Questions Asked on
April 2, 2017

  1. English

    In the phantom tollbooth act 1 the lethargarians say that milo is just like them. Milo ask the lethargarians what they do. one of them says anything as long as its nothing, and everything as long as it isnt just anything What does this piece of dialog tell

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  2. Math

    Determine the projection of u = 1.6i + 3.3j in the v = -2.1i - 0.5j direction a. 0.8i +0.2j b. 2.3i = 0.5j c.-0.6i-1.3j d. -1.2i-1.1j

    asked by Les
  3. Math fractions

    Jackie loves to cook fried foods. She recorded the total amount of oil that she used each month in the table below. In January she used 3/5 of the amount of oil that she used in Fedruary. Fill in the amount of oil that Jackie used in January in the table

    asked by Al
  4. Math fractions

    Carlos spent 1 1/4 hours doing his math home work. He spent 1/4 of this time practicing his multiplication facts. How many hours did Carlos spend practicing his multiplication facts? Need an answer in numbers and an answer in fractions.

    asked by Dalt
  5. math

    Find the angle between u=(8,-3) and V=(-3,-8). Round to the nearest tenth of a degree

    asked by Les
  6. Social studies

    Why did the soviet union want to prevent a united West Berlin. A It would allow west Germans to enter freely in east germany. B It would be considered a threat to the Soviet Union C It would draw valuable natural resources D It would make West Berlin

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  7. social studies


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  8. Chemistry

    In the reaction,C2H4(g) + 3O2(g) =2H2O(g) + 2CO2(g),what is the complete combustion of 12.5cm3 of ethene

    asked by Joanna

    which Formula should be used to find the area of the composite shape?? A= 4(1/2 x bh ) + 1w A= 4bh + 1w A= 2bh + 1w A= 2bh + bh

    asked by Young Trippy Lil G
  10. Chem Help!!!

    A 1.00 mL aliquot of solution A was diluted to 50.00 mL using 0.02 M Fe(III), forming solution B (reaction 2) By looking at this how many moles of sodium salicylate were in the 1.00 mL aliquot used to prepare solution B?

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  12. Chemistry

    The spectrophometer was used to measure the absorbance of each of a series of [FeSa]+ solutions. A standard curve was construnceted by plotting the absorbance vs. concentration (M). The slope and y-intercept were found to be 1496 M-1 and .003,

    asked by Erin
  13. physics-optics

    In a Young's double-slit experiment, the slits are 0.4mm apart and are illuminated by laser light of wavelength 602.4nm. The screen is 3.1m away. What is the number of dark fringes per centimetre?

    asked by eliz
  14. Math Fractions

    Priya spent 1/2 of the day hiking. She was lost 5/6 of the time that she was hiking. What fraction of the day was Priya lost?

    asked by Dalt
  15. Social studies

    Which of the following primarily accounts for the spike in cuban immigration in the 60 A ongoing civil war in Cuba b changes in U.S immigration laws c communism takeover of the cuban government d rapid growth in cuban wealth and mobility I believe it's B

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  16. chemistry

    When iron(ii)hydroxide is mixed with phosphoric acid, iron(ii)phosphate precipitate results. b)if 3.2g of Fe(OH)² is treated with 2.50g of phosphoric acid, what is the limiting reagent and what is the reactant in access? c)How many grams of Fe³(PO⁴)²

    asked by Nokulunga
  17. physics-optics

    Two speakers are separated by a distance of 3.4 m. A point P is placed at 5.7 m from one of the speakers so that they form a right triangle. If the speed of sound in this situation is 340 m/s and the speakers are in phase, what is the lowest frequency for

    asked by eliz
  18. Math

    How many equal line segments are needed to make a row of 35 squares?

    asked by Dalt
  19. MATH

    asolid metal cube of side 10cm is melted down and recast as solid metal sphere.calculate the radius of the sphere.Take Pie=3.142

    asked by Collins
  20. Ashford

    In hiring officials it is considered best to: A. Pay a salary plus expenses rather than a flat fee B.Have officials selected with the approval of the opponents C.Use local officials D.Have officials chosen strictly by the home team. A and C Which of the

    asked by tim
  21. urgent calculus help please

    A 20m long ladder is leaning against a wall. The top of the ladder is sliding down the wall at a constant speed of 2m/s. How quickly is the bottom of the ladder moving away from the wall when the bottom of the ladder is 5m from the wall? Give your answer

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Chemistry

    Based on the following observations for 3 unidentified metals (Z, X, and D) and solutions of their metal cations (Zn+ and En+), rank the metals in terms of reducing agent strength, from lowest to highest. -When metal X is placed in an aqueous solution of

    asked by Nathaly
  23. Math

    18. Kim deposited $1422 in a savings account. How much would she have in the account after 5 years at an annual simple interest rate of 3%.

    asked by Alicia
  24. Math

    How many equal line segments are needed to make a row of 35 squares?

    asked by Kathy
  25. physics-optics

    Two narrow slits are 0.25mm apart. The dark fringe of order 55 is 0.8 degrees from the central bright fringe. What is the wavelength of the light?

    asked by eliz
  26. Math

    Kellan's neighbor went out of town for 9 days. Each day her neighbor was gone, Kellan earned $7 for walking her neighbors dog and $2 for watering her neighbors plants. Write a numerical expression with parentheses for the total amount of money Kellan

    asked by Dee
  27. physics-optics

    Light of wavelength 649nm illuminates two slits, which are 1.6mm apart. A fringe pattern appears on a screen 2.7m from the slits. What is the distance between dark fringe number 4 and dark fringe number 5?

    asked by eliz
  28. Physics

    A 100-W light bulb has an average lifetime of 800 h. how many electrons Move through the bulb in its life?

    asked by Jared
  29. math

    the perimeter of a football field is 204cm find the length of the field if it's breadth is 24cm TEACHER

    asked by bashir
  30. Phyisics

    Velocity of sound 27 d c is 340m/s calculate velocity of sound in air at 127d c

    asked by Numerical
  31. Chemistry

    Based on the following information, estimate the Ksp of silver bromide at 25°C. Ag+(aq) + e– → Ag(s) E° = 0.80 V AgBr(s) + e– → Ag(s) + Br–(aq) E° = 0.07 V (1) 5 x 10–13 (2) 2 x 10–25 (3) 2 x 10–15 (4) 4 x 10–30 (5) 3 x 10–11 I

    asked by Richard Swasley
  32. Chemistry

    A 10.00 g strip of zinc metal is placed in 100. mL of 0.250 M silver nitrate solution. When the reaction that occurs finally ceases, what will be the mass of unreacted zinc metal in the strip? What will be the mass of silver metal that “plates out” of

    asked by Chicken Biryani
  33. Chemistry

    How many g of NaOH is needed to make 300.0 mL of a 20 % (w/v) solution? I'm so lost right now I have absolutely no clue

    asked by Thomas Ruger
  34. discret math

    Consider the graph below. a) Does the graph have an Euler path? If so, find such a path. If it does not, give an argument to show why not such a path exists. b) Does the graph have an Euler circuit? If so, find such circuit. If it does not, give an

    asked by bob89
  35. Algebra

    Markus had M dollars in his bank account. After removing 1/5 of the money in the account and then removing another 200, Markus now had 800. How much money did Markus have initially?

    asked by Nikki
  36. Trig

    Right circular cylinder A has a volume of 2700 cubic inches and radius of 15 inches. Right circular cylinder B is similar to cylinder A and has a volume of 800 cubic inches. Find the radius of cylinder B.

    asked by Sue
  37. Chemistry

    What initial concentration of Cd2+ is required to result in a cell potential of 0.200 V in a voltaic cell constructed by connecting a nickel electrode that is dipped into 1.00 M NiSO4 solution to a cadmium electrode that is dipped into a solution

    asked by Richard Swasley
  38. Diagnosis and Assessing

    Hello, can anyone help me with the following questions: Due to oppression and discrimination that many diverse members of counseling groups have faced, it is recommended that the group be a place where the subject of __________ can be openly explored. A.

    asked by Lencho
  39. Physics

    At what height above the earth's surface. the acceleration due to gravity will be 1/9th of its value at the earth's surface. Re = 6400km

    asked by Invincible
  40. Science

    Explain the difference between Type 1 (T1DM) and Type 2 (T2DM) diabetes. What are the common risk factors associated with T2DM? (Use the abbreviations for Type 1 & 2 diabetes mellitus in your response; don’t forget to define them the first time you use

    asked by Farah
  41. Math

    I need help with this.The question is Fedinand has a rectangular square garden.The garden is 7 1/2 feet wide.The area of the garden is 150 square feet.What is the length of Ferdinand's garden?Write the division needed for this problem.Do not solve.

    asked by Barbara
  42. 11 grade / physics

    a meter rod is pivoted at the center 5kg body is attched 10cm from the one end 30cm from the pivot at the other side how much mass be connected to keep the meter in equilibrium

    asked by ashi
  43. Chemistry

    How many g of KCl are need to make 2.5 L of a 10% (w/v) solution?

    asked by Thomas Ruger
  44. Ashford

    In hiring officials it is considered best to: A. Pay a salary plus expenses rather than a flat fee B.Have officials selected with the approval of the opponents C.Use local officials D.Have officials chosen strictly by the home team. A and C Which of the

    asked by tim
  45. Calculus -math

    The Perfect Pizza Parlour estimates the average daily cost per pizza, in dollars, to be c(x)=0.00025x^2 +8x +10/x, where x is the number of pizzas made in a day. A) Determine the total cost at a production level of 50 pizzas a day B) Determine the

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Criminal Justice

    What is the difference between a disposition and a post-disposition? What are the most common dispositions used for status offenders? I have probation, fines or restitutions, community service, and counseling/ treatment. Thank you!

    asked by College
  47. eqilibrium /physics

    a rod 200cm long is pivoted at the 80cm from the one end 3kg body is attched at the one end 80cm away from the pivoted point how far from the other end 5kg body be attched to the rod

    asked by ashi
  48. math

    Find the degree 7 Taylor polynomial for f(x )= 2cos(3x) centered at x = 3π/2 . Thanks for your help

    asked by Mary
  49. mechanics

    A 1200kg fuel tank is cruising at 15m/s and doesn't notice that the 800kg car right in front of it slowed down to 10m/s.the truck runs into the car in a collision that last for 0.25s.the tanker is going at 12m/s after the collision find(a)what force did

    asked by Anonymous
  50. AP Physics 1

    This isnt exactly a hw question... but for anyone who knows: Im considering to take AP Physics next year as a challenge. I'm going to be taking pre-calc next year ( i already took my algebras) and im not too great in math but im good at memorizing and

    asked by gallant
  51. Chemistry (science)

    Which compound is likely to have a lower melting/boiling point?Hydrochloric acid or Potassium sulfate? Justify. Now I know that hydrochloric acid has the lower melting and boiling point because it is covalent and potassium sulfate has an ion-ion force

    asked by Alex. R
  52. maths

    a committee consists of 7 people.In how many waya a president,secretary and treasurer can be chosen

    asked by anil
  53. Diagnosis and assessment

    I am stuck with the two last questions and have doubts. Can everyone assist me with this? Yalom suggested a preparatory group interview of potential group members. Which of these interview topics is NOT recommended by Yalom? A. To prohibit any personal

    asked by Lencho
  54. Calculus

    Estimate the area under the graph of f(x)=cos((pi/4)x) from x=-2 to x=2 using 3 rectangles of equal width, using left and right endpoints.?

    asked by Joseph
  55. Science

    Can someone please explain? This tool is called a McLeod rake, a tool commonly used in fighting forest fires or wild fires. It is used to clear vegetation in order to make firebreaks, and also to cut off stray branches. The metallic head part of the rake

    asked by Taylor
  56. SAT

    What is the best study plan for SAT option? (like should i do Kaplan, C2, Testmasters, self study, private tutor...etc) I want to get a high score on my SAT since i am considering competitive colleges. Also I will most likely be sitting down for the SAT

    asked by gallant
  57. Maths

    At 3p.M the Temperature Was 9oC. By 11p.m,it Had dropped 21oC .What Was The Temperature At 11 PM?

    asked by Tewfik
  58. math

    a bag holds 6 green 4 red 5 yellow and 3 purple marbles what is the probability of choosing a purple marble

    asked by math help
  59. Chemistry

    Sup fam, why is SO2 a stronger reducer than Cr3+?

  60. English

    1. I want to raise a cat. 2. I want to keep a cat. 3. I want to have a cat. 4. I want to grow a cat. ---------------------- Can we use all the verbs to have the same meaning? Does 'grow' mean 'raise' here?

    asked by rfvv
  61. precal

    (sin x + cos x)^2 tan x = tan x + 2 sin^2 x please help me verify the identity

    asked by sarah
  62. precal Please Help

    1-cos (2A)/2sin A+ SIN (2A)= tan (A/2) I need to verify the identity I have no idea how to do that and I have a test please explain!!!

    asked by Rachel
  63. math

    Use logarithmic differentiation to find y ′ for the following function. x^3 = e^−4y4−9y

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    Sunny is standing still, holding the end of a 15-inch rope, while her horse runs in a circle around her. How far does the horse run to complete one circle around Sunny? ~ How do I set this up?

    asked by name
  65. American Government

    Why is it important to protect the rights of the accused in the United States Constitution? This question is on my homework and I can't find anything that helps me.

    asked by Brighton
  66. chemistry

    If you have A + C C + D, and you increase the concentration of A; that means equilibrium will shift to the right. Now does that also mean that concentration of C decreases?

    asked by Thio
  67. Science

    What is the morality of a solution made by dissolving 9.80 g of H2SO4 in a 200.0 g of H2O?

    asked by Corey
  68. maths

    A piece of rope has a length of 20 and a half metres long.if half metre is cut from it,how many pieces will be cut?

    asked by Loyce
  69. statistics

    Find the number of ways in which 3 of 10 real estate salesperson can be ranked first, second and third according to market knowledgebility.

    asked by evangelin
  70. physic

    At what temp will the vilocity of sound be double its value at 273k A 1042k B 1097k C 1092k D 1121k

    asked by Ananya
  71. Chemistry

    Let's say equilibrium shifts to the right, producing more product. I know that that increases products, but does it decrease reactants? Thanks.

    asked by Thio
  72. Physics-Graivty

    Suppose planet earth suddenly grew in size, so that its radius was twice as large as before. Also suppose that at the same time, its mass also doubled to twice its former mass. If you weight used to be 700 N, what is it on this "new" Earth. Describe why

    asked by Anonymous
  73. chemistry

    How many g of NaOH is needed to make 300.0 mL of a 20 % (w/v) solution? please please show all work I'm very lost

    asked by Thomas Ruger
  74. Economics

    The average price level increases Stock prices plummet The interest rate decrease Business are pessimistic Does the Aggregate demand curve shift if so in what direction Labor productivity deceased Size of the labor force increases The average price level

    asked by Keon Meadowsawdos
  75. mechanics

    In English premier league football match between arsenal and Manchester city club in the 2015/2016 season at the emirate stadium,sagna throws a ball going right at 15m/s towards Yaya toure and hits his chest.if Yaya toure's body exerted a force of 30N to

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Physics

    A cell of emf 2v and internal resistance of 1ohms passes a current through an external load of 9ohms.calculate the potential difference across the cell

    asked by Carina
  77. philosophy-critical thinking

    Read statements (a) through (d) and identify any statement(s) that is irrelevant to the claim. (a) It is unfair to expect victims to bear the cost of someone else’s negligence. (b) Costs to victims arise as a result of the action of the drunk driver. (c)

    asked by Anonymous
  78. maths

    If cot¤=7/8,find sin¤, Cos¤,Tan¤,Cosec¤,Tan¤

    asked by puran
  79. Mathematics

    In right angled triangle ABC,angle B=90degree and AB=√34unit.The coordinates of points B,C are(4,2)&(-1,y).if ar(ABC)=17units then find the value of y

    asked by Saayra
  80. Science

    Describe the elasticity of a golf club hitting a golf ball

    asked by Kiko Kuklil
  81. business mathematics

    Please assist me to factorise the following. 4x^3 + 5x^2y - 4xy^2 - 5y^2 \

    asked by ruth
  82. Maths

    Write as a single fraction 1/1-x +2/1+x So this is how I did it Finding LCM 1+x +2(1+x)/(1-x)(1+x)

    asked by Deborah
  83. Math

    The square root of number that is two bigger than k is twice as big as the square root of the number one less than k. What is k?

    asked by John
  84. english

    What is the meaning of sqrt?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Chemistry (science)

    how does the compound type (ionic, polar, non-polar) correlate to its properties (melting/boiling points)? I have a feeling it's something related to the forces acting on them but I'm confused around how.

    asked by Alex. R
  86. Chemistry (science)

    how does the compound type (ionic, polar, non-polar) correlate to its properties (melting/boiling points)? I have a feeling it's something related to the forces acting on them but I'm confused around how.

    asked by Alex. R
  87. science

    What is the momentum of a 10 kg mass at rest.

    asked by luhit
  88. philosophy

    1.Only claims that can be objectively verified can be trusted. 2.Many people have reported encounters with ghosts. 1. unacceptable; problems in language 2. acceptable by testimony I just want to confirm if these answers are right.

    asked by Anonymous
  89. math

    Consider the function: (-2x^2 - 2x-4) y = 2x^2 - x +10 Find y ′ using implicit differentiation. Do not solve for y. What is the slope of the tangent at (x,y) = (2,−1)? Find y ′ by solving for y and using the quotient rule. What is the

    asked by Phemmi
  90. English

    Is under a preposition? True or False.

    asked by Bob