supplied increases from 250 to 270 tons per day. The price elasticity of supply is nothing . ​(Enter your response rounded to two decimal​ places.)

    asked by blue smith
  51. Computer program and design

    Design a class called SimpleCalculator using psudoecode that contains public methods named add(), subtract(). Each of the methods accepts two numeric arguments and returns a number that represents the result of the appropriate arithmetic operation. Design

    asked by Kimberly
  52. math

    90 decreased by what percentage is 45.9?

    asked by ppp
  53. math

    1​. Write as a single power: 420 + 420 + 420 + 420

    asked by ppp
  54. Physics

    you lift a chair that weighs 50 n to a height of 0.5cm and carry it 10 m across the room how much work do you do on the chair. I just want to make sure is it 25J because you are only doing work if you are lifting it but walking with it isn't work because

    asked by Hamza
  55. Oob

    an object moves from point p to q with an average speed of 60m/s and comes back from point q to p with an average speed of 144km/h . what is the average speed of whole journey in m/s?

    asked by Mmm!m
  56. math

    If the time in months and the rate of interest per month are in the ratio 4 : 1, and the interest 16% of the principal, then what is the rate of interest? show all steps

    asked by ppp
  57. math

    How many seconds are there in 13.5% of 3 hours?

    asked by ppp
  58. Caclulu

    consider the function f(x) = 9/x^3 -10/x^7 let F(x) be the antiderivatice of f(x) with F(1)=0 then F(x)=

    asked by Bob
  59. Calculus

    Consider the equation xy2 − x2y = 6. (a) Find all points on the graph when x = 2. (b) Find a formula for dy dx in terms of x and y. (c) Find the tangent lines for the points you found in the first part

    asked by Bob
  60. Mathematics PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!

    In a two-digit number the tens’ digit is 3 more than the units’ digit. The number itself is 17 times the units’ digit. Find the number.

    asked by Katniss Everdeen
  61. math

    Suppose x can be expressed as a function of y by x = 5x − 3. a. How can y be expressed as a function of x? b. What is the relationship between the slopes of the two linear equations? c. How do the x-intercepts and y-intercepts of the two equations

    asked by Sara V.
  62. math

    Suppose that a sum of money at simple interest becomes $840 in 1 year and $960 in 4 years. What is the principal?

    asked by ppp
  63. chemistry

    what's the difference between experimental estimate of sugar concentration and the true sugar concentration?

    asked by Tabitha
  64. math

    integral of ((1+sin(2x))^0.5)/(sin(x)^2) I tried all kind of substitution, simplification but unable to solve it.Need a hint only no solution please.

    asked by Sam
  65. English

    Write the derivative. Urgent care doctors use a variety of methods to determine a patient's ______. (sentient) Choices: sentient or sentience Answer: sentience

    asked by Kimmy
  66. Reading

    What does an open ended question look like?

    asked by Katelyn
  67. value

    5/8 the number of boys in a school.if there are 240 girls.find the number of boys?

    asked by value
  68. math

    A $10, 000 loan advanced on May 1 at 8 1⁄4 % requires two payments of $3000 on July 15 and September 15, and a third payment on November 15. What must the third and final payment be in order to settle the debt?

    asked by ppp
  69. pre calc

    solve the given equation cos(θ) − sin(θ) = 1

    asked by Samantha
  70. Maths

    How long will it take for R 200000 to grow to R240000 if the interest rate is 6% per year in interest compounded every 3 months?.

    asked by Anza
  71. Pre calc

    Solve the given equation cos(θ) − sin(θ) = 1 I got the answer to be 3pie/2 and 0 but its wrong can someone help Thank you

    asked by Samantha