Questions Asked on
April 5, 2017

  1. History, Check pls

    2. Why would the loss of farms make it especially difficult for the Southern economy to recover? Many Southern industries would fail without the crops The southern economy was largely based on agriculture Most Southerners could not afford to rebuild their

    asked by Cheesy
  2. Physics

    A vertical spring has a length of 0.175m when a 0.25kg mass hangs from it, and a length of 0.775m when a 1.9kg mass hangs from it. What is the force constant of the spring in N/m?

    asked by AnaKatherine
  3. Math

    Does an 8-car Ferris wheel have rotational symmetry? Explain I am so confused. Can someone explain this?

    asked by
  4. Math ASAP

    Starting at the top, if you cut a square pyramid in half using a single cut, what is the shape of the newly-exposed section? A.) square B.) rectangle C.) triangle D.) pentagon

    asked by Savanna Reed
  5. Chemistry

    The equilibrium constant is equal to 5.00 at 1300K for the reaction 2SO2(g) + O2(g) 2SO3(g) if initial concentrations are [SO2] = 6.00M, [O2] = 0.45M, [SO3]= 9.00M, the system is a/. At equilibrium b/. Not at equilibrium and will remain in an un

    asked by Fiona
  6. Social Studies

    If someone has all the answers to check my answers to thatd be great. What promise did Stalin make and break after soviet occupation of several Eastern European countries? to give financial assistance to war-torn families** How did president Truman guard

    asked by Random Guy
  7. Sport

    I played with Messi and against Messi. I played with Diego Costa and against Diego Costa. I played with Gareth Bale and against Gareth Bale. I played with Thiago Silva and against Thiago Silva. I played with Lewandowski and against Lewandowski. I played in

    asked by Yesuf
  8. English

    1. Part A In ‘The Phantom Tollbooth, Act I, Azaz gives Milo a box of letters of the alphabet so Milo • Can eat them when he is hungry. • Will win against the Mathemagician. • Will learn to be a better reader. • Will be protected on his

    asked by Help plzz check asap
  9. Math (Statistics)

    The Centers for Disease Control reported the percentage of people 18 years of age and older who smoke (CDC website, December 14, 2014). Suppose that a study designed to collect new data on smokers and nonsmokers uses a preliminary estimate of the

    asked by Brandon
  10. Math

    Determine the sign of the sum of -18+11

    asked by Anonymous
  11. geometry/check my work

    For triangle ABC , which transformation composition is Commutative? a) rotate 30 degrees and then translate 2 units down b) translate 5 units to the right and rotate 90 degrees c) reflect across the y-axis and then rotate 90 degrees d) reflect across the y

    asked by mark
  12. Math

    What is the upper quartile of the data set below 25, 8, 10, 35, 5, 45, 40, 30, 20 A. 5 B. 8 C. 9 D. 10

    asked by Maddie
  13. History

    Match each statement with the correct amendment. Some amendments will be violated more than once. Japanese who were suspected of spying sabotage or helping the enemy had their homes raided and had their things confiscated byt he FBI Amendment 3 and 4

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    A weather forecast states that there is a 20% probability of rain on each of the next 3 days. Describe a simulation you could perform using random numbers to find the experimental probability that it will not rain on any of the next 3 days. Would love

    asked by Anonymous
  15. physics

    A bomb dropped from a balloon reaches the ground in 30seconds.Determine the height of the balloon if it is ascending with a speed of 100cm^-1 when the bomb is dropped.

    asked by Darlington
  16. English

    it takes one of the great advantages of being a woman that one can pass even a very fine Negress without wishing to man an English woman of her? Which of the following choices correctly explains the meaning behind this line? Women don't find black women as

    asked by Jass
  17. Math

    write a rule to describe the translation of a point from (-3 3) to (-2 2) A)

    asked by Alyssa
  18. health

    The health Continuum is a representation of where your current health status Falls somewhere between illness and wellness identify the health status that might cause a decline in health and move you toward the state of illness

    asked by Help plzz check asap
  19. Math

    There are 3,000 people at a concert. You survey a random sample of 200 people and find that for 35 of them this is the first concert they have ever attenede. Estimate how many total people are attending their first concert that night

    asked by Pier
  20. History

    What is one way that Japanese Americans resisted internment

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    Find the next three terms of the sequence -2, -12, -72, -432,... A.-1,728, -6,912, -27,648 b.-1,728, -10,368, -62,208 c.-2,592, -10,368, -41,472 d.-2,592, -15,552, -93,312

    asked by loveisnothere
  22. Physics

    A person runs off a 10.0-meter high balcony in a horizontal direction at 5.0 m/s. The swimming pool is at ground level 5.5 meters away from the edge of the balcony. Will the person reach the pool? Assume no air resistance. *I'm having trouble with this

    asked by Grace
  23. math

    In constructing a box-and-whisker plot for the data set below, at which values would you draw the left and right sides of the box? 6, 7, 1, 3, 9, 3, 2, 5, 8, 4, 8 A. left at 3; right at 8 B. left at 2; right at 8 C. left at 2; right at 7 D. left at 3;

    asked by Maddie
  24. Social Studies

    Following World War 1, which industry experienced tremendous growth in the 1920s?

    asked by drew
  25. chemistry

    what is the % (m/m) of Mg(NO3)2 in solution when 0.84 g of Mg(NO3)2 are dissolved in enough deionized water to prepare 500.0 ml of solution ( assume the solution in dilute enough that the density of the solution is 1.0 g/ml)

    asked by Sasha
  26. Physics

    The angular velocity of an engine increase from 1200 RPM to 3000 RPM in 10 second computer angular acceleration and the number of revolution made during this time.

    asked by Tushare yadav
  27. Algebra/Precalculus

    Solve the system of linear equations and check any solutions algebraically. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION. If the system is dependent, express x, y, and z in terms of the parameter a.) 3x-3y+6z=6 x+2y-z=8 5x-8y+13z=4 I don't know what

    asked by Dede
  28. Algebra 1

    How do I find the minimum and maximum possible measurements of an ostrich egg that is 1.6 kilograms to the nearest tenth of a kilogram

    asked by Savannah
  29. Math

    The mean of 3 numbers is 37. A fourth number, 41 is included in the list. What is the mean of the 4 numbers? Explain your reasoning.

    asked by Miles
  30. Math

    The rabbit population in a forest area grows at the rate of 7% monthly. If there are 180 rabbits in September, find how many rabbits (rounded to the nearest whole number) should be expected by next September. Use . A. 402 B. 408 C. 428 D. 415 I got 402, is

    asked by cam
  31. Math

    Write a story problem to represent 6÷ 1/5

    asked by Jaydon
  32. This isn't about school

    Hey Ms. Sue I feel ya, lots of cheaters on this website I understand, but sadly you can't do anything because from the beginning of time people always find a way to cheat the system and find loop-holes.

    asked by Jack
  33. Chem

    What is the conversion of the sodium salicylate to salicylic acid reaction? C6H4(OH)(COONa) + 1/2 H2SO4 -> C6H4(OH)(COOH) + 1/2 Na2SO4

    asked by Heloise
  34. math

    the advertised size of a pizza is the length if its diameter. what is the area of the crust of a 12in pizza ?

    asked by misty
  35. Chemistry

    Aluminum is produced by the electrolysis of aluminum oxide (Al2O3, bauxite ore) dissolved in molten cryolyte (Na2AlF6). Calculate the mass of aluminum that can be produced in one day in an electrolytic cell operating continuously at 1.0 x 105 amps. The

    asked by Jason
  36. Math

    I am a shape made of 6 line segments. I have 2 angles less than a right angle and no right angles. What shape am I? Draw an example in the workspace below.

    asked by Sofie
  37. Math

    Sean spent 1/5 of his money in the shop and 7/10 IN another what fraction of his money is left

    asked by Laura
  38. word problem

    A man has 37 coins in his pocket, all which are dimes and quarters. If the total value of his change is $6.70, how many dimes and how many quarters does he have? Let x represent the number of dimes and y represent the number of quarters. its asking me just

    asked by Carlos
  39. Statistics

    A certain university has 7 vehicles available for use by faculty and staff. Five of these are vans and 2 are cars. On a particular day, only two requests for vehicles have been made. Suppose that the two vehicles to be assigned are chosen in a completely

    asked by Brady
  40. Hard Pre-Algrebra question

    I am having trouble with this question. I have no idea what to do. A miniature box used a scale model of a building of a shape of a right rectangular prism. The prism has edge lengths of 2 1/2 inches, 2 1/8 inches, and 1 inch. How many cubes with side

    asked by Mohammad
  41. history

    The boundaries of the "West" have fluctuated over the past 3000 years. Why do you think that is the case? What accounts for those changes? Is the idea of the West objective or subjective? How is it decided if one country or another is part of the West?

    asked by Jimmy
  42. algebra

    16L:28L what is the ratio of a fraction in simplest form with whole numbers in the numerator and denominator

    asked by Anonymous
  43. math

    1.what if they changed the scoring system in American Football, and there were only two ways o score, a field goal worth 3 points and a touchdown worth 7 points. What are all the possible total scores that a team could have?

    asked by IsBella
  44. math

    tiffany is sending a package that may not exceed pounds. the package contains books that weigh a total of 9 3/8 pounds. the other item to be sent weighs 3/5 the weight of the books. how much does the package weigh

    asked by danielle
  45. History

    Those !@#$%^&plied no to certain questions in a loyalty questionnaire administered to internees were taken to Tule Lake and considered disloyal They were being punished for what they said Violation of Amendment 1? I think I am missing one but I am not

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math bet

    My sister and I have a bet on my homework The length of a rectangle is 1.2 x10-4 kilometer. The width of the rectangle is 6.25x10^-5 kilometer. What is the area in square kilometers of this rectangle? 7.5x10-9 or 7.5x10^3

    asked by genie
  47. biology

    HI, i'm in need of sites/articles that explain what invertebrate, chordate, and primates are.

    asked by Carl Wheezer
  48. Math

    18yd 2ft + 2yd 2ft equal

    asked by Marley
  49. Chemistry

    The functional group contained in the compound O || CH_3-C-O-CH_3 is a(n). A)carboxy B)amine C)ester D)amide

    asked by M, S, E
  50. chemistry

    Draw a well diagram of the set up of the aparatus that can be used to show that ammonia gas can burn in oxygen Write the equation for combustion of ammonia In oxygen PLEASE HELP MI TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION IT DEFEATED MI

    asked by Taufiki Hazard
  51. Chemistry

    What will be the final temp. of the solution in a coffee cip calorimeter if a 50.00mL sample of 0.250 M HCL is added to a 50.00 mL sample of 0.250. The initial temp. is 19.50 °C and the Delta H is -57.2 Kj/mol NaOH assume density of solution is 1.00 g/mL

    asked by Jordyn
  52. 2nd grade

    Change one latter in "low" to make a thick, round piece of wood

    asked by Tashmim
  53. stats homework

    the monthly demand for a certain product is a normal random variable with a mean of 50 and standard deviation 10 a) if you have 60 units on a stock at the beginning of the month, what is the probability you will still have stock remaining at the end of the

    asked by Joan
  54. mtti

    A triangle has vertices a(0,2),b(3,7)and c(0,6)give that abcd is parallelogram find the area of parallelogram abcd

    asked by Sydney
  55. Physics

    You are launching Robin Hood out of a cannon and over the wall of the castle to rescue the Maid Marion. He would like to clear the castle wall by as much as possible. The cannon is stuck at an angle of 45 degrees from the ground and will launch him with a

    asked by Brad
  56. math

    john's age in the next ten years will four times his age five years ago. How old is john now?

    asked by Emmanuel
  57. Chemistry Homework

    Hello! Could someone help me with this? I'm confused on what to do. Thanks!! The mole fraction of carbon dioxide (CO2) in water is 0.25. Determine the molarity of CO2. The density of the solution is 1.0 g/mL.

    asked by Amber
  58. Math calculus

    a cylindrical vat must hold 5m^3, the vat must be wider than it is tall, but no more than 3 m in diameter. What dimensions will use the least amount of material?

    asked by Jake
  59. Chemistry please help!

    Calculate (triangle)H for the following gas-phase reaction: 2 H-C (3dashes) C-H + 5 O=O --> 4 O=C=O = 2 H-O-H -Using bond energies

    asked by Erin
  60. Math

    Can someone explain to me this : -sinx=cosx X=3pi/4 and 7pi/4

    asked by Idontknow
  61. Math

    If you run an average of 3 miles a day over 1 week and an average of 4 miles a day over the next 2 weeks, what is your average daily run distance over the 3-week period?

    asked by Miles
  62. maths

    In an arithmetical progression,the sum of the first five terms is 30,and the third term is equal to the sum of the first two.write down the first five terms of the progression.

    asked by Anonymous

    1. One of the products of photosynthesis is carbon dioxide.*** fire. oxygen gas. mass. Am I right?

    asked by Bobby Adams
  64. critical thinking

    In 2004 Z is having a conversation with his friend X and X’s wife Y. Y is a U.S. citizen and a ‘Bushy’ (a supporter of George W. Bush). She is planning on voting for Bush in the upcoming presidential election. Z and X (both are Canadian citizens, not

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Physics

    You are launching Robin Hood out of a cannon and over the wall of the castle to rescue the Maid Marion. He would like to clear the castle wall by as much as possible. The cannon is stuck at an angle of 45 degrees from the ground and will launch him with a

    asked by Lilly
  66. Calculus

    Solve the following initial valued problems: a) g′(x) = sin(x), g(π) = 2. b) g′′(x) = 18x, g′(0) = 1 and g(0) = 5. b) g′′(x)=12x2 +2,g′(1)=7andg(1)=3.

    asked by cool
  67. PreCalculus

    Rebecca and Tom Payton have decided to buy a home that costs $200,000. The Paytons can put down 20% of the home's price. They have applied for a 15-year, 9% FRM to finance the balance. They Paytons have a combined gross annual income of $70,000. Answer the

    asked by YaYa
  68. Physics

    Amazon is bringing me a box of shark repellent to my small island (about a 10 m diameter). They are going to drop it as they fly overhead. The plane flies 125 m above the ground at a speed of 550 m/s. How far away from my island should they drop my

    asked by Leigh
  69. english

    Is this thesis good? This book is not only a mystery novel, but also appeals to readers through the depictions of jealousy and hatred. Thank you.

    asked by Tima
  70. Business/economics

    Can someone please explain what "consumer socialisation" is. I would really appreciate it if its not copy and pasted from other website because I've searched it up, but I just don't understand it. Thank you

    asked by Yvonne
  71. Science

    The Richter Scale is based on measurements of the ____ of a seismic wave. A. Speed B. Frequency C. Intensity*** D. Amplitude

    asked by Parker
  72. Algebra

    Solve the equations: (a+5/4a)+11/12=2/3a 4x/3-(2x+3/6)=9/2

    asked by Ijustwanthelp
  73. math question

    A cliff swallow nest is 86 meters above a canyon floor. The elevation of the nest is −56 meters. What is the elevation of the canyon floor?

    asked by jack
  74. Calculus

    Can someone explain to me why the derivative of sinx^2 is y'=2xcos (x^2)???

    asked by Idontknow
  75. Math

    If you run 3 miles everyday for 5 days, how many miles will you need to run on the sixth day in order to have run an average of 4 miles per day over 6 days? Solve this problem in two different ways, and explain your solutions.

    asked by Miles
  76. further algebra

    a tennis ball is dropped from a height of 30mtrs, and it rebounds four-fifths of the distance it has fallen after each fall. find 1. the height of nth bounce 2. the total distance traveled on rebound before coming to rest.

    asked by Duut Edward
  77. Math

    For which pair of number is the greatest common factor 6

    asked by 5
  78. Math

    Mr.Jackson has 20 quarters if he gives 4 quarters to each of his children how many children does he have?

    asked by Void
  79. History

    Although most Japanese were pushined by being placed in internment camps they never were put on trial and were treated as automatically guilty of disloyalty to US Violation of Amendment 5 and 7? Is there another one iM missing

    asked by Anonymous
  80. biology

    in need of journal articles that talk about the structures,characteristics , nutrition,growth and control of bacterias,viruses and eukarya in general...please help

    asked by sophie
  81. Math

    A man spend 1/4 of his salary for taxi fare and 3/8 on lunch and save the rest, if he earned $32,000. How much money did he spent in all?

    asked by Sharanda
  82. mtti ,mathematics

    Find the equation of a straight line through point k(3,-4)which is perpendicular to the line 3x-2y=3 in the form ax+by+c=0

    asked by Sydney
  83. calculus

    y=-sin^2 (1/x) find the derivative

    asked by melina
  84. series help maths steve or reiny

    find the sum of n-term of the series 1/1+1/2+1/3+1/4+1/5+...+1/n plz show step

    asked by weyeremi
  85. History

    How many years did Western Expansion take?

    asked by apple
  86. Math

    class A has 5 more people than class B. Class B last yr had 8 more people than it does this year. This yr, class B has 25 students. How many students are in class A this yr. I get 30 A= B+5 A= 25 +5 A= 30

    asked by Jessica
  87. Molecular bio

    Which of these sugar(s) would contain amylose? (*I looked it up but there wasn't a clear answer* ) Glucose Fructose Sucrose Lactose Starch -This one is amylose because it's a long chain. What about the other four?

    asked by Jessie
  88. please help

    i need help setting up 2 equations. The sum of the radius,r, times 2 and 3 equals 4 less than the radius,r. The sum of the radius, r, times 13 and 15 equals 16 less than twice the radius,r.

    asked by Sam
  89. Geography (solar declination)

    For a assignment we were told to go outside at 12:30 and stand w/ our backs to the sun and measure our shadow. Then for the second part we were asked what would the difference be if we did the same thing on June 21st? (summer solstice). If it were done on

    asked by Dan
  90. MATH

    Jenny is running an experiment for organic chemistry class. She needs exactly 100 ml of 70% hydrochloric acid, but the lab only has 90% and 40% solutions. How much of each solutions does she need to mix in order to obtain 100 ml of 70% hydrochloric acid

    asked by Sara
  91. Chemistry

    What volume will 11.2 grams of H2 gas occupy at 25.1oC and a pressure of 758 mmHg?

    asked by Nick
  92. math

    A farm stand sells cider from two bar ells.The smaller barrel holds 336 L, but it is now 5/6 full. The farmer empties this cider into the other barrel and finds that the cider fills only 4/9 of it. How much cider would the larger barrel hold when full? My

    asked by HELP ASAP
  93. Ethics

    As a matter of fairness, should individuals be required to pay for health services on the basis of their actuarial risk of illness or, alternatively, on the basis of their ability to pay? help?

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Math

    What is 7 to the nearest hundred?

    asked by Sara
  95. Dynamics

    Hello, Is there a way to find the angle of inclination if given the coefficien of sliding friction? I've got 0.2 for the coefficient but I assume I can't use the old trick for find the angle give static friction I.e tan^-1 (u) = the angle.

    asked by Anon
  96. Math

    Find the least common denominator for 1/8 and 1/12. What is the sum of these fractions in lowest terms?

    asked by Layla
  97. Precalculus

    How do I put "cos^2 theta" into the denominator of "1/1-sin theta"?

    asked by Sandy East Ward
  98. English

    The customer wants to buy the product at the market. What can he say? Can we use all the following expressions? Which ones are commonly used? 1. I'll take it. 2. I'll buy it. 3. I'll get it. 4. I'll have it.

    asked by rfvv
  99. social studies

    why did mexico decide to break away from spanish

    asked by jayonekonobi
  100. math

    what is 9 x 3 - 9 x 20/-5

    asked by A curious 7th grader