Questions Asked on
April 3, 2017

  1. Garment making

    Different methods of disposal of fullness

    asked by Victoria Station
  2. physics

    A boy pulls a bag of baseball bats across a ball field toward the parking lot. The bag of bats has a mass of 6.8 kg, and the boy exerts a horizontal force of 20 N on the bag. As a result, the bag accelerates from rest to a speed of 1.12 m/s in a distance

    asked by silvia
  3. Math

    A kangaroo hopped 1/3 of the distance to the lake with her baby in her pouch. She hopped the remaining 7040 yards without her baby in her pouch. How many miles did the kangaroo hop on the lake? 1 mile =1760 yards.

    asked by Kathy
  4. physics

    Initially sliding with a speed of 4.1 m/s, a 1.8 kg block collides with a spring and compresses it 0.37 m before coming to rest. What is the force constant of the spring? k=Nm

    asked by ani
  5. Language arts

    in rose pogonias which type of figurative language is found is line 6 and 7? A)symbol B)metophor C) personification D) simile

    asked by Anonymous
  6. MATH

    choose the appropriate metric unit for the mass of concrete in a section of sidewalk? a:kilogram b:milligram c:gram d:meter

    asked by HELP
  7. Precalculus

    Rewrite as single trig function: sin(8x)cosx-cos(8x)sinx I know I can simplify sin(8x) into 4sin2xcos2xcos4x, but I'm stuck after that

    asked by Suyash g
  8. English

    When Scrooge tells Marley that Marley was always “a good man of business,” in Act 1, Scene 3 of A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley, Marley responds, “BUSINESS!!! Mankind was my business. The common welfare was my business; charity, mercy,

  9. Chemistry

    What is the energy of a photon in J emitted by the transition from the ni = 4 to the nf = 2 of a hydrogen atom?

    asked by Anon
  10. Chemistry

    How many moles of Fe(OH)2 will dissolve in 1.00L of water buffered at pH = 12.00? Fe(OH)2 has Ksp = 1.8 × 10^-15. How would I do this? Should I make an ice table? I know the pOH = 2.00.

    asked by Anonymous
  11. biology

    Workout a cross between a homozygous tall pea plant with axial flower (TTAA) and a homozygous dwarf pea plant with terminal flower (ttaa) Note:(a)considering the table that provides and summarize the contrasting character of pea plant,(1)state the

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math

    To save money, you put $200 in your bank account each week. After saving for 4 weeks, you have $1,700$ dollars in your account. Which equation models your savings account balance at the end of each week? A.) y-4=200(x-1700) B.) y-1700=200(x-4) C.)

    asked by Madeline
  13. Health

    3. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of (Select all that apply.) (2 points) A) carbohydrates. B) fats. C) proteins. D) fiber

    asked by .
  14. Alegbra

    A study recently confirmed that of every 100 citizens of a certain state 40 are considered overweight . There were 288 million citizens of this state in 2001 . how many would be considered overweight

    asked by Amber
  15. Physics

    A 100-W light bulb has an average lifetime of 800 h. how many electrons Move through the bulb in its life?

    asked by Jared
  16. History

    Which of these was President Lincoln's central goal during the Civil War? A.To end slavery in all U.S. states B.To preserve the Union****** C.To keep the U.S. economy from collapsing D.To punish the Southern states for seceding Is it B

    asked by Alex
  17. History Help:)

    1.At the time of the Civil War, what did Florida have in common with the Maryland? A.Both states were led by planters with an economic interest in slavery. B.President Lincoln suspended habeas corpus in both states. C.The majority of farmers in both states

    asked by Bob Tuck
  18. Chemistry

    How many moles of benzoic acid, a monoprotic acid with Ka=6.4×10^-5, must dissolve in 250mL of H2O to produce a solution with pH=2.04

    asked by Khadijah
  19. math

    You are designing a rectangular playground. On your scale drawing, the vertices of the rectangle are (6, 3), (6, 5), and (8, 3). What are the coordinates of the fourth vertex?

    asked by jassie
  20. Math

    Furry Pets pet store has 20 animals , and 2/5 of them are puppies. Pets Galore pet store has 12 animals and 3/4 of them are puppies. Which pet store has more puppies? Or are they the same?

    asked by Dalt
  21. Math

    The roof of a solar house is elevated by an angle of 50° at the front and by an angle of 40° at the back. Write an equation to determine the angle at the peak. Use

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Chemistry

    You are approaching a stoplight. If the frequency of the light being emitted is approximately 520 THz, what was the wavelength of the light? What color was the light? v = c/λ 520 THz --> 5.2x10^14 Hz 5.2x10^14 Hz = 3.0x10^8 m/s λ = 1.56 x 10^23 m Not

    asked by Anon
  23. Histroy

    Find one difference between the Arizona state constitution and the US Constitution. Explain why you think this difference occurred. One difference that I found between my state constitution (AZ) and the U.S. Constitution is the issue of voting. Things that

    asked by acndee
  24. History

    The growing popularity of newspapers, magazines, and books in the United States during the 19th century contributed to which of these? The emergence of a uniquely American literary style The expansion of educational opportunities for women and minorities

    asked by Marissa
  25. History

    ow did Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin support reform efforts? It stirred support for women's rights. It stirred outrage against slavery.*** It introduced the idea of free public education. It brought the housing crisis to peoples's attention.

    asked by Mackenzie
  26. Math

    To make a sports drink for the football team , Jayden filled 9/10 of a large cooler with water. Then, he filled the remaining space with 6 cups of sports drink concentrate. 1 gallon = 16 cups How many gallons of sports drink did Jaylen make?

    asked by Dalt
  27. Algebra

    A rectangles width is one half its length. If the diagonal equals 20 inches find the area

    asked by Anonymous
  28. algebra 1

    The Olivares family forgot to fill up the gasoline tank of their minivan at the beginning of a long trip. After driving 120 miles, there were 10 gallons remaining in the tank. If their car used fuel at the rate of 1 gallon every 20 miles, which equation

    asked by Anonymous
  29. world history

    How did new knowledge based on Aristotle and other Greek thinkers pose a challenge to Christian scholars? A.Christians believed that the new knowledge was based on faulty evidence. B. Christians accepted many ideas on faith rather than by using reason.

    asked by zara
  30. math

    Marcus wants to perdict the next student council president.He polls every fourth person from each grade level as they exit the cafeteria.In his poll, 65% chose Sophia.So, Marcus perdicts Sophia will win the election.what type of sample was taken

    asked by Anonymous
  31. english

    Can someone link me sites where they have information on the two below? 1. In Act IV, Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet cries, ''O, bid me leap, rather than marry Paris . . . And I will do it without fear or doubt.'' Both Romeo and Juliet seek out Friar

    asked by Carl Wheezer
  32. maths, statistics

    Marks in an examination are distributed normally with a mean of 55 and standard deviation of 15. 200 students sit the exam. (a) If the passing mark is 40, what is the number of students expected to fail? (b) If you score 75 marks on the exam what do you

    asked by eimear
  33. Chemistry

    What is the Pb2+ concentration in a saturated solution of PbCl2 if the concentration of chloride ion is 0.023 M? Units: M ksp = 1.72x10^-5 i can't seem to get the answer. i have tried and ICE diagram and going from there: PbCl2 (s) Pb ^2+ = 2Cl- I: 0.023 M

    asked by Lynn
  34. mATH

    1. Compare using , or =. -15 and -21 A < (MY ANSWER) B > C. = 2. Which nuumber is greater than -24? A -42 B-27 C -16 (MY ANSWER) D -30 3. Which set of integers is ordered from greatest to least. A -13, 4, 0, -8 B -5, -2, 3, 1 C -12, -8, -4, 7 (MY ANSWER) D

    asked by naomi
  35. chemistry

    So we did an experiment where we mixed Cacl2 and NaCl and then found the mass of the precipitate. Then we compared it to reference data on a standard curve to see the mass of Na2Co3 reacting to produce the CaCo3. So what I'm stuck on is this: Suppose the

    asked by Amy
  36. algebra

    Yogi is 6 years older than Michelle. The sum of their ages

    asked by anne
  37. Math

    Use the distributive property to write an expression equivalent to 14x+21y

    asked by Emiky
  38. Chemistry

    A 150ml solution of 0.340M HCl is mixed with a solution of 340ml of 0.175M HNO3. The solution is then diluted to a final volume of 1.00L. How many moles of H+ are present in the final solution?

    asked by Jessica
  39. Math

    the length of a rectangular window is 6 feet more than its width, w. the area of the window is 100 square feet. which equation could be used to find the dimensions of the window?

    asked by Kayla
  40. Algebra

    Come up with a new linear function that has a slope that falls in the range -1

    asked by Shelly
  41. chemistry

    how can I calculate the limiting reactor in a reaction?

    asked by Bornwell
  42. Math

    You begin to fill a bucket with water at 9 am. Each minute you double the amount of water in the bucket. If it takes you 1 hour to fill the bucket, at what time is the bucket one-quarter full?

    asked by Elaine
  43. Math

    Four candidates running for mayor receive votes as follows: Ito: 16,032; Johnson: 36,072; Kennedy: 8,016; Lieberman: 12,024 How do I find the majority, if there is one? Thanks?

    asked by Kelly
  44. Math

    There were d passengers in the train. 15% of all of them went in the first car, 20% went in the second car. How many passengers were in the rest of the train? D - 0.15d + (0.15d*0.2) + ? 0.15 + 0.03 = 0.18 I don't know what to do next?

    asked by Anna
  45. Math

    The city council gave a questionnaire to its citizens, asking them to rank their priorities for next year's budget. People were asked to rank the following four choices: (P)olice, (R)oads, (S)chools, and (T)rash removal. The results are summarized in the

    asked by Kelly
  46. physics

    A 1100-kg elevator is lifted at a constant speed of 1.5 m/s through a height of 20 m. Part A How much work is done by the tension in the elevator cable? Express your answer to two significant figures and include appropriate units. Part B How much work is

    asked by anonymous
  47. Math

    I have got three more dimes than quarters. The total value of my change is $2.75. How many of each coin have I got?

    asked by Mileena
  48. math

    suppose that it takes 100 workers 6 weeks to build 4 miles of highway. how many miles of highway could 160 workers build in 15 weeks

    asked by anthony
  49. Language arts

    If you have read this poem or taken this test can you please help me with it?? in "rose pogonias" which type of figurative language is found is line 6 and 7? A)symbol B)metophor C) personification D) simile

    asked by Megan
  50. Mathematical Proof

    Hello everyone, Trying to get my head around deductions and the deductive step using my text book, could someone look over my work: Question: n+6 is odd if and only if 5n+1 is even. So my working, here it goes: n+6=2k+1 n=2k-5 thus 5n+1=5(2k-5)+1 =2(5k-12)

    asked by Anon
  51. History

    An isthmus is a(n) very tall mountain unique land formation**** body of water flat grassland region

    asked by swimmerGirl
  52. philosophy-critical thinking

    Many people have reported encounters with ghosts. is this unacceptable by testimony?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. critical thinking

    It is highly conducive to the interests of the community that each individual should enjoy a liberty perfectly unlimited of expressing his sentiments I think this one is acceptable by observation. Am i right?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. Math


    asked by Mohammed
  55. Math, Algebra (fast help would be nice)

    So I did this whole math test and before I could hit "finish", my computer died and nothing saved. I have no memory of how I figured them out. Could you guys help please? Find the lateral area of the square pyramid. Show all steps. Base: 8m Length(height):

    asked by MathMakesMeDie
  56. grammar-check my work thank you

    Identify the phrase in parentheses as a gerund phrase, participle phrase or infinitive phrase. When the Christmas holidays arrive, (bustling shoppers fill the stores). I think it is a gerund phrase because it acts as a noun

    asked by mark
  57. History

    the mighty amazon river of south america carries ________ or the worlds fresh water. 2% 5% 20%***** 60%

    asked by swimmerGirl

    the major commercial aluminium ore is bauxite,AlO3.H2O(s).What is its molar mass?The analysis of a representive sample of bauxite shows it contains 70% by mass of Al2O3..What is the maximum mass of aluminium metal that could be obtained from 200kg of

    asked by MARTHA
  59. Sociology

    Is Ghana a classless society?

    asked by Felix
  60. Science

    1.What challenges does [your topic] pose to biodiversity? 2.What do you think should be done and why? Can someone help me plz!! i have to write a discussion.

    asked by Valerie
  61. Math

    Prya spent 1/2 of the day hiking. She was lost 5/6 of the time that she was hiking. What fraction of the day was Prya lost?

    asked by Dalt
  62. Chemistry

    After the initial 1 mL of 0.2 M FeCl3 (aq) and 1 mL of 0.2 M KSCN (aq) were combined it was then diluted with an additional 130 mL of deionized water. Which way would this dilution cause the equilibrium to shift? Is a dilution going to be a stress in all

    asked by kelly
  63. Algebra

    What is the expression x^-4×x^5 O think it is x^9 because the reciporical of x^-4 is x^4 and adding the exponents is x^9

    asked by Hi
  64. Math Ratios

    Suppose A is directly proportional to B, B is inversely proportional to C and C is inversely proportional to D. Determine whether A and D are directly proportional, inversely proportional, or neither.

    asked by Nikki
  65. English

    "First word (8 letters) 2nd word (4 letters) 3rd word (5 letters)" -First name (9 letters) last name (5 letters). Any ideas?

    asked by Dylan
  66. Math

    From a roll of curtain cloth,9 curtains each of length 4 metres can be cut.If the curtains needed are of 3 metres long, how many curtains can be made out of this cloth?

    asked by Shah
  67. Math. Plz walk me though

    A picture of the Sun has 12 identically matched points. Suppose you line up two suns directly on top of each other. What is the least number of degrees that you can rotate the top sun so that so the two Suns are perfectly aligned again. Can someone please

    asked by Kat
  68. English

    The person stopped reciting the passage for a second....So, I said ________ 1. "Go on." 2. "Go ahead." (Which one is suitable for the blank?)

    asked by rfvv
  69. Math

    Juan is 5 years older then John. Six years ago the sum of their ages was 25. How old are they now?

    asked by Mileena
  70. Algebra

    Check my answer- Solve the system of equations algebraically. Show all of your steps. Y=x^2+2x Y=3x+20 My answer: X^2+2x+3x+20 X^2-x-20 (x-5),(x+4)=0 x=5, x=-4 y=35, y=8 Thank you!

    asked by Angel
  71. Math

    Help. solve simultaneously x^2+y^2=13 and x^2-3xy+2y^2=25

    asked by buruj
  72. English (check answer)

    The success of my presentation tonight ___________ on you. 1. depends 2. is depending 3. will depend 4. has depended is it will depend?

    asked by Tyler
  73. math

    Found the area of TrapeziumABCD whose parallel side are 14cm and 24cm.its non parallel sides are 8cm and 6cm

    asked by nisha
  74. Math

    The sum of two numbers is 80 and if subtracted the results is 5 What are thet two numbers

    asked by Hiba
  75. maths

    Let x1(t) and x2(t) be functions that represent the horizontal displacement of two simple pendulums from their central position at time t (in seconds) x1(t) = 0.5sin(pi(t))/5) x2(t) = 0.1sin (pi(t))/4) If both pendulums start at the same displacement at

    asked by Xiang
  76. Physics

    An object of mass M is subject to two constant forces: F1, pointing in the x-direction, and F2, pointing in the y-direction. Show that the motion is one of constant acceleration. Find the magnitude and direction of this uniform acceleration. (Use the

    asked by Ama
  77. Precal

    Sin^2x/cosx =tanxsinx I need help in verifying also please tell me what identity u started with thank you!

    asked by Sarah
  78. economics

    Which type of economic institution works to provide services to a community and does not pay taxes? A bank B market C non-profit D labor union

    asked by anynomus
  79. Physics

    a 1.5 kg blue ball moves with a speed of 2.5 m/s collides, another 1.5 kg red ball which is at rest. after collision, the blue ball moves off at an angle of 30 deggress to the original direction of motion and the red ball deflects at an angle of theta to

    asked by Bwave
  80. Physics

    A car with a mass of 1500kg is moving at a speed of 50 km/h. What is it's Ek?

    asked by Mileena
  81. Physics

    A hockey puck has a mass of 210 g. If the hockey puck has 73 J of kinetic energy, what is its speed?

    asked by Mileena
  82. Math1

    C = 2~r solve for r

    asked by Jordan
  83. pgcc

    Two identical steel balls, each of mass 4.40 kg, are suspended from strings of length 25.0 cm so that they touch when in their equilibrium position. We pull one of the balls back until its string makes an angle θ = 70.0◦ with the vertical and let it go.

    asked by red
  84. Math

    A pprogram that keeps reading positive numbers until the user enters a zero and print the smallest number

    asked by Fedaa
  85. Calculus

    Determine if the Mean Value Theorem for Integrals applies to the function f(x) = x^3 − 16x on the interval [−1, 1]. If so, find the x-coordinates of the point(s) guaranteed to exist by the theorem. f(a)=15 f(b)=-15 f'(x)=3x^2-16 f'(c)=-15 I am now lost

    asked by Louis
  86. Precal

    Cot^2x-csc^2x Please help me simplify using identities! Thank You!

    asked by Sarah
  87. math

    Use the variable v to represent Vanessa's score.

    asked by alex
  88. Math

    what is the amount of sales tax owed on a $350 laptop computer if the tax rate is 6% off

    asked by TheGrudyHippo
  89. History

    1.How did geography affect Florida during the Civil War? A.Florida has a long coastline, so it was easy to blockade. B. Florida was far to the south, so few battles happened there.**** C.Florida was surrounded by water, which increased the capacity of its

    asked by Mrs. Sue (Check)
  90. chemistry

    A 6.0-L flask contains 0.60 g at a temperature of 25°C. What is the pressure (in atm) inside the flask?

    asked by derek
  91. Chemistry

    The Ksp for Fe(OH)3 is 1.6x10-39. Calculate the concentration of OH- if the concentration of Fe3+ at equilibrium is 0.0050M in an aqueous saturated solution of Iron(III)hydroxide.

    asked by Keekee
  92. Math

    I really need help on my last question if anyone can help me. Use the function g(X)=-X+2 with initial values of 4,2,and 1. What happens after many iterations with all three initial values? How do the results of all three iterations relate to each other?

    asked by Ashley
  93. Math

    I have a rope that is 3.6 meters long if I cut the rope into two pieces one piece is 1.925 meters long how long is the other piece of rope

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Ethics

    What are the fundamental values of each of these health systems: The system In Mexico, the system in Canada, the system in the United Kingdom, and the system in the United States? I think it has to do with comparison of the healthcare systems in Canada and

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Maths

    A school spends a quator of it's money on books and a third on salaries. If the school spends a fifth of the remainder on transport, the remainig amount was sh.40,000. How much money did the school have at first?

    asked by Viva
  96. maths, statistics

    The yearly mileage accumulated by an automobile in a large car rental company’s fleet is normal with mean 18000 kilometres and standard deviation 1700 miles. At the end of the year the company sells 80% of its cars, keeping the 20% with the lowest

    asked by eimear
  97. physics hw

    A 1100-kg elevator is lifted at a constant speed of 1.5 m/s through a height of 20 m. a)How much work is done by the tension in the elevator cable?How much work is done by gravity? b)How much work is done by gravity?

    asked by sinti
  98. Corporate Finance

    You have been asked to estimate the value of a 10-year bond with a coupon that will be low initially but it is expected to grow later in the bond’s life. The coupon is expected to be 5% of the face value of the bond (which is $ 1000) for the first 5

    asked by Randa
  99. economics

    Questions from Andreas Software Business A. How many software programs should Andrea sell to make the most profit? __________ What would her profit be? ___________ What is the marginal revenue for this number of programs? ____________ The marginal cost?

    asked by Joan
  100. Social Studies

    Which of the following was a reason for the Cold War? A. East and West Berlin were divided. B. Stalin prevented free elections in Eastern Europe. C. There was mutual distrust between the Soviets and Americans.*** D. Italian communist won seats in the

    asked by The world may never know
  101. Precal

    2sin^2(2/A)+cosA=1 Please help me verify using identities

    asked by Hannah
  102. physics help

    At t=1.0s, a 0.49 kg object is falling with a speed of 6.5 m/s. At t=2.0s, it has a kinetic energy of 38 J. What is the kinetic energy of the object at t=1.0s? What is the speed of the object at t=2.0s? How much work was done on the object between t=1.0s

    asked by ani

    A 1100-kg elevator is lifted at a constant speed of 1.5 m/s through a height of 20 m. a)How much work is done by the tension in the elevator cable?How much work is done by gravity? b)How much work is done by gravity?

    asked by sinti
  104. Math

    Write the equation and solve the following problems 1. Seven more then three times a number is 22. What is the number? 2. One half a number diminished by six is 14. What is the number? 3. The sum of two consecutive numbers is 131. What are the numbers. 4.

    asked by Mileena
  105. physicss

    A steel wire is used to lift heavy object. The cable has a diameter of 14.25 mm and an initial length of 33.5 m. If the cable stretches 2.50 mm, what is the mass of the heavy object? Use 20.0 x 10^10 Pa for Young’s modulus for steel. Give your answer in

    asked by Idali
  106. physics

    An object with a mass of 34.0 g and a volume of 41.0 + B cm3 is placed in a liquid with a density of 1.25 g/cm3. Find the volume of the part of the object that is NOT submerged in the liquid. Give your answer in cm3 and with 3 significant figures.

    asked by Idali
  107. Math Help Please ASAP

    I need someone to write this out for me like in a discussion so I can read it and write it in my own words please ASAP! Identify two regular and two irregular polygons in your home or community. How do you know they are regular or irregular? Give one

    asked by TheGruddyHippo
  108. Chemistry

    I'm not sure how to do these and when I looked it up, maybe there was a diff. vocab used. Please help! 1.) How do you do atom/ion inventory of : Cu3(PO4)2 A. _____ formula units Cu3(PO4)2 B. _____ atoms Cu C. _____ atoms P D. _____ atoms O E. _____ ions

    asked by Jen
  109. History

    How did the arrival of Europeans settlers in North America affect the lives and the cultures of the the indigenous people there?

    asked by swimmerGirl
  110. Chemistry

    Please help. I have tried this a few different times and have come up with the same answer. What is the pH of the solution if 0.01 of HCl is added to a buffer containing 0.013 mol of RCOOH and 0.035 mol of RCOONa (source of RCOO-)? Ka = 2.7E-5 so far i

    asked by Amanda
  111. Physics 11

    A businesswoman is applying a force of 12.0 N [upwards] to carry her briefcase for a horizontal distance of 200.0 m. How much work is she doing on the briefcase?

    asked by Rayan
  112. Math

    A kangaroo hopped 1/3 of the distance to the lake with her baby in her pouch. She hopped the remaining 7040 yards without her baby in her pouch. How many miles did the kangaroo hop to the lake? 1 mile = 1760 yards

    asked by Dalt
  113. Math

    1/2 of a group of chickens tried to cross the road. Only 3/4 of those chickens made it to the other side. What fraction of the original group of chickens made it to the other side.

    asked by Dalt
  114. Algebra Concentration Problem

    John is making his own trail mix. He has bought two kinds of trail mix from the store, one that is 65% peanuts and one that is 30% peanuts. If he wants to have 10 lbs of trail mix that is 40% peanuts, how much of each will he need to use?

    asked by Nikki