Questions Asked on
April 9, 2017

  1. math

    1.What are the mean,median,mode and range of the data set given the altitude of lakes in feet:-9,-36,-23,-8,-17,-52,-27,and-36? 2.Given the data 21,13,13,37,13,23,25,15 a.What is the outlier in the data? b.what is the mean with the outlier? c.what is the

    asked by stupid lame fat
  2. Social Studies

    Even Though they were allowed to serve as soldiers what types of discrimination did african american americans face in the Union army? (Select all that apply) A)They were not allowed to serve as officers B) They were not eligible to win high awards,such as

    asked by Kacey
  3. English

    13. In the short story, "The Cask of Amontillado," Poe's use of a(n) ___________ narrator to tell the story heightens the uncertainty and sense of horror felt by the reader. could you please help me on this fill in the black

    asked by Cassandra

    A 0.26-kg rock is thrown vertically upward from the top of a cliff that is 31 m high. When it hits the ground at the base of the cliff, the rock has a speed of 29 m/s . a.Assuming that air resistance can be ignored, find the initial speed of the rock . v0=

    asked by ANONYMOS
  5. Chemistry

    A metal foil has a threshold frequency of 5.45 x 10^14 Hz. Which color of visible light will not eject electrons from this metal? a) blue b) indigo c) violet d) orange c=(wavelength)(v) 3.0x10^8m/s = (wavelength)(5.45 x 10^14 Hz) 550 nm -> releases green.

    asked by Anon
  6. English

    Read the following paragraph from "Five Hours to Simla." After the cacophony of screeching brakes and grinding gears, there followed the comparatively static hum of engines, and drivers waited in exasperation for the next lurch forwards. For the moment

    asked by Fading
  7. physics

    A new record for running the stairs of the Empire State Building was set on February 3, 2003. The 86 flights, with a total of 1576 steps, was run in 9 minutes and 33 seconds. If the height gain of each step was 0.20 m, and the mass of the runner was 70 kg

    asked by ANONYMOS
  8. Chemistry

    A 32 W (1 W = 1 J/s) lamp generates violet light at a wavelength of 420 nm. How many photons of this light will the lamp generate in 2.0 s?

    asked by Anon
  9. physics question

    A skateboarder at a skate park rides along the path shown in (Figure 1) .a=2.7 m and b=1.0m Part A If the speed of the skateboarder at point A is v=1.6m/s, what is her speed at point B? Assume that friction is negligible.

    asked by ana
  10. Math

    Jamie spenta total of $11.60 on 5dentical pens and a ruler .A rulercost$1.30less than a pen .how much did a pen cost?

    asked by Natalie
  11. math

    Given: ABCD is a rhombus, AB = 6, and m∠A=60° Find: The height.

    asked by annie
  12. geometry

    The angle bisector of ∠ACD in rhombus ABCD makes a 64° angle with the diagonal BD . Find the measure of ∠BAD.

    asked by alec taitano
  13. Algebra

    The yearly per capita consumption of whole milk in the United States reached a peak of 40 gallons in 1945, at the end of World War II. By 1970 consumption was only 27.4 gallons per person. It has been steadily decreasing since 1970 at a rate of about 3.9%

    asked by Katie
  14. Chemistry

    C4H6O2 a) Draw a plausible structure for this compound that contains alcohol, ether, and alkyne functional groups. b) Draw a plausible structure for this compound that contains aldehyde and ketone functional groups.

    asked by CL
  15. math

    Water is being poured into a conical cup that is 12cm tall. a) When the water in the cup is 9cm deep, what percentage of the cup is filled? b) When the cup is 75 percent filled, how deep is the water?

    asked by Grace
  16. english

    Which quote from "The Lottery" best illustrates the theme that good people can do bad things when conforming to a group's social expectations? A. a sudden hush fell on the crowd as Mr.summers cleared his throat and looked and at the list. B. although the

    asked by Cassandra
  17. physics

    A 48-N object floats in a pool. If 75% of the volume of the object is immersed in the water, which statement is true about the buoyant force FB on the object? A. FB=48N B. FB=36N C. FB=64N D. FB=12N E. This is not possible to answer with the information

    asked by Idali
  18. Physics

    An electric kettle rated accurately at 2.5kw is used to heat 3kg of water from 15% to boiling point it takes 9.5 minute. Then the amount of heat that has been lost is

    asked by Anonymous
  19. chemistry

    2NO2(g)⇌N2O4(g). ΔH∘f for N2O4(g) is 9.16 kJ/mol.

    asked by chad
  20. mathematics

    3log2 plus log 20 - log1.6

    asked by Cinderella
  21. English

    Choose the best word to complete each sentence. My brother Luke _____ a computer genius. are am is*** were Sarah and her sister _____ to this city many times in the past year. has gone has been have been*** have went Are my answers correct?

    asked by Fading
  22. Math

    How many times greater is the 4 in the hundreds place than the 4 in the ones place in the number 536,494

    asked by Yeni
  23. Calculus II: Finding the volume of a revolution

    Question: Find the volume of revolution bounded by y-axis, y=cos(x), and y=sin(x) about the horizontal axis. Since the rotation is happening at the horizontal axis, I thought the limits of integration would be [-1,1] and if the curves are rotated they

    asked by Luna
  24. Organic Chemistry

    If one gram of aspirin is dissolved in 100mL of water at 37 degrees celsius, how much aspirin will precipitate out of solution when it is cooled to 25 degrees celsius?

    asked by Maggie

    what is the area of the circle 4 mm use 3.14 for pi

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  26. physics

    Pushing on the pump of a soap dispenser compresses a small spring. When the spring is compressed 0.55 cm , its potential energy is 0.0020 J a.What is the force constant of the spring? i found the fist answer is 130N/M B. What compression is required for

    asked by sinti
  27. Math 8

    A stop sign has each side measures of 12.4 inches, and the distance from any side to the opposite side is 30 inches. Divide the stop sign into one rectangle and two trappezoids. What are the dimensions of the rectangle and each of the trapezoid Ok I

    asked by Lisa
  28. Math

    ) Suppose that z=f(x,y)z=f(x,y) is defined implicitly by an equation of the form F(x,y,z)=0F(x,y,z)=0. Find formulas for the partial derivatives ∂f∂x∂f∂x and ∂f∂y∂f∂y in terms of F1,F2,F3F1,F2,F3. To enter your answer use F1, F2, F3 as the

    asked by Usman
  29. Math

    which of the following could be represented by -8

    asked by dude
  30. maths


    asked by Anonymous
  31. Statistics

    Could anyone help me out with the following problem? Identify the consequences (i.e. increase, decrease, or none) that the following procedures are likely to have on both bias and sampling error in an experimental study. A) Assigning treatments to subjects

    asked by Jamie
  32. math

    A movie theatre sells two types of tickets: adult and child. On Tuesday, the theatre sold 100 adult tickets and 70 child tickets and made a total of $1,100. On Wednesday, the theatre sold 50 adult tickets and 50 child tickets and made a total of $625. How

    asked by Star
  33. physics

    A cable is 100 m long and has a cross-section area of 1 mm2. A 1000-N force is applied to stretch the cable. If Young’s modulus for the cable is 1.0x1011 N/m2 , how far does it stretch? A. 10. m B. 1.0 m C. 0.10 m D. 0.01 m E. 0.001 m

    asked by Idali
  34. Physics

    an 1100 kg car accelerates from rest at 3.4 m/s2. if the horizontal force exerted on the wheels by the road is 5600 N, what force must be resisting the motion of the car? use a free body diagram to illustrate your answer.

    asked by Jessie
  35. Designing Specialty Areas

    It's recommended that indoor physical centers be set up in stations. Which of the following statements about stations is true? A. Most centers will need to have close adult supervision. B. Two or three stations are typically sufficient. C. Centers should

    asked by Priscila
  36. Physics 30

    an 1100 kg car accelerates from rest at 3.4 m/s2. if the horizontal force exetred on the wheels by the road is 5600 N, what force must be resisting the motion of the car? use a free body diagram to illustrate your answer

    asked by Anonymous
  37. physics

    If an ideal gas does positive work on its surroundings, we may assume, with regard to the gas: A. Volume increases B. Internal energy decreases C. Pressure decreases D. Temperature increases E. Pressure increases

    asked by Idali
  38. physics

    Two moles of neon gas at 25oC and 2.0 atm is expanded to 3 times the original volume while the pressure is reduced to 1.0 atm. Find the end temperature. A. 447degreesC B. 174 degreesC C. -66 degrees C D. 38degreesC E. 150degreesC

    asked by Idali
  39. Physics

    A spring balance has a scale that reads from 0 to 5 kg. The length of scale is 20 cm.a body suspended from this spring, when displaced and released ,oscillates with period of 0.60s.what is the weight of body.

    asked by Abidur
  40. Physics

    Calculate the force acting on a body of mass 10 kg moving with a uniform velocity of 2m/s.

    asked by Abidur
  41. Chemistry

    A 30 g sample of water at 280 K is mixed with 50 g water at 330 K. Calculate the final temperature of the mixture assuming no heat loss to the surroundings.

    asked by Victor
  42. Physics

    Two forces whose magnitude are in the ratio 3:5 give a resultant of 28N.if the angle of inclination is 60, find the magnitude of each force.

    asked by Abidur
  43. Survey of Accounting

    Calculate basic EPS Net income was $659,250 for the year. Throughout the year the company had outstanding 18,000 shares of $2.50, $50 par value preferred stock in 105,000 shares of common stock. Required: Calculate basic earnings per share of common stock

    asked by Carla
  44. physics

    A 75.0 kg person bends his knees and then jumps straight up. After his feet leave the floor, his motion is unaffected by air resistance and his center of mass rises by a maximum of 13.5 cm. Model the floor as completely solid and motionless. With what

    asked by kim
  45. Physics

    In a single-slit diffraction pattern, the distance between the first and second minima is 4.2cm on a screen 3.8m from the slit. Find the slit width given that the wavelength of the light is 530nm. Answer in mm Somebody please help!

    asked by Ben
  46. Maths

    A swimming pool whos surface forms a rectangle measures 25 m long by 15 m wide The pool is 2 m deep at the shallow end and the depth increases at a constant rate to 4 m deep at the other end How many?

    asked by sujatha
  47. Algebra

    Determine whether each function is an example of exponential growth or decay. Then find the y-intercept. a) y = 2(4)^x growth or decay y-intercept: b) y = 3(.25)^x growth or decay y-intercept:

    asked by Aaron
  48. math

    The point of intersection of the diagonals of a rectangle is 4 cm further away from the smaller side than from the larger side of the rectangle. The perimeter of the rectangle is equal to 56 cm. Find the lengths of the sides of the rectangle.

    asked by Anonymous
  49. physics

    Consider a 10 gram sample of a liquid with specific heat 2 J/g*K. By the addition of 400 J, the liquid increases its temperature by 10 K and then boils. Half of the liquid boils away before all the heat is used up. What is the heat of vaporization of the

    asked by Idali
  50. Statistics

    The director of the library believes that 25% of the library's collection is checked out. If the director is right, what is the probability that the proportion of books checked out in a sample of 545 books would differ from the population proportion by

    asked by Alex
  51. Chemistry

    How many different f orbitals are there?

    asked by Anon
  52. Calcalus

    Solve the equations below exactly Give your answers in radians, and find all possible values for t If there is more than one answer, enter your solutions in a comma separated list (a) sin(t)= sqroot(2)/2 when t= (b) cos(t)=1/2 when t= (c) tan(t)=-1 when t=

    asked by Bob
  53. Chemistry

    In a coffee cup calorimeter, 2.00 g of potassium hydroxide are mixed with 200.0 g of water at an initial temperature of 25.00C. After dissolving the salt, the final temperature of the solution is 27.33C. What is the heat change for the dissolution of

    asked by Victor
  54. Designing Specialty Areas

    We show we value families when we do which of the following? A. Tell families that they hold their children's future in their hands, so it's crucial that they make sure their children complete their homework. B. Realize that families are too busy to be

    asked by Priscila
  55. Chemistry

    How many orbitals are available with the following combination of quantum numbers? 1) n = 2; l = 0 2) n = 3; l = 2 3) n = 4; l = 3 I have figured that it is 1) 2s 2) 3d 3) 4f but i don't know what to do after this.

    asked by Kelsey
  56. Social Studies help

    which area did julius caesar conquer before making the rhine a boundary of the roman empire A. Germany B. Gaul C. Briitaina D. Egypt

    asked by OCA student
  57. physics

    A 75.0 kg person bends his knees and then jumps straight up. After his feet leave the floor, his motion is unaffected by air resistance and his center of mass rises by a maximum of 13.5 cm. Model the floor as completely solid and motionless.

    asked by kim
  58. chemistry

    A 3.04 g piece of aluminum at 60.0 °C is placed into a “styrofoam cup” calorimeter filled with 150.0 mL of water at 25.0 °C. What is the final temperature of the contents of the calorimeter once thermal equilibrium has been established (everything

    asked by David
  59. Calculus

    If cos of theta= -7/12 and theta is in quadrant 2 then find a. tan(theta) cot (theta)= b. csc(theta) tan(theta)= c. sin^2(theta)+ cos^2(theta)=

    asked by Bob
  60. Calculus II: Shell Method for finding volumes

    Question: What is the volume of the revolution bounded by the curves of y=4-x^2 , y=x, and x=0 and is revolved about the vertical axis. First, I had found the points of intersection to get the limits and I got -2.5616 and 1.5616. And then I plug it in the

    asked by Luna
  61. Economics

    The fixed cost of producing five units of a particular commodity is given as #900 while the total cost of producing the same five units of this commodity is #1000.the marginal cost of the 6th unit produced later is #200.calculate the average variable cost

    asked by Daniel
  62. math

    Monarch Distributing Ltd. plans to accumulate funds for the purchase of a larger warehouse eight years from now. If Monarch contributes $12,000 at the beginning of each month to an investment account earning 4.5% compounded semiannually, what amount will

    asked by aaa
  63. thermochemistry

    . Mountain climbers often brew tea by melting snow, which they heats over a stove. Our stove burns butane (C4H10), which has a heat of combustion of -2878 kJ/mol. The temperature of the snow is initially at -20 °C, and we need 80 °C water to brew tea. a.

    asked by David
  64. Chemistry

    Thirty feet of water exert a pressure of 1 atm. Calculate the pressure (in kPa) exerted on a diver at a depth of 50 feet on a standard day.

    asked by Victor
  65. math

    the daily production of two factories A and B are 300 and 200 bottle respectively .2% of the product o f each factory are found to be defective .if 6 defective bottle are randomly selected from a daily production of A and B .find the probability that 4 of

    asked by david
  66. math

    Payments of $1690 at the end of every six months will pay off the balance owed on a loan in 9.5 years. If the interest rate on the loan is 9.9% compounded semiannually, what is the current balance on the loan? (Do not round intermediate calculations and

    asked by aaa
  67. English

    1. He took a picture of me. 2. He took one picture of me. 3. He took pictures of me. (Does #1 mean #2? Did he take only one picture of me? Does #3 mean he took several pictures of me?)

    asked by rfvv
  68. math

    Pawleys total earnings after 3 years if the first year his salary was X dollars. The second year it was 5000.00 higher, and the third year it was twice as much as the second year?

    asked by mom
  69. Math

    N(t)=2000e^(1.1t) the continuous growth rate is 110% effective growth rate?__% Q(t)=65e^(0.09t) continuous growth rate is 9% effective growth rate?__% G(t)=650e^(0.055t) continuous growth rate is 5.5% effective growth rate?__% round to 2 decimal places

    asked by Evenlyn
  70. Calculus

    Find all solutions to tan(theta)=1/sqroot(3). In the interval 0 less then or equal to theta less then or equal to 2pi. Theta=

    asked by Bob
  71. science

    three equal charges 2.0×10^-6 each ae held

    asked by amit anand
  72. Biology

    1. How do mutations play into the fitness of an organism? 2. Describe how variation, selection and time fuel the process of evolution.

    asked by Danny
  73. Chemistry

    Will a photon of light of wavelength 480 nm excite an electron in the hydrogen atom from the n = 1 level to the n = 2 level? How would I figure this out?

    asked by Sam
  74. physics

    A skier starts at rest and glides (without friction) directly down the fall line from the highest point of a giant snowball with a radius of r=31.7 m . The skier can be observed as a point mass and the air resistance is negligible. What speed v does the

    asked by alia
  75. Calculus

    Find all solutions to the equation with 0 is less then or equal to a is less then or equal to 2pi Give an exact answer if possible, otherwise give value(s) ofa accurate to at least four decimal places. 4tan(a)+5=2 a= how do i find a

    asked by Bob
  76. Math

    A rectangular grassy area in a park measures 50 yards by 100 yards. The city wishes to put a uniform sidewalk around the grassy area which would increase the area by 459 yd^2. What is the width of the sidewalk?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. math

    An insect crawls on a piller 35m, it ascends 5m in the first minute but slips down 3m in the next minutes if it continous crawling in this way. what time it will take to reach at tha top of the pillar?

    asked by Sagar
  78. programming

    Design a sub-class of SimpleCalculator called Calculator using psudoecode that contains public methods named multiply(), and divide() and that defines private fields called num1 and num2. Each of the methods accepts two numeric arguments and returns a

    asked by jerry
  79. programming

    Design a sub-class of SimpleCalculator called Calculator using psudoecode that contains public methods named multiply(), and divide() and that defines private fields called num1 and num2. Each of the methods accepts two numeric arguments and returns a

    asked by jerry
  80. Math

    The equation C=5h+10 represents the cost, C dollars, to rent a bicycle for h numbers of hours. A) write the equation in function notation

    asked by Mileena
  81. calculus

    The number of sunspots (solar storms on the sun) fluctuates with roughly 11-year cycles with a high of 120 and a low of 0 sunspots detected. A peak of 120 sunspots was detected in the year 2000. what is the trigonometric functions could be used to

    asked by umma
  82. Chemistry

    Indicate which elements can be used as potential semiconductors, and which ones can be used as potential dopants used to make n-type and p-type semiconductors by placing them in the corresponding bin. F, Al, As, Ge, I. p-type semiconductors can consist of:

    asked by CL
  83. Trigonometry

    How to divide a right angled triangle into two isosceles triangle ? Kindly help

    asked by Asfand
  84. math

    The sum of three consecutive integers if the least integer is X ?

    asked by mom
  85. Physics

    Using heat exchange and conservation of thermal energy, determine the specific heat capacity for your metal. So the data we have is: Aluminium: Mass - 0.004 Initial temp - 100C Final temp: 32C Water: Mass -0.1 Initial temp - 20C Final temp - 32C I know

    asked by Amy
  86. Trigonometry

    If possible find a solution to 2 cos(theta)=-0612. theta=

    asked by Bob
  87. History

    need help on history question The Gulf of Tonkin incident opened the door to A) Kennedy's assassination B) the Rolling Thunder strategy C) Lyndon Johnson realizing that the military D) could not win the war E) all of these answers are correct

    asked by David
  88. Math

    P= P(initial)(1/2)^(t/80) I found Half-line:80 P=Pinitial(e)^(rt) i cant seem to find what r is. Help

    asked by Priscila
  89. Biology

    1. How do mutations play into the fitness of an organism? 2. Describe how variation, selection and time fuel the process of evolution.

    asked by Danny
  90. Math

    David uses 1/3 cup of apple juice for every 1/2 cup of cranberry juice to make a fruit drink.

    asked by Claudia
  91. physics

    What is the energy of a photon of yellow light with a frequency of 5.14 × 1014 Hz?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Chemistry

    If I have 42g of NaCl how many moles of NaCl do i have?

    asked by John escalante
  93. Math

    Roy has a patio that covers 434 ft^2. He wants to increase his patio 196ft^2 by adding 4 feet to both the length and the width. The length of the original patio is three feet more than twice the width What is the length of the new patio?

    asked by Anonymous
  94. programming

    Design a class called SimpleCalculator using psudoecode that contains public methods named add(), subtract(). Each of the methods accepts two numeric arguments and returns a number that represents the result of the appropriate arithmetic operation

    asked by earl
  95. Physics

    Derive an expression for escape speed of satellite.

    asked by Abidur
  96. Science

    Say we have a jar of water, Is the angle of incidence, the angle that the the light enters the water, the angle above the water or the angle below the water?

    asked by Reeses
  97. Chemistry

    What is the subshell designation for an electron with the following set quantum numbers? 1) n = 1; l = 0 2) n = 3; l = 2; mi = -1 3) n = 4; l = 3 3) n = 2; l = 0; mi = 0

    asked by Nate
  98. math

    Beaudoin Haulage has signed a five-year lease with GMAC on a new dump truck. Lease payments of $4500 are made at the beginning of each month. To purchase the truck, Beaudoin would have had to borrow funds at 8.7% compounded annually. (Do not round

    asked by aaa
  99. maths

    A fund increased 85% during the last 5 years. Find the annual compounded rate of increase

    asked by safaa
  100. Art

    Why did Pablo Picasso invent Cubism?

    asked by Anonymous
  101. math

    Can anyone give me any word problems

    asked by Nyan