Questions Asked on
April 13, 2017

  1. Health

    1. The _____ is something that should be tested according to the comfort level of the golfer. A. Grip** B. Putting green C. Sand trap D. Tee Check my answer?

    asked by Jinxx
  2. Math Double Check Me Please

    1.what is the slant height for the given pyramid to the nearest whole unit. pyramid base= 12 cm height=8 cm A.5 cm B.9 cm ***** C.14 cm D.10 cm What is the length of the diagonal for the given rectangular prism to the nearest whole unit? the unit is the

    asked by Sunny Dreams <3
  3. math

    The graph of the equation 8x–5y=14 passes through a point with an abscissa of 1.2. Find the ordinate of the point. I got .8 repeating but my teacher said that it was wrong. I then got 9.6 and it was also wrong. what am I doing wrong and can you put the

    asked by Anonymous
  4. economics

    7. Which situation is more likely to occur in a market economy than a command economy? A. People line up for cheap but scarce products. B. A student is guaranteed a job out of college. C. An inventor designs and produces a new type of car. D. A committee

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Linear algebra

    Suppose that the sequence x0, x1, x2... is defined by x0 = 1, x1 = 5, and xk+2 = 3xk+1+10xk for k≥0. Find a general formula for xk.

    asked by shana
  6. Algebra

    A biologist studied the populations of black bear and brown bears over a 10-year period. The biologist modeled the populations, in thousands, with the following polynomials where x is time, in years. black bears: 2.3x^2 - 5.6x + 2.3 brown bears: 2.4x^2 +

    asked by Anonymous
  7. math

    For questions 1 and 2, use the integer values of x from -3 and 3 to graph the equation 1. y= -2x^2 +3 (the ^ means an exponent) 2. y= 1/3 |x| -2 Find the horizontal change and the vertical change from the translation P(4, -4) --> (-4, 7)

    asked by Please Help!
  8. Math

    A moving company charges $0.60 per pound for a move from New York to Florida. A family estimates that their belongings weigh about 6 tons. About how much would it cost the family to move from New York to Florida?

    asked by Autumn
  9. Science

    Which of the following is a problem with using solar power as a main source of energy? A. People do not yet have the technology to use solar power*** B. The sun is not close enough to provide solar energy C. Power from solar energy contains a large amount

    asked by Confused
  10. Statistics

    Suppose x is a uniform random variable with values ranging from 20 to 70. Find the probability that a randomly selected observation is between 23 and 65.

    asked by Kim
  11. math

    The figure shown is a rectangle. The green shape in the figure is a square. The blue and white shapes are rectangles, and the area of the blue rectangle is 40 square inches. Enter an expression for the area of the entire figure that includes an exponent.

    asked by Roopsy Ghosh
  12. Math help plz

    2. Sarah need to cover the lateral area and the base on top of the cylinder. h=12in r=6in v=? about how many square inches of paper will Sara need? A. 282in 2 is the ratio B. 254in C. 679in D. 565 answers plz for all

    asked by supergirl
  13. read

    1.Mr. Collins says he is proposing to Elizabeth because A. Elizabeth personality will displease lady Catherine B.Elizabeth has shown her affection for him C. he knows Elizabeth will inherit a lot of money D. as the heir, he feels responsible for the

    asked by Cindy
  14. Math

    A bean plant was 1.5 meters high one week ago. In 7 days it grew 15 centimeters. Find the current height of the bean plant. A)1.35 m B)13.6 cm C)1.65 m *** D)1.85 cm Can someone check this plz?

    asked by Kaitlyn
  15. SS

    Which of these people is part of the labor force. A an eighth grader with a paper route B a retired sales person. C a full-time college student****** D a auto mechanic

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Science

    How does a nuclear power plant produce energy? A. Through solar panels B. Through nuclear fission reactions C. Through geothermal heat D. Through nuclear meltdown reactions I am not really sure what the answer is but I am thinking…c? Or I guess d?

    asked by Jessica
  17. Statistics

    Suppose x is a uniform random variable with values ranging from 40 to 60. Find the probability that a randomly selected observation exceeds 54. *** Im not sure how to do this. I thought I needed a standard deviation.

    asked by Kim
  18. Math

    Hi I am putting the questions that don't have pictures with the problem from my Measurement Unit Test I need my answers checked because as of now I have a c in math and I want to raise it so I need to make sure my answers are correct! 1. Which solid has 2

    asked by Sunny Dreams <3
  19. Calculus

    Find an equation of the curve that satisfies dy/dx=150yx^14 and whose y-intercept is 6.

    asked by Regina
  20. Language Arts (Please help)

    Which of the following could be the best resource if you were writing a research report on giant pandas of China? A. A university's website about giant pandas. B. An encyclopedia entry about animals of East Asia (Definitely not this one) C. An online

    asked by Dejavu
  21. History

    "The Daily News- March 14, 1904 Supreme Court Rules Northern Securities in Violation of Sherman Antitrust Act" Which statement best explains the significance of the newspaper headline? a.)The ruling provided a legal basis for strengthening labor unions.

    asked by Metimoku
  22. social studies

    What is a reason that market prices are not always the same as equilibrium prices? A) Market prices are often set by buyers rather than by sellers. B) Supply and demand are not well-understood by business owners. C) The equilibrium is not always the most

    asked by Please help
  23. Health

    4. When a player steps into his/her backswing, where should the weight of his/her body be placed? A. Left hip B. Right hip** C. Back foot D. Front foot

    asked by Jinxx
  24. SS

    Which of the following is most likely to happen if many families in the community stop spending as much money at the local grocery store A farmers would produce more cops to increase supply B the grocery store would lay off several employees C the grocery

    asked by Anonymous
  25. reading

    WHAT WAS THE AMERICAN SMALL TOWN LIKE? I'm glad I was born soon enough to have seen the American small town, if not at its height, at least in the early days of decline into its present forlorn status as a conduit for cars and people, all headed for some

    asked by HELP
  26. Science

    For your discussion assessment, you will present your proposal of a device that minimizes heat transfer. Respond to at least two other posts by reviewing the proposals of your classmates. can somebody give me an example please!

    asked by help
  27. urgent help!

    ASAP help please. Choose one destination that is represented by a flag. Write a paragraph about the effects of climate change in that destination. I do not know what to choose for this just give me ideas plz.

    asked by Naomi
  28. Math

    Sally wants to build a fence around her pool. The pool is 26 feet long by 21 feet wide.The fence is to be 15 feet from the edge of the pool. a.What are the outside dimensions of the area surrounding the pool? b. how many feet of fencing will sally need? 41

    asked by Kate
  29. Pre calc

    Find sin(2x), cos(2x), and tan(2x) from the given information. sin(x) = 5/13, x in Quadrant I sin(2x)? cos(2x)? tan(2x)? I honeslty just need one good example of how to do these please show all work and finalize answer

    asked by Armani
  30. Math

    Sally wants to build a fence around her pool. The pool is 26 feet long by 21 feet wide.The fence is to be 15 feet from the edge of the pool. a.What are the outside dimensions of the area surrounding the pool? b. how many feet of fencing will sally need? 41

    asked by Kate
  31. Math #3

    Which is likely to have a mass close to 3 kilograms? A: a 5-year-old child B: a bowling ball*** C: a lemon D: an adult lion Can someone check this plz

    asked by Kaitlyn
  32. Science

    A fungus called stem rust penetrates the cells of a wheat plant, causing water loss, destruction of food-producing parts, and retarded root developemtn. Both the yield and quality of the grain are reduced. This relationship of stem rust to wheat would best

    asked by A
  33. science

    Which of the following is the best reason for the smaller number of drone bees compared to the number of worker bees in a beehive? a. the drones are always away from the hive pollinating flowers. B. because worker bees are smaller than drone bees, more

    asked by me
  34. life orientation

    List three institution that deals with human rights violation and explain the role of each institution?

    asked by faith
  35. Calc 1

    The region in the first quadrant bounded by the x-axis, the line x = ln(π), and the curve y = sin(e^x) is rotated about the x-axis. What is the volume of the generated solid?

    asked by Volume of Revelpution
  36. Urgent math help!!

    What is the value of sinθ given that (−3,4) is a point on the terminal side of θ ? −3/5 3/5 4/5

    asked by Mel
  37. Social Studies 1

    Geographers want to know how people living in hazard-phone areas are affected by natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Although the number of natural disasters has remained relatively constant over the years- thirty per

    asked by ANONYMOUS
  38. math 105

    Suppose the scores of students on an exam are normally distributed with a mean of 501 and a standard deviation of 72. Then approximately 99.7% of the exam scores lie between the integers and such that the mean is halfway between these two integers. Use the

    asked by Anonymous
  39. physics

    A 2.0 kg mass is attached to the end of horizontal spring (k = 50 N/m) and set into simple harmonic motion with an amplitude of 0.10 m. What is the maximum speed of the mass? (Assume there is no friction.) A. 0.25 m/s B. 0.5 m/s C. 1.0 m/s D. 2.5 m/s E.

    asked by Idali
  40. Math

    Timothy has 5/8 as many coins as pearly. After pearly gave 1/4 of her coins to timothy, Timothy has 10 coins more than pearly. How many coins did timothy have at first.

    asked by GJ
  41. math

    A deposit of $10,000 at 9.5% for 90 days = _____.

    asked by tye
  42. physics

    A mass on a spring A oscillates at twice the frequency of the same mass on spring B. Which statement is correct? A. The spring constant for B is one quarter of the spring constant for A. B. The spring constant for B is 4 times the spring constant for A. C.

    asked by Idali
  43. Math

    A teacher gives a test to a class of 20 student. Is it possible that 90% of the class scores above average? Give examples of test scores for which this is the case. If not, explain why not?

    asked by Uknown
  44. Math

    A radio program describes a fictional town in which "all the children are above average." In what sense is it possible that all the children are above average? In what sense is it not possible that all the children are above average?

    asked by Uknown
  45. English

    1. How long did it take for him to read the book? 1-1. He finished reading the book in 5 days. (If this is the answer to the question, #1-1 mean that it took the whold 5 days to read the book. Am I right? In that case, we can not use 'within' instead of

    asked by rfvv
  46. Math

    Which is a compound-complex sentence? A) After the massacre occurred, the government started an investigation, but no one expected to find anything. B) Although it will set you back at least a thousand dollars, a trip to Las Vegas is unforgettable. C) The

    asked by Superwoman
  47. Bachelor of computer science

    A program is required to calculate the weekly pay for an employee. The pay clerk inputs an employee ID, hours worked and an hourly rate. The program will output the employee ID, and Gross Pay. Gross Pay is the sum of regular pay plus any overtime pay

    asked by Tanzina
  48. Math

    Evaluate 6C2 6 and 2 are underscored I know that if it was P it would be 6-2 for the first step. What do I do since its C.

    asked by M, S, E
  49. ELA

    In which sentence is the italicized word used correctly? A) The principle welcomed the students back from vacation. B) We visited the Capitol building during our visit to Washington. C) The students were instructed to use capitol letters on the form. D) My

    asked by Lilly Singh
  50. physics

    Where F is the tension in the string and µ is the linear density (mass per length) of the string. A violin string vibrates at the fundamental frequency of 512 Hz under the tension of 480 N. What should be the tension in the string to achieve a fundamental

    asked by Idali
  51. physics

    Pendulum A with mass m and length l has a period of T. If pendulum B has a mass of 2m and a length of 2l, how does the period of pendulum B compare to the period of pendulum A? A. The period of pendulum B is 2 times that of pendulum A. B. The period of

    asked by Idali
  52. Math

    Anais bought 4.5 yards of ribbon. She had 3 feet 8 inches of ribbon left after trimming some curtains. How many inches of ribbon did Anais use to trim the curtains?

    asked by Autumn
  53. read 1

    How is grandmother's dream different from reality? Last night I dreamed of an old lover I had not seen him in forty years. When I awoke, I saw him on the street. His hair was white, his back was stooped. How could I say hello? He would have puzzled all day

    asked by Cindy
  54. algebra

    describe the transformation done by y=1/x to get y = 1/4x -12

    asked by Aaron
  55. Science

    Will arrive at his mother's office at 3 p.m. it took him 30 minutes to walk from his home to the Mall he was in the mall for 45 minutes it then took him 15 minutes to walk to his mother's office at what time did I leave home

    asked by Jibrail
  56. Math

    cara uses 2/3 of a cup of almonds to make 4 cups of trail mix. how many cups of almonds would she use to make 9 cups of trail mix

    asked by John
  57. science

    A bus starts from rest and attains 40km/hr velocity after 10sec . Calculate the acceleration of bus in m/sec2

    asked by crystal
  58. Social

    Does having an unusual name, such as Chastity, Englebert or Moon unit, have an effect on how a child develops? The results of some previous studies agrees with the commonsense idea that such as name could cause a child to be rejected or ridiculed and thus

    asked by ANONYMOUS
  59. calculus

    Approximate the value of the series to within an error of at most 10^−5. The infinite series from n=1 to infinity (−1)^(n+1)/(n^6) according to the equation (2): |S_n - S| is less than or equal to a_(n+1) what is the smallest value of N that

    asked by Sam
  60. Social Studies

    Ships that traveled the Rhine how to give ______to nobles who controlled the river in the years after the Roman empire. B.time C. Labor D.tolls I'm not sure but I think it's "D"

    asked by A person in need
  61. physics

    The number of times a wave vibrates per second is called: A. frequency B. period C. wavelength D. amplitude E. rarefaction This is frequency right? (A)

    asked by Idali
  62. Chemistry

    Could you show me where to start on solving this equation? The reaction in question will be carried out in a calorimeter. The volume of the chamber inside is 2.00 L. Experiment starts by evacuating the chamber to 0.00 kPa. Then oxygen gas is filled into

    asked by Amber
  63. Physics

    If 100 ml of water at 60 degree is added to 200 ml of water at 30 degree then the temperature in mixture is options A) 45 degree B) 40 degree C) 50 degree

    asked by Shanti
  64. math

    Find the 10th term in an AP where the first term is 3 and whose 1st, 4th and 13th terms form a GP.

    asked by john
  65. Trig

    cotxcosx/csc^2x-1 Please help me verify

    asked by Hannah
  66. Geography

    What role has the concept of nationalism played in the life of Russia in the past and present? I've looked in my textbook for information about this and couldn't find much about it. I've tried searching about Russian Nationalism, but am unsure of the

    asked by Nikki
  67. Ela

    All of the following sentences are complex EXCEPT A) Even though acid rain can have damaging effects, few people know much about it. B) Acid rain has been studied as an environmental issue by the government since the 1970s. C) Since they erode statues and

    asked by Superwoman
  68. Physics

    When light of wavelength 130 nm falls on a cobalt surface, electrons having a maximum kinetic energy of 4.55 eV are emitted. Find values for the following. (a) the work function of cobalt (in eV) (b) the cutoff wavelength (in nm) (c) the frequency

    asked by Theresa
  69. English

    Posted by rfvv on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 9:20pm. 1. He read the book in 5 days. 2. He read the book after 5 days. 3. He read the book within 5 days. -------------------- In a dictionary, I found that 'in' is used as 'within' in American English. Then

    asked by rfvv
  70. Geometry

    M is the midpoint of AB and N is the midpoint of AC, and T is the intersection of BN and CM. If BN is perpendicular to AC, BN = 12, and AC = 14, then find CT. Diagram is at:

    asked by Sally
  71. Math

    Joseph invest R36000 at a simple rate of 6% per year.How much will this amounts to 6 years and 5 months?

    asked by Gladys
  72. physics

    The speed of a wave in a string is given by v = sqrt (FT/m), where FT is the tension in the string and m = mass / length of the string. A 2.00 m long string has a mass of 28.50 g. A 1024 g mass is attached to the string and hung over a pulley (see

    asked by Idali
  73. English help

    Please write a multi-paragraph (2-3 paragraphs) expository composition of approximately 300 words with properly integrated quotes and a clear thesis statement about the character of the narrator in the story “The Gold Mountain Coat.” This is just a

    asked by Student12
  74. math

    Six boys ran a 100m race.Time taken to run the race is 14 seconds. The time in seconds taken by each boy is shown below. Al - 11 seconds Ben 12 Seconds Che - 14 Seconds Don - 12 Seconds Eze - 10 Seconds and Fred - 13 Seconds a) Who won the race b) For

    asked by indira
  75. math

    write a program in basic to find the H.C.F of two positive integers A and B

    asked by fortran
  76. Eglish

    Why bother to teach indigenous languages?

    asked by Mvelo
  77. math

    For every 8 squirrels that Travis sees in his backyard, six are dining at the bird feeder. Travis saw 28 squirrels today. About how many were eating birdseed?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Math

    Johnsons mother bought 25kg of flour.she put the flour equally in 8 small bags.she kept 3 bags and gave the rest to friends.wat is mass of flour she kept?wrote your answer as a mixed number in aimplest form

    asked by Sam
  79. Calculus - Integrals

    Consider the region enclosed by the graphs of x=y^2-5 and x=3-y^2 a)Express the area of this region by setting up an integral with respect to x b) Express the area of this region by setting up an integral with respect to y c) Find the area of this region

    asked by Beth
  80. physics

    A 1024 g mass is hung on a spring. As a result the spring stretches 35 cm. If the object is then pulled an additional 3.0 cm downward and released, what is the period of the resulting oscillation? Give your answer in seconds with 3 significant figures.

    asked by Idali
  81. Philosophy

    How does the human form and body distinguish human nature from that of other animals? How is this revealed in human eating, in the form of taste and omnivorousness? How does human omnivorousness imply that the human is possibly the best and the worst

    asked by Raquan
  82. Tense

    1. I am eating dinner late at night every Monday. 2. I am eating dinner at 8p.m. every night. 3. I am eating dinner now, can I phone you back later? 4. I ate dinner just now in the restaurant. I am heading to a concert. Please help to check the above,

    asked by deyond ng
  83. Statistics

    In a certain population the heights of men are normally distributed with mean 168.75 and variance 42.25 those of women are normally distributed with mean 162.50 and variance 36 the probability that the mean height of a random sample of 25 men is less than

    asked by Malambo
  84. Science

    Which of the following carries oxygen to every cell of your body? alveoli bronchi capillaries lungs I think its number 2 but i'm not sure, Could someone check my answer?

    asked by Madeline
  85. MAth

    If you pay $950,000 for a car and its value depreciates 10% per year. how much will be its worth 5 years from now?

    asked by john
  86. Math

    There are 13 2/3 cup servings per bag. How many 1/2 cup servings does that make?

    asked by Jesse
  87. S.S.

    what was unique about the terrain of Vietnam that required the use of this chemical?

    asked by S.s.
  88. Pre calc

    Please help me proof the identity. This isn't even math to me, I can not understand it so please show all work. God bless A)1-cos2x/sin2x=tanx B) sin4x/sinx=4cosxcos2x

    asked by Rachel
  89. Algebra

    Determine the holes, vertical asymptotes and horizontal asymptotes of the rational function y=(3x^(2)+8x-10)/(x^(2)+7x+12) Hole: Vertical Asymptote: Horizontal Asymptote:

    asked by Aaron
  90. Physical Science

    An experiment was done. Pulling blocks of mass that were certain amounts of newtons. There were 2 tests done. However, they varied by a couple decimals after the second test. The results from the two tests differ slightly. Which would most likely cause the

    asked by Marcus Peerbocus
  91. math

    Can someone help me and explain what (10P4-) is pls?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Chemistry HELP!!!URGENT

    Indicate which elements can be used as potential semiconductors, and which ones can be used as potential dopants used to make n-type and p-type semiconductors by placing them in the corresponding bin. F, Al, As, Ge, I. p-type semiconductors can consist of:

    asked by Lil
  93. Trig

    Please help using identities (2tan30)/(1-tan^2 30)

    asked by Hannah
  94. Math

    Please Help Solve each equation for 0

    asked by Sarah
  95. Science

    Explain what is meant by closed system of circulation

    asked by Aqua
  96. Ela

    Which sentence contains a misplaced or dangling modifier? A) When will your family be going on vacation? B) Uncle Frasier's garden has both tomatoes and green peppers. C) The homecoming queen waved to the crowd riding in her convertible. D) Exhausted from

    asked by Superwoman
  97. Calculus

    Write the following function as the sum of an odd and an even function. Then calculate the integral over the given interval using the properties of odd and even functions. (x-1)^3, I=[-1,1]

    asked by Jamie
  98. Maths

    How long will it take for R200 000 to grow to R240 000 if the interest rate is 6% per year and interest is compounded every 3 months?

    asked by Gladys
  99. Thanks

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone whose helped me! THANK YA'LL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!

    asked by SwimmerGirl
  100. History

    How long did it take to rebuild Paris after WWII?

    asked by tyrell
  101. History

    Why was Paris attacked during WWII

    asked by tyrell
  102. s.s.

    Malcolm X believe was the path to equality was what please help

    asked by alex
  103. chemistry

    Why can't you form an acid salt from a monoprotic acid?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. health

    in general , do young adults enjoy greater financial independence than adolescents do or less financial independence

    asked by jessica
  105. Algebra

    for the function f(x)=-(x+2)^2+3 find the roots/x intercepts

    asked by ShermiTim
  106. Calculus indefinite integrals

    Evaluate the following indefinite integrals using substitution a) ∫ xsqrt(x^2-7) dx b) ∫ x^(2/3)(1/5x^(5/3)+2)^4 dx

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Logic

    Which of the following is not like the others? A. Mars B. Venus C. Asparagus D. Potatoes E. Computers F. Cheeses G. Chairs H. Pasta

    asked by Sara
  108. Congrats

    Thanks to all the tutors here that helped me in the past, and I learned alot. So thank you so much! Lol my name is Renee. PS. THANK YOU! Especially Ms. Sue!

    asked by Freakin Beakin
  109. English

    1. I read the book in five days. 2. I read the book for five days. --------------------------------- Does #1 mean he finished reading the book from the first page to the last page? Does #2 mean that he read the book for 5 days but not finished reading the

    asked by rfvv
  110. History

    Why was Berlin attacked during WWII

    asked by tyrell
  111. Pre calc

    Someone please help me prove these A) cos^4x-sin^4x=cos2x B)tanx=sin^2x/1+cos^2x Please and Thank you

    asked by Samantha
  112. Math - Calc

    Sketch the region R bounded by y=x+6, y=x^3, and 2y+x=0 then find its area. I know sketching is kind of difficult here, but I would appreciate any help on how to approach this problem. Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  113. algebra

    Please check my work and correct if necessary. Thank You. Using factoring and zero-product property, this is my solution for 9^2-30r+21=-4. 9r^2-30r+21=-4 9r^2-30r+25=0 (3r-5)(3r-5)=0 r=5/3

    asked by Anneliese
  114. Trig

    Please help me to simplify using identities 1+tan^2x/tan^2x I don't really understand how to do please help

    asked by Hannah
  115. Logic

    Which of the following is not like the others? A. 1 B. 22 C. -2 D. 50 E. -94

    asked by Sara
  116. Biology

    What is an artery

    asked by Anonymous
  117. Pre calc

    Someone please help me prove these A) cos^4x-sin^4x=cos2x B)tanx=sin^2x/1+cos^2x Please and Thank you

    asked by Bethany
  118. laplace transformation:help damon or steve or rein

    y"'-3y"-3y'=x^2e^x where y(0)=1, y'(0)=2, y"(0)=0 show step

    asked by mayeriwe