Questions Asked on
April 1, 2017

  1. Math 7th

    Triangle ABC is shown on the graph below. link to picture a. Triangle ABC is reflected over the y-axis. What are the coordinates of the reflected triangle? b. Describe in words what happens to the x-coordinates and the y-coordinates of the original

    asked by softball lover
  2. Math

    Bill paints murals. He recorded the total amount of white paint that he used for his murals each month in the table below. In April Bill used 2/3 of the amount that housed in May. Fill in the amount of white paint BIll used in April in the table below.

    asked by Dee
  3. probability and statistics

    Let Θ1, Θ2, W1, and W2 be independent standard normal random variables. We obtain two observations, X1=Θ1+W1,X2=Θ1+Θ2+W2. Find the MAP estimate θ^=(θ^1,θ^2) of (Θ1,Θ2) if we observe that X1=1, X2=3. (You will have to solve a system of two linear

    asked by AAA
  4. Algebra

    Admissions to a baseball game is $2.00 for general admission and $6.50 for reserve seats.The receipts were $3836.50 for 1133 paid admissions.How many of each tickets were sold?

    asked by Nabela
  5. physics

    A 6000kg truck travelling north at 5m/s collides with a 4000kg truck moving west at 15m/s,if the two trucks remain locked together after collision,find (a)with what speed and in what direction do they move immediately after collision?(b)what is the lost of

    asked by Anonymous
  6. probability and statistics

    For the model X=Θ+W, and under the usual independence and normality assumptions for Θ and W, the mean squared error of the LMS estimator is 1(1/σ02)+(1/σ12), where σ02 and σ12 are the variances of Θ and W, respectively. Suppose now that we change

    asked by AAA
  7. Algebra2

    A spinner is divided into10 equal sections. What is the probability of spinning it and landing on a number that is divisible by 5? they are 5,14,4,9,15,13,2,7,21,11 a-2/5 b-1/10 c-1/5 d-10/2 my answer is c

    asked by Steve
  8. english

    does anyone know how to write a persuasive essay map on romeo and juliet for connections academy English B lesson 12 unit 2

    asked by Yas
  9. math

    Given that the number 1372x413 is divisible by 11, where x is a digit, then the value of x is To find if number is divisible by 11, difference of sum of digits at even places and sum of digits at odd places should be either 0 or 11. is this correct?????

    asked by poorvi
  10. Dynamics

    The rod of the fixed hydraulic cylinder is moving to the left with a speed of 100 mm/s and this speed is momentarily increasing at a rate of 400 mm/s each second at the instant when sA = 425 mm. Determine the tension in the cord at that instant. The mass

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Chemistry

    How much oxygen (in grams) will form from 44.2 mg of N2O5? 2N2O5(s) → 4NO2(g) + O2(g) ____× 10^-3(g) O2

    asked by Jay
  12. Maths

    Length of a cord is 71 1/2 it has been cut into 26 equal parts what is the length of each part?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Math

    Use the display of data to find the standard deviation. A bar graph titled Score with a horizontal axis labeled from 5 to 11 in increments of 1 and a vertical axis labeled Frequency from 0 to 12 in increments of 2 contains three vertical bars with labels

    asked by Jessica
  14. chemistry

    1. In the Thermodynamics of Borax Dissolution experiment, a student quickly transferred a 5.00 mL sample of the saturated borax solution into an Erlenmyer flasks using a pipet and pipet pump after the borax solution had cooled to 35oC. The student rinses

    asked by too hard
  15. Psychology

    Please provide me some points to write an essay on a case. Alexis had often wished that she could understand herself better. But the fight with her boyfriend the previous night really made her wonder what was driving her behaviour. For no reason at all,

    asked by Student
  16. math

    A vertical mast is on top of building and is positioned 6 ft from the front edge. The mast casts a shadow perpendicular to the front of the building and the tip of the shadow is 90 ft from the front of the building. At the same time, the 24 ft building

    asked by John
  17. Algebra

    Kevin is 20 years older than his sister Joan.In 14 years,he will be twice as old as Joan.How old is of of them now?

    asked by Nabela
  18. Math

    An alloy contains zinc and copper in the ratio 7:9. Find the weight of copper if it has 31:5 kg of zinc

    asked by Aishu
  19. geometry

    A vertical mast is on top of building and is positioned 6' from edge of building. The mast casts a 90' shadow from front of building. Another building 24' tall casts a shadow 64'. What is the height of the mast?

    asked by John
  20. Chemistry

    What is the pressure of a fixed volume of hydrogen gas at 38.8°C if it has a pressure of 1.36 atm at 15.0°C?

    asked by tyrell
  21. Precalculus

    An offshore oil well is leaking oil and creating a circular oil slick. If the radius of the slick is growing at a rate of 4 miles/hour, find the rate at which the area is increasing when the radius is 7 miles. (The area of a disc of radius r is A = πr2.)

    asked by Amanda
  22. Math

    I have 3 more tens than 27.what number an i?

    asked by Amal
  23. English

    In both Hamlet and Oedipus Rex some of the most significant events are mental or psychological; for instance, awakenings, discoveries, or changes in consciousness. Choose either Hamlet or Oedipus Rex, and in a well-developed essay, analyze the uses the

    asked by Lisa
  24. math

    An investment club placed $36,000 into two simple interest accounts. On one account, the annual simple interest rate is 8.5%. On the other, the annual simple interest rate is 3.5%. How much should be invested in each account so that both accounts earn the

    asked by Porchae
  25. Chemistry

    How do you prepare 17.2cm³ of 36% conc HCL per dm³ of solution?

    asked by Charles
  26. mechanics

    A ball of mass 0.75kg moving horizontally at 5m/s strikes a vertical wall and rebounds with a speed of 2m/s.find (a)what is the impulse received by the ball?(b)calculate the coefficient of restitution(c)calculate the kinetic energy of the ball before and

    asked by Anonymous
  27. physics

    A ball is dropped from a height of 8m onto a horizontal floor and rebounds to a height of 12m.what is the coefficient of restitution between the ball and the floor?take g=10m/s^2

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Biology

    What Are The Main Similarities Between Typhoid And Cholera?

    asked by Mentasnot
  29. Chemistry

    A 200-mL solution of KCl(aq) was electrolyzed for 10.0 minutes, producing Cl2 gas at the anode and H2 gas at the cathode. If the pH of the final solution was 12.40, what was the average current (in amps) used?

    asked by DrBobFan
  30. Finance

    A company is planning to set aside money to repay $100 million in bonds that will be coming due in 10 years. If the appropriate discount rate is 9%, a. how much money would the company need to set aside at the end of each year for the next 10 years to be

    asked by Jessy
  31. math

    The graph represents the cost cc (in dollars) of buying nn tickets to a baseball game. (1,10) (2,20) (3,30) a. Should the points be connected with a line to show all the solutions? Explain your reasoning. make sense to draw a line between the points to

    asked by mckenzie
  32. mechanics

    A ball of mass 0.75kg moving horizontally at 5m/s strikes a vertical wall and rebounds with a speed of 2m/s.find (a)what is the impulse received by the ball?(b)calculate the coefficient of restitution(c)calculate the kinetic energy of the ball before and

    asked by Anonymous
  33. physics

    if f1= 3i + 5j + 6k and f2= 2i + 3j - 4k both measure the newton are displaced by d= 3i - 2j + 4k measure the metre, find the workdone

    asked by Mark
  34. Math

    You plan on borrowing $14000 at 16% APR for 5 years. Use Web Loan Calculator to find the monthly payment. Find the total interest paid on this loan for the first 20 months. Set up a spread sheet to answer. Here is an example of what it should look like.

    asked by Tyreice
  35. Chemistry

    Ammonia is often formed by reacting nitrogen and hydrogen gases. How many liters of ammonia gas can be formed from 17.2 L of hydrogen gas at 93.0°C and a pressure of 45.8 kPa??

    asked by tyrell
  36. Math- Alegebra

    HELP ME! On a number line, show all values of x for which… |x| >0 (Sorry about how I can't post the number line and the tools to use but I can explain it).

    asked by Ganett
  37. math

    Consider the function:(-2x^2 +3x -7) y= -2x^2x +3x +17 Find y ′ using implicit differentiation. Do not solve for y. What is the slope of the tangent at (x,y) = (−1,−1)? Find y ′ by solving for y and using the quotient rule. What is the slope of the

    asked by excel
  38. physics

    A car of mass 500kg and velocity=36km/h and suddenlybreak applied 150m calculate the force and work done?

    asked by Amar kumar
  39. Geometry

    Enlarge 6 in x 10 in picture to 3 feet x 4 feet. What is the scale factor and how much of the space will be used?

    asked by Oakley
  40. Science

    Identify the following types of tissue as connective, muscle, nerve, or ephithelial: A. Tendon - Muscle B. Sciatic Nerve- Nerve C. Fat - ? D. Blood Vessel - Nerve E. Skin - Ephithelial F. Ligament - ? G. Bone - ? H. Muscle - Muscle ( I got them all except

    asked by Crystal
  41. Algebra

    Find the solution set of 2√x = x - 3. A. {1, 9} B. {9} C. {1, -9} I got a quadratic and factored it as (x - 9)(x - 1). Then the solutions are x = 9 and x = 1. But the answer is supposed to be just 9. However, wouldn't x = 1 also work, if we do √1 = -1?

    asked by Anonymous
  42. math

    a rectangle with dimension 30/7 m by 20/7 m is to be completely tiled with identical square tiles with no overlapping or cutting. Find the side length of the largest square tile which will accomplish the task.

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Biology

    Hi, I am trying to work out a hypothesis to compare Estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells to normal breast tissues. Am I right in thinking that this will be a hypothesis using "effect" words instead of association ?

    asked by Yvonne
  44. English

    I am against children using a smartphone and one of the question i was given was aren't smartphone useful for homework? How can I repond to this question??? Btw it's a speech? So it has to be persuasive and another q is is there any situation where you

    asked by Ruwaydah-Asap
  45. biology

    At what stages of meiosis 1 and 2 are the chromosomes unreplicated and replicated At what stages of meiosis 1 and 2 are the chromosomes diploid and haploid

    asked by melina
  46. algebra 2

    how to find the value of sec theta -15/4 and Tan theta 12 when theta is greater than zero and less than 360

    asked by amy
  47. core mathematics

    Two boats are 70m and on opposite sides of a lighthouse.from the two boats,the angles of elevation of the lighthouse are 71 and 45 respectively.find the height of the lighthouse.

    asked by mary
  48. biology

    what are some complications of diabtetes mellitus?

    asked by Anonymous
  49. math (venn diagrams)

    70% of 7 graders have iPhone and 60%are in chorus. However, 15% of 7th graders are neither in chorus or own phone. What % of students have an iPhone and are not in chorus

    asked by Liz
  50. math

    a new product is to be promote in the market. The sales in the first week is estimated to be 5000 unit with an increase of 1500 each week during the product's lifespan. Find the formulas for the number of sales, S(unit), in the nth week.

    asked by Anonymous
  51. math

    in the middle circle have rectangle with length 12 and wide 5, find shaded area between rectangle and circle

    asked by lulu
  52. Politics

    what is it that makes a state a capitalist state? Could be the way it influences the world in economic ways? If so, what else would cause a state to become capitalist? Thanks!

    asked by Kelly
  53. Finance

    What is the value of 15-year corporate bonds, with a coupon rate of 9%, if current interest rates on similar bonds is 8%? How much would the value change if interest rates increased to 10%? Under what conditions will this bond trade at par (face value)?

    asked by Jessy
  54. Math


    asked by Jocelyn
  55. cell biology

    How can we differentiate MMPs from different proteolytic enzymes

    asked by shana
  56. Health Science

    "What is diabetes mellitus? What are the complications of the disease if left untreated?" I need an A+ worth answer. 150 Words. I would really appreciate if I could get some help. Thanks.

    asked by Jones
  57. Physics

    An object weighing 1N in air .it got 0.8N weight when it is emerssed in water what is it's loss of weight?

    asked by Girma
  58. Mathd

    In a gp S8:S4 equal to 97:81.find common ratio plss get me ans fast

    asked by M RUHAIB
  59. philosophy

    1.Only claims that can be objectively verified can be trusted. 2.Many people have reported encounters with ghosts. 3. So the existence of ghosts is likely to be true. 1. acceptable by observation 2. acceptable by testimony 3. unacceptable by testimony I

    asked by Martin
  60. philosphy

    1. It is highly conducive to the interests of the community that each individual should enjoy a liberty perfectly unlimited of expressing his sentiments. 2. Thus, to every man unbounded freedom of speech must always be, on the whole, advantageous to the

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Precalculus - check

    Find the derivative of the function. r(t) = log_4(t + sqrt(t)) My answer (sorry, it's messy): (1+(1/2sqrt(t)))(1/tln(4)+sqrt(t)ln(4))

    asked by Amanda
  62. science

    If you were making a tool used to handle live electrical wires, which class of materials would you most likely use? ASemimetals BMetalloids CNonmetals D Metals

    asked by Bruh
  63. calculus

    Find the derivative of (3x+17)^13 (14x+6)^11x^-4/5 / (20x +3)^-9 using logarithmic differentiation. Assume x > 0.

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Science

    Identify the following types of tissue as connective, muscle, nerve, or ephithelial: A. Tendon - Muscle B. Sciatic Nerve- Nerve C. Fat - ? D. Blood Vessel - Nerve E. Skin - Ephithelial F. Ligament - ? G. Bone - ? H. Muscle - Muscle ( I got them all except

    asked by Crystal
  65. engineering mechanics

    a pabble is dropped from the top of the building on a glass at the ground, the sound of splash is heard after 5 second. if the velocity of sound is 330 m/ sec. find the height of the top of the building

    asked by virendra