Questions Asked on
March 31, 2017

  1. Math word problems

    Louise mowed a neighbors yard to earn $25. She mowed a few more yards and earned an additional $75. She continued to mow all of the yards each week for a total of 5 weeks, earning money at the same rate. At the end of the 5 weeks, she spent $250. Write a

    asked by Dal
  2. History

    Which number labels Yasmin's native country of Spain? A 1 B 2 C 4 D 6 Which number labels Yasmin's current home in Sweden? A 1 B 3 C 4 D 5 (I am new also :))

    asked by Liz
  3. Social Studies

    What is a constitutional Monarchy? A) A Government in which a king or queen has all the power. *** B) A Government in which the people elect the king or queen. C) A representative government with a mostly ceremonial ruler. D) A representative government

    asked by @AmeliaTheGamer
  4. Algebra2

    How far apart are the foci of an ellipse with a major axis of 34 feet and a minor axis of 16 feet? a-15 b-12 c-9 d-30 my answer is 9

    asked by Steve
  5. math

    The store employee works 35 hours per week. Which inequality can be used to find the dollar value, x, of weekly sales that the employee must make to earn more than $400 per week?

    asked by elizabeth
  6. Math

    1.Suppose that the function f(x) = 5x + 3 represents the number of cars that drive by in x minutes. How many cars will drive by in 10 minutes? a. 80 b. 53 c. 50 d. 35 2. Buses on your route runs every 8 minutes from 7:00am to 11:00am. You arrive at the bus

    asked by Oreo Chips
  7. math please help me out fam

    As a computer programmer, you have to define the movements of a battleship across a virtual grid. Will you program the transformation from the original position (Figure I) to the final position (Figure II) as a translation, reflection, or rotation?

    asked by jassie
  8. math

    A microwaveable cup-of-soup package needs to be constructed in the shape of cylinder to hold 550 cubic centimeters of soup. The sides and bottom of the container will be made of syrofoam costing 0.03 cents per square centimeter. The top will be made of

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Math

    The original price of stock was D dollars.the selling price for share of the same stock at latter date was represented by the expression 1.15(0.95d ) which description could explain what happened to the price. OF share of stock A the price decreased by 5%

    asked by Emi
  10. science

    if a body of a mass 4kg is acted upon at constant force of 12n at 2sec,calculate the kenetic energy gain by the body.

    asked by MUSA AUDU
  11. NM history

    What type of relationship do the government of New Mexico and the representatives of the Indian tribes have when they discuss questions about compact issues such as gaming revenue and taxes? a) nation to nation b) equal to equal c)government to government

    asked by softball lover
  12. social studies

    What geographic features lies east of the Andes Mountains? 1) saltwater grasses 2)active volcanos 3)llanos grasslands 4)mangrove swamps I think 3 Thanks

    asked by JAMIE
  13. math

    The inner circumference of a circular track is 440 m. The track is 14 m wide. Find the diameter of the outer circle of the track.

    asked by g

    Compare the electric force holding the electron in orbit (r=0.53×10−10m) around the proton nucleus of the hydrogen atom, with the gravitational force between the same electron and proton. What is the ratio of these two forces?

    asked by ARION
  15. Math

    If current trends of burning fossil fuels and deforestation continue, then future amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide in parts per million (ppm) will increase exponentially. In the year of 1990, there was 353 ppm. A)In the year of 2000, there was 375 ppm

    asked by Aria
  16. arithmetic

    S8:S4=97:81 find the common ratio

    asked by afsana
  17. Social Studies

    At home on the hills of Vermont or in the woods of Maine, or the Texan ranch, comrade of Californians, comrade of free Northwesterners .... of every hue and caste am I, of every rank and religion --Walt Whitman, Song of Myself Why did Whitman compose these

    asked by Studies...........Help- ASASP-please
  18. statistics

    explain clearly the three meaning of "statistics" contained in the statement below "you compute statistics from statistics by statistics"

    asked by john
  19. Math

    A circle is divided into 20 equal parts. Find the angle measure of one of the parts

    asked by Diva
  20. maths

    What does the line 5x - 13y = 7 look like? Question 1 options: horizontal vertical slanted right upwards slanted right downwards

    asked by chris matt
  21. Biology (check answer)

    Transcription is similar to DNA replication in all of the following ways except: a) the DNA strands unzip b) the polymerase enzyme is involved c) complementary bases are paired up d) a new strand of mRNA is built from the existing DNA molecule is it d?

    asked by Tysh
  22. history

    Explain the similarities and differences between the U.S. and Canada.

    asked by swimmerGirl
  23. chemistry

    3. Determine the pH if 0.02 mol of NaOH is added to 1.0L of the buffer described in question #1. question1: 1. How many grams of NaHCO3 should be added to one liter of 0.100 M H2CO3 (Ka = 4.2 x 10-7) to prepare a buffer with pH = 7.00?

    asked by KO
  24. Math - Quadratic Equations

    Last one At present, Mark's age is x^2 years and Peter's age is x years. When mark is 10x years, Peter will be 3x years. What are their present ages? Question is kind of confusing to me, so again i just need help forming the equation. Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Calculus

    The region enclosed by the graph of y = x^2 , the line x = 2, and the x-axis is revolved abut the y-axis. The volume of the solid generated is: A. 8pi B. 32pi/5 C. 16pi/3 D. 4pi 5. 8pi/3 I solved for x as √y and set up this integral: 2pi * integral from

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Chemistry

    For the galvanic cell that uses the reaction 2 Al(s) + 3 Ni2+(aq) → 2 Al3+(aq) + 3 Ni(s) the value of n in the relationship ΔG° = -nFE° is ________.

    asked by Hi
  27. Math 120

    A construction company is planning to bid on a building contract. The bid costs the company $1800. The probability that the bid is accepted is 1/5. If the bid is accepted, the company will make $46,500 minus the cost of the bid A) what is the expected

    asked by Beth
  28. Data Structure and Algorithms in Java

    A prime number is a natural number greater than 1 that has no positive divisors other than 1 and itself. On the other hand, a composite number is a natural number greater than 1 that is not a prime number. For example, 5 is prime, as only 1 and 5 divide

    asked by ahmad
  29. Math Fractions

    To make a sports drink for the football team, Jaylen filled 9/10 of a large cooler with water. Then, he filled the remaining space with 6 cups of sports drink concentrate. How many gallons of sports drink did JAylen make? 1 gallon = 16 cups

    asked by Dalt
  30. chemistry

    2. Determine the pH if 0.02 mol of HCl is added to 1.0 L of the buffer described in question #1 question1: 1. How many grams of NaHCO3 should be added to one liter of 0.100 M H2CO3 (Ka = 4.2 x 10-7) to prepare a buffer with pH = 7.00?

    asked by KO
  31. Chemistry

    3.65 g of HCl are dissolved in 2lit of the solution find the polarity

    asked by Bharath
  32. chemistry

    lactic acid is the avid responsible for the sour test in spit milk. on the basis of combustion analysis, it's percentage composition by mass is 40.00% carbon, 6.71%hydrogen and x% oxygen. a. Calculate the empirical formula of lactic acid b. The molar mass

    asked by amy
  33. Geography

    I need to be able to compare a cartogram to a political map in order to answer these two questions: 33. What do the relative sizes of Australia and New Zealand on both maps tell you about each country's GNP? 34. Compare the size of South Korea on the two

    asked by Whisp
  34. Engineering Science N4

    The diameter of the ram cylinder of a hydraulic press is 200mm. The stroke length of the plunger is 50mm. the effort on the plunger is 5% of the load. Calculate, i) the volume of the liquid needed per stroke if the load has to be lifted 60mm in 30 strokes,

    asked by Paul - Anonymous
  35. algebra 1

    Find the radius if a circular lid with an area of 12inch ^2. using (y-h^2 (y-k)^2=r2 I'm pretty confused any help would be great.

    asked by Lynette
  36. Java code

    Write the Java code of the method Mirror that takes one 2-dimentional array (squared matrix) A1, and returns 2D array A2 which is the mirror image of A1.

    asked by ahmad
  37. Physics

    A point light source is kept in front of a convex mirror at a distance of 40cm.find the position of image by drawing

    asked by Sricharan
  38. math

    if one of the zeroes of a cubic polynomial x^3+ax^2+bx+c is -1.find the product of other 2 zeroes

    asked by mathew
  39. statistics

    suppose a car is driven from town A to town B from town B to town C and from town C to town D which have equal distances at average speeds 20km/hr,60km/hr and 120km/hr respectively,what is the average speed for the whole journey

    asked by john
  40. HUMBER

    DETERMINE the length, X, of the lean-to roof attached to the side of the cabin. 3.0m, 1.0, 2.0,5.0 and 4.0

    asked by peace
  41. Math

    particle P of mass m kg is attached to two fixed points A and B by two identical model springs, each of stiffness k and natural length l . The point A is at a height / l above the point B. The particle is free to oscillate vertically under gravity. The

    asked by John
  42. Math - Quadratic Equations

    Two consecutive even numbers have a product of 288. What are the numbers? The answer I got through trial and error was 18 and 16. Is there a way for me to form the question into an equation and work that out to find the answer, instead of just guessing

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Corporate Finance

    You have just taken a 30-year mortgage loan for $200,000. The annual percentage rate on the loan is 8%, and payments will be made monthly. Estimate your monthly payments.

    asked by Randa
  44. math

    The height of a person above the ground on a Ferris wheel is given by the function h(t)=9 sin {pi/20 (t- pi/2))+ 12 where h(t) is the height in meters of person t seconds after getting on a) how long does it take the Ferris wheel to make one complete

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Math

    R varies partly as x and parly as the square of y. R=21 when x=y=1 and R=48 when x=y=2.Express R. in terms of x and y.

    asked by Varation
  46. Programming

    Write a java method that will take two sorted stacks A and B (min on top), and return one stack D that is sorted (min on top). You are allowed to use only the stack operations such as pop, push, isEmpty and peek. Example: suppose A={(top)1,4,7,9} and

    asked by ahmad
  47. Fractions

    To make a sports drink for the football team, Jaylen filled 9/10 of a large cooler with water. Then, he filled the remaining space with 6 cups of sports drink concentrate. How many gallons of sports drink did JAylen make? 1 gallon = 16 cups

    asked by Dalt

    If that charge is 3.7 μC , by what percentage does the mass of a 31 g comb change during charging?

    asked by ARION
  49. Java

    "Assuming the necessary classes have been imported, which of the following statements will compile without error?" Object obj = new Calendar(); Calendar c = new Calendar(); GregorianCalender d = new Object(); Object e = new GregorianCalender(); I think it

    asked by Anonymous
  50. math

    Confused!!! Six is three times as much as 2. Six is three times more than 2. Which one is correct???

    asked by Jianguo
  51. Math

    Shania bought a new computer for 1,550 from computer 'r' us. If the value of the computer depreciates at a rate of 5.35%per year, when will the value of the computer reach 825 ?

    asked by Aria
  52. Math

    4+2(exponent 5) divided by 9. Add parentheses to make each expression equal 4

    asked by Leah
  53. Physics

    An object 5cm high is placed at a distance 60cm in front of a concave mirror of focallength 10cm.find the position and size of the image by drawing.

    asked by Sricharan
  54. Physics

    When an object of height 1cm is kept at a distance 4cm from a concave mirror,its erect image of height 1.5cm is formed at a distance 6cm behind the mirror.find the focallength of mirror,by drawing

    asked by Sricharan
  55. English

    Am I the only one I know, Waging my wars behind my face and above my throat? Shadows will scream that I'm alone. I-I-I I've got a migraine And my pain will range from up, down, and sideways, Thank God it's Friday 'Cause Fridays will always be better than

    asked by TylerJosephJoshDun
  56. English

    Would "“The chain that bound her here was of iron links..." be a hyperbole? If not, than what literacy device is this?

    asked by Jen
  57. math

    The inner circumference of a circular track is 440 m. The track is 14 m wide. Find the diameter of the outer circle of the track.

    asked by g
  58. Math

    The amount of radiocarbon present after t years is given by y=ae^-.0001216t . find the half live of 14

    asked by Aria
  59. math

    Sasa, June and Don are waitresses. When they compare their tips at the end of their shift they notice that Juice earned 30c for every 40c that Sandy earned while Juice earned 20c for every 25c that Dido earned. How much would Dido earn if Sandy earns $36?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Science) Breast Cancer

    Can you give me some facts about breast cancer?

    asked by Oreo Chips
  61. math/science

    If y is directly proportional to √x ,will on increasing y by 200%, x will become 4 times

    asked by Fauziya
  62. Math

    There is 5 gallons of pineapple juice and I have a six oz glass how many drinks do I get out of the five gallon jar ?

    asked by Karen
  63. Math - Quadratic Equations

    The base of a triangle is 6 cm longer than its height. If the area of the triangle is 140cm^2, what is the length of the base? Im just confused on how the equation should be formed. Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    George is going to buy a new Chevy Jupiter for $20300. The dealership will offer a loan for the total value of the car at 9.75% APR for 4 years. Round all answers to the nearest penny. Use Web Loan Calculator to answer part of this question Okay so i

    asked by Tyreice
  65. Math

    A manufacturing company wants to minimize the cost of materials for a pop can which needs to hold 640 mL. Find the radius and height (in centimeters) of the cylindrical can with minimum surface area that holds this volume. Give your answer as a decimal

    asked by Anonymous
  66. English

    A similie , metaphor (etc) for relief??

    asked by Tom
  67. maths

    if the geometric mean of two numbers x and y is 6 find the geometric mean of the four numbers x,y,9x,9y

    asked by john
  68. Science, Physics

    A particle moves through angular displacement ø on a circular path of radius r. The linear displacement will be

    asked by Akanksha
  69. doan

    what is the simplified form of x-1/3x-3 ?

    asked by anna
  70. math

    1.estimate the sircumference of a circle with the given radius or diamiter. use 3.14 for pie. the raius is 24 and the answers are:A27 B79 C1809 D151

    asked by nathan
  71. Chemistry

    How many ml of HCl required to prepare 5% of HCl solution in 750ml water.if HCl is 36% pure and specific gravity is 1.18g/ml?

    asked by Abdul
  72. Chemistry

    In the laboratory, a student adds 57.6 mL of water to 10.9 mL of a 0.755 M perchloric acid solution. What is the concentration of the diluted solution ?

    asked by Misha
  73. math

    2cos(1/2x)-cos(1/2x)=0 , where 0

    asked by Bobby
  74. English

    why are you most likely to find stereotypes in legends and fairy tales?

    asked by Lilly
  75. math

    what is 2x^2=8 graphed?

    asked by elemental
  76. Calculus

    Find the volume of the solid generated by revolving the region bounded by the graphs of the equations y = 0.5x^2, y = 2, and x = 0 about the line y = 2. A. 8pi/15 B. 32pi/15 C. 64pi/15 D. 4pi/15 E. 16pi/15

    asked by Anonymous
  77. 6th gr. math

    c=s The variable s represents number of additional necklaces and the variable c repres. total # of diamond neck.If louie has 3 neck. in his hand how many are diamond necklaces? please help me solve

    asked by Kayla
  78. maths

    If cot¤=7/8,find sin¤, Cos¤,Tan¤,Cosec¤,Tan¤

    asked by puran